20 March, 2010

Suspects Dragged Into Sin-a-Gog Plot by Fed Informant?

Posted by Socrates in 'anti-Semitism', 'hate', Sin-a-Gogs, Socrates at 12:56 pm | Permanent Link

Made-up joke: a federal informant walks into a whorehouse and pretty soon everyone is under arrest for hate crimes except for the three rabbis, the negro cop and the Puerto Rican judge.


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  7. One Response to “Suspects Dragged Into Sin-a-Gog Plot by Fed Informant?”

    1. Aealo Says:

      I remember reading about this story earlier last year in the Seattle P.I.
      The short article didn’t detail who they were but did reveal that they were coaxed into blowing up the synagogue with promises of money and fried chicken.

      I’m not kidding.