14 January, 2010

Whites Save Muds, Again and Again

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Harry The Haitian says: “We just had a big earthquake here. But are we worried? Nope. We know that millions of dollars in White aid will pour in, like it does every time there’s a disaster in the third world. And in exchange for that aid, we’ll…moan about White racism at the next UN meeting!”


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    1. Norsk Says:

      I watched Fox news early this morning. They were treating the Haitians as if they were an indangered species. Mark my word. Herds of Haitians will be coming to all parts of America.

    2. half soldier Says:


    3. Tom McReen Says:

      US rushes troops to Haiti earthquake zone


      Emergency crews, charities and the UK government are co-ordinating efforts to help with the rescue operation in Haiti after it was hit by an earthquake.


      UK aid workers arrive in Haiti to boost rescue efforts


      Watch out for Gordon Brown pledging millions of UK money. That will happen soon.

    4. Tom McReen Says:

      Haiti earthquake: Britain pledges over £6million in aid

      The British government is to donate over £6 million “to help kick-start humanitarian relief in Haiti”, International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander confirmed today.

      UK search and rescue workers have been dispatched to the disaster-hit country to help after an earthquake which is thought to have killed tens of thousands of people and left an estimated three million in need of emergency aid.


    5. Bret Ludwig Says:

      What are the Dominicans next door or the Cubans doing for the Haitians? I suspect nothing. Nonwhites do nothing for nonwhites, let alone whites. Fuck ’em.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      If only White people were as ‘racist’ as the muds accuse us of being, then we would be on the road to recovery.

      Wake up mud world, one day coming soon, hated whitey is going to cast off misplaced altruism, and start giving your black asses a well deserved beating.

    7. Waldo Starr Says:

      Every time there is a disaster somewhere in the world we can always read that the US pledges millions of American dollars to help stabilize the situation. Don’t you ever wonder, as I do, just how much of that aid ($$$) really gets to the country of need. We know that it must pass through a lot of hands before it ever gets to the real needy. Sure we see a few trucks loaded with rice and the hungry masses, mostly women and kids, with their tin bowls begging for the rice, but what about the $$$. I’ll just bet that the legalized mafia, that serves under the stars and stripes, prays at the synagogue or church for the next earthquake or tsunami so they can get their greed, dirty hands on that money.

      How is it possible that anyone can help Haiti? They have been described in the news as a poor country. What they really are is a ghetto filled with sub humans who are poor in spirit, poor in morals, poor in intelligence, poor in work ethics, just plain poor miserable wretched beings who are way beyond help. Haiti doesn’t need any bible thumpers or psalm singers. They need a slave driver to make them work for their keep and maybe then they could build a country and not have so much idle time begging for alms and spreading AIDS, STDS and illegitimate nigglets.

    8. Waldo Starr Says:

      Oh I almost forgot, how much money ($$$) do you think the “Magical Negro” is going to shell out of his own pocket for Haiti? How about a piece of that million plus Nobel money that he received for all the peace he is responsible for. As we know, negros, blacks, mulattos, are the neediest and most worthless slugs on earth and are always AWOL when it comes to contributing to anything, even if another darkie is in need. How about all the millionaire black ball players, rap trash stars, the Oprahs and lets not fortget the race hustlers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. How much are they personably going to contribute? We don’t really have to ask because we already know, nada. “Let dat ole wite debil pay, he stolls all our shit anyway.” Blacks are notorious for being non-tippers and again it will be dumb ole whitey doing the heavy lifting. Our burden is gettin awful heavy.

    9. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      Haiti has been a basket case since they massacred the French who lived there around 200 years ago. This just proves over and over again that Boolies can’t run anything bigger than a street corner drug deal, far less a country! If Haiti was run by Whites it would be a shining beautiful place with beautiful beaches and safe Palm Tree lined avenues. It would be a very prosperous place because it has a lot going for it except the Boolies.

    10. Robert Cardillo Says:

      The White man’s burden. Plain and simple.

