17 August, 2009

Forrest Fragments

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by N.B. Forrest.

Just watched a few remarkably lengthy minutes of “Roustabout,” one of Elvis Presley’s impressive ouevre of shit flicks. In a real Actor’s Studio stretch, he plays a Singer With a Chip on His Shoulder, a guy who wears a black leather jacket with pants & gloves to match (so you just know he’s tuff). This tryptophan fest kicks off with some college boys heckling him as he takes the stage in a dive bar. With a lip curl o’ contempt, “Evvis” launches into a mocking tune called “Poison Ivy League.” Here are some of the lyrics:

“The ra-ra boys are being groomed for business some day

For better things to college they were sent

And you can bet they’ll be the head of the company

As long as dear old daddy’s president

Poison ivy league, boys in that ivy league

Give me an itch, those sons of the rich

That poison ivy league”

The writers of that deathless gem? Messrs. Giant, BAUM & KAYE.

Of course, the Pelvis is forced to “throw hands” in the parking lot. When the “ra-ra boys” see he rides a rice burner, they sneer “What’s the matter – an AMERICAN cycle not good enough for you?”

Why, them goddam silver spoon punks!

Mind-schtuppin’ the White working class with resentment against a WASP elite that by that time had already been mostly usurped by their co-tapirs…oy, such a business!

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    1. Adam Says:

      Parsifal Says:

      What do you think the music of Led Zeppelin, AC-DC and all the rest of them was based on? The Blues, a musical form invented by Negroes. No amount of electric distortion, feedback or amplification is going to change that fact.

      Yes, but that’s my point. Jazz aside – since it’s an entirely different question – Elvis’ version of rock ‘n’ roll represented the first mixing of white and nigger popular musical forms, which later became even more complete with Led Zeppelin and AC/DC.

      Buddy Holly? The Beach Boys? The Ventures? When did you graduate from High School, in 1963? Oh, that’s right. That’s your generation, so all the music from the time you grew up is good. It’s all the music that came after your time that’s bad.

      The question here is whether one regards the mixing of white and nigger musical forms as a good thing. I don’t, but it would appear that you do, which is a curious attitude for someone who represents himself as being a white racist.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Of course we all knew The Pelvis was a jew! Actually, we didn’t and the revelation is quite amazing. But in retrospect we can hear the jew coming out in the delivery of his songs, moody, dark and downbeat. Compare the unsettling quality of his music with the fresh, clean, upbeat melodies of the Beach Boys. Another battle of jew vs Aryan.

      Don’t anyone tell me that the Beach Boys were jews!!!

    3. Garrett Says:

      Yes , Elvis’s mother was jewish. Adam is right . As hard as it is to believe, it’s true!! And as for AC/DC. Led Zeppelin, etc, you say their music was taken from the blues, which is black music, but the niggers got blues music from country music , so whites just took it back!!

    4. N.B. Forrest Says:

      “Not a lot of songs making fun of the Ivy league now are there? Now it is a source of Jewish pride and power. A HARVARD professor, who happens to be Jewish, is deciding policy. Can’t make fun of him or her.”

      Right. My point was that in that movie the kikes were using Presley to divide & conquer Whites with class resentment. The fact that working class Whites have been screwed over by elite WASP traitors wasn’t and isn’t something the jews give 2 shits about; they will do or say anything it takes to destroy the WHOLE. Note that they also smeared the kind of “buy American” sentiment that blue collar Whites favor. Truth & consistency have nothing to do with any zhid action.

      “Instead of “Forrest Fragments”, this thread should’ve been called “Forrest Droppings”.”

      Heh, heh. Fuck you, cunt.

    5. N.B. Forrest Says:

      “The WASP elite weren’t usurped…they SOLD OUT to Moshe,Murray and the rest of the Kikes.”

      Rich WASPS were and are both snobs & status-obsessed cowards. They realized that, due to their own arrogant complacency, the kikes had outflanked them to take the status-conferring institutions of media & academia right from under their skyward-tilted noses. True to form, they decided to go with the new jewflow rather than fight back.

      And besides: the bastards much prefer wealthy, cosmopolitan kikes to blue collar Whites – can’t talk oil futures or French wine with Joe Six-Pack.

    6. Socrates Says:

      First time I’ve ever heard N.B.’s work referred to as “droppings.” Interesting…

    7. ED! Says:

      WASP! Just another word for RAPTURE BUNNY! They worship a dead Jew while that dead Jew’s ancestors steal us blind!

      Elvis was raised as a RAPTURE BUNNY!


    8. Curt O'brian Says:

      I thought this analysis by N.B. Forrest was as insightful as insightful gets on this Elvis movie.

    9. Kuda Bux Says:

      Elvis’ writers- jews Leiber and Stoller, in the jewish Brill building.


    10. Angryyoungman Says:

      I will listen to the blues of the black southerner any day over the original music of uppity negros called jazz. Jazz represents everything I hate about the America of my grandparents north of the Mason-Dixie line. The music of urbanite yuppies and gangsters, heroin users and beatniks, all degenerate subversives

    11. Mega Therion Says:

      Jazz is the domain of niggers and JEWS. Niggers played it,Jews sold it. It’s awful sub-music. For the scum only…junkies,especially.

