7 April, 2010

Glenn Miller Senate Campaign

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    1. Glenn Miller Says:

      Since Tim McGreen won’t answer my twice asked question, I’ll answer, myself.

      Since 04 when I began VNN’s newspaper project, I’ve received around $30,000.00 all tolled from about 500 contributors. And since 04, every day I received money in the mail, I posted the screen names or whatever identification was provided in letters, on VNN forum, along with the amount contributed. That way, the contributors and everybody else could see that every contributor’s money was reported thus accounted for. And everybody would know, day by day, exactly how much money was taken in.

      If I had failed to post one single contribution in that way, the contributor would know his or her was not reported and would have rightfully accused me of stealing his or her money.

      In 6 years, only one contributor accused me of not reporting his contribution on VNN forum. His name was “Crow” something or other, and his accusation was made on the forum 4 years ago. Soon afterwards, he confessed he’d sent his $50.00 contribution anonymously.

      Furthermore as regards “monies spent” or debits, after every single newspaper edition was finished being distributed, I closed the books on that edition, and mailed all receipts to either Alex Linder or Ron Doggett for their audit and I asked them to report their audit findings on the forum. I always posted the final finance report after each edition, showing total amount received, total amount spent, and the balance.

      Now then Tim McGreen, you name one other WN in the history of this freakin planet who ever did that ?? And if my system of finance reporting and accountability does not satisfy you, then tell me a more honest one.

    2. Jim Says:

      Tim, we Vietnam vets realize that we were lied to. Even Robert “Strange” Mcnamara eventually told the American people the truth that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was total bullshit. Every war that White Americans have been forced to fight since the Mexican War have been directed and financed by the Jew Money Power to further the destruction of the White Gene pool. Please take the time to read Glenn Miller’s book before passing judgement. Thank You.

    3. Jim Says:

      Is Glenn Miller perfect? Was Robert Jay Mathews perfect? Was David Lane perfect? Is Tom Metzger perfect? Was even the greatest White Man who ever lived; Adolf Hitler perfect? Hell no; not by a long shot. but each of these men in their own way either have sacrificed or are sacrificing for our Race. We have to stop these goddamn pissing contests among ourselves and focus on the REAL ENEMY. The jews have not been called the Masters of Deceiit for nothing.

    4. Glenn Miller Says:

      Hey Jim, thanks, but arguing with these “Miller-haters” is like arguing with fence posts. And trying to pin them down in debate, is like trying to grasp a fistfull of jello.

      They’re convinced I’m a FBI paid agent provocateur.

      Come to think of it, the MOSSAD and JDL are probably thinking the same thing, given my highly publicised plea-bargain deal, and given the Hal Turner revelations. So let them think it. I just might mail the MOSSAD and JDL a “not to worry” letter so they won’t decide to cut off my head and nuts.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      “I took ZOG’s money, and incidently used some of it to purchase literature following my release from prison in September 1990.”

      “I went underground on 18 Mar 87, and declared war on 6 Apr 87.”

      “I had $10,000 cash, then borrowed $25,000 cash from my now deceased farther(sic) in Dillon, SC, while underground.”

      As if all that wasn’t bad enough:
      *You willingly accepted $200,000 in stolen money

      *Knowingly harbored Federal fugitives

      *Finked on The Order in retaliation for them finking on you

      Perhaps you’re too crazy to have any shame?

