28 November, 2010

Big Business: Conservative?

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Bullshit. Big business is a culture-wrecker, too, but it doesn’t do it as fast as Marxism or socialism. Recall Benson’s words about big, international capitalism. (That’s not meant to impugn small capitalism, which is important to Western culture):


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  7. 17 Responses to “Big Business: Conservative?”

    1. M. Kraus Says:

      The political Left has spread the myth of business as a conservative bulwark against “progressive” change. Supposedly there’s an “Old [White] Boys Network” which is adamantly opposed to women and muds in the workplace, and works tirelessly to keep them out. That is total BS, but it’s a myth that flourishes in the media and the schools.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Recall Benson’s words about big, international capitalism. (That’s not meant to impugn small capitalism, which is important to Western culture):”


      Capitalism bad medicine for White man. Me think you mean “free enterprise”, not “small capitalism”.

    3. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Isn’t rather ironic that its always the Republican stooges that comes out swingin’ for Wall street with the jewsual bull crap if we break up big monopolies will somehow make things cheaper? Thats no lie. things are cheaper, crappier since we got globalized.
      Oi vey we can’t have one goy runnin’ the phone network, or 3 domestic companies producin’ all the vehicles, we have to open up the markets and borders to the turd world, thats what Jaysus wants.
      No the jews are crying to give land to niggers in South Africa, while we are all up to our heads in mortgage foreclosures, but wtf we have to keep fighting for democracy in Afghanistan so the opium growers can have land reform

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      I think Pierce’s speech, Men of Valor, is about the same thing.

      Men of valor are about conviction and feeling; economic men are about playing it safe, and minimizing risks. In the corporate world, this has gone way too far.

      It seems to happen in all organizations–men of valor start them, and then the corporate, economic man is attracted to them, and take them over. It happened to America, the Christian Church, the Beatles, American karate–you name it.

      Economic continuance demands a different personality type, apparently. But these people are “practical” and just want to get along, avoiding conflict of any sort. These bloodless types would not take a stand against anything–they would try to compromise.

      It seems to be the natural evolution of things, until catastrophe comes, and then the people clamour for men of valor.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      “It seems to happen in all organizations–men of valor start them, and then the corporate, economic man is attracted to them, and take them over. It happened to America, the Christian Church, the Beatles, American karate–you name it.”


      What are you talking about?

    6. Antagonistes Says:

      When Christianity became the state religion, the people who were Christians before that time, resented it. It was too easy. They had to look for new ways to be persecuted. The new state-sanctioned Christians paid too little, or nothing at all. They had not paid the price that the older Christians had. This is according to the audio series, The Middle Ages by Philip Daileader. The men of valor ( perhaps a kooky valor) lost out to the organizers. But how rich the Church became!

      Instead of the Beatles, let me use the Doors. The song, Light My Fire, was pretty edgy for its time. Then it was used to advertise cars. It made the Doors some money, I suppose, but they sold out. According to the film, “The Doors”, Morrison (as immoral as he was) resented this, but he lost out to the economic men.

      American karate used to be quite fearsome. From the early seventies, I can remember Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, Skipper Mullins–they were respected. Rough, but respected. Then the money-men took over, and look at American karate today–it is a cutesy activity for kids. It makes more money, I am sure, but the valor ( if I may call it that) of the rough-and-tumble old-timers lost out to economics.

      As for America, it has been taken over by lawyers, corporations, and other economic entities. Organized and economically motivated.

      I suppose that all the above are examples of a natural evolution.

      The film, “The Searchers” touches on this. It is about the Old West giving way to the New West. The tough-as-nails Old West guy (John Wayne) cannot adjust to the ways of the New West. He is needed, though, to capture the girl who was kidnapped by the Indians. But after that, poof! The New West has passed him by.

    7. Antagonistes Says:

      Or, a real-life example would be Cicero.

      He was a hero in the Roman Republic, but when Rome became an Empire, Cicero became an enemy of the State and was killed.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Ant., a little fact-checking is in order here:

      Over the objections of his Doors band mates, Jim Morrison did NOT allow Light My Fire to be used for any commercial in his lifetime. A few years ago, Cadillac wanted to use another Doors hit, Break On Through, for a new ad campaign. I’m sure it would have been highly successful, but the surviving Doors considered what Jim would have wanted and declined Cadillac’s generous offer.

      I’m skeptical about all those Catholic stories about how the early Xians were martyred by the Romans. Some may be true, but the rest are probably wildly exaggerated.

      Mr. Cicero died in 43 BC, well over 10 years before Caesar Augustus was proclaimed Rome’s first Emperor, so Cicero could not have been killed during Rome’s Imperial period as you claim. Furthermore, your assertion that American karate is now for kids needs to be further developed. I don’t buy it.

