2 July, 2010

Who Pioneered Race-Free Crime Reporting?

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Three guesses as to which newspaper started that – and no peeking beforehand!


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    1. Jim Says:

      When a nigger commits a horrific crime against Whites (which is nearly all time), the jewspapers never will print the race of the offender. On the other hand in the rare cases that the perpetrator is a White man, the jewspapers ALWAYS and gleefuly reveal his race, and then they often claim he is “linked” to a “White Supremist” or “neo nazi” hate group in the even rarer instance that the crime is interracial. Of course, the sweet nigger darlings can NEVER be haters. They are only exacting their just retribution for the “legacy of slavery”. What a jewish crock of shit.

    2. Henry Says:

      Right you are, Jim. In fact, it’s gotten so that you can pretty well figure out what the race of the offender is when they DON’T mention it. That makes it easy.

      Eventually, when more people catch onto this trick, the papers may simply stop reporting crimes altogether. (If there still are newspapers, that is.) I suspect it’s coming to that. After all, so much crime is embarassing to the government. It exposes how incompetent they are. But just occasionally it’s handy for the government to mention if they want to go after somebody — like wicked white racists. Only then.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      So much BLACK crime is embarassing to our “all men are created equal” government.

      But how about some gender-free criminal sketches?

      All the women would end up looking like Kagan.

      The men, too.

    4. Henry Says:

      Like I said, it reveals how incompetent they are. They’re supposed to be there to protect you… to “ensure domestic tranquillity”. Bulllshrit.

      If they’re not doing THAT, then what ARE they doing with all that tax money they collect from you?

      Oh, they’re handing it out in the ghettos to welfare mammies so they can have more picaninnies. And feeding starving Africans so they can make more Africans who can invade Europe. And bailing out Jewish investment banks. And sending billions to Israel. And dropping bombs on other countries to make the world safe for Jewocracy.

    5. tbow002 Says:

      Their lack of reporting race in the description can arguably be dangerous to the public due to the additional difficulty in identifying the perpetrator BY the public. Of course that doesnt matter nearly as much since they are trying to sell blacks as good mates for your daughters.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Those computer-generated police suspect images are really weird-looking, especially the first two. The third one is obviously a fat, ugly spic, no matter how grey and dolphin-like they tried to make his complexion. The first creature looks like an effeminate, homosexual Martian. The second weird-O doesn’t even have a mouth! I’ve never seen humanoids like that before. Stupid cowardly cops and their PC bullshit.

      And like Henry says, the jewspaper is becoming obsolete anyway, along with the 6 o’clock evening jews broadcast on TV. So go ahead and be as PC as you want, you liberal Jew queers. No one is paying any more attention, anyway.

    7. Coup d'Etat Says:

      There was a White female child murdered by an illegal female mexican within the last month in Salt Lake City that received either no coverage in the SLTribune or the story was pulled. It was never run on any local TV stations. It was covered up.

      The only media that covered the murder was KTalk radio, 630AM. If I didn’t listen to this radio station, I would have not have known what happened. It was briefly mentioned in the news for one day only that the perpetrators were her father and his illegal alien girlfriend. After that, the story was pulled immediately. If interested in learning more, you can contact them.

      The only story covered now about a little girl murdered is of course a mexican killed by a mexican gang.


      What does this say about the morons who think they have the political power to cover up what is now believed to be a great concern and a growing problem — illegal mexicans killing Whites — and the others who get away with covering up the crimes committed by mexicans against Whites, leading us to believe that mexicans only kill mexicans?

    8. Mikhail1965 Says:

      Do not be so sad: “World Cup 2010: Germany dump Diego Maradona and Argentina out” 4:0!
      First, English monkeys were booted, now Argentina.
      Arian blood victorious.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Russian cutie pose in a playboy.

      CIA and KGB always moron.

      Russian and British joke, yes?

    10. Wilton Says:

      Mikhail unless you consider Turks and Ghanians of Aryan blood you’re wrong about the German team.

    11. Mikhail1965 Says:

      Well? due to Shabbath I deliver raw google translattion of sinsere Russian poetry.

      Hello, dear beloved Fuhrer!
      Writes to you a Russian boy,
      How many years have rushed past, as you died,
      And we – all the same booth!

      Everywhere negros, gays, Muslims,
      The world is caught up in debauchery and blood
      A softened white – on the couch
      Nested watching sports and MTV … (rusiian drivel)

      Endangered country of the white race
      They color moved about, all in a row,
      In London, in Paris – motherfuckers,
      And in Berlin – the eternal gay parade!

      And we doing no more beautiful
      What’s in Moscow, what’s next-jig,
      Government Sorted. Slavs – a bucket,
      Well, even in the pit, or in coffins!

      And even though people dies from shitty life,
      But, like a golem, gladly ready,
      Always remember “feat” of veterans,
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      The Germans are paying tribute to the Israelis
      We, the Slavs, pay tribute to Chechnya,
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      In general, where neither spit – all around Jews,
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      Grandpa! Take me soon
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      I ask friends to do in Mail. Roux and Twitter,
      Put a copy of the letter,
      Dear, dear Father, Adolf Hitler!
      Come! The world has gone mad!

