19 October, 2009

Those Flexible Auschwitz Death Numbers

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“Two-and-a-half million, six million, forty million – what’s the diff?” says Hymie The Professional Holocaust Suhvivah, who was gassed 5 times at 10 different camps and now lives in New York. “As long as the death number is really big!”


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  7. 8 Responses to “Those Flexible Auschwitz Death Numbers”

    1. M9999 Says:

      Will the camps ever have ground radar tests conducted on them? Let’s get this lie totally exposed forever.

      Shame on all the people who have helped perpetuate this terrible lie. And shame on all the people so eager to believe these shitty lies.

    2. whodareswings Says:

      “It’s not often you get to hear stories of how people survived the holocaust.”

      What planet does this journalist live on?! Rarely does a day go by that we’re spared yet another bathetic holocaust sound bite, news item, book review, movie or a ginned up survivor story. Now, second and third generation survivors are out there pushing this tedium. You know that boot in the face Orwell wanted us to imagine getting over and over again to understand totalitarianism? Well, that boot is the holocaust. I’m waiting for the USPS to issue some stamps. I’m bored with all the Disney and Looney Tunes characters. Drop those cartoons and get serious USPS! Please print some new holocaust stamps for the Holiday Season.

    3. whodareswings Says:

      Someone is finally suing one of these holohoaxers:


    4. Hans Schneider Says:


      271 000 death of diseases icluding jews.

    5. Spaceman Says:

      I wonder when the last “Holocaust survivor” will be gone? That will be big news, no doubt. Bigger news then when the last WWI or WWII veteran for that matter, dies. And what qualifies someone as a “Holocaust survivor?” If some jew was in its mothers womb when the mother escaped from Poland in 1940, does that make it a survivor? Say it does, that would make said survivor in its late 60s today, and it could possibly live another 30 years. I just wonder how the jews will determine who their last survivor is.

    6. Tom McReen Says:

      “Shame on all the people who have helped perpetuate this terrible lie. And shame on all the people so eager to believe these shitty lies.”

      That’s one reason why it’s refreshing to discuss issues among WNs, we are free to discuss the holohoax and refute the bizarre propaganda myths emanating from that big lie.

      Shame on anyone who tries to stop us discussing the hoax!

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      I like how those Holohoax fairy-tales get more and more far-out and improbable as time goes along. All those “Holocaust Survivors”(ie, every single Jew over the age of 35….However, the minumum age requirement to be an official Holocaust Survivor will be lowered to 30 in 2011) apparently fought in “the Resistance”, singlehandedly liberated all the Nazi holiday camps, arrested Himmler and Hitler and then secretly executed them, Saved a billion fellow Jews from the gas chambers, escaped from the “gas ovens” at least a dozen times, blah, blah, blah……………….Apparently, it’s a pissing contest among the Jews to see who can create the most outlandish Holohoax fable.

    8. Hoff Says:

      “survivor” is inheriting. The holohoax goes with the DNA. The NEVER ending Lying Jew Scumbags Bullshit.

      “The Third Generation community has had wider success online. On Facebook, Aaron Biterman started the “Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors” networking group.”