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30 June, 2010

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by Dr. William Pierce. “Today I want to simply state a few facts — and make a few simple statements about what I believe. First, I want to tell you why I make these broadcasts every week. I make these broadcasts because America is being hijacked, and I want to stop the hijacking. America used […]

29 June, 2010

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by Bradley R. Smith: [Here].

29 June, 2010

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It’s almost like conservatives are afraid to win. Here was a golden chance to spell out exactly what the Second Amendment really means, in home, car, boat, etc., after decades of legal ambiguity. But no. And by saying that state/local governments can place “reasonable” restrictions on guns (what does that mean?), the conservatives on the […]

28 June, 2010

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Uh-oh. You know what that could lead to? More freedom. Heavens! [Article].

27 June, 2010

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“From the 19th to the 24th of August, 1936, the first of the great trials begins in Moscow, passing judgment on the ‘Trotskyite-Zinovievist terrorist center.’ Zinoviev and Kamenev and other old-guard Bolsheviks are condemned to death and executed. Out of the 16 condemned to death, 12 are Jews.” — from the book “The Jews in […]

26 June, 2010

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by Arch Stanton. Are you a family of 300 million people that’s deeply in debt? No problem. Just spend more money – on credit if possible. Problem solved! “Why are we having such a hard time getting free of the Great Recession? Because consumers, who constitute 70 percent of the economy, don’t have the dough. […]

26 June, 2010

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I said the other day that a whole book could be written about the reaction to Arizona’s SB1070 immigration law. Correction: several books could be written about it: [Article].

25 June, 2010

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Meanwhile, violent negroes and Mexicans roam the streets, free on bail: [Article].

25 June, 2010

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How many more U.S. cities will be ruined by shitskins? [VNN Forum].

25 June, 2010

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The Korean War is in the news/on TV these days. In fact, I participated in a short discussion about it. I asked “if Russia and China hadn’t been Jewed (i.e., been communized due to Jewish subversion), would the Korean War have happened?” The answer, of course, is no: [Article].