    11. virgil Says:

      canada is so deranged that the governor-general is a mulatto, feminist, pinko piece of garbage from haiti; a multicultural token appointed by the then liberal government. quebec is filled with subhumans from haiti.

    12. Frank Toliver Says:

      I was watching this shit today at the gym because they only play two channels; one for the Amerikwan and one for the Patriotard. They have this niglet baby wrapped up in a blanket and all I can think of is that it looks like a turd with eyes. Spics don’t help niggers, chinese don’t help niggers, jews don’t help niggers, niggers don’t help niggers, only stupid bleeding heart white bitches of both sexes.

      All the other races seem to be better prepared for racial survival and have more common sense than whites do.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      {Bret Ludwig Says:

      14 January, 2010 at 3:17 pm

      What are the Dominicans next door or the Cubans doing for the Haitians? I suspect nothing. Nonwhites do nothing for nonwhites, let alone whites. Fuck ‘em.}


      That’s right, the Domincan Republic is on that same damn island. What have they done to help their moolie neighbors? Anything? Nope. In fact, they are probably thrilled that an earthquake killed off so many Haitians. Hopefully, those starving-ass Haitians will put every White do-gooder who comes to help them into a big pot and make Whitey stew out of them.

    14. blackwatch Says:

      Just a little payack for killing all the French Whites, I can’t wait to see more.

    15. Michael Mavros Says:

      I have been watching the news for decades and I have never heard of China giving aid to third world disasters.

    16. Coup D'Etat Says:

      Sure – America will dish out a million dollars worth of taxpayer’s money while the U.S. slowly goes into bankruptcy. Sure why not? Let’s have more disasters around the world more often. America will pay for third world misery anytime in order to beef up the wealth of the non-whites while the Whites in America end up broke and on the streets.

      Let’s have China become the U.S. corporation for America. Cheap labor in return for cheap or poisonous products. Oh, no, there’s nothing wrong here. Not at all. Jews and their ilk will become rich while there are no more manufacturing jobs here. Hey, and while you are at it, neo-Communists, allow all the illegal mexicans into our country from Mexico with hand out jobs and free food from the state’s office who hand out food stamps,and free medical while our hospitals close down and insurance premiums increase. Sure why not? There’s nothing wrong here. We’ll just incorporate body scans and a national health care system for those who become ill from the radioactive body scanners while our freedoms become nil and the jews become richer.

      Sure! There’s absolutely nothing wrong here. Everything is hunky dory while the jews and illegal mexicans and non-whites have their civil rights and are well-protected by the federal, state, and city governments.

    17. Igor Alexander Says:

      “quebec is filled with subhumans from haiti.”

      Yup. And they were let in by a Catholic immigration minister under a seperatist/nationalist government that the jews hated so much that they evacuated Montreal by the tens of thousands when it came into power. Was getting tens of thousands of groids in exchange for tens of thousands of jews a good trade-off? Hard to say.

      That’s a prime example of why I’m opposed to ethnic nationalism. These Quebec separatist nutjobs preferred to flood their province with French-speaking Haitians than learn to get along with their English-speaking racial kin. The irony is that most of these niggers ended up aligning politically with the Canadian fedgov and the anglophones, not with the seperatists.

    18. Igor Alexander Says:

      typo: separatists

    19. Igor Alexander Says:

      “If Haiti was run by Whites it would be a shining beautiful place with beautiful beaches and safe Palm Tree lined avenues.”

      Haiti under the French was one of France’s most prosperous colonies. If negroes were indeed equal to whites, their taking over of Haiti should have proven it. Instead what we find are the same things we find in every black-ruled country: rampant poverty; collapsing or non-existent infrastructure; political instability; etc.

      Haiti is irrefutable proof that niggers aren’t equal to whites; that if they don’t achieve like whites, it’s their fault and not the fault of socio-economic considerations and “white racism.”

      Studying the histories of Haiti and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe did more to convince me that niggers are biologically incapable of building societies to white standards than anything I read about race and IQ. IQ testing is done in the lab; Haiti and Zimbabwe are the real world results of what was discovered in those tests.

