1 June, 2010

U.S. Protects Israel at UN Meeting

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As usual. That’s why they call America “USrael.” (Notice the tattered relations between former pals Israel and Turkey. Funny!):


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      In light of the recent massacre of humanitarian aid workers by Israel and the United States’ refusal to condemn that massacre, I am calling on the International Community to boycott the United States and Israel. Additionally, I would strongly urge that all members of the United Nations General Assembly impose full sanctions on both countries immediately. No more trade, no more diplomatic relations, no more tourism, no more anything. Those two countries are outlaws. They also represent the two biggest obstacles to world peace. A show of force and solidarity by the International Community will demonstrate to the USA and Israel that they cannot run roughshod over the rights of others without incurring severe penalties.

      Joseph I. Lieberman, United States Senate
      Washington, DC

    2. Ein Says:

      (Notice the tattered relations between former pals Israel and Turkey. Funny!)


      Somewhere, just the other day (but before this incident), I was reading Turkish comments that the old alliance with Israel is dead. It just hasn’t officially been buried yet.
      Maybe this will do it.

    3. Captain Slappy Says:

      Oh..the humanity! I could only cite 10,000 different documents showing what is coming….as others have over and over as well.

      It wouldn’t matter a bit, those with heads up asses shall keep said heads in said places.

      The fun part is that Crapsrael REALLY made the Turks angry.
      The Turks don’t play, they simply stomp until the other guy dies.

      My hope is that they do just that, high time people here cut the sugar-tit off Junksrael there (and here) as well. This might start a large enough war that it will force the morons who haven’t done so to pick a side, and make a stand.

      GO TURKEY! And even if you lose….I still don’t care! WOOHOO!
      (But you will definitely give an excuse to the Feds here to do something more than they already have to ME. THAT is exactly what we WANT, people. The more the pain, the more the people want to fight back…..)

    4. Virgil Says:

      Smash kikism! Smash islamism! Liberate Constantinople! All monotheistic fatuities will be obliterated!

    5. Sean Gruber Says:

      Yeah, but the kikes run the EU, and Turkey wants awfully bad to be let in to it.

      Watch the shnozzim dangle the EU carrot above the hapless and dusky Turk, who is all-hungry for White man money.

      Death to the jews.

    6. festerbestertester Says:

      A U.S. S. Liberty survivor was aboard one of those ships. I cant wait to listen to the Michael Collins Piper show on RBN! I bet ole MCP will have him on the show soon!

    7. CW-2 Says:

      Turks and jews are pretty much the same people, the same curious Finno-Mongolian hybrid with a bit of Levantine thrown into the mix. So it is possible the ‘old alliance’ between these 2 enemies of the White race will be patched up.
      Turkey is starting to get back into expansionist mode, and they know big jew can deliver EU membership.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      The so-called alliance between Turkey and Israel only existed because the US was paying Turkey, a poor country, a great deal of money to maintain American military bases in that country. The Turkish people never accepted the idea of any true alliance with the Zionist State. It’s the same thing with Egypt and Jordan. They too are poor Moslem countries whose corrupt, rotten governments are being paid off by ZOG not to attack the Zionist Entity.

      CW-2, interesting point about the genetic relationship between Turks and Jews. Turks are originally from Central Asia and Jews are presumably from Babylonia, but they migrated further east into Turkish areas during the Persian and Macedonian eras. At any rate, they are both sly, no-good Asiatics and should be avoided by Whites.

    9. Jim Says:

      The jews have mixed their toxic DNA with virtually every race on earth (with the possible exception of the Australian Aborgines). Once the jewish DNA infects a human entity, that entity becomes for all practical purposes, a jew. Turks and other Middle Easterners may look similar to kikes but there is a vast difference in their mentality. All non Whites should be avoided by Whites, as Tim says, but the jews are a race that is poison to ALL races and nations

    10. Captain Slappy Says:

      Seems like A.J. on the Radio is definitely helping Israel Agents to “apologize”, and then turn right around and say it is everyone else’s fault that they were “forced to do it”. It is simply….AMAZING.
      Granted…he can’t tell the truth, he would be treated like a Palestinian if he did, floating in a creek face down and ass up.

      (One guest said, “If Israel REALLY wanted to nuke Iran…they already would have!”. This same moron doesn’t seem to get that the reason Israel has NOT….is simply because a ton of non-Jew people would get pissed and nuke their parking lot back. Jews like to win one-sided wars, not LOSE a fair one. Just like Britain and the USA, when you start to lose….screw it, change the rules.)

      I might add, even Mr. Rose on PBS trotted out enough Jews (like A.J.) to make a man seriously wonder about “Reality” and what it really is. I also noted that not a single show to date has trotted out any Palestinians to talk for their side. Irony?

      Not when ALL the Mass Sheeples Media is trotting them out.

      So….I am driving down the road, just got done at the grocery store, loaded up, going to a friends house to eat some pizza I just bought……..and…..BANG!

      I get hit by 50 Jews with guns, and I whoop a few with a tire iron, and they shoot me in the head.

      Anyone see a problem here? (Yeah…I know you do!)

      And…..instead of apologizing for popping me in the head, and sending my family some serious dollars, they blame me for going to the store (that they don’t own) and driving to my friends house (that they don’t own) in my car (that they don’t own) on the road (that they don’t own) which happens to be completely open to travel. “Ironic” as they say.

      I guess I shouldn’t have let them start shooting at me before they landed on my car to kill me. Jews…..no common sense before or after the fact. But a TON of excuses the rest of the time.

    11. George Wallace Says:

      The Founding Fathers admonished America to avoid “foreign entanglements.” Bring the armies home from the “wars for Jews” and from guarding the border of South Korea. Send the armies to California to take it back from Mexico, China and Africa. As California goes, so goes America. Your state will be next. We need your help. We’re surrounded and we’ve been overrun. Fire the artillery directly on our base. We’ll be in our foxholes – SITUATION HOPELESS! REMEMBER THE ALAMO!

    12. festerbestertester Says:

      An American citizen died in that chaos. Long live Rachael Corrie!!!!!

    13. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      Check out how some of my Eirian cousins have named their jew-blockade runner for Rachel Corrie! Erin go Bragh! Now me foine brithren, about those jews….

      Give’ em a gud auld Shillackin! (slang for beating by a sail √©ille, known in English as a shillelagh.)

    14. The Red Skull Says:

      After this latest “incident” i’m not sure what is more revolting.The Jews landing on a peace convoy and killing helpless unarmed people,or Israels Bitch—-The US and Gov’t lackeys who refuse to condemn or sanction the Jew State in any way.How the US has acted shows the world,we are Their Bitch,and like any good prostitute(the US)will do EXACTLY as her pimp (Israel) commands.The best part is it will hopefully ruin the alliance between Turkey and the Jew State,and really hurts their image the world over,no matter how they and the controlled Jew media here “spin” it.