18 January, 2011

Clarification of Prior Post

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After I posted the post below, I realized that some people might be confused by what I said, especially about Jews being a “hybrid race.” They are, in fact – if I may be so bold – a double-hybrid. The first hybrid is Armenid-Arab (Eastern European, a.k.a. Ashkenazim, Jews are that hybrid). The second hybrid is Ashkenazic Jews-Sephardic Jews (Eastern European Jews are the former, Mediterranean Jews are the latter). Ashkenazim and Sephardim share DNA. Confusing? Yes. Jews are a funny people with a funny history. Baker (see below) says that most Jews are Ashkenazim.

Anyway, the Jews are Eastern, not Western. That’s a key point in the prior post. You can’t be Eastern and Western at the same time. You can’t be fully Swedish and fully Chinese.

Here’s Dr. William Pierce on the racial make-up of the Jews, in a review of John R. Baker’s book “Race” for his book catalog:

“The UNESCO definition of Jews as a religion is wrong; they are clearly a racial, albeit hybrid, group.” — from National Vanguard Books catalog Number 19, June 2000, page 29

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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Je vous remercie pour votre compliment, Monsieur Antagonistes. But if New America, Apollonian or Tom McReen were still posting here, you’d really see some good crazy from me. Those guys always set me off, whether they intended to or not. In my vanity, I like to think that I was at least partially responsible for scaring them away. But now that means no more nuttiness. Eh bien, what can one do?

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      Where . . . is . . . NewAmerica?

      I thought Tom McReen morphed into Thom McQueen!

    3. Henry Says:

      Now that Tim and I have cracked your cover, Antagonista, and at last know who you really are (avec photo), it’s easy to understand, ma belle amie, why you’re into this nudie/veggie/homie thing. Makes sense after all. Hey, if I looked like you, I’d be desperate to try anything too. It could only get better.

      But I must point out that John/Ian have NOTHING to do with any of this, so don’t give them credit where it isn’t due. (If they were in on this, they would have responded by now.) I continue to take offense that you would even place Tim and me in the same box with those flatulent, pro-semitic windbags and their empty rantings. And I continue to insist that Tim and I are not the same person. What does it take to convince you?

      For example, I have, in the past, occasionally disagreed with Tim, and even mildly criticized him, where I felt it was due. Why, in heaven’s name, would I be criticizing myself? Additionally, Tim is well known for his hostility toward religion, while John always closes his babbling rants with “May God help us all!” Does that sound anything remotely like Tim? Please!!!

      I hope we shall not have to lower the quality of discussion here by mentioning such mediocrities as John or Ian again.

      If not, I have a delightful recipe for Crêpes Flambées au Grand Marnier that will terminate this silly discussion once and for all. So watch out, dear! Don’t push me, or I’ll singe your follicles.

    4. Antagonistes Says:


      As a psychologist, you have probably already deduced that I am right-brained, because I rely a lot on “intuition” and “feeling.”

      Which, probably, would indicate that I am left-handed, which is correct.

      That woman has no left hand, so . . . try again!

      But those pancakes do sound good!

    5. Thom McQueen Says:

      No, I’m not McReen.

      Tim, get into nature by going hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking, sking, boating, rockclimbing, gardening.

      Christianity did not do it, it was the industrial revolution.

      The way I see it, Christ was in nature. He spent the night outside, had campfires, and waterskied in his own fashion.

    6. Sean Gruber Says:

      Time to administer an enema to the site, varg.

    7. Dave Says:

      To the Redskull. How much cherokee are you supposed to be? How old are you? It was very common for parents of a certain time period to tell their children they are part this or part that. It was trendy. I was told I was part cherokee. Upon further investigation, after growing up, I found nothing! In fact I have been hand copying my family trees this weekend dating back to the 1600’s on all sides of the family and jeez,nothing but English,German,Irish,Scottish! A funny thing about this wacko trend is that it is always either part cherokee or part sioux. I guess they werent aware of any other tribes.

      None the less I still adhere to the 1/16 rule. In the past I discredited and turned away a lot of potential support because of my own ignorance. (I was young) . Examples, I turned away a columbian girl, a girl from some other small south American country and her boyfriend. Also a few Cubans and a mexican girl. All of whom I now know to be white!

    8. Dave Says:

      Wow. If this is what we are comprised of were doomed. There are some real fucking head cases here. Don’t get me wrong head cases. I did laugh pretty hard, but fuck!

