29 September, 2010

Individualism and Alienation

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“There’s a name for this condition. It’s called alienation. It’s what happens to many young White people who attend schools where they are in a minority, who attend universities where “Eurocentrism” is Politically Incorrect, who live in cities swarming with Third World immigrants, who see Black and Brown faces and get the Jewish slant on things every time they turn on the TV. Strong and healthy people react to this alienating environment by seeking their roots anyway, by doing whatever it takes to develop a sense of racial identity anyway, but many weak or confused people become individualists.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 10-16-1999.

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    1. Blackshirt Says:

      I’m so glad all of these ADV broadcasts were saved for posterity. This particular one is just as relevant today as it was 11 years ago. Dr. Pierce was one of a kind and unfortunately we don’t have anyone who can put things in quite the same perspective as he did. I learned so much from him, and I hope others feel the same way.

    2. Hoody Doody Says:

      Seriously suprised that there are not hundreds more posters on these forums who grew up as childrend to 18 living among savages attending school with them, while being a minority.

      Perhaps severe brain washing by the clouds of media, drugs, bad food, lower I.Q., poverty, depression, suicide Which Whites are number one at along with what I believe is the bulk of Whites who suffered the most from dispossion since 1945 is that this group do not own p.c.’s.

      Thanks to the School SYSTEM’s of ALL the Big Cities where Whites were preyed upon never delveloped a love of reading, because that was the School mission to dumb US down with Marxist mentors teaching that history is just dates and names and a job was all that mattered!

      These are some of the reason’s why we don’t hear more first hand stories from those who have lived the nightmares of being with Savages with kike incitement against US.

      Whites as a group move on and don’t carry like a cross for horrors at the hands of the system or savages to dwell on and retell too.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Negroes are always being encouraged to celebrate their “heritage” with feel-good nonsense like Black History Month and MLK Day. They should all be proud of their race and its magnificent “accomplishments”, like bongo drums, rap music and…and…well, we all know what they are. The Mestizoes and New World Indians should likewise be proud of their racial heritage and contributions to mankind……whatever those contributions supposedly are. Yes, the colored races have given us so much. They all have rich, wonderful cultures and heritages that must be valued and respected.

      But wait….what about Whitey? You know, the race of people who invented the computer, the jet engine, the TV, organ transplant surgery, skyscrapers, trains, cars, digital technology, satellite communications, etc. In short, the race that gave the world EVERYTHING it enjoys now? Do we have the right to celebrate our race, our heritage and our culture?

      No, of course not. You see, us Whites are just individuals. We have nothing to be proud of, no heritage to speak of. We’re just a bunch of racist, mass-murdering slave-owners who raped the planet because of our insatiable lust for gold and petroleum. Now just shut up and get back to work, honky. You have a lot of non-White mouths to feed. Shame on you for even existing.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jewish contributions to mankind:

      Marxism (i.e., mass-murder and enslavement of non-Jews)

      Zionism (i.e., mass-murder and enslavement of non-Jews)

      Abortion rights (i.e., mass-murder of non-Jews)

      Two world wars (i.e., mass-murder of non-Jews)

      The Bolshevik Revolution (i.e., mass-murder and enslavement of non-Jews)

      The French Revolution (just mass-murder of non-Jews, no enslavement)

      Feminism (special rights, treatment and privileges for Jewesses only)

      Psychiatry (i.e., the Jewish preoccupation with shit, anuses, penises, bestiality and incest)

      The atomic bomb (i.e., mass-murder of non-Jews)

      Wall Street (The systematic Jewish swindling of the goyim’s money)

      White slavery (Jewish sexual enslavement and degradation of shiksas)

      Arms smuggling


      Interracial pornography


      Black contributions to mankind:


      Rap music

      Violent crime


      Welfare dependancy



      Mestizo contributions to mankind:

      Fuzzy dice

      Low-rider Chevy Impalas that can go up and down

      Switchblade fights

      Yellow rice

      Pineapple juice (maybe)




      New World Indian contributions to mankind:


    5. Jim Says:

      I remember that Dr Pierce frequently used the expression, “The strong survive, the weak perish.” Since 1945, the White Race, unfortunately has given the impression of being the weakest, sickest, and most cowardly race on earth. It pains me to say it but it is true. We have literally given our Nations, cities, women and in many cases our very lives to the mud races who hate our guts and would like nothing better than for our Race to disappear from the earth. Why has our race been so succeptable to the pernicous lies of the jews? Christianity, liberalism, feminism, Marxism, Freudianism, and a whole host of other jewish bullshit has poisoned the natural healthy instincts of the White Man to such an extent that he willingly consigns his race to the dust bin of history. What is the antedote to this jewish poison? WHITE RACIAL AWAKENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      Jim, the un-read, White males 46 and under as a majority even more so than the hippy generation are from divorced parents, and are arrogant as hell calling US White supremacist if you read vdare. The White males I am speaking of never read out side of media trash, and GREW UP IN ALL WHITE SCHOOLS and communities the last to exist in Canada and U.S.

