1 June, 2010

Pope Says: Help Foreigners Assimilate

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Communist: “I’m trying to ruin Western culture.”

Christian: “That’s funny. So am I!”


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  7. 25 Responses to “Pope Says: Help Foreigners Assimilate”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Is pope ‘Baruch’ a Catholic?
      Wake up Catholics, the pope’s pronouncement clearly shows just how far your church has sold out to the jew-globalist agenda. Read his lips, what he is saying is that White nations have no right to be masters in their own house.
      How prophetic “The Camp of the Saints” has turned out to be!

    2. tbow002 Says:

      Ewww. The Pope and the Catholic Church now telling white people to commit ethnic suicide. Yeah, that will get alot more people in the pulpits you boy loving, pedophiliac trash. lol

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Funny how that cracker Pope wants all the White countries to just open up their borders and let in all the non-White vermin. But what about Vatican City doing the same thing? It’s a sovereign state, you know, and it sure could use some ethnic diversity. I’m sure the Pope and his elderly homo boyfriend cardinals and bishops won’t mind sharing their fancy Vatican digs with a few thousand Nigerian and Ethiopian families, eh? Jesus would have done it!

      Child molester-protecting, homo-loving, Jew-worshipping, White-hating hypocrite scumbag Pope.

    4. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      To paraphrase a rather ignorant rabble-rousing variety of coloured Christian preacher–“Christianity’s chickens are coming home . . . to roost!”

      Centuries of preaching on the virtues of altruism for everyone, including enemies; and an insistence that the gates of salvation be opened unto all, regardless of intelligence quotient, culture, or spiritual aptitude . . .exhortations to welcome them all into your assemblies, to your feasts and festivals . . . your countries! All are equal; all are brothers.

      Now the pope proposes to speak for the European nations, which have only a fraction of his believers.

      Perhaps a wise and moral Pagan should tell the pope that, just because the number of members of his church is rapidly shrinking, that is no reason for Europeans to lose their excellence by letting in this flood of foreigners who, presumably, will become Catholic, or already are such.

      Paganism had its problems, but it did indeed reverence ancestors and country. European ancestors, not Semites. European countries, not Israel.

      Christianity is at a crisis point and I rejoice in its coming karmic catastrophe. Its gods and priests will become the new leprechauns and fairies. As it did to the gods of other peoples; so will be done to it. What the Christians call “paganism” will be reborn, a new paganism with the eternal truths of the old.

      And always in the background, the cosmic hymn, continually: Aummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . .

    5. Blackshirt Says:

      Another reason to hate/turn your back on Christinsanity. As if we needed any more reasons…

    6. Ein Says:

      Tim says: “Funny how that cracker Pope wants all the White countries to just open up their borders and let in all the non-White vermin.”

      And funny too how the Vatican’s agenda fits in so neatly with the Jewish one. My, my!

    7. Antagonistes Says:

      I know that I have told this before, but:

      I was in Boppal, Germany for Easter, 2009. I got up early and went to an ancient Catholic church. It was letting out. There was this group of Filipinno-looking nuns coming out–no White ones. And there were actually very few parishoners.

      But the strange thing was that the guy next door was blaring out “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones. It was loud! And perfectly timed.

      Pope, the sun is setting.

      Easter, itself, though, is very big in Germany and France. I am talking about the pagan Easter, not the Christian one.

    8. Virgil Says:

      The Vatican will be “liberated” and the papacy will be formally extinguished. My will be done!

    9. Virgil Says:

      Judaism and Islam will eventually also be formally extinguished, along with marxism, multiculti, feminism and fagism. Let’s not forget the mormons, jehova’s witnesses, la Raza, Aipac, ACLU, ACORN, all non-white gangs, and thousands of other groups whose activities are inimical to the welfare of the white race.

    10. Captain Slappy Says:

      Funny….I seem to remember a nice spate of “Papal Prophecy” saying something along the lines of, “You all die in the Church”……

      So much for THAT.

      Then again, it kept repeating, “Fake Popes…Fake Churches…”.
      I notice that Ye Olde Rome always says, “Oh…we meant LATER, that is when it happens. No….no….we are not crooked and falling apart NOW! KNEEL PEASANTS! Ignore the Jew in the corner!”.

