21 February, 2010

CODOH Ads in University of Wisconsin Student Newspaper

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CODOH is making good gains on college campuses. For example, this small ad is running for a month in a student paper:

“The Holocaust Question:


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    1. th Says:

      More offended hebs?? Seems like the easy bake ovens of the third reich didn’t do much of a dent. The ones that are making all the noise these days, most likely sold out other hebs to save their own worthless hides. Any way how about an organization for the victims of the allied bombings?

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Hi, I’m Brad Smith. Yeah, I know I’ve got a dishonest face, people tell me that all the time. But have I got a deal for you! Check out this 1981 Honda Civic. *hic* This is the same car that Archducke Franz Ferdinand was shot in. And both Kennedys, too. *hic* Hey, at $10,000, I’m practically giving it away! *hic*

      So you think I’m a drunk, huh? You wanna fight me? C’mon, let’s fight, then. *hic* I’ll mop up the floor with you, pilgrim. C’mon, fight me already! Aw c’mere, you know I love you! *hic* Come over here, I love you, man! You’re my, I said….I said you’re my best bud, you know that? *hic* So you….you wanna buy my Honda Civic or not? Wha? The room is spinning, I’ve got to……ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

    3. Igor Alexander Says:

      With Germar Rudolf neutralized, Mark Weber expressing doubts, The Barnes Review shifting its focus away from the hoax, and the others either jailed, exiled, or lying low, it seems as though Bradley Smith is the last truly active holocaust revisionist around.

    4. -JC Says:

      “Fooled Once said…

      “Wouldn’t have minded a link to the issue of the Badger Herald in question (so as to be able to see/test the link described in the post).

      “Then, again, the two links that ARE in the post both error out. It’d be even nicer if they’d work!

      “February 19, 2010 7:46 PM”

    5. -JC Says:

      “The trick, as A.K. Swift – and Bradley Smith – might remind us, is in finding right relationship. Just ask the Buddha. Or Anne Frank. They understood what the Nazis and bureaucrats will never confess.”

    6. Igor Alexander Says:

      I don’t understand that comment about the links not working. If you go to http://badgerherald.com/ you’ll see the link on the left-hand side, just where Smith said it would be. Clicking on it takes me to the CODOH website, as it’s supposed to.

    7. old dutch Says:

      Sending Bradley Smith a few dollars, how many of you will miss a $5 dollar bill, is a good thing. The same goes for Dr. MacDonald,

      It’s not how much we send, but, that we ALL send something.

    8. Blackshirt Says:

      Revisionism is a waste of time in my opinion. As long as the elite Jews control the media, the revisionists will only be a blip on the media radar screen and widely discredited. We can worry about revising history after we win the war. The war isn’t going to be won by rehashing events that happened almost 70 years ago.

      I know it gives a lot of you guys a warm fuzzy feeling inside to make Jews squirm by irritating them, but at the end of the day that’s all you’re doing. This is not a strategy to win the war.

      Every year that goes by the newer generation cares less and less about WWII. WWII history is boring and ancient to most teenagers, and White teenagers are who we should be focusing on. What is real and here right now is the multitude of colored animals White teenagers are dealing with day in and out. Instead of arguing about how many Jews died here or there, these kids want to know how they can go about resisting and how they can function in a society that is against their very existence. As older more experienced and educated White nationalists/racists it is important that we educate them in good, productive tactics. In my opinion the only one of the “old breed” who is doing this is Tom Metzger.

      So instead of wasting your time and money supporting old coots who are endless arguing about the holocaust, how about supporting what Tom is trying to do with money and time? We need to keep our kids away from organizations and other tactics that are unproductive, which will mark them in the eyes of the system. We must encourage them to be covert and to undermine the system as a lone wolf.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Tom Metzger talks to high school and college students all the time, which is exactly the right thing to do. But the Willis Cartos, Bradley Smiths, Mark Webers, David Irvings and Jared Taylors would rather talk to other old coots at the nursing home about good ol’ Dubya Dubya Two..you know, the Big One. Clueless old farts.

