28 December, 2009

Trouble in Today’s Lipstick Military

Posted by Socrates in "sex equality", egalitarianism, equality, feminism, General Decline, Iraq, jewed culture, Jewed workplaces, military, New World Order, Socrates at 5:01 pm | Permanent Link

Susie Soldierchick should be at home, raising kids and baking things. But noooo…


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  7. 24 Responses to “Trouble in Today’s Lipstick Military”

    1. Me Says:

      Race plays a huge part; the nigerian bomber, the propaganda by which he was motivated, the disruption within our own ranks, all race race race. Fact of the matter Whites being those most oppressed and with the least federal protection, lives worth less, means nothing to those who hate us, and who will identify the White Race with our government for as long as it takes to destroy it; more importantly to destroy our country.

      This war is real. This war is largely racial, and our enemy disdains Liberty—that goes for the enemy within and the enemy outside which attacks on false presumed bases.

      And yet, are we not corrupt, to extream levels? Yes we are; from Kennedy murdering to present day hypocracy, yes we are; we are human, and therefore imperfect. Openly recognizing our corruption and imperfecgtion and inefficencies is a good thing that promotes correction, defensive denial of truth is a bad thing. Understand, fool, and comprehend, or die and risk our national security because of your ego.

      Racial profiling may be PC incorrect, but it is functional and must be utilized in order to maximize effiency. Pigs who cliam to fail to understand this fact are abusing the PC system we are apparently subject to, in order to advance agandas fundimentally hostile to homeland security. Pigs advancing these agendas that harm security procedures are enemies of the State and should be recorded as such, and thier objections must be ignored.

      Fools, how many planes must be blown up, how many US cities need be nuked, before you change your PC tune?

      Any federal authorities that differ with these views are part of the problem and alinged with the enemy. We knew it would happen, we didn’t know when or how. Their objections to required procedures is evidence of their treason; we must put in place procedures to deal with the treason and remove them from power.

      Stay Strong. Liberty is depending on you.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s a disgrace that Congress and the ‘Kwan public allow females to be used to fill up gaps in the military ranks instead of simply re-instating the Draft. It would be almost literally amazing if some general in the Pentagon grew a pair of balls and spoke out against this shameful, cowardly policy. Aren’t we always being told how important those wars of aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan are to “keep Amerika safe”? Well then, bring back the Draft, you god damn right-wing hypocrite scumbags.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Would not suprise me if every senior officer and NKVD type in this regime is not a Straight White male. As they/we have been excluded.

      Those who are awake, seem to forget what it was like in past or growing up and not understanding why everything is out of place for a civil society that does not exist.

      Regime media brain washing since 1945 has captured most of our folk to the extent that almost all of the Whites whose familiy members that ahave been brutally assaulted or murdered WILL Never mention race or that a one way race war is waged against US.

      The racial truth to the majority of Whites is as fantastic or more so than telling them we are being invaded by Pluto.

      The last 40 years has seen IMO over 50% of our White famlies destroyed and lost, from divorce, cooonedmunitie’s, drugs, all forms of regime media, food, and from brain washing a feeling of Guilt, and total lack of awarness of self idenity not mention a NON White invasion of Hostile Non Whites who are here to neutralize US.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      In remaining mostly White states White female police are catered too and when on traffic duty, they are shadowed by all the Whites men on duty IMO.

      Considering all the injury work compensation paid to Women in the military, goverment jobs and police work its IMO that Women are etremely expensive to hire.

      What is a good looking or ugly looking women being a cop for in her prime birthing years.

      Now the Congoid female Police that is whole other story. Puke.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      There was a female Sheriff in Florida that was forced out of office and mis invested millions of a pension fund in some scheme and lost it and some other assorted monkey business. She never went to jail and the tax payers took the bite.

      Only when the pretorian guards, and the retired ones can’t food or enough will the P.C. tune get sour.

    6. Bret Ludwig Says:

      The military are the last people on earth that want a draft. They want an all volunteer army.

      I think that better than a draft would be restricting government loans for college to people who had served in the military or some other deal for those not eligible for the military.

    7. Norsk Says:

      It’s just another way to get rid of the white race. Everywhere i turn i see the destruction of the white race. Our people are so stuborn and refuse to WAKE UP!!! SO there has to be more pain and destruction!!! That’s what i see. I try hard to wake people up but they want to act stupid. They have to go along with the main stream. They are asleep at the wheel. They don’t want to wake up and feel the pain. SO what do we do?

    8. Arminius Says:

      “Capt. Margaret H. White began a relationship with a warrant officer while both were training to be deployed to Iraq.”

      Discipline in the US Army must fail when such affairs are going on.
      Just think of a company of more or less sexually demoralized soldiers (includes homos, niggers, spics etc) lead into battle by a female captain and known underlie of their W.O. Their fighting spirit can be imagined.
      We should applaud the Pentagon pursuing this self-destruction for political expediency. But in spite of it they are planning other military adventures- see now Yemen- and next Iran- on the behest of their Jewish masters?
      The military decay of the US is unstoppable: Remember the Ford Hood mutiny? Just a few months in the past, and a total blackout imposed. A useless manoevre- holes in the organisation appear everywhere. The military might of the USA is rapidly shrinking to zero. And that must end the international power of the Jewish conspiracy.

    9. Arminius Says:

      typo: Fort Hood!

    10. virgil Says:

      women should not be in the mililtary. they weaken unit cohesion.they should be near the hearth and rearing white children. feminism is a variation on marxism; an abomination foisted on our people by organized jewry. they may be nurse in military hospitals or secretaries in the civilian ministry of defense. anything to do with combat must be all-male.

