27 August, 2009

How Ted Kennedy Became a Legend

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Jewish TV producer Ira ReallyBigNose: “Now remember, people, just stick to the facts: Ted Kennedy wasn’t just a man, he was a god. Without Ted, all of our lives would have been empty and meaningless. Ted made America a great place to be. In fact, he defined America. Got it?”

Newsroom flunkies: “That’s beautiful, boss!”


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  7. 33 Responses to “How Ted Kennedy Became a Legend”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Even here in Britain the jewmedia has gone all out to portrait Kennedy as some kind of planet saving saint. Quite amazing. Even if we ignore his traitorous political activity, he was according the standards that men commonly assess each other by, an asshole.

    2. Susan Says:

      Even Cal Thomas, that neocon idiot has an article in today’s paper about what a great guy Ted was. Unbelievable!

      And, of course, not one word from anyone about how he opened up this country to the two most devastating events in history: civil rights/integraton and third world immigration.

      Nope, not a word from the news jews about that.

    3. John A Says:

      Kennedy was a driving force behind the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. This was the law which allowed non-whites to flood the country.
      Before this law, the country was 90% white. White immigration counterbalanced the non-white’s higher birth rate to maintain the 90% white majority.
      Kennedy was instrumental in producing the third-world toilet that this country has become:
      We older guys can remember that scumbag saying, “This law won’t change the country – and if it does, we’ll just change the law.”

    4. Socrates Says:

      John A — Yes, Kennedy played a role in the 1965 immigration law, but don’t forget that the Jew, Celler, was the main guy in the passage of the law.

    5. John A Says:

      Socrates – I agree that Celler was the guy behind all the crap pushed through in the 1960’s. However, he was a behind the scenes, inside the beltway figure. Scumbag Ted was a public guy pushing and selling his legislation. “Camelot” was still in the minds of the public and his support meant a lot. In my mind, he was just as responsible as Celler since he helped defuse any opposition.

    6. old dutch Says:

      I’m sure the hunt is on for a Jew friendly Roman Catholic stooge to replace Ted Kennedy.

      Socks, do you think the 1965 Immigration Act would have passed if Kennedy was not for it? And had not heavily supported it:

      During debate on the Senate floor, Kennedy, speaking of the effects of the act, said, “First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same…. Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset…. Contrary to the charges in some quarters, [the bill] will not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or the most populated and deprived nations of Africa and Asia…. In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think…. The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs.” The act’s supporters not only claimed the law would not change America’s ethnic makeup, but that such a change was not desirable.

    7. CW-2 Says:

      All the talk about ‘camelot’ in the 1960’s, what if the American public had known JFK was banging secretaries two at a time.

    8. old dutch Says:

      Top of the morning to you too. Right, Ted Kennedy wasn’t an Irish Roman Catholic—he was a Jew. Happy now?

      These immigration votes have drawn the line between the Jew friendly, and the non-Jew friendly in Congress on the immigration issue. Or should I say, between the Roman Catholic & Jew Alliance, and, everyone else!

    9. Kuda Bux Says:

      Don’t forget senator jacob javitz-


    10. Antagonistes Says:

      Burn forever, Lecher of the Senate!

      Alright, maybe not forever, but a hundred years, at least!

      For you have besmirched Celtic heritage, you and your brothers!

      You will be hailed now as a saint.

      God, have we gone mad?

      Drunken, cowardly, immoral lecher ( and, perhaps, murderer) proclaimed as a saint!

      Join Dr. King in perdition!

    11. Mega Therion Says:

      As usual….ducking and dodging the issue by the ancient homosexual from Amsterdam


      Obongo is a Protestant.

    12. Curt O'brian Says:

      Kennedy enjoyed his millions from prohibition money while fucking either peon young women, didn’t one Kennedy marry his mother’s upstairs maid, or the rich debutantes wearing that beautiful mantel of the reformer that the Kennedys found laying out in the street in Cambridge. Have to have something knight errant to talk about with Seven Sisters pussy before and after I guess – with them a dime store necklace wouldn’t be enough?