    10. old dutch Says:

      Metzger blows hot, and, cold on the holocaust. One time he’s making fun of the holocaust and the Jews claims–next time he says, oh forget it. Well, Tom what is it?

      Anyway it’s nice to know that you two Holy Mary boys believe in it—then it must be true. LOL.

    11. Blackshirt Says:

      Oh come on, Dutch. You know I’m not a “Holy Mary boy”… I hate all Jewish denominations of Christianity equally. :-)

    12. Irma Grese Says:

      If you don’t agree 100% with everything old douche says, you’re a catholic. That’s kinda how he “thinks.” If you can call that thinking.

    13. Igor Alexander Says:

      “As older more experienced and educated White nationalists/racists it is important that we educate them in good, productive tactics.”

      Give it up. If we knew what to do, we’d be doing it, not trying to teach people about it.

      Younger generations will figure out what needs to be done on their own and don’t need any guidance from us.

      As for revisionism, I figure that as long as jews continue using the holohoax as a propaganda tool, there should be people around to debunk it.

    14. sandjewz Says:


      So what the fuck is this ?

      Jews force media to destroy a study that proves they are the same as the sand niggers they wallow in bed with next door?

    15. old dutch Says:

      So Irma, do you believe in the six million dead JEW Holocaust?

      Do you believe there was mass production murder by gas chamber?

    16. Irma Grese Says:

      old dutch Says: So Irma, do you believe in the six million dead JEW Holocaust?
      Do you believe there was mass production murder by gas chamber?

      No. Does it matter? The point is, there NEEDS to be! It’s what all WNs need to be working towards rather than just rehashing the past. Blackshirt is right, revisionism is just a boring waste of time!

    17. old dutch Says:

      Irma, if you believe in the six million Jew Holocaust, and mass production killing of Jews by gas chambers you will believe anything. LOL.

      What Bradley Smith is doing needs done, and, the number of Holocaust historians who have been prosecuted & imprisoned demonstrates how afraid the Jews are of the truth.

    18. Blackshirt Says:

      OD, you aren’t getting the point. If guys like Brad Smith want to do what they are doing, fine. What isn’t fine is that you are encouraging other White Nationalists/racists to waste their time and effort supporting a side show. Yes, revisionism is a SIDE SHOW. It is unnecessary for the 14 Words.

      Arguing about 6 million, or 2 million, or 3 million isn’t going to make a difference in the fight to secure our existence. Masses of people in this country aren’t going to magically wake up and kill Jews or kick them out of the country because someone “exposes” a historical fallacy. It has NEVER happened and judging by human nature, never will happen.

    19. SallyO Says:

      The holohoax is very important. It’s where the whole white guilt thing started. Our relatives were raped, tortured, starved to death, and murdered outright and we as a people have been lied to. What better way is there then to show our young their ancestors were honorable and worth fighting for? If you stop the hoax cold, the enormity of the lie makes the cogs in the mechanism shut down.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      The good news is that the Jews’ relentless Holohoax indoctrination isn’t working. Few people under the age of 50 know or even care about their damn 6 million fairy tale. Besides, Amerikans have never cared much about history, ether the real kind or the made up variety. The White Struggle needs to be more concerned about the present situation and the future, not about refuting some tired old story that no one but grouchy old farts care about.

    21. Socrates Says:

      Tim McGreen Says: “Yeah, I know I’ve got a dishonest face, people tell me that all the time. But have I got a deal for you! Check out this 1981 Honda Civic. *hic* This is the same car that Archducke Franz Ferdinand was shot in. And both Kennedys, too. *hic* Hey, at $10,000, I’m practically giving it away! *hic* “

      What exactly does this mean?

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      Like Abe Lincoln said, after age 40 a man gets the face he deserves. And I would not buy a used car from a guy with a mug like old B.S. has. Maybe he’s a good guy, but I just don’t like the looks of him. No sir, not one bit.