    6. Joe Says:

      [email protected] black guy likes me though. hey it was interesting, i cant lie. i dont think people are really seeing what the interview was though, it was not a debate so saying glenn miller slaughtered stern is ridiculous. it was seeing if the guy is for real, what he believes in, and letting him explain why he believes what he believes. what the world expected was another daniel carver and what they got was someone way more thought out and more respectful, to anyone not jewish. i wouldnt doubt that theres hate there though. besides Farrahkan, do you think blacks are just animals criminals pimps and watermelon seed spitters, or are there some that are good, and some that are bad? would you assume im on wlefare, milking the system? or can i be a working man trying to provide for myself and my family? it seems miller does not generalize and associate the whole race based on stereotypes so i hope his followers can have that same open mind. i understand the mission, “conservation of the white race”, but that can be the mentality without the racism and back to africa nigger bullshit, right? building without tearing down? we gotta start taking this shit case by case rather than as a whole. just as some black folk make us look bad, some white folks make you guys look bad. do you hate blacks more than say a white child molester? just because? lol anyway im bored at WORK, yes work, so i figured id check in and see how many ppl called me a flithy negro but none did. maybe im generalizing myself, and associating the mindset of this entire site with the few ppl i saw saying nigger this and nigger that. hmmm, guess im guilty of the same shit. would like to know mr millers view tho, even tho blacks are a minor problem compared to the jews as he put it, we are a problem nonetheless in his and many more ppls eyes. how am i a problem? i work, i pay taxes, which means i contribute, that means im helping the country, right? and finally for anyone who wants to answer, of course this couldnt happen because we all know the maximum number of years a president can serve is 10, (if u just said “that negro cant add”, look it up), would you rather have 4 more years of bush than obama? hypothetically speaking of course. years and years of bad policies got us in a shitty situation, and some ppl cant look past race or political party lines to see we need help. if the right wing was so wrong on so many things, the fact that they are so opposed to change would be a good thing, right? honestly, would you rather have sarah palin in the white house? HONESTLY? yea shes white, but damn. ok take care ppl, i am taking my problematic black ass outta here. lol hope i get some serious replies. NO im not looking to debate, just asking questions, mainly to glenn miller.

    7. Joe Says:

      whoa, didnt know it was that long a message, sorry. hey im checkin out these black stats, shits crazy but too much to read now. one more thing, wouldnt jews like howard stern be considered white? like if you are walking down the street you have no way of knowing their religious beliefs, so you would assume they are white? is it white til proven jewish? never thought there was a difference really, wouldnt you all be grouped together? is it easier to spot a jewish person than i think? maybe there is a 6th sense. one thing a responder said earlier was funny to me tho. it was in response to someone pretending to be jewish and in love with a black man, and he said well wait til you take him home and they said “I only wish I could see the expression on the face of your dear old grandma Miriam from Odessa when she sees a SCHWARTZE in the living room! “Oy gevelt, Harry! Our grandaughter, she’s going to marry a Schwartze? I tink I’m goink to plotz!” funny and true. also an angry person came on here and said half gook kid, being racist trying to attack a racist? seems like its the same thing. ok im out, again.

    8. Dave Says:

      I have no idea if what they say about Miller is true,nor do I care. He is free publicity,and any publicity is good publicity!

      Even if he attracts people you or I wouldn’t normally associate with,as I have said in the past it takes all kinds and we need all types. This elitist attitude shown by so many whites racially aware or not is so sickening to me. It must stop.How can we win the game if we refuse to play it? I’m not saying our victory will come through this man or through the corrupt system currently in place,but it can be used to help further our cause.

      We do constantly knock each other down.I’m especially guilty of ridiculing people in my day to day life for not seeing things my way. What good does that do for me,or for the cause?

    9. Jim Says:

      Typical negro reasoning, Joe.

    10. Blackshirt Says:

      Dave Says:

      “Even if he attracts people you or I wouldn’t normally associate with,as I have said in the past it takes all kinds and we need all types.”

      I disagree.

      We need to police our ranks, and if you plan on creating organizations this is absolutely imperative. Hitler had the night of the long knives (which I didn’t agree with) and Stalin had his purges. If you are going to have organizations you need to police what your members are saying and doing so as to have control over what the public sees of you. If all the public sees of your organization is a fat, slovenly redneck, that is what you will be judged by (hence the KKK stereotype). Same way with who you have as a spokesman.

      In the example of the National Alliance, Dr. Pierce had a rule that only he and official spokesman of the National Alliance could talk to the media. It was a very wise decision, because Dr. Pierce attracted a higher quality of white man than groups like the KKK, and thus he was taken more seriously. The kike media NEVER made Dr. Pierce look foolish, and while he was alive the NA became the largest White organization this country has ever seen. Can you say the same for Glenn Miller?

