3 October, 2009

Irish Voters Say “Yes” to Lisbon Treaty

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Why would the people of Ireland vote “yes” and give away their freedom and sovereignty (especially after they voted “no” the first time, back in 2008)? The answer is that they were tricked into doing so by a clever political campaign. Only scoundrels fool people into doing things that aren’t in their best interests. Shame on the Jews and the globalists who engineered this “yes” vote – in fact, fuck you. It’s a sad day for Europe and for White culture. (It would be interesting to know how many of the “yes” voters were women or minorities):


About the Lisbon Treaty, Ireland and immigration: [Here].

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    1. New America Says:

      in reply to Donald E. Pauly:

      you wrote:

      Tubb’s Northwest Migration is a joke. This is our country and we shouldn’t have to run away. The Irish need to do the same thing.

      in reply:
      Setting aside (for the moment) the junior high school cafeteria tone of the beginning of your comments, let me simply observe that the Idea of the White Race forming a Homeland is a long, arduous, and very worthwhile struggle, if only because, at worst, the efforts needed to produce better people – the Living Foundation of the New Nation – makes us better, individually, at first, and collectively, in time.

      The Northwest Homeland provides the broadest possible framework for us to define ourselves in.

      Anything else in anything less, than the best.

      you wrote:

      We Zionists want to send all of the Jews back to Israel and we Rastafarians want to send all of the Negroes back to Africa.

      in reply:
      “You” Zionists have failed so spectacularly, at every attempt at social organization, that you might as well start by stopping “wish(ing),” and start DOING.

      “The Jews” seem to have sent you and yours to the political and economic equivalent of the self-selected impotence of Coventry.

      The only place you and yours will be sending the Jews is wherever they choose to have you pay for it.

      The odds are, if things get bad enough in Israel, they will just come here – and your taxes will help pay for it.

      And, the Negroes in Africa are coming here, again, subsidized by your taxes.

      That makes you “Oh Fer Two.”

      So, your plans really matter little, in deed.

      you wrote:

      This is our country and we shouldn’t have to run away.

      in reply:
      One, we have nor “run away.”

      We have been “pushed out,” whether it is Detroit, or South Central Los Angeles.

      Of course, you can begin OUR “Reconquest” of Detroit, or even, South Central.

      For Detroit, of course, watch for for your brother Rastafarians!

      And, for South Central, make damn sure your Blue Cross is paid up.

      I figure about two minutes after you stand on a street corner in South Central and declare your intention to “take America back,” you will be quoting Governor Schwarzeneggers’s famous line from the movie Predator:


      They are younger than you are, stronger than you are, faster than you are, and singularly disciplined in their ruthlessness.

      Hell, they chase down the Negroes for sport!

      We “ran away” starting more than fifty years ago, with forced integration, done at bayonet point, enforced by the US Army.

      Time to run TO Something Better.

      The Northwest Republic is something well worth running to.

      After all, what has “running away” gotten us, except a race against time as the Negroes follow us, supported and subsidized by the Jew-controlled Federal government?

      Run TOWARDS something, in this case, Something MUCH Better.

      you wrote:

      The Irish need to do the same thing.

      in reply:
      It’s too late for the Irish. but not too late for us, or our Posterity.

      We owe them no less, and can promise them no more.

      We have always set our sights too low.

      Harold Covington offers us an entire Nation, a White Homeland, as well as a Republic, and a path whereby our Posterity may one day walk Among The Stars.

      That’s good enough for me, today, and my Posterity, in time.

      In the meantime, why not take heed of the words of…

      Starship Captain Christopher Pike, to the young, impetuous, unsuccessful barfighter, James Tiberius Kirk:

      “I dare you to do better.”

      What’s stopping you?

    2. The Real Jimmy Giles Says:

      Tim McGreen,

      Harold Covinton, aka the Rabbi, is a Peice-Of-Shit’s Piece-of- Shit. Not said lightly either. He’s a blacksheep of the North Carolina Serta Mattress family. He got a section 8 (you know, the looney tunes discharge provision, the one Max Klinger off M*A*S*H was always trying to get?) from the US Army. Claims he was in Rhodesia, he was a fat slob then too, but was a camp cook, nothing more. He was heavily involved in the Greensboro Massacre and like a federally mandated stooge got the teflon treatment and kept up with and still keeps on with his federally mandated activities. How does a grotesquely FAT, useless, bum with no fucking job for years manage to ply the internet forever and incessantly stirring up shit? Does money grow on trees or is someone supporting him? Well, induhviduals are cheap fucks so someone or SOMETHING was keeping the Rabbi afloat whilst he plied his ill-gotten wares of deceit and shit distruption. He’s a con artist, liar, thief and just clever enough to fool the NEWBIES with his chutzpahesue Rabbinical spiel. So-called Numbnutz Amerikwan is case in point. Now THAT is dumb! A Covngton special that one. He attract mental cannon fodder like flies to shit. So in that sense one should thank him….or, probably not!

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      New America, your love for the fat pervy Jew Covington is like the love that The Real Jimmy Giles has for homosexual beekeepers. Why not take him up on his generous offer of some sweaty big man-love? True, you wouldn’t be able to live in the magical Northwest anymore, but Missisissippi is nice this time of year.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Real Jimmy Giles, I know you don’t actually find queer apiairy workers attractive. I just want to see if Jew Amerikwa will take the bait and then hopefully buzz off like a little lovesick bee.

    5. The Real Jimmy Giles Says:


      Maybe I should ask him for a date? We can nestle in my apiairian (new word, sounds like Aryan, that oughta fool him) love hive and invite Frank Colin (Cohen), Rabbi Covington and other queers? I’ll bushwhack him with my Marine Core drill sargeant in-your-face manner and take him out of commission that way so he is too subdued to bother you guys with his regurgitated and innane Harold the Hutt Rabbinical musings. Quite frankly my dick in his mouth should do the trick, but Numbnutz Amerikwan I’m sure will find a way back to the keyboard to annoy the non-cannon fodder out there. So I’ll invite him for a date and intimidate him into our love hive, besides my bees will assist me since they’re tired of my constant rants and ravings of non-support laced with “Fuck yous” and “Pussy/pansy/coward” bravado, along with coulda, shoulda, woulda excuses for being a two-bit has-never-been failed Deliverance wannabe banjo player, bee keeper and politician. Numbnutz Amerikwan and I should get aloing GREAT! He can insipre me with his Harold the Hutt wisdumb and demonstrate the lightsaber his Jedi Master gave to him to back up his version of ‘the Force.” (Truth be told, I heard it was a giant stinky liquid fart that only Harold Glass-Covington can produce since it combines doritos, knishes, bagels, sour cream, southern fried chicken and Jack Daniels)

    6. Tom McReen Says:

      “Certain posters here such as McReen love Capitalism because he’s really a conservative right winger and not a White Racist. Any time anyone brings up the evils of Capitalism or the damage Christianity has and currently afflicts on the White Race, McReen’s panties get all tied up in a bind and he cries.”

      I’d like to highlight these lies. As usual with Blackshirt/Troll McGreen it’s the other way round – they are left-winger trolls here who are more concerned with fighting ‘capitalism’ and ‘consumerism’ than the jews. As you can see, they don’t like being called on it.

      As for ‘not being a White racist’ it is not me who said the holohoax may have happened and constantly posts to deflect blame away from jews to focus hate towards White people/White Christians.