4 April, 2010

More White Dispossession in South Africa: White Leader Murdered

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This crime happened just after a Black leader suggested that Boers/Whites be killed:


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    1. CW-2 Says:

      Eugene T’B was a good man, but he was too moderate and probably didn’t fully appreciate that behind the negro foot soldier stands the jew commissar.

    2. Hans Jurgen Says:

      I hope this starts one HUGE race war, which is needed
      both there, here, and everywhere against these savages.

    3. Non Believer Says:

      Evil Elie Wiesel DOESN”T HAVE A TATTOO !!


    4. Ainsworpth Says:

      He was lucky. At least they didnt eat him.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:


    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Allow me to rephrase my sentiments………There shouldn’t be any Whites in Rhodesia or SA right now, UNLESS they are willing to fight the anti-White scum who took their countries away.

    7. CW-2 Says:

      The negro can always be relied on to display his bestial savagery, that’s the good news, but the jew combines savage cruelty with high intelligence and so is able to disguise and blame others for his crimes.
      The Hindoo and the Chinese are for the moment keeping a low profile. Many Whites are in for a big shock when those groups deem it safe to attack whitey without fear of reprisal. It will be interesting to see the expression on the faces of do-gooders and God-squaders when the inevitable happens.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:


      CW-2, a big 10-4 on that one !

      The evangelical’s are trully like cows.

    9. Noreen Says:

      As usual, the gentile (christian) can’t accept responsibility for letting the coloreds take over the world – so they blame the Jew. I don’t blame the Jew – they are part of the white world. The coloreds are taking over music, industry, housing, commerce and everything else they can steal. Buffoons like sharpton and jackson are allowed to put forth their “colored” views, even though we are all laughing. Put the coloreds in Africa and let them stay there. They can ruin THAT country – who cares. But stop, stop, stop, letting them take over America. Stop worrying about the Jews – they are nominal. Its the coloreds! They are the disgusting creatures that will put us out .

    10. Happy Himmler Says:

      a Sad story indeed.

      Also entirely possible that the Kikes paid off the Niggers to kill him-in order to start a race war. The Kikes in SA have spent decades turning the Niggers against the Whites- and the hooked-nosed parasites have managed to turn the ungrateful Chocolate Monkeys
      against their gracious white hosts…

      An all out race war globally would help exterminate the Kikes and their monkey-lackeys…unfortunately however, the Kikes have built their Communist police force with Ethnic laborers by brainwashing them against the superior white race.

    11. Henry Says:

      “Eugene T’B was a good man, but he was too moderate and probably didn’t fully appreciate that behind the negro foot soldier stands the jew commissar.”

      I don’t know much about him, so I can’t comment personally. But I don’t doubt for a moment that you are probably absolutely right about that. Like so many white leaders who can’t see the forest for the trees, they fail to see who stands behind it all. Was this the case with TB?

      I don’t understand Howdy’s reference to evangelicals (I saw nothing about them in the story), But they too are a good example of those who’ve had the wool pulled over there eyes. If evangelicals are in the picture, then he also is absolutely right.

      And Noreen, you are one of them too. You say: “I don’t blame the Jew – they are part of the white world. The coloreds are taking over music, industry, housing, commerce and everything else they can steal.”

      Noreen, don’t take this personally, but you are looking only at the leaves and failing to see the roots. Things are not that neat and simple! Have you ever read anything about history? Where did the Jews come from? It wasn’t Europe! They are NOT Europeans. The Jews themselves are keenly aware of that fact, even if you aren’t. They’d like to keep you unaware of it. Despite centuries spent in Europe, they held themselves apart , resisted assimilation and disdained Europeans and their culture. They still do — just look at their attitude toward Christmas trees for an example!

      Noreen, you say the coloreds are taking over music ….FROM WHOM? From the Jews who took it over before them! Who has owned/controlled Tin Pan Alley, throughout the 20th Century? But blacks are not really “taking it over”…. the Jews are simply allowing them in (as performers) to have a share. Generally, Jews remain the owners. It’s a useful parthership. It serves their purpose. If not, the situation would not exist.

      And the same with all the rest you list above. Housing??? Are Negroes your typical landlords? Factory owners? Merchants? Retailers? Don’t be silly. These are all traditionally Jewish areas of dominance. If blacks are given a share of the pie (however grudging and small), that hardly means they are “taking over”. You really ought to be asking how the Jews got to be in control of the pie in the first place. I’ll say it again: you are looking at the leaves of the weed and not at the roots!

    12. Jim Says:

      Henry is absolutely correct. The jew is behind EVERYTHING that is destructive to the White race. The foul and savage nigger would have no power whatsoever to pollute our culture and rape our women if they weren’t artificially propped up as our “equals” by the kikes who now have total control of the mainstream media. If it was not for the jews, their black asses would have been sent back to Africa after the Civil War.

    13. Happy Himmler Says:

      I completely agree! The Jews control the music/entertainment industries as well as most other industries- they have allowed the
      Negroes to have a ‘share’ of their stolen pie. Thereby, the Negroes look upon the Kikes as a ‘benevolent’ race- and thus the Negroes join together with the Hebrew-thugs in their destruction of the white world- though the Niggers are not bright enough to realize the Kikes are using them for profit.

      While the white races spent the last 1,000+ years building the civilization of Western Europe- the Jews sat back and waited until the white society was developed enough that they could invade and hijack the white people with their shylock banking schemes.
      Every major bank in the West now has a Kike in contol of it’s monetary policy- and they make sure that Negroids have access to the jewish money supply- thus making a ‘jeiwsh alliance’ with the
      race of monkeys who will do their bidding- as everyone knows Jews don’t do their own ‘dirty work’- they hire someone else to do it for them like the Romans, Niggers, Japs etc.