      These fools now have teenage daughters and son’s in public schools and even if they do not get in trouble their Curriculum is dumbed down severely. They do not understand how damaging non White’s are on Young White children IMO.

      As some one who suffered public schools with Savages of every type being the Majority let me tell you it is poison for White children and being able to learn.

      I had a White male several years ago brag to me about ONE Congoid who was in his VERY rural school in a Western State. This White man went on to explain who polite this ONE congoid child adopted by White idiots was a funny kid always laughing etc.

      I looked him in the eye saying yeah trying going a school where they are over 10 percent or try one on the East coast community colleges tell me how it goes for you.

      My point is White males in the majority would rather IMO harm White men than see the truth of our racial genocide. I.E. they are are Brain Washed IMO

      More proof, they will cheer every war they see on TV etc.

      Oh and for the Mud loving Whites they love to talk about Islamo’s etc. etc.

      The evangelicals IMO and experience are radical Marxist anti-White

      I googled up a year ago some schools I had a attended and it listed 14 White children in one Large Elementry that I attended, when was about 45% Whites. the school had over 1500 children can’t remember the exact number.

    7. CW-2 Says:

      As usual the good doctor cuts through all the liberal confusion and gets right to the essence of collectivist and individualist behavior.
      Many WN are hostile to Christianity, but in its defence it should be recognized that when White countries were 100% White the religion did exert a collectivist mentality on the broad mass of White people. Of course I’m looking from the European perspective where to be a member of the ‘national’ church was associated with being a fully paid-up member of the nation with all its traditions and patriotism.
      In his state visit to Britain Pope Benny practically acknowledged that Christianity in Western Europe has been replaced by aggressive secularism. This change is not something we can applaud as secularism is just a further disintegration and atomization of White societies. A secularist society where a Hindoo or a Muslim is just as good a White person is more dangerous than Christian universalism.

    8. Karen Says:

      Christian universalism has been the direct gateway to destruction of the the Aryan.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      CW-2, at least you have not made the preposterous claim that Christianity provided a sense of “morality” for Western Civilization. The West was no more or less moral under the Popes of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance than it was under the pagan Roman Emperors. However, unlike paganism, Christianity has had a decidedly enervating effect on the spirit of Western Man.

    10. CW-2 Says:

      Well, even Richard Dawkins, Britain’s current high priest of atheism, has admitted that secularists in their hellbent drive to remove Christianity from national life are leaving the door wide open to Islam.
      Perhaps the unintended and occasional overt promotion of Islam within Europe should not surprise us; it appears to be the chosen vehicle the elites intend using to ‘de-nation’ European countries. Both Christianity and Islam are universalist religions, but the nation dissolving and race-mixing potential of Islam far exceeds that of Christianity.

      Jews and the elites are using Muslim immigration to destroy us, and they are succeeding because although White people don’t like ragheads there is at present no way for them to articulate their fears without being accused of racism. A way for them to overcome this legal and emotional obstacle will be to voice their concerns through religion. We should be thinking of using Christianity as a means of rekindling White identity and collective spirit.
      We must use whatever tools we find available. Machiavelli would approve.

    11. Jim Says:

      The West was far more moral under Paganism than under Christianty. Pagans never encouraged race mixing nor did they burn people at the stake for not believing in their gods. Christianity is a religion that is totally alien to the Aryan Race Soul. The jew, Saul (Paul) used it as a Trojan Horse to destroy the Roman Empire, and hence the civilization of the White Race.

    12. CW-2 Says:

      Jim, you give far too much ‘credit’ to Paul and his handful of disorganised followers who didn’t even have an agreed set of texts before AD 150. The fate of the Roman Empire was sealed when the population of Rome comprised more racially mixed slaves than true Romans of the old breed. Even Emperor Augustus recognised that fact when he publicly honored the most prolific Roman matronii.
      The cosmopolitan empire collapsed, good riddence to it, it gave the healthy Celtic and Nordic peoples of Europe a chance to breathe free and found their own nation states.

