7 November, 2009

Europe: New EU Directive = More Briefcase Bolshevism

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“The European Union is proposing a directive to outlaw discrimination on grounds including sexual orientation and religion in the provision of goods and services.” The EU’s “Equal Treatment Directive” will apparently become law throughout Europe in late 2009, barring any bureaucratic setbacks. This is communism (equality for all), of course, but without any of the red-flag/clenched-fist symbolism. It’s “Marxism with a suit and tie” so as not to unduly alarm the goyim:


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  7. 4 Responses to “Europe: New EU Directive = More Briefcase Bolshevism”

    1. Nordlander Says:

      This is why the socialist parties, governments and media fought tooth and nails for the bloated EU state, instead of nation-to-nation agreements on minimum quality standards for goods sold across borders, which was all that was really needed for Western Europe.

      The EU was never necessary for efficiency or strenght in any field. It exists only to push through socialist causes far above the heads of ordinary people. In national parliaments, there will be smaller parties that can argue and which have to be negotiated with. But in the EU, the Minister Council makes the laws – not the circus called the EU Parliament, which is just a show, with a mostly advisory function (read: talk about “visions” until they turn blue).

      The Minister Council concists of the ministers from each government. The ministers of agriculture vote on agricultural laws, etc. The governments will always consist of Establishment parties, and so the smaller, nationalist parties in national parliaments lose all potential for power. This is the sole purpose for the EU’s existence.

      The chairman of the ministry council’s finance ministers even said, many years back, that they had to hurry and push through as much “integration,” abolishing of national sovereignty, as possible before the resistance could grow and get organized.

      By the way, which is the ONLY country that has full access to the EU market for its goods (which the EU member countries could only get by going through painful changes in their own quality standards and financial systems and by donating billions to the EU budget every year), without having to open up its own market for competition? Can you guess?

      Israel of course.

    2. Tom McReen Says:

      Many people still don’t understand that EU = EUSSR. The Soviet Union is back.

    3. Rick James Says:

      You are totally right, EU is just another version of the Soviet Union, but just in a capitalist format.

    4. Freedy Krueger Says:

      Seriously, people think the EU is good, but it is just another version of Bolshevik Russia, but only capitalist.