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Dr. Pierce was a class act, one that even his nastiest Jew enemies couldn’t humiliate or ridicule. But where is the National Alliance now? What happened to the 3rd Reich after Der Fuhrer died? What happened to Aryan Nations after Pastor Butler passed away? Or the WCOTC after Matt Hale’s unjust conviction and imprisonment? A better way must be found to keep pro-White resistance from disintegrating whenever The Leader is taken out of the picture.

    12. Jim Says:

      Joe; you seem to be more intelligent than the average negro and I respect you for that. You know Joe, old Tom Jefferson once said that our two races equally free cannot live in the same government. I kinda reckon that when Glenn Miller is elected Senator, his second priority will be to sponsor legislation to give y’all a one way ticket back to Africa so that hopefully y’all can re-enter your separate evolutionary path of development. (I think that Senator Miller’s first priority will be to give the kikes a one way ticket to Madagasgar). I don’t mean no disrespect Bro, but our two races have been together now for four hundred years da problems between us dey be gettin worser ebry day. I kinda think it may be time for an amicable divorce. Wajoo say Bro? Sorry Joe; gotta go. I think I’m starting to morph into a negro.

    13. Joe Says:

      lol no thank you i’ll save myself the trip. im fine where i am, feel free to go if you must. of course we can coexist if there was any kind of equality. hes coming from a time when shit was way different tho. Didnt he have some illegitimate children of his own with a negro? oh my goodnessss. anyway if my “i have a job, i pay taxes” is a typical negro response, then you could say, typically, negroes work and pay their taxes. ppl dont say it lying and really collecting gov assistance, its because its true. the stereotype is based on a minority, of the minority. but anyway, robin made a good point at the end of the interview and miller agreed. she said how sad is it that the race that is the majority, is so powerless. thats if of course the problems glenn mentioned were true. it appears to me that white men do have all the power they need and more, i dont see anyone complaining that doesnt frequent this site or others like it, orrrr wear hoods or sport shaved heads. most white ppl seem to be fine with the amount of power they have.

    14. Jim Says:

      Joe, someday when White people regain control over this country were going to replace Martin Luther King Day with Glenn Miller Day.

    15. Dave Says:

      Blackshirt says:

      “We need to police our ranks, and if you plan on creating organizations this is absolutely imperative. Hitler had the night of the long knives (which I didn’t agree with) and Stalin had his purges”

      I understand where you are coming from but first we must make it to that point.Without any momentum there are no ranks to police!The purging comes later!

    16. Jim Says:

      Hey Joe. I think that every negro in Missouri should vote for Glenn Miller. You know Joe, negroes are hurtin from negro crime almost as much as us White folks, and Glenn Miller is a “no nonsense” type of guy, who will give crimiinal negroes a STRONG incentive not to misbehave themselves. Why Joe, after Senator Miller is in office for a couple of months, I sure do reckon that all the crimiinally inclined negroes in Missouri will be sayin “Shore enuff Bro; send me back to Africa”.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      Hey Miller, do you have the same FBI handlers as Hal Turner did? How much is ZOG payin’ you to sneak back into the WN movement and stir up all this division?

    18. Jim Says:

      I think that we should open thiis thread more to honest negroes like Joe than to sneaky little FBI trolls like Tim McGreen.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      And now, with the power vested in me by the FBI, I now pronounce Jim and Glenn Miller husband and wife. Miller, you may tongue your bride.

    20. Jim Says:

      McGreen; you really are a sorry sack of shit. Your real name is probably Rubin Finkelstein. Now I’m not sure if you work for the FBI or the ADL. Why don’t you to back home to Tel Aviv and crawl into bed with your fuck buddy, Ariel Sharon?

    21. Jim Says:

      Hey McGreen-Finkelstein; I am surprised that your ADL handlers allow you so much time to post on this website. Between sucking Abe Foxman’s dick and fucking Morris Dees in the ass, what else do you do for fun?

