14 January, 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 17, 2011

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Oh, boy, Marchin’ Lootin’ Fraud Day! Grab some fried chicken and a 40-ounce malt licker! Conservatives, did you know that, if Martin Luther King, Jr. had been a book, the copyright page would have read “Written, Edited and Published by Jews”? Not only did the Jewish media elevate King to undeserved, god-like status, but his speechwriter and “handler,” Stanley D. Levison, was a Jew (and a communist, too). Lastly, people who steal material for their doctoral thesis shouldn’t be called “Doctor.”


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    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Er…a …excuse me,i am literally almost sick at the ABJECT FAWNING,and outright Worship of this complete FAKE negro of jew making.The “Doctor” was no doctor,was a Commie bastard,and like the newest negro “idol” Obama,is a complete fake the Jews foisted on gullible,liberal,stupid,White Americans.Both are smooth-talking,Communist,”i have a dream” niggers.Niggers with Dreams are the worst ones because they only dream of fucking Whitey over for what he’s got and taking our women.King loved White prostitutes and was with 2 the night before he was JFK’d.

      Think of these 2 Negroes as Frankenstein Monsters,created by the “evil-mad scientist” jew Doctors.Only these 2 monsters have done FAR MORE damage to our once beautiful country,than Frankenstein ever could.

    2. Nom de Guerre Says:

      17 January by some quirky fact is going to be big trash haul off here in Tijuana del norte, what’s wrong with those niggers down in city hall?
      It’ll be hard for the jews to resurrect that nigger idol, gas at 3$ and going up along with food prices, state budgets being slashed, it won’t be long. Let the back stabbin’ begin

    3. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Either we’re gonna see some wild ass military adventurism or another Tucson 2 in the coming weeks , the jews are losing the reins of power, and their rubes and shabbaz goyim are losing their cushy jobs, the mayor in this shitty just held up a placard showing that DC had one of the lowest unemployment rate in the nation. It’s time to make um feel the pain

    4. Virgil Says:

      Moron Lootin Coon day will be obliterated!

    5. Mel Brooks Says:

      “Memories…like the smiles we left behind..”

      Haha.. I remember back in ’86 when MLK Day was being hyped all over the place. My mother’s employer sent a memo to every employee that stated in no uncertain terms that anyone who took the “holiday” off would be docked for the day..or worse.

      In my own situation, I was working for a Jewish couple with a black co-worker. One helluva nice guy, actually. The wife was cool, but her husband was a Goy Hater through and through..he pit me against my black co-worker all the time. Typical Jewish tinkering, on a small scale. When MLK Day arrived, my co-worker and I decided to take the day off. Of course we both knew that even though our boss applauded the new holiday, that he didn’t in the least expect us to observe it.

      When I walked in the following day, the first thing out of him was ” You DID know that we were open yesterday, didn’t you”? It told him no, it’s a national holiday and I spent it in reflective meditation. At this point my co-worker walks in, bends his head in supplication, and quietly took his station. The boss walked back to his office, as my co-worker and I collapsed into hysterics.

      The best part of it….the boss never fucked with either of us again..

    6. torrence Says:

      “Marchin’ Lootin’ Fraud Day!”

      Maybe that’s all that need be said about this coming Monday.

    7. Luke Says:

      It might be time to remind all those IQ of minus 2 white morons out there who worship Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin – that last year, when a crowd of 200,000 or so White European descended Americans – the descendants of the founding stock of this nation – showed up at that big rally in D.C., both Beck and Palin spent considerable time on stage, literally foaming at the mouth, spewing the most nauseating and vomit provoking adulation for this known communist, marxist, white woman abusing, instrument-of-jewish-subversion of White, Western Civilization – and encouraging all those white people to worship MLK and take their place in line at the feet of this guy and dutifully lick his toes and sing his praises.

      I, myself, prefer to reflect this coming Monday on the far nobler white men of the South, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The Koon Holiday is so tepid, its hardly worth gettin’ up off the couch to turn the channel for most couch potatoes.
      You’re right, Luke we need do look up at Stone Mountain at Stonewall, Rbt. E. Lee and Jefferson Davis for inspiration, no wonder King Kong had to refer to Stone Mountain his “Ise had a dream” “Rap”soddy

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I think this cuntry is going to slip quietely into its grave, The DC-Hollyweird nexus can rant and rave about the koon, but when everybody is watching the slow motion death march of the zzzzzzKwa,

    10. Nom de Guerre Says:

      It was the nth of niggah day Gramps n Granny down at the
      bout the middle of January thee ole folks home sawin logs wid br
      jackn’rexalla zzzzzzz
      I was layin on the couch
      watchin Oprah wid
      a colt 45

      Lil sistah was in de Badroom
      puttin on her face

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I wants this to be a koon day to remember!ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    12. Bigduke6 Says:

      Socrates, great post. Marchin Lootin Koon was not a man of peace. His henchmen Andrew Young and Jesse Jackson worked behind the scenes to incite riots in Chicago, Detroit and other groid infested cities. A lot of idiot commies wanted Andrew Young to be the first black Prezdent but he has blood on his hands. One of MLKongs former chiefs wrote a tell all book that shows Kong was another joo commie puppet. It tells of his whoring and fraud. No one wonders why Jesse Jaxcunt is not a presidential contender, because he is a fucking idiot, though a rich idiot. And it is the Jews who make him rich. There is a book about Jaxcunt called, SHAKEDOWN, that tells how Jesse extorts money from large corporations through racial blackmail.