    23. Wilton Says:

      I agree with Blackshirt here, holocaust revisionism is a waste of time and money. It’s boring too, warfare and society has changed so much since WW2 there is nothing to learn from that era. The guys who fought in WW2 were useful idiots, and those on all sides! The British who died for Zionism and Churchill. The Germans who got their frozen nuts shot off in Stalingrad for Hitler. You can’t do nothing to change the minds of people who believe 6 million Jews were killed. Just like you can’t change the minds of people like Old Douche who think Jeboo the Jew is our Lord and Savior.

    24. old dutch Says:

      Do I detect a sock puppet? LOL.

      It must be a slow day at the agency, the Holy Mary boys are knocking Bradley Smith for telling the truth.

    25. Wilton Says:

      I got more respect for people who believe in the holocaust then I do for people who believe in Jeboo the Jew. You can’t have an adult discussion with a person who believes in JtJ.

    26. Justin Huber Says:

      I think David Irving does some really good work and his lectures are excellent. That being said, the two that I attended attracted a very old demographic. I’m 35 and I was probably the youngest person there. I’m not sure how you attract younger whites to our cause. I will say this though, I don’t think they’ll be doing themselves any favors by getting a bunch of tattoos (regardless of what the depict) and wearing all of those wierd black outfits. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but that is what has always turned me off about certain segments of the pro-white movement.

    27. Wilton Says:

      The world has changed so much since WW2 the youth today relate to that era about as much they do the 10th century. The segment of the population that actually gives a shit about WW2 and holocaust is so small it doesn’t deserve the attention it gets. All revisionism does today is keep a steady income for a select few. Every inch of the holocaust and WW2 has been discussed and beaten to death. The mention of it alone is good for the jews, like the kikes say any publicity is good publicity. The old guard with their 500$ a plate banquets reminiscing about the good ol days haven’t gotten Whites anywhere. These phony safe and Kosher Nationalist like Le Pen, BNP, Pat Buchanan and the rest are only in it for the money. They know as long as they continue to talk about the same old shit they have a steady source of income from the old folk who are still living in the middle 20th century. The faster these people die off the better it will be for WHITES!

    28. old dutch Says:

      The fact that nobody challenges the holocaust story is why we have a holocaust museum/memorial on the national mall in Washington near the greatest of American memorials. And the friggin’ holocaust was a European event.

      If it were not for Bradley Smith’s low budget effort there would be no public criticism or questioning of the holocaust story at all.

      Smith challenges the Jews at the source of many of their lies—on the American college campus.

    29. Wilton Says:

      99% of the people who believe in the holocaust see it as an undeniable truth, just like someone born in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan believes in Allah. The small segment holocaust believers who could be won over don’t consider it an important enough topic to research. Revisionism keeps money in the hands of same people who’ve accomplished absolutely nothing. It’s a lost cause that eats time and money that could be used for more productive projects, like exposing the jews influence in the media and government. The revisionist, the safe and Kosher Nationalist are not going to move into more radical politics as long as they continue to make money off of the status quo. People who are living the good life don’t want to do anything that could change it. That is why I consider the Nationalist movements in Europe right now to be a joke. People who have a high standard of living, job security, universal healthcare, and six weeks vacation a year aren’t going to start taking their country back, or killing jews and muds during their lunch break, because they are content with the way things are. They will willingly lose their country inch by inch as long as their standard of living is secure. Supporting revisionism is secure, but it doesn’t do anything to help the situation, it’s nice and safe, makes money, and pays for that vacation to diddle pre teens in Thailand, Brazil, and Cambodia.

    30. Justin Huber Says:

      Being a revisionist is not necessarily safe. Irving has gone to jail and been bankrupted. He’s fairly old now and still appears to be working pretty hard to make ends meet. I give him credit for this.

    31. Wilton Says:

      Irving spent a few months in a western European jail, which is like staying in a three star hotel. Most revisionist wont even acknowledge the Pro White crowd, the same people who line their pockets with money.