    13. Leucocyte Says:

      In the old days, Kennedy would have been denied a Catholic burial. He was an adulter, a Judaizer, an abortionist, and a murderer–all unrepentant. Any one of those mortal sins is enough to deny him a burial.

      His burial was a true testament to the way he lived his life; it was a hypocritical sham. If there is any truth to the Catholic religion, he will now be judged for his murder of millions of babies and the murder or his adulterous whore, Mary Jo Kopeckny.

      At least he died a slow painful death of brain cancer over a period of fifteen months… maybe there is some justice in this world after all. Rot in Hell Senator, rot in Hell.

    14. old dutch Says:

      Kuda Bux you troublemaker. LOL. Javitz was a Jew first, last, and always. You can be sure he never let the fact that he was a Republican stop him from voting the Jew way on important issues in Congress. His Roman Catholic political alliance was with New York Mayor Robert Wagner a Democrat!

    15. New America Says:

      Antagonistes made an excellent point, one that is much stronger than he realized.

      Antagonistes wrote:

      Burn forever, Lecher of the Senate!

      Alright, maybe not forever, but a hundred years, at least!

      For you have besmirched Celtic heritage, you and your brothers!

      You will be hailed now as a saint.

      God, have we gone mad?

      Drunken, cowardly, immoral lecher ( and, perhaps, murderer) proclaimed as a saint!

      Join Dr. King in perdition!

      in reply:
      One, we HAVE gone mad.

      Two, every time someone praises this evil, truly evil man, I think of the State Police investigator whose report noted that the carpet in the trunk where Mary Jo Kopechne drowned had “claw marks.”

      CLAW MARKS from her desperate, last minute struggles for survival.

      CLAW MARKS, as she realized she was alone, she had been abandoned, she had been betrayed, and she was going to DIE as a result of the total indifference from the man she admired – Good Catholic Boy, from a Good Catholic Family.

      I recall the rescue diver saying if Teddy had contacted the police immediately, he could have got there in time to save her.


      Three, Antagonistes wins first prize for this:

      Join Dr. King in perdition!

      For the life of me, I can not see what made him such a great statesman, unless this was pretty much manufactured out of the Jew-controlled System Press, who saw a perfect opportunity to have a perfect – who better than the Boston Irish, Roman Catholic son of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr? – front man.

      Now, seen in THAT light, it all makes a certain clear sense.

      A PERFECT front man for the Jews.

      Fourteen Forever.

    16. The Red Skull Says:

      We were driving down the freeway today and noticed 2 flags at half-mast,the national and state both.My friend asked-“why are those flags at Half-mast?”-Suddenly it dawned on us they were flying low as a sign of respect for the “Senator from Massachusetts”.Boy oh Boy,did we howl with derision at that!That Commie-Traitor-douche-bag deserves nothing less than to have his corpse strung up from a town square lamp-post so the crows can peck his Vodka saturated eyes out.There is not a hole in Hell DEEP ENOUGH or HOT ENOUGH for that Traitor to White America.BURN,Senator Kennedy-BURN. Theres not too many people in the World i absolutely,UTTERLY DESPISE,But that Prick was one of ’em and now he’s gone!Let his grave become a well-known spot to piss-on,by all Aware WNs.

    17. Marwinsing Says:

      Hell’s teeth, can you imagine them standing by the roadside, all waving their little flags at The Devils Wagon idling past them, housing the soon-to-be maggot-infected corpse of White America’s Greatest Traitor?

      Zombies, all.

      And those maggots are in for one helluva feast, lots of fat, mushy grey matter and fermented booze to feed on there-re… and those squinted little bloodshot eyeballs…

      Lucky maggots!