    12. O*R*I*O*N Says:

      Great article from VDARE.
      Describing a suspect without mention of race is about as absurd as describing a getaway car without mentioning its color.

    13. Neptune Says:

      If you do not know, Germany, France, England and the Netherlands include blacks in their national soccer teams. What a disgrace. Those countries have lost their national and racial identity.

    14. ED! Says:

      The Jew York Times, I would have never guessed!

      Ever wondered why there is an assault rifle ban law in Jew York? If Jew York was run by rats then rat poison would be banned also…


    15. Henry Says:

      Frankly, I don’t find Mikhali’s “humor” very funny.
      Ho hum.

    16. Mikhail1965 Says:

      “Frankly, I don’t find Mikhali’s “humor” very funny.
      Ho hum”
      Dont say so, Henry! I m crying… I m disappointed…
      It is not only humor, it is designed to provoke thoughts.
      This site is clever, I like it. But sometimes it sounds like Ziegfrid funeral march.
      Sometimes. But we should not forget: WE ARE THE MASTER RACE!!
      White people. Most talented, superb!
      So we can laugh sometimes. If you dont like my humor then D.I.Y.
      My advice: throw away TV

    17. Tim McGReen Says:

      Mikhail is a fine gentleman and I enjoy his commentary a great deal.

    18. Tim McGReen Says:

      I wonder how many people here have figured out that Mikhail is just another one of my latest online alter-egos? These schmucks probably don’t suspect a thing……I’m sure glad I clicked on “preview” before posting this instead of “submit comment”, otherwise the rubes would finally reali

    19. Mikhail1965 Says:

      “Mikhail is just another one”
      Thank you. Ziegfrid funeral march.

    20. Mikhail1965 Says:

      March is for smucks, not for Ziegfrid.

    21. Holeshirt Says:

      Reminds me of the way both jews and gays work. First attack.

      Then say their sorry.

      Then make reasonable sounding comments.

      Then more and more hostile comments.

      Then joke about making hostile comments.

      Then it’s all out hatred.

      And a lot of sneering and smiling. But not a becoming smile.

      Must be why this color coded comment system was brought out. Good move on the part of the website. You can’t register people when they’d risk being fired at any major company with NWO Jews or gays in management.

      So the color coded thing… good. Well something is being tried.

      You notice the Jewish controlled Newspapers like the LA Times have given up the honor system. Now its posting with more serious ID’s like Facebook. Tells you who’s in charge when the mainstream identification process will remove the non gay supporters and non Jewish agenda supporters. Try it. Say three posts in a row critical of Jews or Gays and you will not be posting to the LA Times again.

      Of course Gay culture IS Jewish culture. I think it’s genetic. That sadism in both worlds is in those ghetto genes of the Jews. Too many Jewish people are gay. Gay’s may make up only 6 percent of the overall population but it’s got to be twenty or thirty percent of the Jewish population. Maybe forty or fifty percent if you count “experimentation”.

      Look at this Kagen animal. What a perfect lesbian masculine pig. She will lock vote I’m sure with Ginsberg on gun control, gay rights to total mainstreaming in the schools – the works.

      Well they’ve been organizing for a long time in University provided faculty housing after work. All of those endless meetings. Their aggressive little children getting wall to wall tutors that allow them to come from joke public schools to the formerly White Ivy League.

    22. Jim Says:

      Tim McGreen, Tim McGReen. Hmmmmmmm.

    23. Dave Says:


      Yeah…I didn’t even want to point that one out. But since you did,wtf. Just knock it off. It isn’t funny It is very boring.

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      Tim McGReen……It must be the hot weather that brings ’em out of their holes.

    25. Dave Says:


      Speaking of race crime.

    26. Henry Says:

      Back to the subject about crime reporting. I remember reading an article, some years ago, probably in Time or Newsweek, which discussed the Jewish senator (or congressman, whatever) who had pioneered the removal of racial identification from newspapers. He was the prime mover behind this. Maybe this was in his obituary — very possibly. (A lot of interesting stuff comes out in obituaries!) I wish I could remember more, but I was very naive then, like most gentiles are , and I didn’t put 2 + 2 together. We all have to figure this out on our own. That takes time and experience.

      I think he was a senator from a New England state: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Mass. But I could be mistaken. Maybe New York. I sure wish I could find that article now! At the time, I was still just a teenager and it hardly meant a thing to me. All the pieces hadn’t come together yet.

    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Henry Says:

      5 July, 2010 at 11:22 pm

      Back to the subject about crime reporting. I remember reading an article…probably in Time or Newsweek, which discussed the Jewish senator (or congressman, whatever) who had pioneered the removal of racial identification from newspapers……Maybe this was in his obituary — very possibly….I wish I could remember more, but…..I think he was a senator from a New England state…..But I could be mistaken. Maybe New York…”

      Henry, you haven’t exactly told us very much, have you?

    28. Nom de Guerre Says:


      Dis heah “man”, dun landed in de jail house, fo excisin he’s freedum of speech.