    13. Blackshirt Says:

      CW-2, you are right about some things in your last post, and you were wrong about some things…

      It is a myth that Romans were swamped with racially mixed slaves or that they had offspring with their slaves. There was a powerful social taboo against Roman women and men having sex with slaves, and a Roman man’s reputation could be destroyed if it was found out he had children with his slaves. The family, class, and ancestry were very important to the ancient Romans, so while prostitution with the lower classes was acceptable, having offspring with a slave or a lower class Roman was scandalous. It was even more taboo for a Roman woman to have sexual relations with a non-Roman, than it was for a Roman man.

      Also, keep in mind that a good percentage of the slaves in Ancient Rome were Germans and Celts, and this was especially true towards the end of the empire when even the Legions were majority German.

      Why do I care about this, you ask? Because this whole “Romans were mixing with their slaves” argument has been used many times by Nordicists to claim that White Italians are racially mixed. True, there is probably some admixture in southern areas of Italy, but a study I read that was done on Italian genetics showed that the admixture wasn’t significant.

    14. Susan Says:

      Yes, we are certainly alienated in our own country. Every time I see a young White guy with his pants down below his ass with his underwear showing, listening to nigger noise, acting like a nigger, I just want to cry.

      I can still remember vividly back in the fifties and sixties when White men wore white shirts, ties and jackets almost everywhere. What a different world this country has become in just fifty short years. How incredibly sad.

      Instead of rejecting this third world garbage, like healthy White men, our young white males have embraced this horror and appear oblivious to the fact that what they are doing is destroying our race. They have absolutely no sense of racial pride or awareness AT ALL.

      Thank you kikes. You have completely destroyed the White male population within a few decades.

      I wonder if the Tea Party movement is the beginning of some racially aware movement for Whites, or if it will simply be an end in itself with no real awareness for Whites?

      I wish Neal Boortz would catch a clue and become a real White leader for our people. He is wealthy and no longer needs to work and would be a perfect candidate. Just as someone like Pat Buchanan or Newt Gingrich could be if they would only let go of their selfish egos and realize that it is their duty to lead White people out of this morass we are in.

      We need somebody or several somebodies across this country to commit their lives to naming the jew, men who do not need to work for money anymore and are bullet proof. Where are you??????

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      All I know is that shortly after the Empire adopted Christianity as its new official state religion c.380, the Vandals and Goths began to quickly take over more and more territory from the Empire. They even managed to attack the imperial capital itself in 410. By 451 all that was left of the Western Empire was Italy. Four years later it was all over. Europe slid into 1000 years of cultural and intellectual darkness after that.

      The only race-mixing that the Romans did (as far as I know) was with the Germans, which could hardly be considered a terrible thing. However, I believe the city of Rome itself was a rather cosmopolitan metropolis, filled with Jews, Arabs, Greeks, Persians, Spaniards, Carthaginians and Negroes.

      The Romans and the pagans in general were much too tolerant of the Christians. That being the case, the Christians were free to spread their subversive lies and empty promises to the ignorant slaves, servants, day-laborers and soldiers who comprised a large part of the Empire. So Rome rotted out from within, thanks to Jew-inspired Christianity.

    16. Jim Says:

      Tim is spot on. Christianity is an intolerant, universalist slave religion, that is toxic to the Aryan Spirit of Honor, Courage, and Racial Pride. As soon as Constantine made Christianity the religion of the Roman Empire, all advances in learning came to a halt, and a dark age descended on Europe. Islam is a universalist and race mixing religion like Christianity and is just as destructive to the Aryan psyche, but a least it is a Warrior religion that doesn’t preach all that effeminate “love thine enemy” or “turn the other cheek” crap. What the Aryan Race needs today is a militant White Racial religion based on Nature, Blood, and Soil as well as a sense of the transcendent and intangible aspects of existence. A merely political movement is not enough to inspire the mass of White lemmings to throw off the jewish matrix of lies and become “born again” White Men.