      When a Christian prays to a Jew God, and a Catholic acts as a wholesale distributor warehouse between the two. Note- Especially ironic when the Jews only have enough time to duke it out with Muslims….who have the same Jew God, and forget to tell the Pope who runs his banking system……

      Then again…..I don’t need to pray to insects and not step on bugs, hug trees or have sex with rocks and field mice like a dirty hippy, and…..God Forbid….have so many Gods that never show up the same as any others (who get into ass-kicking contests with their ownselves), that I forget who to pray to daily if not more often and not offer any monkeys or cows some bread crumbs……

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s encouraging to read all of the above posts. Perhaps there is some hope that at least some of the White Race will survive and usher in a new, better, post-Christian, post-Semitic age.

    12. old dutch Says:

      The Pope must have gotten the word from the Jews, asking him to ramp up support among the Roman Catholic politicians in Congress for the Jew immigration & illegal alien agenda.

      The more the Roman Catholic & Jew alliance in Congress is pointed out to your Catholic friends, the more nervous the Roman Catholics in Congress will become!

      The sooner Roman Catholics in turn ask their Roman Catholic politicians in Congress why they are kissing Jew ass & voting for the Jew agenda—the sooner the things will be resolved for the better!

    13. Curious Says:

      I discovered these tendencies in the early nineties. It started in earnest with Populorum Progressio.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Occaisonally I will listen to EWTN radio, just to hear what the bad guys are up to (EWTN is a global Catholic radio and TV propaganda network). Today, Father Tom told us not to “gang up” on Israel for their recent massacre of those Gaza aid volunteers in international waters. And last week, he told us that the “secularists” were to blame for all those priest sex abuse scandals. I presume that Father Tom and all the other hosts at EWTN are giving us the offical Vatican party line, so if you’re still a Catholic, GET OUT OF THERE.

    15. Thom McQueen Says:

      Father Tom ist the lead singer of the inhouse Vatican band, Cracker Pope and the Homo Cardinals.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thom, I think that band used to be called The Bay City Rollers!

    17. Sgt. Skull Says:

      The church conveniently turns a blind eye towards the rapes, murders, and general distaste and disrespect “immigrants” have for European and American traditions. Acknowledging that would be racist and, of course, the church is lots of things these days but not racist. Dear Lord no.

      Since we’re white it’s always incumbent upon us to reach out to third world shit bags who hate our guts. Turn the other cheek ya know. Or spread your cheeks (the other cheeks) like a priest and prepare to be violated.

      Other than to promote fudge packing and defeatism what is Catholicism good for these days? When future researchers look for the reasons of our extinction the encyclopedias will read “See Catholicism or Christianity”.

    18. discombobulated Says:

      at least in the current year- the Catholic church is largely ‘Kike’ for the most part- even the current pope ‘Joe Kike-Zinger’ is perhaps well versed in ‘barely legal fudge packing’- it’s the shortest path to power over the vatican (jewish) bank.

      It should not surprise you that as the Catholic Church is now a ‘Kikedom’ that it will turn a blind eye towards all criminal activities as long as they make some big ‘cash money.’

      Concurrently with the extermination of Kikeroach-dom …
      the Kikeolic church must also be eradicted as well as it’s false doctrines and false Saints ( also pedophiles).

      After which then then air will smell clean again w/o the stench of Kikes, Kikeolics, Pedophiles, and Cryptokikes.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Other than to promote fudge packing and defeatism what is Catholicism good for these days? When future researchers look for the reasons of our extinction the encyclopedias will read “See Catholicism or Christianity””


      Sgt. Skull, just look at what “they” (the unholy alliance of east and west coast limousene liberals, New Age tree-huggers and dirt-worshippers, Wall Street coke-heads, kinky-haired Hebes, Catholic Church boy-touchers, traitorous Washington politicians, professional homo activists, gun-grabbing crybabies and scumbag free traders) are relentlessly pushing for…………….They demand that we allow queers in the military, queer marriages, queer pride parades, hate crime legislation (to be used against Whites only), unlimited non-White immigration into White countries, free medical care and free legal services for illegal invaders, the registration and ultimate confiscation of all legal, White-owned guns, mandatory AIDS, race-mixing and Holohoax indoctrination classes starting in Kindergarten, removal of all national borders, International global warming laws, regulations, taxes, fines and fees, more UN and EU control at every level…………….And they also want to make Marchin’ Lootin’ Koon the new Jesus Christ.