      Like Socrates says in his spintro, niggers should be thanking us for the humanitarian aid we give them; instead we get, “fuck you, rassissts, give us more free stuff.”

      This thing in Haiti is hardly a tragedy. The way I see it, it’s 50,000 less useless niggers to feed.

    20. Igor Alexander Says:

      “If only White people were as ‘racist’ as the muds accuse us of being, then we would be on the road to recovery.”

      Oh, they are. They just haven’t found the courage to openly express it yet.

      Whites wouldn’t be sending any aid to Haiti if they really believed nigs were equal.

    21. Igor Alexander Says:

      “…poor in work ethics…”

      I’m sure that those who can even get work (for example, working on plantations) work their asses off for little pay to produce that bag of refined sugar you get at the grocery store.

      Their problem isn’t laziness, necessarily, but intelligence. An intelligent person can get more done with a tenth of the effort that a stupid person can. That’s as true on a society-wide or race-wide basis as at the individual level.

      The left’s problem is that it can’t accept than a trait like intelligence is inborn, not the result of upbringing. An intelligent person raised in a substandard environment might not rise to his full potential, but there’s nothing you can do to make an idiot more intelligent. Intelligence is inborn; you either have it or you don’t. The left refuses to accept that. It really believes that sending food and books to niggers is going to magically turn them into white people.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      The trageby in Haiti is not that 100,000 niggers died in an earthquake….It’s that 1,000,000 niggers didn’t die.

    23. Annie Oakley Says:

      I’m already sick of the Haitian news coverage. I can’t take it anymore.

      The Haitian drug dangs in NY were the most ruthless savage drug gangs that roamed Brooklyn and the Bronx. One of the biggest crack houses was in Flatbush. This was the story behind the movie New Jack City in the 80’s. Scads and scads of niggers and stupid ass whites shooting up heroin in burnt out office and apartment buildings, lying on mattresses. And this is the Haiti Chairman Zero wants to bring in?

      I wouldn’t send a damn dime to that country, let these savages burn.

      Tim – you’re right, it’s a damn shame 1,000,000 didn’t die.

    24. Tom McReen Says:

      Here is what they decided at the UN meeting. And U.S. schools too.


      UN launches Haiti earthquake relief appeal

      The UN has launched an appeal for $562m (£346m), to help victims of Tuesday’s devastating earthquake in Haiti.


      Maryland schoolchildren can contribute to Haiti fund

      The Maryland State Department of Education is providing the structure to allow schoolchildren a means to channel their concern over the earthquake victims in Haiti into fundraising for the devastated region. After Hurricane Katrina, the state’s schoolchildren raised $1.3 million.

      Today, the department announced that it would set up a fund that school systems can contribute to until Feb. 12. For more information go to the website…www.MarylandPublicSchools.org.

      Are teachers out there trying to include something about Haiti in their lesson plans to help children deal with the many sad pictures they are seeing?


    25. S.U.N. Says:

      Haiti is hailed as the most impoverished nation in the Western Hemisphere, yet they have a huge foreign debt. Where has all that money gone? So why help them now? The UN instills in third-worlders the idea that they should take naps since the white, rich nations will always be there whenever disaster strikes.
      Although I’m glad that UN traitors died there, it’s a fact that niggers will be brought to America for medical assistance and that means bringing along their whole families.

    26. Coup D'Etat Says:

      White Utahns can’t wait to adopt the negroes in Haiti. Yes, and the population of negroes will increase overtime. It’s hard to believe the stupidity and the severe lack of foresight on the part of these Whites who don’t have a clue or lack the ambition to understand the extreme behaviors of these negroes in Haiti in response to a disaster. They don’t have the intelligence to understand that if Utah or any other state faces a disaster of this magnitude or greater that these negroes will behave in a similar way. Disaster in New Orleans wasn’t enough for these people.