      Finally, The Searchers is not a Western. Rather, it is generally considered to be the first X-rated animated film. It is about the sexual misadventures of an alley cat from New York City who wants to be a part of the hippie scene so he can score with chicks. It starred Jon Voight and Brenda Vaccaro and was based on a novel by a man named Lear.

      But don’t fret, I have posted a few mistakes on this forum as well. Examples? I once stated that hyenas were a member of the canine family, but they are in fact more closely related to mongooses; I once confused the Taliban with the Mujahideen; and I erroneously claimed that there are no mentions of Jesus Christ in any of The Bard’s works.

      I have been in a state of mental self-flagellation over these errors ever since.

    9. Antagonistes Says:

      Tim, I don’t know what you are talking about. I presume that you are trying to be funny. There are some highly intelligent people who post on this forum who have strange senses of humor. You could be one of them.

      The tapes put out by the Teaching Company are composed by highly educated men. Luke Timothy Johnson and Philip Daileader, I think, have better credentials than you, no offense. Both are highly acclaimed professors, and are not pushing any political viewpoints.

      Johnson talks about Cicero, using almost the same words as me. Daileader talks about the early Christians. I will agree with you in one sense–the Romans did indeed try to talk the early Christians out of maryrdom, but they persisted. But that does not change my point.

      As far as “The Searchers”–that was pretty funny. But it was called “Fritz the Cat.”

      As far as the Doors’ Opel commercial–you are right. The commercial never aired. But it was made, with the other band members’ consent. Morrison stopped it. I don’t think that changes my point, however, that money and security consciousness takes over. But maybe Morrison’s stand makes another point–that one man who makes a fierce, almost maniacal, stand against money-consciousness can prevail? But there are not many among us who will do so.

      As Wayne Dyer has said, When things get organized, the organization becomes more important that the thing for which it was organized. That was my main point. And it incluldes bands, churches, sports, etc. And those things become money-conscious, to support the organization, whereas before they were principle-conscious.

      As far as karate–I was there, dude. Go look into any karate studio, today. All you see are little kids. There is no one at the skill level of Wallace or the others. It has been dumbed-down . . . for money.

    10. J.J Says:

      Jew Capitalism = White genocide. National Socialism is the only solution for Whites and the jews know it, that is why they destroyed it, using Britain America and the Soviet Union to do the destroying.

    11. -JC Says:

      Incorporating is about government trading a concern limited liability in exchange for collecting taxes and information on employers, the marketplace, etc. Patent laws no longer protect businesses from worse than reverse engineering either. The courts don’t protect individuals.

      And don’t confuse capitalism, the private central bank program that is the reverse of the same progressive coin with Marx & Lennin on the obverse. Both prevent free enterprise and promote monopoly-debt-capitalixm with the means of production– capital– in the hands of the state.

      Read the Communist Manifesto and ask yourself if that is not exactly the program that has been followed in America since Gordon Kahl came home from the war and commented to his wife on how quickly America had moved left in his absence.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      But Antagonistes, didn’t Elvis, Chuck Norris and Sharon Tate all take karate lessons from Bruce Lee?

    13. Antagonistes Says:

      Tim–No, Elvis took from Kang Rhee; he mistakenly let his wife, Priscilla, take from Mike Stone. Kang Rhee would not have had an affair with her.

      I am not sure where Norris learned it.

      It did not do Sharon Tate much good, if she took it.

      But, Tim, in one respect I am glad that some aspects of Karate have been shown to be total BS, because these women were thinking they could whip a man with it. Maybe a few men, but not most.

      Even in the late sixties some guy named “Count Dante” was writing exposes for karate mags about karate’s shortcomings.

    14. VNNer Says:

      Capitalism is capitalism.

      Big business isn’t conservative, neither is the capitalist free market system itself.

      And who cares about “Western culture” – that’s a crock of shit now- what matters is biological survival.

    15. VNNer Says:

      “National Socialism is the only solution for Whites and the jews know it, that is why they destroyed it, using Britain America and the Soviet Union to do the destroying.”

      Actually Britain and America were/are true allies with the Jew.

      The Anglo world is the Jew world.

      The Soviet Union were useful idiots. The Jews, Americans and British actually hated the Soviet Union.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      “And who cares about “Western culture” – that’s a crock of shit now- what matters is biological survival.”


      Right you are, but if our Race is going to survive and prosper again some day, it will have to get rid of a lot of accumulated Jew poisons, like Christianity, Capitalism and Niggerball. It will also have to rid itself of effete and effeminate notions such as “equality”, “democracy” and “women’s rights”.

    17. Karl Marx Says:

      There is no such thing as small capitalism. Capitalism is by definition destined to globalise as it involves the application of capital for accumulation by all and any means, including the use of the corporate socialist or the fascist, Islamist, Fundamentalist and Zionist and all the paraphanalia of barbarism.

      Study your history or perish as a species!!