    18. Waldo Starr Says:

      This piece of garbage served 9 terms in the Senate which means, the people of Massachusetts are dumber than a bag of door knobs. It proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that so called religious people, Catholics, don’t really believe the dogma of their faith. What a pathetic bunch of hypocrites inhabit Massachusetts! RIH (rot in HELL) you maggot.

    19. Marwinsing Says:

      This webpage is pure poetry! I love it!

    20. w hingerty Says:

      Im preaching to the choir I guess, but I just cant get over how this country lionizes such losers. We just got finished praising a child molestor and now this drunk, who got kicked outa school for cheating, left a drowning woman to a certain death. And finally hated America so much he pushed thru that bill to destroy the culture and fabric of America. I hate America now. But Im a patriot. Does that make any sense? I cant bear the thought of the future my son will have here. he just graduated from college..nad all brighteyed and everything all he can get is a job at a Pizza place(asst manager)The army wouldnt even take him.(He had a simple pot charge when he was 14.) I thought juvie records didnt matter. They want nigger murdereers to vote but they do this. God what a place.

    21. ajiarcher Says:

      In Massachusettes where I’m from, the media is making him out to be a god. There’s this endless bullshit about him being the working man’s friend. Just to set the record staight, he never saw a white working man’s pocket he didn’t want to pick.
      Good riddance to the asshole.

    22. Antagonistes Says:

      Fourteen forever, indeed, New America!

    23. Spaceman Says:

      Ted Kennedy, “working man’s friend” lol. How about the 70s, when the White working people of Boston were protesting forced bussing that Teddy supported, while his kids (like all the Kennedy’s) went to elite posh private schools.

      Hell just got a lot fatter and drunker.

    24. N.B. Forrest Says:

      “And, of course, not one word from anyone about how he opened up this country to the two most devastating events in history: civil rights/integraton and third world immigration.

      Nope, not a word from the news jews about that.”

      Oh, they’re mentioning it alright – but only in the most fawningly laudatory terms. No filthy non-believers allowed to this deification of “The Liberal Lion”, the last living knight from the Golden Age ‘o Camelshit.

      May all Kennedys – and all the blubbering Assajewshitz douchebags who made the arch traitor possible – suffer his fate.

    25. N.B. Forrest Says:

      And yeah, it really was rich to see the Gadarene rush of the dearly departed’s “Conservative Opponents” like Runt McCunt to be the first to (in the immortal words of that other National God, Da Revvun Docktuh Mahtun Loofah Kang about the funeral of Big Brother) “blow him one last time”.

    26. Antagonistes Says:

      Furthermore, I have come up with some new catch-phrases, which I hope will catch on (but what do I know, since I have imbibed two large metallic containers of adult beverages, after a hard day’s work?)

      The first phrase is (and you may modify it, according to your preference): “busier than a Kennedy’s penis”.

      Example: “I am almost sixty years old, but I am still busier than a Kennedy’s penis! I thought it would get easier as I got older!” (You may substitute a word of your choosing for “penis”. I am a little uneasy about that one. Maybe “tallywacker” or “little Teddy.”)

      The second phrase is “lies like a Kennedy.”

      Example: “You can’t believe a word he says–he lies like a Kennedy!”

      The third phrase is: “He caused her to go Ethel Kennedy!”

      Example: “He cheated on her, despised her, and caused her to go Ethel Kennedy. She is a wreck with her drinking and remorse!”

      The fourth phrase is : “Chappaquidick Care.”

      Example: “I think Obama is wrong in promoting Chappaquidick Care. We are all going to end with with a Kennedy deciding whether to save us or not. And he will not. We will drown in misery!”

      As I said, I have consumed liquids which have, perhaps, altered my usual consciousness. Maybe. But they do not cause me to start hunching some female like Teddy did to that waitress. Indeed, I would have slugged the son-of-a-bitch!).

      Burn in hell, you bastard!

