30 September, 2010

Columnist: House Reps Want to Release Pollard

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In fact, 3/4 of Congress would no doubt release the Jewish spy if they could, in order to suck up to Israel. (Read this article and note the damage done by Pollard’s spying):


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    1. Sean Gruber Says:

      Columnist Joe Sobran died yesterday at age 64. He coined the term “semitically correct” and authored the classic line: the definition of antisemite is someone jews hate.

      He was fired from National Review for disagreeing with the magazine’s pro-Israel cocksucking. Classic-piece-of-shit William F. Buckley, at the behest of his jew owners, suggested Joe was an “antisemite” and proceeded to terminate the writer’s career.

      It’s true Joe was a Catholic full of Jeboo-ism. But he did name the jew, though in an inappropriately soft flimsy manner. He wrote well.

      Somewhat like the fat coward Sam Francis, Joe succumbed to diabetes and “a host of other physical ailments,” blowing up at a relatively young age after being ill a long time.

      So long, Joe. We’ll miss you, buddy.

      And as for the rest of you: don’t be semitically correct.

    2. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Pollard’s treachery virtually wiped out our entire intelligence network in Eastern Europe and Russia yet these soulless yids see him as a hero. Isn’t Izzy supposed to be an ally? Nevermind, only aunti-semites ponder such questions.

      As with the USS Liberty Izzy resorted to lies and dissembling in a vain attempt to show they knew nothing about Pollard’s activities. They almost had us fooled until the beans were spilled several years ago when Pollard finally admitted he was acting on orders from Izzy central station.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Excellent post, Gruber. There was a time when right-wingers weren’t afraid to name the Jew, but those days are long over. Now the right wing is so degraded, so Judaized, that right-wing superhero Glen Peckerhead is shamelessly kissing Michael King’s long deceased Black ass in public and is actually proud of doing it.

      I fear there won’t be many people left standing after the White Revolution is over. But that Revolution is now 145 years behind schedule. The longer it’s delayed the more terrible it will be when it finally starts.