26 February, 2010

Just Talk Fast and Move ‘Em Around

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When negroes wreck neighborhoods, what do you do? You just move the negroes to other neighborhoods. Problem solved!


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    1. th Says:

      It’s the same as the doctor saying, we will move your tumor to another part of your body. Where you find niggers you find decay and where you find nigger management you find failure. Thanks to the jew, who insisted on the nigger’s right to vote, we see more and more niggers in suits attempting to run local government with the all to common inability to make reasonable decisions, thus resulting in failure after failure. The niggers in charge always find a way to blame the city for their plight. The nigger will never accept the blame because the nigger doesn’t fail the system fails the nigger.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      The best thing to do would be to de-incorporate Detroit and let the prarie grass and trees reclaim it. That’s already happening in some parts of the city that were never rebuilt after the 1967 riot.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      If you look at photos of Detroit up to the ’67 riot, you’ll see a lot of small businesses along busy streets and well-kept neighborhoods. But since niggers are destroyers, they had to ruin all of that so they could live in filth, poverty and squalor instead.

    4. Henry Says:

      Yes, and it’s all the white man’s fault for moving away and abandoning them. Selfish, damn whites! Refusing to share with their black brothers!!!

    5. sean gruber Says:

      “Where you find niggers you find decay and where you find nigger management you find failure.”

      My principle is never to live in a neighborhood with niggers in it, or work for a small company that has a nigger in the management chain (impossible to avoid this in large companies).

      At checkout, I refuse to use nigger checkers or I use self-check. (Self-check is better – I’m faster than any minimum-wage employee.)

      How many times have I gone to interview for a job, only to walk away when I see the interviewer (or manager) is a nigger? Many times. It isn’t worth it, from bitter experience.

      Boycott niggers.

      And by niggers I mean blacks, of course. All blacks are niggers. (A common cowardly thing said by ‘Kwans is “Not all blacks are niggers.” Bullshit. Anyone who has been around knows all blacks are niggers.)

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t know how any self-respecting White soldier could ever take orders from a Negro “superior” officer. You give those coons a little authority and they go ape-shit with it. And while a lot of Whites, even the “racist” ones, will often go out of their way to be nice to Blacks, the Blacks do not reciprocate. They interpret Whites being nice to them as a sign of weakness. Well, they’re right about that.

    7. nom de guerre Says:

      And to top it all off is the stoopid ninny nanny goats that want to play mammy and?? Big Brutha? Big Mutha fucka? to a bunch of these lil apes from Haiti…. We really need to keep a data file on this bunch of race traitors, for the day of atonement ( Allah be praised, by the beard of the prophet) may they die the most excrusiating death.

    8. festerbestertester Says:

      There is nothing a Black can not do until the time comes for him to do it! Thanks Shylock! Wish i could unleash all those people in Gaza to take their frustations out on you!