23 November, 2009

Britain: Fighting for Equalocracy Was Big Mistake

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“Oops,” says the average British octogenarian, upon reflection. “Hitler’s vision of a White Europe wasn’t so bad after all.” Too late, pal:


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    1. New America Says:

      in thoughtful reply to CW-2:

      you wrote:

      WN should only be concerned with solutions that can potentially give us victory. The North West Republic concept has its merits, but I’m reminded of Napoleon’s comments when asked why he didn’t place much emphasis in his campaigns on the use of fortresses. He said something along these lines, “I rejoice when the enemy confines his strength in a fortress, it leaves the field of battle and manoeuvre open to me”.

      in reply:
      In the Northwest Republic Analytical Model, I am trying to do what you mentioned, and that is DEFINE “VICTORY” in the clearest, most complete definition.

      My Goal is to create a Society, the foundation of the Rebirth of the best of Western Civilization, where the unique Racial Talents of our Race – Creativity, supported and sustained in a dynamic complex of Patriarchal Hierarchy – can give our Posterity lives and standards of living we can scarcely imagine.

      The fatalism of pure linear extrapolation as thinking about the future gave us the certainty that New York City would be buried under yards of horse manure by 1950.

      The qualitative shift of alternating current, and fractional horsepower electric motors, gave us something else, entirely, and something much, much better.

      The Cultural background that allowed for that shift, and made it possible, is more valuable than horse, tanks, atomic weapons, and mountains of gold, for THAT is the wellspring from which WEALTH derives, in highly Creative manners.

      I can cross the continent in a mater of hours, in air conditioned comfort, for less than a weeks wages.

      All of the wealth of the Founding Fathers could not have purchased this power for them.

      I want BETTER, much damn BETTER, for MY Posterity, than I can dare imagine.

      I can not develop the talents, abilities and resources needed to accomplish this while fighting a multi-front war, against Multiculturalism, and the Recoquista.

      Bonaparte fought General Winter; we are fighting forces that make General Winter look like General Bright Summer Day, because General Winter was impartial, and indifferent, while the Judaics behind “Multiculturalism” thrive on himamn misery, and the triumph of Darkness.

      The Family MUST become the DYNAMIC Fortress.

      If, in time, the best of the Posterity move to the Northwest Republic, so much the better, especially for the rest of us.

      you wrote:

      Is the NW republic equivalent to hunkering down in a bunker with a stash of survival rations?? In doing so we will have conceded the field of battle to the enemy.

      in reply:
      Most of the battle is already under the control of the Enemy; public schools are littlre more than public indoctrination centers, where we sacrifice the lives of OUR Children for the sake of having our wives work a job so they can be “fulfilled,” buying things they don’t need, with money they don’t have.

      Whereas you see a new school building, I see the triumph of John Dewey, and his God of Moloch.

      Seen the movie, “The Time Machine?”

      Remember the gong calling the Eloi to be sacrificed to the Morlocks?

      Didn’t you think the Eloi had a certain Aryan appearance to them, while the Morlocks looked right at home in Israel?

      Think Wells was trying to tell us something?

      So is Harold Covington.

      you wrote:

      The jew 3000 year old dream of destroying the White race is fast approaching its end-game, though the final denouement maybe decades away. So these years of freedom remaining to us must be used wisely on intensive planning and preparation. ZOG will have a stack of detailed plans on how to deal with us post 2040, we will have to anticipate all scenarios and act with freshness and originality.

      in rely:
      I could not agree more.

      When you play THEIR Game, on THEIR Terms and Definitions, and THEIR Rules, you will always lose, and lose badly.

      you wrote:

      We don’t need idiots going off half-cocked with old deer hunting rifles, what we do need is serious and sober minded men and women with the ability to look coldly at our strengths and weaknesses, and to act with courageous determination when the call comes.

      in reply:
      I think you have just described the difference between those who followed the model of The Order, and, to use my conception, “Senator Robert Mathews.”

      What happened to Robert Mathews is instructive for all of us, for I do not criticize that great soul’s Intent for one minute.

      My critique of Robert Mathews is this:

      He accepted the Terms and Definitions put before him by our Racial Enemy.

      He lost the battle, before he even took to the field of battle, because he took the one Tool the System is uniquely empowered to neutralize, and used it; seeing himself as limited in options, he chose, with the best of intentions, the worst way forward.

      Far better for him to have emulated the remarkably successful Gramscian March Thought The Institutions, applying OUR Model to the conflicts that needed resolution.

      Alone, at night, after I have read from “A Distant Thunder” to my Posterity, I turn the lights off and imagine Senator Robert Mathews giving his Inauguration Address from the William Luther Pierce Memorial Chapel at the Sandpoint Military Academy.

      What do YOU think he would say?


      The Purpose Of Judaism is The Genocide of the White Race.

      We Have A Duty To Our Racial Destiny.

      We are not the last of a dying breed; we are the first, and best, of a brave new world.

      Harold Covington’s Northwest Quartet removes our excuses, offering in their place a Nation, a White Homeland, and a path whereby our Posterity may one day walk Among The Stars.

      Take Control Of The Destiny That Is Rightfully Yours.

    2. David Baker Says:

      We must put the Third Reich in the proper prospective. No one should approve of anything Hitler envisioned and/or acted upon. People forget his armies were firing on American soldiers, and that the axis powers were simply bigots, who believed their respective races were superior, and therefore should rule on that basis. Anyone who believes they are superior to another human being on the basis of their race should not be given credence. That being said, the Jewish Talmud clearly stipulates the Jewish RACE as being superior to so-called “Goyim” (That’s us, buddy!). What Hitler the Idiot did was simply shift attention away from the racist doctrine called “Zionism”, and focused the world’s attention on his agenda, not the Jewish effort to stimulate (force) Jewish emigration from Europe to Palestine. No one hears about that aspect of WWII, nor that Jews tried unsuccessfully to populate Palestine after WWI. I am no proponent of racism, whether the racist is white, black, Jewish, asian or any other pedigree. The sooner we drop that moronic premise, the sooner the world will recognize who the TRUE racists are….