    32. Blackshirt Says:

      I’ve got a little story about David Irving… back in 1996 (or maybe it was 1997- I can’t remember exactly) I met him at the MAX (Militaria Antiques Extravaganza) in Pennsylvania. He was there selling signed copies of his books at a booth set up by the NA. Of course it was a great honor to meet him and my fiancee at the time bought a signed copy of one of his books from him. Unbeknownst to me, while I was talking to one of the NA members who was manning the booth, Mr. Irving was busy trying to convince my fiancee to meet him in his hotel room for some action after the show. My fiancee told me about this after we left the show and I was shocked, it was obvious she was with me and he (Mr. Irving) was married. I lost all respect for the guy after this happened. As far as I’m concerned, the man is no hero. I don’t feel sorry for him either, the man has no honor.

    33. Justin Huber Says:

      That is pretty low.

    34. Irma Grese Says:

      Well OD, I myself am MUCH more interested in the future, and in making sure that the is a REAL holocaust waiting for the self-chosen! The past doesn’t interest me beyond the lessons for teh future it holds.

    35. Wilton Says:

      Revisionism seems to attract a weird type character. I don’t think these guys could exceed in another field. They are a mousy and indecisive lot. So afraid to do anything that could danger their ability to make money. They remind of the little faggots like Buchanan and Le Pen who even as they near death still wont call the jews out for what they are. They always keep one leg in the pool and the other out. That generation can’t fuck off and die fast enough.

    36. Tim McGreen Says:

      Blackshirt and Wilton are both right, “Historical Revisionism” attracts a lot of flakes, con-men and weird-o’s. They really should have nothing to do with the White Struggle.
      (They remind of the little faggots like Buchanan and Le Pen who even as they near death still wont call the jews out for what they are. They always keep one leg in the pool and the other out. That generation can’t fuck off and die fast enough.)

      The “Reverend” Billy Graham was caught on tape talking with President Nixon about the infuence of the Jews and how he doesn’t like them. Graham is now around 90 years old and near death, yet that fucking asshole still won’t admit to what he said on that tape decades ago, nor will he publicly and openly condemn the Jews, a people he knows damn well are bad news. Apparently, cretins like him fear the Jews more than they fear death or the judgement of the Lord!

    37. Tim McGreen Says:

      Upon reflection, Billy Graham might not be a cretin, but he is a pathetic old coward. However, the word cretin has its origins in the word Christian. In other words, being a cretin or a Christian means you’re a real ‘tard!

    38. Blackshirt Says:

      old dutch Says:
      23 February, 2010 at 4:36 pm

      Do I detect a sock puppet? LOL.

      It must be a slow day at the agency, the Holy Mary boys are knocking Bradley Smith for telling the truth.”

      I suppose you are trying to say that Wilton is a sock puppet of mine or Tim’s, but I can assure you I have no idea who he is. I’m glad he agrees with me, though. Sorry Dutch, I guess you are alone on this thread…

    39. Gravenstein Says:

      I don’t care how many Jews perished during WW2. I care about white people and their future. Case closed.
      This is my reply to anyone who wants to debate me on the subject.

    40. Wilton Says:

      Billy Graham is another one, he knew about the jew his entire life. Now he is a very wealthy and half dead, he don’t have to worry about having his career or financial situation ruined by the jews, but he still wont call them out. The so called “greatest generation” did more to give the jews the power they got today then anyone else. You would think in their old age they would grow a pair and warn the younger generation about the jews, but all we get is silence.

    41. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s the same situation with 85 year old Jimmy Carter. A few years back, he wrote a book condemning the Zionist Entity and its policy of Apartheid against non-Jews, a book that sent the Chozen ‘Uns into yet another howling rage. But instead of standing by his assertions, the old fool backs down and apologizes to the Jews for offending them! Seems Carter has a nephew or someone in his family who wants to get into politics. And since no “Kwan politician can get elected if he has an “anti Semite” in his family….

      Just send Carter and Graham off to that factory where they turn old people into crackers. If they can’t age with some courage and dignity, then just croak already.

    42. Justin Huber Says:

      Tim, did you just make a Soylent Green reference in your post above?