    11. Irma Grese Says:

      Women don’t belong in the army OR the police forces! PERIOD. That should be for MEN. I’m glad ZOG is doing it though as it weakens those organizations which should help OUR side when the Revolution comes but afterward, when we found the new Wehrmacht, the army and the police should be male-only. Except perhaps for support funcions.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m conflicted about White women who join the US military. One side of me says they deserve to get abused for being stupid enough to sign up, the other side says that their dads and husbands deserve an ass-whipping for allowing their daughters/wives to sign up. Are there any White American men left with balls, men who will put their women in their place?

      The main reason I think there should be a Draft is because there is so much god damn apathy among the US public over the imperialist wars being fought in their name. A Draft would force them to wake the hell up and decide whether they’ll support those wars or not. It would also force the sons of the rich and powerful to serve too, and not in some candy-ass Air National Guard unit, either. Not this time.

      Besides, is it really fair to the decent White guys in uniform who are being sent back into combat over and over and over again because there are no more troops left to replace them? If the USA is going to wage wars against other countries, then EVERY American should have a stake in those wars. And if they don’t like it, then they’ll have no choice but to get off their asses and protest.

    13. Norsk Says:

      McGreen, WTH are you talking about. We need to stop these endless mindless wars. We’re going overseas to fight while our borders are wide open. That way our enemy kill more of us off.

    14. ajiarcher Says:

      The draft, I believe is now thought to be unconstitutional, something along the lines of involuntary servitude.
      The amount of women who get pregnant while on active duty, is absurd. These women should be court martialed and then discharged from the military. These women will not be able to meet the obligation they contracted for, and will be a huge burden on the tax payer, but what else is new.
      I remember several men I served with who were given article 15 court martials for getting a sunburn, they would not be able to fulfill their obligation, even though some of them were in fact drafted.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      Norsk, you are absolutely correct, we don’t need any of those ZOG wars of imperialist aggression going on right now in the Near East. My point was that IF those wars are going to be fought, or any wars, for that matter, then the whole population should have some kind of stake in the conflict. That way, no apathy or indifference would be possible and the politicians who were responsible for starting those wars would also be obligated to end them in a timely manner.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      Why does the modern US military have to be so damn strict about things like sunburn or hair length? General Custer had long hair and General Grant had a beard. General Washington had a pigtail. None of those things interfered with their military duties. Such nonsensical regulations are an unecessary burden, I think.

    17. Howdy Doody Says:

      Norsk Says:

      30 December, 2009 at 9:23 am

      McGreen, WTH are you talking about. We need to stop these endless mindless wars. We’re going overseas to fight while our borders are wide open. That way our enemy kill more of us off.

    18. Veritas Says:

      Tim McGreen:
      “Why does the modern US military have to be so damn strict about things like sunburn or hair length? General Custer had long hair and General Grant had a beard. General Washington had a pigtail. None of those things interfered with their military duties. Such nonsensical regulations are an unecessary burden, I think.”

      In the time of Custer and Grant there was no such thing as CBR (Chemical, Biological, Radiological) warfare…unless you count gas passed from eating beans LOL !!

      You cannot get a good seal on your gas mask with a beard or long hair. The regs are decidedly not “nonsensical”..take it from a former NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) NCO.

    19. Veritas Says:

      Also, Tim McGreen, a sunburn will prevent you from carrying out your military duties. I have seen soldiers incapacitated by sunburn and frostbite, both preventable.

      “My tank just threw a track…where is the tank mechanic?”

      “Uhhh…he is on sick call with a sunburn.”

      Tim, have you ever been in the military? If you are still young enough, you should drop everything and volunteer for a few years.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      Sgt. Veritas, I would consider doing just that if the military was all-White, had decent guys like you in it, was free of Jew control and didn’t have any homos lurking around. Thanks for answering my question, btw. I have one more, if you don’t mind….If you were in the Army, why did they change from the OD green field jacket and combat uniform to the baggy digital camo pajamas? And that black beret….Whose idea was that??? Those Vietnam-era Army uniforms seemed to be the best looking and most practical. Myself, I wear an old M-65 field jacket with spec5 patches on the sleeves and a yellow on black US ARMY patch above the pocket.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      BTW, I believe the correct term for a gas mask is “protective mask”.

    22. David Baker Says:

      Well, once women leave the military, they can always launch another drama series like “Mercy” (yet another bossy broad in prime time..) I listened to the armed forces general explain why female G.I.s getting pregnant are subject to the UCMJ. This four star sycophant went on to say that the service needs women. Really? From what I was able to discern during my tenure in the Air Force, women were there because if the military didn’t ‘Get them on the Bus’ they would sue the government for discrimination. This latest development only underscores the prescience of anti-feminists, who knew that the large number of females entering the service would only cause problems, not the least of which is unplanned pregnancies. One thing is for sure, if their little feelings get hurt as the military clamps down on their hanky panky, some lawyer with a beak like a toucan will clean-up on the inevitable litigation.

    23. David Baker Says:

      Dear Veritus,

      I donno…The usual gripe for sick leave was a hangover. Of course, a sunburn may ‘cover’ for copious imbibing.

    24. David Baker Says:

      The draft is not outlawed. However, defense officials know perfectly well that a storm of protest will erupt as young males are hauled-in to boot camps while females will magically be exempted from compulsary service. (Especially after men–for decades now–have been plied by the media with depictions of women being superior fighters, top military pilots, karate experts, and last resort commanders who alone carry the strength and competence necessary to keep our nation free. What a load of Jewish crap!) I would applaud a return of the draft. Only then will the wanton hypocrisy of the military and Jewish media be exposed.