      I don’t want any of that shit! But where’s the organized oppostition? There isn’t any, because the White bourgeoisie is so concerned about respectability and obeying the law. So the creeps just keep on inflicting more and more of their poisonous agenda with little or no resistiance.

      And being a bunch of homos, Jews and liberals, the anti-White crowd will NEVER be satisfied, they will NEVER be happy. Not until they mange to destroy the whole damn world. That’s what happens when you have a prosperous White society. All the preverts and parasites suddenly come out of the woodwork to destroy it. In earlier, leaner times they would have been killed off, driven into exile or kept their sick opinions to themselves.

    20. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Yes, Tim it can almost drive a sane white man into the loony ward.
      Whites are so preoccupied with respectability and how they’ll appear to their fellow suburbanite phonies that they pull too many punches to ever be effective against a relentless enemy. I’ve racked my brain trying to figure out how white men have become such disgusting cowards.

      W.L. Pierce was correct when he said many white people have become so brainwashed and Judaized that they probably cannot be saved. G.L. Rockwell said the white race needed a massive pruning and judging by the walking bags of shit that pass for white I wholeheartedly agree.

    21. Curious Says:

      Yes, Evil Colonialism was largely a Christian affair.

    22. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      The catholic mob has utterly degenerated, and now has become the instrument of jewry. Here in Jewson, AZ, I estimate that 1/3 of their filthy sodomite-pedophile-priests now are crypto-kikes. The “Franciscan Disorder” is in the business of wetback smuggling, and is also bringing in AIDS infected mobs from Haiti. While the Senile Judeophile Poofter in Rome gives lip-service to anti-abortionist policy, it gives full deep throated felatio to its jew-masonic pay-masters.

      I was indoctrinated into good, old-fashioned loathing of the “christ-killing-jews” by my father and klansman uncle Earl as a youth, wghile being polluted into popery by my mother. Because I was born in 1962, the year the jewish Triumph of the Swill called “Vatican 2,” it would take some time before the blatant, marxist changes ordered then would take full effect. They have now, and despite the dubious good intentions of men like Dr. E. Michael Jones, and some of the Latin Mass, pre Vatican Jew catholics, the catholic church is FUBAR, and our duty toward the RARE virtuous Aryan which might be caught up in that milieu de meirde is to scrub their head of any remaining doubt that this mob means them any good at all. I now can fully attest that the “Jew and Improved, Catholic Church 2” has TOTAL EXTERMINATION OF WHITES as a PRIMARY strategy!

      Vine, Vide, Vomite

      Note that while at least the Sons of Erin have named a boat for the brave, but misguided Rachel Corrie and are now caught beneath the Iron Heel of kikery themselves, the typical judeophile white amerikwan doesn’t even know who Rachel corrie was! The penchant for misguided, courageous but erratic opposition to jews which the Irish evince comes of their long intoxication by pre-Vatican jew popery. I LONG have made the mistake of identifying with catholicism because of my IRISH heritage (75% minimum) but after a sobering dose of Jew and Improved Popery, I say

      DEATH TO JEWRY!!!!

    23. Howdy Doody Says:

      IMO 95% of White’s have left the Catholic along time ago.

      The shit’s that control it don’t want to hear anything from any ex member’s whose family may have been in that cult for over 400 years except for what the alphabet groups them.

      The Cat Regime love’s their refugee business along with Lutheran’s, Hebrew Brothers etc.

      Bottom line is IMO there are no straight White men that are married to White women left in that god forsaken church, could it be any other way ?

      The JW’s Four Square heads, and rememeber the Southern Baptist Apologised for slavery. ????

      All the churches are full of it, as sadly they do not defend freedom or the West for a long time.

    24. Howdy Doody Says:


    25. Virgil Says:

      We must replace the cross with Thor’s hammer!