      Think the Japanese own their own banks? Never fear- the Japanese banks are contolled by the Zionist Illuminist thugs!
      even the Japanese are not free of the Zionist strong arm of debt slavery to kike-bankstas! And behind every Chinese Communist there is a Rockefeller stuffing his pockets with stolen loot!

    14. laughing at idiots Says:

      You people are a bunch of idiots.. now its somehow different? Now its a big deal because it was some ignorant white person rather than an ignorant black person? I see.. you inbred people think its okay to kill a black person but God forbid a white person is killed. Anyone of you non educated fucks realize theres MORE moddle aged white men that moleste children than any other race? or how about theres MORE white people in prison for rape than any other race? oh heaven forbid you people admit that.. why dont you all do us a favor and all of you go kill your selves..

    15. Henry Says:

      “The jew is behind EVERYTHING that is destructive to the White race. The foul and savage nigger would have no power whatsoever to pollute our culture and rape our women if they weren’t artificially propped up as our “equals” by the kikes who now have total control of the mainstream media.”

      Thank you. People, like Noreen, who rail against the blacks and Miexicans (and there are many who do!) fail to see the forest for the trees. Without Jewish protection and sponsorship (always in the background) these racial groups would amount to nothing, politically and culturally, and would be no threat to us on their own. Who organized the NAACP? Jews! Who has always run it and funded it? Jews! Who’s behind the SPLC, and so many others like it? Jews! Who engineered the integration of the schools? Jews! Who worked and schemed for 40 years to get the US immigation laws revised and our borders opened to the Third World? Jews! Who “discovered” obama, promotied him, financed him, and maneuvered him into the White House? Jews! Who are his chief of staff and major advisors that surround him to this day? Jews!

      Do people like Noreen think that a nobody “community activist” like Obama emerged from out of nowhere and suddenly became a senator and then president on his own? Oh, really? Come now! And he’s just one example among many that could go on for pages. These “useful idiots” such as Obama serve as fronts for Jewish power. But the naive and gullible blacks really think they have one of their own running the country. And, sadly, many whites naively believe the same too. They don’t look behind the curtain at who’s pulling the puppet’s strings. While he’s running the country, who’s running HIM?

      Noreen needs to do some reading, and when she does she’ll be shocked to find that, beneath the surface, things are not always as they seem. Taking things at surface appearance is a naive and simplistic point of view. It is more appropriate for children who still believe in the Easter Bunny, but not for adults who should eventually have learned better.

      As I said above, don’t take this personally, Noreen. We all had to learn somewhere, sometime. But go do some reading — and then put brain in gear before writing!

    16. The Red Skull Says:

      Don’t be too hard on Noreen Henry,shes just a typical American who sees the obvious decay thru the negros actions,which many do,but don’t realize like those of us who are AWARE of the “jewish question”,whos pulling their strings.As to the article—South Afrika should be held up a to Whites everywhere of the fate in store for them.Mr.T was a true Boer patriot and theres some good info on him and the AWB,on Wikipedia,thats not too biased.I personally feel his murder(Hacked and Knifed to Death)was part of a larger ANC/Jew campaign to wipe out the remaining White minority.If the Campaign of outright genocide succeeds there,they can use it as a model for all the White countries when we become a 10% or less minority.African Crisis is another good site(plug) for y’all to check out,as it seems to be pro-White.The ANC/Jews need to demonize Whites before the massacre.Jew Agitprop will do that.Watch how if it happens it will be overlooked somehow by the UN,as its just those “terrible evil white racists” getting their just payback.Some groid down there is continually singing “kill the Boer” at their rallies.If i was White down there,i’d be worried about now.The Nigs are also talking about “farm appropriation” like they did in Chimpbabwe.Things will get ugly and we all need to pay close attention,Because if the Whites can breakaway and form a Boer Republic,with a portion of Coastline,then they might survive the coming Jew-inspired “holocaust” using the endless negro hordes as their club on Whitey,as always.Its what scenario Our People everywhere will face if present Jew trends and behavior continue.14 Words,For South Afrika and Whites Everywhere.

    17. The Red Skull Says:

      Typo!What i meant to write was “South Afrika should be held up AS AN EXAMPLE to Whites Everywhere,of the fate in store for them.”

    18. Irma Grese Says:

      Noreen, I used to be like you – I thought the NIGGERS were the problem behind everything until I began to do some READING on the subject! I recommend my Awakening by David Duke or ANY of Kevin MacDonald’s books as a starter. To put it simply like Alex Linder used to say – NIGGER is the symptom but JEW is the disease!!

    19. Costeau Says:

      The biggest white country (USA) president is nigger, my president (France) is jews,….. so are there anything else we can do to safe our race ?

    20. CW-2 Says:

      Costeau, we have something to look forward to, the next pope will likely be from Senegal or Chad. You can bet a year’s salary that the jews are grooming a voodoo-man for that position.

      There is plenty we can do to save our race, get your friends and relations to read the French language version of David Duke’s ‘My Awakening’.

    21. Jo Barton Says:

      Ladies and gentlemen, I live in South African and always have. I am a boer female and TB was my uncle. He was far from a nice guy. He treated blacks like animals was hated by them. His killing was over unpaid salaries that these guys were owed.Having said that though, the blacks are becoming more primative in this country and they are trying to make us whites get very poor by taking our jobs and limiting our numbers in universities, which we fucking built.20 years ago there was more than 120 000 white farmers but now the number stands at below 30 000. Farmers are being killed almost everyday and the anc government is doing nothing about it.They are enjoying this so much.you talk about jews, see who are the senior bank rollers in the anc government or as we call them cANCer government.Whites have been emigrating for greener pastures,in fact there are more than a million whites that left the country in the last 20 years.