    17. CW-2 Says:

      Blackshirt, point taken. We are starting to wander off topic so I’ll be as brief as possible. Jim and Tim; while many WN such as yourselves lament the influence of Christianity in the declining days of the Roman Empire, they totally ignore the Eastern Byzantine Empire which flourished under Christianity. The empire tamed the savage Slavs, beat off successive waves of Arabs and Persians, and although the peoples of Western Europe didn’t know, it provided the protective sword and shield needed for Europe to find its destiny.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t want to run down the Byzantine Empire, but IMHO it was a weak successor to the original Roman Empire. Byzantine art and architecture were inferior to what the western Romans had, the Hagia Sophia cathedral in Constantinople excepted. True, under Justinian the Great, the Byzantines managed to largely restore the old Empire for almost 100 years. But then along came Islam and the Byzantines soon lost about half their empire to the Mohammedans.

      The Byzantines never added much to western culture and progress. Their main claim to fame was that they had a lot of ancient manuscripts and art works, along with well-educated scholars, doctors and philosophers. When the last remnants of the Byzantine Empire disintegrated in 1453, those Byzantine Greek intellectuals, artists, etc. fled west to Italy, thus fueling the Renaissance.

    19. The Red Skull Says:

      @ Tim McG–
      Tim,the Byzantine Empire may not have been a stellar cultural “success”,but CW-2 is right in that it was a Sheild against Islam and swarming masses of bloodthirsy,fanatic wogs for centuries,allowing Europe a grace period to flower,Also,the muds continually tried to conquer Europe from the east and west,Spain was one bulwark,the Get Byzzy Empire the other .One of the most disgraceful episodes of “christian” history,IMHO,is the sacking of Constantinople by the Crusaders in the 4th Crusade i believe it was.However,the Empire was largely Greek in character.And they had One invention which killed millions of muslim pests in a nasty way—GREEK FIRE,similar to modern Napalm.That alone sets them out for Honorable mention.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      My point was that Christianized Greece was not nearly as good as classical pagan Greece. The Christianized Western Europeans eventually recovered their ability to create beautiful art, literature and architecture, but the Christianized Greeks never did. RS is correct about the Crusaders sacking Constantinople, which happened in 1204. So much for Christian “unity”.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…It amazes me how Europe fought off the non-White savage hoardes for centuries, but now those hoardes are swarming in without a single shot being fired. Sick, totally sick.

    21. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      Let us remain mindful of how Holy Church acted as the banner to rally Europe to victory at Vienna and Lepanto, while English privateers fought on the side of the Turk at Lepanto. So much for “Christian” unity indeed! Yet in this case, just as when the Turks sacked Constantinople, or when the Moors got Cordoba and Granada during their initial Jihad circa 800 A.D., we find the ubiquitous, poisonous, anti-Aryan KIKE at the gate, admitting the dusky rapist to the beds of Aryan womanhood.

      Here is yet a more recent example of jew perfidy: this so-called “mosque” being erected in the vicinity of the former Twin Toiwers.


      Then there is the “Jew York Jews for Jewish Values” supporting the construction of that mosque:


      Well, given that Jew Yorkington D.C. all was founded by jew funds hiring masonic perverts to start with, why would any real Aryan give a discarded foreskin over such now? Hmmmmm? Face it! The BEST we can manage here is going to start with exterminating the ENTIRE Jew Yorkington Complex, from Boston down to Atlanta and pretty well up to the Appalachian mountains, with an army waiting on the other side to kill whatever crawls out of the fallout zone. The so-called “white man” in those parts is so badly jewed as to be just aspiring replacements for the Trashy Tribe, if they have any notion of ridding the Earth of them at all.

      By all means, let us do what we can to break jew control over North America! Deprive them of resources here, to stop their continuing destruction of Aryan Europe, yea, Christendom. We need to overthrow the Kosher Atomic Pistol Uncle Schmuel has been holding at the head of Humanity, whether we can live here after or not. If we succeed in that, then Mankind may at least be able to compose some worthy Epitaph for “white america.”

    22. Howdy Doody Says:

      Originally Posted by Alex Linder
      The same could be said of Matt Hale, but what did they do? They hired some clown to pretend to be his friend, over years, and then set him up via a phone call. Would have been a lot simpler just to kill Hale. Same thing with Randy Weaver – over two years of attempted entrapment.

      It was all done to get the sheeple to side with the Jew government–It worked like a charm. I know. I was one of those sheeple during the Ruby Ridge and Waco Massacres.

      Hashemi Rafsanjani of Iran said it best concerning the Waco Massacre: “If the American government can do that to their own people, imagine what they would do to us.”

    23. Howdy Doody Says:

      The post above should be deleted, it was a mistake with my browser.