23 December, 2009

“Jersey Shore”

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Latest twist in ‘reality’ shows: same-ethnic group house. In this case guidos convening to party on the boardwalk.  The guidos, while sad and demented, but social, are at least a cultural subset, happy in their proclivities, with pride. An NYT kike blogs about the show and the type, a professor responds:

I teach Italian at a university in New York. My students are nearly all Italian American, and many do resemble the characters of Jersey Shore and many do not. This show is no more offensive or racist (a misuse of the word in any case) than most of the shows produced by the MTV network, eg. Flavor Flav, They are all sad reminders that in our oh so developed nation, we have been unable to teach our citizens how to agree subjects with verbs, but gee, isn’t that hilarious?! The problem with Joshua David Stein’s commentary is that it misses the fundamental problem with the show– it glorifies a divide between us and them, a divide that I must battle every day in the classroom as I seek to prepare students for a world dominated by Steins. One group is made of buffoons and the other is culturally superior, of course each group believes it to be the superior one, and believe me, if Ronnie and Snookie were running the network there would be loads of shows making fun of keeping kosher and nights at the opera. And since Stein brought up Judith Butler, I’ll remind him that she says a drag queen is entertaining when she is on stage but is frightening when she is on the bus. The analogy applies here as well– Stein enjoys Jersey Shore from his tastefully appointed apartment, but is he prepared to accept the brutal reality of cultural diversity face to face, and say, hire Snookie for a job at the Times? If not, then maybe we should stop encouraging more kids to become Jersey Shore characters by promoting it.
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    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      Hate media calling US hateful, and they foist filthy crap like this for viewing.

      IMO only enemy aliens in a corrupted regime could put this out to the public.