    22. Henry Says:

      119 posts!
      Obviously, somebody, somewhere, considers this a very serious topic … one needing immediate attention. (I personally don’t see why.)
      I don’t know anything about this Jim/ Tim squabble, so I can’t comment on that. It’s reminiscent of Tim/Tom. But other threads don’t get anywhere near this amount of hits.

    23. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jim, I don’t know why you are resorting to such crude language (you must be at least 60), along with the usual “You’re really a Jew, aren’t you?” accusation. Does supporting Glenn Miller really mean that much to you? OK, he was in ‘Nam like you were and he doesn’t like the niggers, either. Does that entitle him to your money and your unwavering support? He’s already shown how dangerously flaky he can be. One must be very careful whom one decides to back in this Struggle.

      For example, Tom Metzger has just announced he wants to run for Congress again. I’m very disappointed with him for doing that, as he has been saying for years that there is no longer any political solution. Bottom line: Any guy who says “I have all the answers, if you’ll just send me your money” is not to be trusted.

    24. Jim Says:

      Tim, I have never heard either Glenn Miller or Tom Metzger say that they had all the answers. As I stated in one of my previous posts, none of our White leaders is or was perfect, including Adolf Hitler. Tom Metzger and Glenn Miller are both pretty sharp guys and I am pretty sure that they do not harbor any illusions that they will actually win any elections at this time in the jew mesmerized ‘Kwa. Their goal is that in the process of placing ads in jewspapers, making radio appearances on jewsmedia, etc that they will at least get a message across to the lemmings that there is another way of perceiving reality than thru the lens of the jew power structure. In order to get the truth out, they obviously need donations. I personally know of no White leaders who are not struggling just to scrape by, do you? I am not denying that there are really deceivers out there such as Hal Turner, but just listening to that dude for a while would convince anybody that he was as phony as a three dollar bill. Certainly it is is wise to be wary, but please think twice before denigrating a man who has always showed true honor and courage.

    25. Tim McGreen Says:

      OK, fair enough, Jim. And you’re right about Turner. I have been listening to some of his old broadcasts on solargeneral lately. What a BS artist. All of his “predictions” from his “inside sources” turned out to be nothing but hot air. I can’t understand why the FBI would have wanted a fool like him on their payroll.

    26. Blackshirt Says:

      Tim, Metzger isn’t running for congress because he thinks he’ll win. He has stated that he is just doing this to get into some debates and for publicity. Now Miller may be doing the same thing, but Metzger comes across as a much better messenger.

    27. Dave Says:

      It has made for an entertaining thread and has forced me to do some more reading. Always good.

      I have yet to come across another forum/website so well laid out and so full of information and good debate.

      VNN is an asset we shouldn’t take for granted.

    28. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well said, Dave. Very well said!

      You’re right, Blackshirt, I remember Metzger saying something about just wanting to make a point by running for Congress again. But it seems to me there are better and more effective ways of making points than getting involved with the Jew political machine.

    29. Jim Says:

      You are absolutely right Tim. There is no way we will ever be able to vote ourselves out of this mess. With all due respect to Metzger, I think that his concept of “Leaderless Resistance” is unworkable. You have to have some kind of organization and coordination. Of course any organized pro White movement that is above ground will ALWAYS be highly infiltrated by the Feds. There is no way around that. Dr. Pierce’s organization at one time was probably the best we ever had going, but I bet at least half of the attendees at their meetings were either agents or informants.

    30. Tim McGreen Says:

      Another one to watch out for is “Alex Jones”. This guy came out of nowhere and NEVER talks about his past. He’s also very reluctant to say anything bad about “Israel”, the Jews or illegal immigration. It’s also strange how he blames a lot of things like the OKC bombing and 9/11 on the Government, yet he never calls for the overthrow of that government. Could it be he’s trying to lure all those “far right extremist” types out of their gopher holes for ZOG? Or is he just resorting to sensationalism in order to sell his conspiracy DVDs? Either way, I don’t trust self-promoting bigmouths like him.

    31. Dave Says:

      Tim you nailed it.

    32. Jim Says:

      Alex Jones could be “controlled opposition”. I understand he has a jewish wife.

