20 January, 2010

Dr. Raymond Cattell

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Never mind the fact that IQ tests and eugenics are not racist per se (even liberals like Margaret Sanger embraced eugenics) and never mind that Cattell wasn’t a racist. He was still the target of Jewish criticism. (Almost every major critic of Cattell, IQ testing and eugenics has been Jewish, e.g., Lewin [the father of “racial sensitivity training”], Gould, Lewontin, Kamin, Rose, Hirsch, Mehler):


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    1. virgil Says:

      once the liberation of the west is achieved, eugenics will be implemented, so as to improve our gene pool. a mandatory sterilization of the lower half of the bell curve would be a good start. the other half will, of course, need to produce at least 5 children per couple. after a few generations, the average i. q. of our race will be 140!

    2. Doug Says:

      Humanity took a wrong course when superior ability to produce did not come with it a higher birthrate. Accumulation of wealth and resources has only one evolutionary purpose, to fuel reproductive success. If the bright and creative used their wealth to breed more, most problems might solve themselves over time. White colonization was one example where it worked. We took over N. America and every production gain came with it an increased reproduction rate. Absolute success is only measured by mating success, and is fueled by economic success. Eugenics wouldn’t be necessary if we 1) have a nation without jews/blacks/mexicans/mystery meat 2) Reproduce proportionately to what you earn, if income is back to the fair “compensation for production” rather than unearned income from someone else’s loss (like lawyers).

    3. Ein Says:

      “a mandatory sterilization of the lower half of the bell curve would be a good start. the other half will, of course, need to produce at least 5 children per couple.”

      Well now…. I wouldn’t be so harsh as that. Perhaps the lower fifth or the bottom eighth. If you keep paring away at the bottom eighth, that will suffice. In time, the results will be dramatically noticeable.

      And how are you going to FORCE people to have more children? Humans are very complicated animals and it’s just not so easy as putting two dogs in a cage for the night. People have to WANT to do what you want them to do, especially with any matter so private. Otherwise, it would be the most horrible of dictatorships imagineable, the likes of which the world has never yet seen. I don’t think we want that. Such a society wouldn’t be worth living in. Among humans reproduction has to be voluntary and consensual if it’s to work.

      And consider too that the mere “accumulation of wealth and resources” (as expressed above) is not the only criterion of worth. The great poet Keats, though a genius, didn’t have a dime, and many great artists and musicians lived and died in poverty. Would you sterilize them? And Keat’s friend, Shelly, though very rich, never earned a dime — he just inherited it (ditto with Byron). What about them? I have a friend who’s a brilliant physicist and mathematician, but (mathematician or not) he hasn’t the slightest head for money. It goes right through his fingers. If you’re going to rate people on their wealth, you’re going to put some of the most grasping, unsavory Jews right at the top of your eugenics list. I don’t think you want that. There are other human qualities that count beyond rapacity.

      And also consider (as I have often noticed) that some of the nastiest, most vicious people can also be very smart. A vicious person with a genius IQ can be a terrible curse to have around. They’ll really mess up your life. We’ve all known some. While some of the sweetest, gentlest people can be not too bright at all. But I’d prefer them a thousand times to the vicious genius.

      No, you can’t go by IQ alone. I’m not disparaging it! IQ is very important; but it’s not everything. As I said, humans are complicated; and life is complicated. Life can not be reduced to an IQ test.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Look, just give me a few dozen good looking White chicks and I’ll have the White race repopulated in no time.

      But you see, most White people are too responsible to just have kids without being prepared to care for them emotionally and financially. And since the US economy has been in the shitter for the last 35 years, the White US population has taken a serious hit. Of course, non-Whites don’t give a damn about the consequences of anything they do, so they have no problem just lying on the floor and screwing all day. Somebody will take of the chillun, whether it’s Grandma or Whitey or Uncle Sappy Sam.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Pretty soon, we will have no choice but to get rid of our weakling Christian mentality and dispense some rough genetic justice on those who simply don’t deserve to breathe or spawn more of their own worthless kind. It will be obvious enough to determine who gets their scrotum snipped off and who gets a complimentary lobotomy. Some will deserve and shall recieve both.

    6. virgil Says:

      superior specimens of white males will, of course, be allowed to breed with as many eligible white females as they can maintain. think of a neo-tribal scenario with brave aryan warlords. might is right!

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      white males will, of course, be allowed to breed with as many eligible white females as they can

    8. th Says:

      Eugenics is absolute. The jew has turned even this word into bad. It is equated with nazism, refering to the Honorable Adolf Hilter’s plan for the master race, which won’t be tolerated by the jew. In the jew world and his media, the mud race is faster, stronger, smarter thus pulling aryan people off track to their racial responsibilities. Back when aryan people were immigrating, they showed up on the shores with a plan. There were no organizations to feed or put them up. They relied on family. The aryan mind has the ability to plan, the aryan man can work, the aryan women can care for family and the aryan children contribute as well. The jew wants these abilities done away with. In its society everyone will be dependant upon him. Nothing is more beautiful than the newly born aryan child and we all know this to be true. While the jew will attempt to convince aryan people that whores like Heide Klum are role models, breeding horrible looking monster bi-racial animals we know the truth. All great feats in this world have been accomplished by aryan men and women, its fact. So any attempt by anybody to expose the jew will be met with typical jew repraisal just as is the case with this gentleman. The jew has no truth so he answers truth with name calling, racist! nazi! Thats all the jew has.