9 April, 2010

Negroes in Zimbabwe Say White Rule Was Better

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Maybe the Jews could un-Jew it and turn it back into Rhodesia:


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    1. joe from oh Says:

      Life expectancy has gone from 60 to roughly 40. There are no jobs. Food is scarce. Hyperinflation. Zimbabwe in 30 years of nigger rule.

      What percentage of nigger-lovin’ kwans are even aware of these basic circumstances? 5%? At most.

      I’m surprised that the NYT allowed this to be published.

    2. DMS Says:

      Tribalism by blacks OK. Tribalism by jews OK. But….

      “Western countries have made the mistake of focusing their denunciations on the seizures of white farms by Mr. Mugabe’s cronies. That’s tribalism by whites; by far the greatest suffering has been endured by Zimbabwe’s blacks.”

      About what I’d expect from someone named Kristof.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      What that Jew-prick Kristoff won’t admit is that it’s not really Mugabe’s fault that Rhodesia is in such a mess. Any nigger in charge would have screwed things up just as badly.

      This story sort of reminds me of what Charlie Manson predicted would happen in his Helter Skelter theory: The Whites and Blacks would go to war against each other and the Blacks would win. But after a few decades, the Blacks would have no choice but to admit they cannot rule competently and so they would ask the Whites (ie, Manson and his Family) to rule over them once again.

      Charlie Manson for the US Senate!

    4. Joe 90 Says:

      Niggers are so incompetent at self-rule that they were better off under slavery; they were at least productive then (allegedly).

    5. Luke Says:

      Tim McGreen? Manson really said that? That blacks would kick the white race’s ass?

      Whoa! Manson had to have some kind of supernatural, long range telepathic vision, then. When he was tossed in the slammer, it was what? 1968 or 1969 or thereabouts? In those days, most White males still had a steel set of balls in their pants – especially down South.

      Fast forward to 2010, however, and we have white males voting for Obongo the Magic Mulatto, white males wasting their time watching TV football and basketball and cheering for all negro teams, admiring negro sports stars who are banging the best white beaver, white males listening to negro rap music, white males braiding their hair into corn rows and wearing their pants down off their asses and mimicking ghetto blacks in countless other ways.

      Charlie Manson was, indeed, a man of vision – if he could and predict the disgusting collapse in the quality of white males and the white race in general, that long ago.

    6. Antagonistes Says:

      Exactly, DMS. My thought exactly.

      But what is “tribalism” except “family-ism”?

      Do Kristof and his kind care for the children of strangers, as they care for their own? Of course not. They just tell us to.

      And just why is such caring thought to be noble, in the first place?

      Why is it not noble to say, “Sorry, Negroes. It am caring for my family. And after that, my extended family–the White Race.”

    7. Luek Says:

      It is hard putting the paste back into the tube after you squeeze it all out!
      It was easier getting it out than back in. Ha, Ha!

    8. N.B. Forrest Says:

      That filthy jew Kristof…..ALWAYS a goddam kike putting himself between us and the plain facts, telling us What It All REALLY Means: “Well, yes, the blacks of Zimbabwe are in the shittah, so they’re waxing nostalgic for white rule – but don’t you start puffing out your chests, goyim! Nevah forget that white rule is always unjustified, no mattah how good the results….”

      I think more & more Whites are beginning to see through the jewfog. Still, we can never enjoy the freedom that comes from getting the unvarnished truth until the judenpresse hebes are deposed.

    9. Truthteller Says:

      3% of White Rhodesian’s fed most of Afreaka!

      Nuff said.

    10. nom de guerre Says:

      White rule over niggers is only good for jews and niggers, it sure ain’t good for Whites, just another drain on White society to keep pets like niggers on the leash. Oh yeah, I forgot it was partially good, about 3/5ths of a White man for the founding felons, shows you what they really though about Whites.

    11. nom de guerre Says:

      Hell if the niggers think White rule is better, why don’t we try it?
      When did we really every have White rule, I mean dedicated to the survival of the White race, economically and physically, and not to some nebulous fluff called democracy and all the other 10 nebulous rights all up to interpretation by the jew run and liberal courts?

    12. nom de guerre Says:

      Life expectancy has gone from 60 to roughly 40. There are no jobs. Food is scarce. Hyperinflation. Zimbabwe in 30 years of nigger rule.
      Nigger rule still has a long way to go…40 years my Gawd, thats a least 10 generations of niggers, and 5 on the way!

    13. nom de guerre Says:

      Any suggestions on how we can keep those White ninnies and nanny goats from adopting the niglet population?

    14. Henry Says:

      Wish I knew! But it’s something to work on.

    15. Ben Says:

      Negroes are not human. It’s painfully obvious. I used to live in both Zimbabwe and South Africa and it was there that I saw these creatures for what they were.