    9. Tim McGreen Says:


      (Henry emerges from the smoking, radioactive rubble of the TV studio and staggers home to Parsippany, NJ to see Mom again, after a 17 year absence. The role of “Mom” is played by the late Miss Jessica Tandy. )

      Henry: Mom? It’s me, your son Henry McGreen!

      Mom: Fuck you, I have no son named Henry.

      Henry: Mom, please! I came all the way from the smoldering ruins of the TV studio to see you!

      Mom: You’re really Thom McQueen, aren’t you? Or did you morph into Tom McReen? Or Tum McBreen? Tim McGreen?

      Henry: Look Mom, “Beethoven is upright and honest, whereas jazz is It is delivered by Ernst Julius Röhm to the aliens, whom he calls “the Aryans of the Cosmos.” He is explaining to the fatherly, Pope-like Venusian leader that there was indeed a small engaged in this weird and treacherous and effeminate and just plain foreign.”

      (t)he vegetarian-nude-homo nonsense cannot be blamed on the Jews; this happened long before The jews are a bastardized race, but they are The ethical paganism of Julian, had it been allowed to come to fruition, would have put an end to the vegetarian-nude-homo nonsenseIndeed, paganism) They like to eat meat and drink that mead, although some women do go topless at Deifenbacher’s ass for buggering young Fidus.it would never have appeared.their gatherings.

      Can you see ANY German giving upI suppose, as being essentially French.?

      And I think most German men would have kicked
      more than a biological race. THE JEWS REPRESENT THE PRINCIPLE OF COSMIC NEGATION. As such they can only be fought on both Esoteric Hitlerism reveals a vast cosmic struggle between Was That you TimMcG?!Sounds like something you’d say!He spent the night outside, had campfires, and waterskied in his own fashion.Smartass doing the vegetarian-nude-homo thingChristianity did not do it, it was the industrial revolution..

      Mom: Oh, Son! It is you! (hits Henry over the head with an iron skillet.) That’s for taking off and leaving me with your little picaninny and 13 year old colored girl. What did you do with that money you stole from my purse?

      Henry: (cartoon-like stars and ringed planets circle around his head while a bird chirps off-key) I, um, I…..Say, Mom, did you know that in most White countries there is a spiritual connection with the natural world, a connection that Diane Sawyer……..

      Mom: Never mind all that shit. Son, I want you to meet your new step father! (the elderly Mrs. McGreen gets up off the sofa with great difficulty and, using her walker, hobbles over to a small steam-trunk, the kind that passengers on steamships used to have carried on board by Negro stewards. She then pulls out a Glock semi-automatic pistol and shoots the lock off of it.)

      Mom: Behold, your new Step-father! Say hello, sonny! (heh-heh-heh!)

      Irate Negro First Sergeant: (springing out of the steam-trunk like a coiled up snake in a novelty joke-can of mixed nuts) You cracka-ass muthafucka! I’ll tear yo’ ass up! Ass, ass, ass! Gimmee yo’ ass! Honky Ass!

      (Covered in dust from the rubble, Diane Sawyer runs up behind Henry, tackles him and then locks his arms behind his back.)

      Diane Sawyer: (snarling through clenched teeth) I got him, First Sergeant! Hit him in the breadbasket! POW! Yeah, do it again!!! SOCK-O! (Ms. Sawyer laughs demonically as Henry drops lifelessly to the floor.)

      Mrs. McGreen: (cackling like a crazy old hag while slapping her knee) That nigger kicked your ass, eh, sonny?

      Diane Sawyer: Now I’m gonna finish him off! (Diane pulls out a switchblade and puts it between her teeth as she dives off the top of the refrigerator and lands on the prostrate Henry below.)

      13 Year Old Colored Girl: (leaping out from behind a studio prop of a cactus) Ain’ nobody gonn’a hoit muh daddy! (The colored girl struggles fiercely with Diane Sawyer for possession of the switchblade. Henry starts to re-gain conciousness as a new figure suddenly appears at the door. Henry then passes out again from shock. )


    10. Antagonistes Says:

      Can’t wait, Tim! Will there be monthly comic book?

      I have some skills as an illustrator . . . have been studying the human form– muscles, bones, expressions, body language–for about (my goodness!) 25 years, on and off!