    33. Z.O.G. Says:

      ***Alex Jones’ Jewish Connections***

      1.) He has a Jewish wife named Kelly Rebecca Nichols, and he has three(3) children with her.

      2.) He and his Jewish wife and children all qualify for Israeli citizenship under Israel’s “Law of Return”.

      3.) He has at least twenty(20) Jewish sponsors and advertizers that financially support his radio show and websites.

      4.) He has a Jewish lawyer named Elizabeth M. Schurig who is also the lawyer for Holly Lev Bronfman, the sister of Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and the Bronfman family, one of the most powerful Jewish Zionist families in the world.

      5.) His flagship radio station, KLBJ AM, in Austin, Texas, is owned by Emmis Communications, a media conglomerate based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The founder, president, CEO, and chairman of Emmis Communications is the dual Israeli citizen Zionist Jew Jeffrey H. Smulyan.

      6.) His radio show is broadcast on Sirius XM Radio. The chairman of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Eddy W. Hartenstein. The CEO of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Mel Karmazin. The President of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Scott Greenstein. Of the six(6) executive
      officers of Sirius XM Radio, five(5) are Jews.

    34. Jon Says:

      Lita Glassburg Says:

      7 April, 2010 at 11:37 pm

      “Hello. I’m a jewish woman looking to marry an african american man. Are we sinners in your eyes?”

      Oiy…vat a vunderful couple, itz!


    35. Jon Says:

      David Sugarman Says:

      8 April, 2010 at 11:33 am

      “I cannot believe that racist, Nazi websites like this one still exist.”

      I can’t believe the same old nation-wrecking Jews still exist.

      “Glen Miller should be ashamed of himself for spreading lies about the Jewish people, knowing the persecution we have suffered over many thousands of years.”

      Glen Miller should be applauded for spreading the truth about Jewish perfidy, criminality, etc.

      In a Jew’s delusional, paranoid, self-important, neurotic mind, prosecution = persecution.

      Get lost you Commie kike!


    36. Jon Says:

      Kevin Summers Says:

      8 April, 2010 at 10:13 pm

      “I’m so happy I found this website, i mean one would think that a website where people take the time to write long thought out comments would be good. But as you proved it’s just retarded and hilarious. It’s nice to find a site with endless stupidity for my amusement. I love you racists, you all think you’re right and that you’re making a difference, well it’s hard to do that when your fat asses are to big to leave the trailer. Keep it up you hilarious retards.”

      Shut the f*ck-up you clueless, deracinated moron.


    37. Jon Says:

      Jeff Miller Says:

      9 April, 2010 at 11:28 pm

      “Why are you guys so afraid of people giving their opinion? Just like you are afraid of jewish people and african americans.”

      No one is afraid of Jews. Niggers, well many of them are armed, violent, and confrontational so to be wary of them and to steer clear of them is very wise–not fearful per se.

      “I’m a successful white man and I’m successful because I worked hard and reaped the benefits.”

      Yeah, “a successful white man” who fled to a clean and safe lily-white suburb or gated community where you don’t have to deal with the everyday noise, disruption of peace, crime, violence, verbal abuse, vandalism, theft, etc. that lower-income whites have to contend with on a daily basis from black and Hispanic low-lifes and criminals.

      “Quit bitching about all that is wrong with other people and fix what is really wrong(your beliefs).”

      When those ‘other’ people start behaving like normal human being we’ll quit “bitching” about them. As far as our beliefs are concerned, they’re right on the money, unlike yours you condescending ass.

      “What a bunch of idiots.”

      Look in the mirror you deracinated, out-of-touch, naive, judgeMental ASSHOLE.

      “And to say Howard Stern was clearly rattled….thats comical. He didn’t take this idiot seriously, just like the majority of educated people won’t.”

      Stern is a foul-mouth, anally-fixated, degenerate Jew who is obsessed with Negro genitalia. Sick swine he is and hardly funny.

      “All of you rednecks need to stay in your trailers and shut up.”

      You are repeating Jewish-created stereotypical LIES. FYI, I live in central New Jersey, in the heart of Mexican and nigger country, you self-righteous jack-ass, and hardly a redneck…and neither, I’d bet, are the overwhelming numbers of VNN readers.