    27. They're at it again, Ma..! Says:

      Tedward Kant-a-day is dead. Like all old-guard pinkos, he went quietly-not dragged from his bed and stoned to mush by an angry mob. What a cunning bastard he was, he knew full well why his brothers wound up slabbed-and who was responsible. And he wasn’t about to join them in their martyrdom.

      He kept his potential assassins at bay by giving them every last thing they wanted..and more. Poor Ted..no respect. Not from the little nothings like me and mine, at least. He never took on the real sonsofbitches like his brothers did. Their motives may have been fueled by nothing more than ambition-nevertheless, they paid the ultimate price. Tedkins perhaps had a heavier burden-he lived his life under the gun, and was perhaps the American (Ha ha ha!) political system’s most virtuostic shill. Not a distiction I’d desire, not for all the gold in the Compound.

      Here’s the keys to the Olds, Teddy…mind that last curve before the river Styx..it’s a corker!

      Here’s dodderer Dodd doing his best to make a sewer rat gag..


    28. New America Says:

      Against my better judgement, I watched the Kennedy service just to see what John McCain would say.

      McCain all but said what Linder has been saying for years.

      Democrat vs Republican?

      It’s all a con, all a game to keep the rubes in the dark.

      McCain talked about how he and Kennedy would SEEM TO fight it out on the floor of the Senate.

      Afterward, he ran into his good friend Senator Kennedy in the halls of the Senate, and were just having a wonderful time talking.

      All a hustle.

      ALL a con.

      Here is where Linder’s analysis of Framing comes to the fore.

      We are treated like cattle, and act like cattle, when The System offers us two choices that are actually the same choice, when all is said and done.

      People get upset, shout, holler, and declare the Other Side to be wrong, error-filled, stupid and just plain evil.

      Yet, in all substantial cases, the decision had already been made, regardless of which side – which “position” – you voted for.

      If it was too obvious that the Game was openly rigged, than litigation would be the pro forma tool to have a judge rule the way Real Power wanted it to go, given both sides the words that made them sound correct, but giving Real Power the decision Real Power really wanted.

      Think of McCain and Kennedy as being just two old vaudevillians, posing as representatives of the common man, all going through an act they had done a thousand times before.

      The good news is, the Kennedy Dynasty seems to have slowed down in the absence of Senator Ted.

      The better news is, it is becoming increasingly difficult to mask the true state of affairs for much longer; families are sleeping in their cars, and, to them, Democrat vs Republican is simply irrelevant.


      All of our true solutions will derive from Racially stable decisions.

      Everything else will fall away, and will fall away sooner, rather than later.

      In accordance with my new organizing principle for VNN, I have been looking for the Light in the Darkness, and tried to frame solutions in the context of a White Racial Homeland, Harold Covington’s Northwest Republic.

      Thus, a more appropriate, Racially Positive, eulogy might be given by a personage from my alternative biography of the late Dr. Sam Francis, the (“there” current) United States Senator from Idaho.

      Senator Robert Mathews.

      Fourteen Forever.

    29. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Ted Kennedy the epitome of endless Amnesties. When his brain defunct became publicly known, it made sense why he was pushing Amnesty. Radiation, chemical or gamma, destroys healthy cells and in his case healthy, logical brain cells.

      I have come to the conclusion that all these idiots who want to push “Amnesty” have something terribly wrong with their brains and could very well possibly be severely mentally ill, either from heredity or from some sort of toxins. Either one, they all need to die.

    30. Howdy Doody Says:

      The enemy aliens next move after a few more million Invaders, will be to shut the net down etc. ?

      Evagelicals nuts cases like the Vatican not a Word in defense of our Ex Nations.

    31. Antagonistes Says:

      That should have been “Joan Kennedy” not “Ethel Kennedy.”

      I think it was Joan who was Ted’s wife before he drove her to drink and despair.

      He cared more for receiving the adulation of strangers than he did for receiving the love and respect of his own family.

      I also understand that he attended mass regularly.