    12. Topkea Says:

      Jazz is the pustulent nigger jizz from putrid syphilis infected nigger slime cocks. Only jews and niggers drink at its filthy apocrine fount, their foreheads slick with nigger ball-sweat, smegma and nappy pubes. Fuck jazz. Fuck jews. Fuck niggers.

      As long as there’s good White Aryan dick plowing White cunt, then there’s hope. Have children and teach them well. The niggerization of culture must stop. Now! Don’t drink nigger jizz and gleet – listen to White masters. Don’t swallow jew smegma and lick shit-encrusted jew ass – worship your cock (fountain of the White race) and your White balls! Procreation is the solution.

    13. Justin Huber Says:

      As for jazz, I can’t decide what’s more annoying-actually listening to it or the people who claim it has some sort of artistic relevance. It’s atonal hogwash as far as I’m concerned.

    14. contumacyman Says:

      Jazz, for me, was a lot like comparing “hopscotch” to feminine ballet dancing, which is very graceful and enjoyable to watch. Hotscotch, however, only shows off a persons sure-footedness in performing complicated hard-to-master leg movements. So, OK, you can do hopscotch, but, is it really any fun to watch?

      Consider the old jazz hit, “Take Five”, by the Dave Brubecker Quartet – well it was 5/4 time, which just isn’t pleasing to listen to. It keeps jumping off beat every measure. OK, so performing 5/4 shows you can keep a beat even if it is “off beat”, so you can brag about your skills at keeping an unnatural rhythm – big deal – it still isn’t something enjoyable to listen to.

      Compare to the Bridal Chorus from Act 3 of Wagner’s “Lohengrin” (“Here Comes The Bride”) – now that is something grand to hear – with a natural pleasing rhythm, harmony, and melody, that swells one with an uplifted spirit.

    15. sean gruber Says:

      Beethoven is the clouds, John Coltrain is the street, jew Elvis is the bottom of a barrel. That’s the right musical hierarchy.

    16. Jazz was the Rap of its day Says:

      Jazz was created by blacks who were illiterate and too ignorant to learn how to read sheet music.

      Led Zeppelin 1 was a ripoff of the blues. Almost all were cover songs.

      But as they moved on, they got more into classical and folk.

    17. CW-2 Says:

      Wise words from Topkea, “procreation is the solution.”

    18. Garrett Says:

      Niggers stole country and called it the blues!

    19. N.B. Forrest Says:

      The blues & jazz have their origins in the ol’ nigra spirituals – but they weren’t created by ol’ nigras, but by religious Scots. A coon musicologist discovered this some years back.

      Niggers never created anything else, so why would anyone think they were the sun source of any kind of music worthy of the name?

    20. Adam Says:

      N.B. Forrest Says:

      The blues & jazz have their origins in the ol’ nigra spirituals – but they weren’t created by ol’ nigras, but by religious Scots. A coon musicologist discovered this some years back.

      Niggers never created anything else, so why would anyone think they were the sun source of any kind of music worthy of the name?

      Although I’m not a musicologist, I do know that the nigger contaminates and degrades everything he touches. Even if it’s true that he originally stole the central concept of the blues or jazz from white people, which wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, we can be sure that he degraded it and stunk it up with niggafunk before returning it to whites in the form of his contribution to rock.

      The negrification of which I spoke is the obsessive focus on sexuality – the muh dik factor – which is the sum total of the nigger’s contribution to contemporary music, when you get right down to it. For example, even more than blues, 99.9% of rap music is about this. Niggers love to sing about their genitals. That’s what they’re good at, and that was what Elvis “the pelvis” Presley brought sneakily into the white consciousness with his white boy version of the blues. In the progression from the very bluesy “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog” (licking his own balls, presumably) to Led Zeppelin’s “gonna give you every inch of my love” (still more negrified and explicit), it’s clear that the original source of this cultural debasement was the nigger.

      Free spirits may think that a loose attitude toward sex is not necessarily a bad thing. But, as Linder has said, they give you sexual freedom while taking away your political freedom. It’s either one or the other, not both. Adopt the mindset and the mental patterns of someone born to be a slave, and wake up a slave yourself.

      It’s all of a piece, you see…

    21. Demon Pollock Says:

      Free spirits may think that a loose attitude toward sex is not necessarily a bad thing.

      Sexual libertinism is a lynchpin of any Judaized society. Promiscuity was always, for good reason, viewed in Old Europe as a pathology. Aryan Pagans viewed it as a sign of weak character to be enslaved by one’s genitals. This belief obviously continued in Christian Europe because even up to the 20th century such behavior was proscribed in most Aryan societies you care to name and sex degenerates were generally dealt with harshly.

      Wise words from Topkea, “procreation is the solution.”

      Have fun competing with r-selected Untermenschen. You’ll never out-breed those swarm-creatures. It’s not gonna fucking help until we close the borders and expel the foreigners. And at the rate things are going…