    38. Jim Says:

      Right On Jon! You are 100% correct on all points.

    39. Tim McGreen Says:

      “David Sugarman Says:

      8 April, 2010 at 11:33 am

      I cannot believe that racist, Nazi websites like this one still exist. Glen Miller should be ashamed of himself for spreading lies about the Jewish people, knowing the persecution we have suffered over many thousands of years. I don’t know why Alan Colmes even gave him a platform to spew his hateful rhetoric. I ask white Gentiles of integrity to reject what they read on this website!”


      I don’t know how I missed this Jew’s amusing message. I think he’s a real Jew, because they always act hurt and morally superior whenever they are confronted with The Facts.

    40. Dave Says:

      I would bet a large sum of money that none of us live in trailers or are “rednecks” in the sense of the term the media would have you picture.

      I will not lie,and it is probably obvious,I am young,uneducated and grew up poor in a bad neighborhood of entirely mestizo stock.I work very hard and would likely be considered lower middle class. i also have a higher than average IQ. I consider myself an oddball.My grandfather taught physics and astronomy,my father studied under him.

      I am currently saving towards a fixer upper house to be purchased with cash. My skills allow me to save a fortune in repairs and remodels. I refuse to apply for a loan or to use credit in any way.I sold my Porsche and El Camino to help.

      I truly appreciate diversity. It is one of the worlds most interesting offers. To study and disect the minds or lack of,in other peoples is one of the most fascinating things to me!You “anti racists” are the true promoters of the destruction of diversity.

      Finally,although lower middle class,I have several ideas I plan to patent, and no,none of them are for peanut butter.

    41. Dave Says:

      Ive also frequently invited anti racists and hippies to my racial gatherings which are usually 20 men and women strong. They always refuse. Where is the open-mindedness is that?

      Their reply is always the same.I’m scared!I don’t want to get beat up!The funniest thing about this is,even if they did attend and challenge us during our discussions,violence is the last thing they would need to fear.

    42. Will Williams Says:

      Jim @ 4/20:
      “You have to have some kind of organization and coordination. Of course any organized pro White movement that is above ground will ALWAYS be highly infiltrated by the Feds. There is no way around that. Dr. Pierce’s organization at one time was probably the best we ever had going, but I bet at least half of the attendees at their meetings were either agents or informants.”

      How much you want to bet, Jim?

      You say we need some kind of organization, and that at one time Pierce’s Alliance was probably the best we ever had. But you seem to fear return to Pierce’s model because of infiltration by Feds.

      Our feeling about that, back when we were the best we ever had going, was to treat White people who agreed with us as being on our side. If a “Fed” joined the Alliance and met our simple requirements for membership eligibility, we would either convert the White man or expose him. We knew what to look for in evaluating our membership, especially activists. Things got slack when folks like Chester Doles got careless and drew a lot of attention from LE in his area. Georgia is not like other states with its notorious White-hating KGBI. We know who infiltrated Chester’s Local Unit. I would have never let that SOB get closer than arm’s length to me and mine. The time I met him I knew he was not in agreement with NA ideology right away when he was gushing to me how much he liked Hannity and Colmes TV show. Chester had a good crew around him but he was too open and eventually came to allow a number of undisciplined types around him.

      Pierce’s National Alliance was strictly legal. We had zero tolerance for illegal activity OR suggestions of illegal activity, or for “freaks” and “losers,” for that matter.

      What was an “infiltrator” at an Alliance meeting supposed to learn about us? This?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mu4-RRhs9aM&feature=player_embedded

    43. Jim Says:

      Will; The fact that the NA was infiltrated by the Feds is in now way a criticism of the NA. The point is that there is no way we can really spot an informer or agent unless we catch him with some electronic device on his person, or if he acts as an agent provocateur in advocating illigal actions, etc. The National Alliance was and is above board on everything and even since the death of Dr. Pierce is still a fine organization. Just because all pro white organizations are subject to infiltration is not a reason to stop organizing. It only means that we should be extremely cautious regarding who we share information with .