5 July, 2010

The 50 Greatest Guns of All Time

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Father: “Son, for your 18th birthday, I’m giving you this brand new shotgun.”

Son: “A recycled milk jug! You shouldn’t have!”

Father: “Now, to load the gun, all you do is pull this plastic lever and…”


Son: “The lever broke off!”

Father: “Well, maybe we can glue it back on…”

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  7. 11 Responses to “The 50 Greatest Guns of All Time”

    1. Virgil Says:

      After the liberation of the west, target shooting will be a compulsory part of education, starting in third grade.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Look, all I need is a good weapon to go “coon hunting” with.

    3. Blackshirt Says:

      I’ve never liked the looks of hunting rifles. Give me a nice military rifle any day.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Having 1 or 2 guns in the house is desirable, but perhaps we should be thinking of our long term needs, namely for each serious WN to buy 10 or more AK-47’s and store them in a safe and secure place. I don’t suggest burying them in the backyard, that’s the first place the feds will look, we need to use our imagination.
      Unfortunately for me this suggestion is purely hypothetical as the jewK populace has been effectively disarmed and is contentedy sipping their lattes while waiting to be shorn and slaughtered.

    5. Dave Says:

      I don’t like hunting rifles either. I prefer military assault rifles and handguns. I cannot afford an ak47 so I went with its two predecessors.

    6. Blackshirt Says:

      Dave, the AK is a great weapon, but you don’t have to have automatic capability to be effective. The military teaches it’s troops to fire in short bursts, and a good semi-auto military rifle will do just fine if you are a decent marksman.

    7. Dave Says:

      I practice regularly and probably spend too much on ammo. My friend and step father usually go with me. I am good,but they are better shots than I as should be the case with their military background.

    8. Jim Says:

      Having a hand gun or rifle around the house is a good idea for all WN’s but don’t let it lull us into the illusion that when the SHTF we will be protected from ZOG’s almost invincible Legions of Hate. The current jewish occupied government hates us and everything that we stand for, and will go to any lengths to crush any potential White uprising in the bloodiest way possible. (Think The Order, Ruby Ridge, and Waco). When the jew system breaks down totally and the niggers from the inner cities move out of their White subsidized slums and go “honky hunting” we will go coon hunting, but unless we can get a substantial portion of the Military to come over to our side (don’t hold your breath), it will be a hard, bitter struggle. Will it be worth it? Look into the eyes of our beautiful Aryan children. 14/88

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      This nigger did ballistics test with AK 47


    10. Kradmelder Says:

      Get off of the AK-47 trip. I know they are fun to shoot at short ranges but they are not a good choice for us.
      Our rifles are our main arms, we have no artillery or air power.
      Get more accurate and powerful rifles in .308.
      Let Juan and Leroy get the AK-47s and think they are all bad ass. Imagine their disappointment as their cover disintegrates while we are out of range for them.
      Do not get stuck with inferior guns.
      Do not let niggers out gun you.

    11. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      Understanding bullet-effectiveness begins by learning the science, which begins by discarding nonsensical terms like ‘power’.

      The common WNist isn’t nearly the gun-pro he fancies himself.

      Less “Guns & Ammo” comic book bullshit, more credible sources, ballisticians and doctors.