    32. New America Says:

      Above, I noted:

      Thus, a more appropriate, Racially Positive, eulogy might be given by a personage from my alternative biography of the late Dr. Sam Francis, the (”there” current) United States Senator from Idaho.

      Senator Robert Mathews.

      An introduction might look like this:

      NETWORK CONTROL: Main feed from Sandpoint is strong, signal is five by five, cue the Network Announcer in three, two one…


      ANNOUNCER: Good evening. All of America has been watching and mourning the death of the late Senator Edward Kennedy, with a handful of exceptions.

      In the interests of fair play and equal time, we are going live to the Sandpoint Military Academy, where Pastor David Lane, of the Church of The Solar God is starting to announce Senator Robert Mathews. Mr. and Mrs. America, Pastor David Lane:

      NETWORK CONTROL: Camera One on Lane in three, two…

      CAMERA ONE: Focused on the podium, with its unique symbol of their religion, and behind the podium, Pastor Lane who clears his throat and begins…

      Pastor David Lane:

      Greeetings to our Racial Kinsmen from across America, and around the world. I am speaking to you from the William Luther Pierce Memorial Chapel here at the Sandpoint Military Academy. Most of you have not heard of the late Dr. Pierce, and, if you will go to our website, we will tell you more about him, and you can see pictures of the chapel named in his honor.

      I have been asked to explain the difference between our system, and the system of The Outside, from the perspectives of religion and society. This has been requested as a response to the passing of the late Roman Catholic Senator from Massachusetts, Edward Kennedy. Senator Mathews will be along in a few minutes to speak at length concerning his experiences with the late Senator Kennedy, and what we call the system of death.

      Senator Kennedy believed, however nominally, in a religious system that has worked actively against our Racial interests for more than a century. How he could do this says more about him than it does about us, but it also says something about the Old America, the Old World, that created, sustained and actively supported a system that worked against the Race that created it, and made it possible.

      This is not the time to go into how we harnessed the raw Masculine power of paganism to restore and transform the Christian Institutional structures to their rightful responsibilities are servants of our Race. Where we have been condemned for being “pagan,” we have calmly accepted the term “pagan” as being synonymous with “Masculine,” and thus were proud to be as Masculine and intolerant as Jesus Christ was when he fabricated a weapon, and attacked the Jewish political leadership who had made a mockery of His Father’s House.

      This is, as Senator Mathews has said, the same Jewish leadership that has made a mockery of the House formed by OUR Ancestors, the White. Western Nation that became conquered by the Judeo-American State.

      Senator Kennedy would not be accepted into the lowest level of our Priesthood. he simply was not enough of a man, and he was not enough of a Western Man. He was, in all ways, double-minded, claiming all of the benefits of the Creation of the White Race, Western Civilization, and accepting none of the responsibility to further enhance and expand Civilization, instead being, in all possible ways, oppositionally defiant to the highest and best of our Civilization, our Kinsmen, our Race.

      He was the perfect example of how gelded Christianity had been as it became Feminine Christianity, JUDEO-Christianity.

      Standing for nothing, he fell for everything.

      We do not have that luxury.

      We looked at what Christianity COULD have been, and what it SHOULD have been. We looked at its transformation from a Semitic desert religion to the centerpiece of Western Spirituality, and we paid close attention to how the infusion of the Masculine Energy of the pagan North worked to make Christianity shift from an Old World Eastern focus to a New World Western focus, restoring the raw Masculine power of Christianity’s original Zoroastrian foundation and shoring it up with the disciplined Masculine power of Northern European Paganism.

      More to follow.

    33. Alfred Rosenberg Says:

      Where are all of the JFK-loving idiots at VNN who insist that one member of that family, defying all odds, turned on his benefactors? Mentally, of course, not actually.

      In fact, isn’t this the perfect time to do an expose of the whole Kennedy brood as a classic example of the kind of shit that sits in office once real men have been exorcised from positions of power?

      Come on, Alex Linder, dare you?

      Nah, even idiots deserve a hero, however hollow.