27 February, 2010

Utah Curbs Goy Control

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Jewish activist #1: “Uh-oh. The states are starting to reject federal mandates. Do you know what this could lead to?”

Jewish activist #2: “Yes. It could lead to freedom for millions of gentiles. This isn’t a good trend, Ira.”


More: [Here].

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  7. 5 Responses to “Utah Curbs Goy Control”

    1. zoomcopter Says:

      A very good trend. Let’s see which tribe opposes it.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      According to the Jews and liberals, we can’t fight the Feds on gun control because it would be “too expensive”. We can’t get rid of illegal aliens in our communities using the police because “that’s a problem that can only be dealt with at the Federal level”. And we can’t build a wall on the Mexican border because it would “send the wrong message”. Nope, we can’t do a god damn thing about anything. We have no choice but to let the Feds grab more power and to let the wetbacks swarm in here unchecked.

      Fuck you, Jews and liberals.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Having the border secured with barbed wire and minefields would send the “right message”.

    4. Kuda Bux Says:

      “that’s a problem that can only be dealt with at the Federal level”.

      Bring in the Federales.


    5. White Man who owns guns n ammo and knows what's up. Says:

      The ABC off shore corps like the BatFaggots are foaming at mouth about this Goy Power. Death to the NWO!