      No, the disaster in Haiti is not enough for any White family wanting to adopt a negro in Haiti to change their minds. They don’t see the warning that they are given now which will occur in the future.

      What the hell should we do with these stupid and or psychopathic individuals? Treat them as outsiders and have nothing to do with them? Scorn them? What is it going to take to shake these people up and teach them to stop following the jewish immigration destructive garbage? Their Mormon/other religion doesn’t help matters much.

      So, we have two destructive forces at play here that are setting up chaotic events that will occur and that everyone who doesn’t want this crap in their faces will have to deal with in the future – because NO ONE is doing anything to get rid of the jews and their ilk and their illegal civil rights and their unending illegal immigration policy.

    27. Norsk Says:

      I’m getting sick and tired of these touchy-feeley do-gooders that treat the worlds scum like some kind of of exotic animal that is going extinct and needs to be preserved “AT ALL COST”!!!

      Just think how good the white race could have it if we could cast off these parasites.

    28. Tim McGreen Says:

      You’re right Norsk. The Jew and his teeming hoardes of colored inferiors is the enemy, but the biggest threat to the White Race comes from within. That’s why I would strongly recommend to the starving-ass niggers of Haiti that they put every White liberal/Christian do-gooder who comes to “help” them into a big pot and enjoy some protein-rich Whitey Stew.

    29. blackwatch Says:

      Tim they could eat for centuries! Mostly school teachers for dinner.

    30. Ein Says:

      “I strongly recommend to the starving-ass niggers of Haiti that they put every White liberal/Christian do-gooder who comes to “help” them into a big pot and enjoy some protein-rich Whitey Stew.”

      LOL. Love that suggestion! It kills two birds with one stone.

    31. Ein Says:

      Bret Ludwig Says: “What are the Dominicans next door, or the Cubans, doing for the Haitians? I suspect nothing. Nonwhites do nothing for nonwhites, let alone for whites. Fuck ‘em.”

      I read that the Dominicans sent some trucks … which the Haitians promptly tried to hijack!

      The U.N. World Food Program denied earlier reports that its warehouses in Port-au-Prince had been looted, and a spokeswoman told the BBC that the organization had almost 7,000 tons of food stockpiled. But tension is rising hourly as the wait lengthens for the wide-scale delivery of aid. “Yesterday they tried to hijack some of our trucks,” an said an aid coordinator dispatched from the neighboring Dominican Republic. “Today we were barely able to work in some places because of that.”

      A Time magazine photographer said he saw angry residents building roadblocks by stacking dead bodies, a grim form of protest against delays in aid deliveries. “It’s getting ugly out there; people are fed up with getting no help,” said Saul Schwarz.

      And can someone explain to me what purpose is served by building roadblocks because not enough aid is getting through??? Huh? A perfect example of Negro logic, if there ever was one! No wonder Haiti is a mess.

    32. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good points as usual, Ein. “Negro Logic”…what an oxymoron.

      I now realize my transition from douchy Alan Alda liberal to racially concious White Man is complete…How? Because when I recently read a story about how pregnant pigs in slaughterhouses were kept in stalls that were so short and narrow that they couldn’t even turn around for months on end, I became genuinely upset and angry. No animal should ever be treated like that!!! Then I turned on the news and saw a bunch of dumb Haitian niggers fighting each other for no reason, instead of trying to co-operate and survive…..And I felt NOTHING. No sense of compassion, no sense of brotherhood, nothing but irritation that that earthquake in Haiti was still getting broadcast time.

      I don’t give a shit about those Haitians, not one bit. I just want them to kill each other off and then eat each other. I care about those abused pregnant sows in the slaughterhouses, like any decent, civilized Aryan who loves animals would. AND I FEEL REALLY, REALLY GOOD ABOUT THAT.

    33. Ein Says:

      It seems to me that people who have the strength to pile up bodies in the streets and build roadblocks, obviously have the strength to clear away rubble and search for victims who are living. Wouldn’t that be more sensible?

      Ah, but there I go with Whitey logic again! That doesn’t apply in Haiti.