    13. Bigduke6 Says:

      On Kong day I’ll listen to Wagner, Orff and Marshall Tucker. I’ll sip some Jack Daniels as I listen to Charlie Daniels. I’m going to buy that confederate flag ring i’ve been wanting.

    14. Bigduke6 Says:

      We all know of weak, insecure girlymen who love to throw money at whores
      And that is why America is going broke because the paliment of whores in DC love to throw money at the spicks and groids. MLK was a Marxist from tje gitgo. He did not want equal rights but special rights for blacks.

    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      This pile of steaming rat shit was put on US during the Reagan years, as I remember AZ was the last hold out.

      It was NPR, and all the filthy enemy alien regime liar media that foisted this on US!

      Back in the 1980’s our Con-shitters in d.c. passed this ! IMO because they were stupid and as ignorant media brain dead as any jerk pumping gas.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      I like to think of it as James Earl Ray Day.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      Hey you kahnservatives, don’t forget that it was your hero Ronald Ray-Gun who authorized the MLK holiday. Imagine, MLK is the only American citizen worthy enough to have a Federal holiday in his honor. But wait, doesn’t the FBI have a file on him that’s so damaging it won’t be released for another 50 years? And didn’t he like having a lot of White prostitutes in his hotel rooms? And didn’t he plagiarize his doctoral thesis? And didn’t he smack his high-yellow wife around? And wasn’t he a Communist subversive?

      Oh well, I mentally seceded from the USA a long time ago.

    18. Sean Gruber Says:

      Niggers threaten to kill Arizona governor and staff
      – for MLK Day.

      Huh. Clearly the political climate is poisonous. These boys should tone it down. Right, ZOG? Right? (sound of crickets)

    19. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Why is that the niggers never burnt down DC? If they really intended to put some muscle behind all that rhetoric of the Rebberen, it seems like the place to go, do a madoff encirclement with a supersized dawg leash. Ever notice that the Hollyweird crowd of jew scriptwriters never write a doomsday scenario for the source of their Kabbalistic power, all those dead bodies at Arlington and all those weirdo monuments, plus their big hi-five the Pentagon, the CIA in Langley have to keep the security forces secure wouldn’t want the White drones to get out of line. Even the Koons had to act up Civil when going up to the Zion nest.
      The South came pretty close to frying DC, once after the battle of first Manassas the road lay pretty much open, what stopped them? Unless their were some turncoats.

    20. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Huh. Clearly the political climate is poisonous. These boys should tone it down. Right, ZOG? Right? (sound of crickets)

      They(jews) have other plans for their fav-O-rite pets, just simply serving as snitches, and receptionists.. Niggers are good at that sort of thing, especially since alot of Whites including Southerners let the pickanninnies in as domestic livestock. Niggers never came even close to inciting a revolution, they couldn’t hold together long enough to even hold up a jew owned Convenience store, after getting the colt 45 and cartons of Kools they all scatter to the wind and their sno-Hos.
      Ever wonder why the Yankee puritans waited so long to incorporate nigger units in the Federal Army of Conquest? Hell , they knew the actual fighting was over, but the Niggers would serve as occupation troops in the conquered South,keep close tabs on any insurrection that might occur.
      Remember the days when niggers gunned down by the National guard troops were turned into instanteneous freedom fighters ? A nigger can do no wrong., Never

    21. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Always, Always, Zogs nigger petz will be kept in reserve far from any actual harm, ,when the North should have used niggers as cannon fodder ,what did they do? why they bought replacements among the German and Irish immigrunts, called them by derogatory terms like Dutchy and Micks. What the South should have down, like Dr. Pierce prescribed in Turner Diaries, was to march all the niggers over to them., you certainly don’t belief all that kosher bullshit that niggers actually took to the road to head North? Ah Gawd what a fukkin laf.

    22. Bigduke6 Says:

      Nom De Gurre, you bring up a good point. Why didn’t the niggers fight for their own freedom? There were plenty niggers around. But Lincoln was the first Pezdent to institute the draft and the Union did rely on European immigrants. The niggers want reparations? Well the white Eurpean man has already paid in buckets of blood isn ‘ t that enough? No nothing is enough for a nigger. We been paying out the ass for over 150 years. My ancestors never owned slaves. They were nearly slaves themselves in Europe and came to the new world and worked harder than slaves to build this country. Now the niggers and nigger afrikans, spicks and chinks want to take what they have not earned with blood, sweat and tears. And the fucking joos will give it all away because they never toil. the joos are stealing our country to give it away.

    23. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Geo. Templeton Strong one of those Yankees that bemoaned the draft riots by the Irish in New York city that resulted in some of the po dahlins demise, didn’t think twice about his “Dutchy” replacements life

    24. Waldo Starr Says:

      “In his 1991 memoir, Breaking Barriers, journalist Carl Rowan writes that in 1964 congressman John Rooney told him that he and his congressional committee had heard J. Edgar Hoover play an audiotape of an apparent orgy held in King’s Washington hotel suite. Over the sounds of a couple having intercourse in the background, according to Rooney, King could be heard saying to a man identified as Abernathy, “Come on over here, you big black motherfucker, and let me suck your dick.” Horrors, King was gay! (Rowan thinks this was just ribald repartee.) In his account of the same episode, civil rights historian Taylor Branch attributes a couple more quotes to King: “I’m fucking for God!” and “I’m not a Negro tonight!” The FBI anonymously sent King (or, according to some accounts, King’s wife, Coretta) a tape of compromising material recorded in his hotel rooms. The tape was either accompanied or followed up by a note suggesting that King should commit suicide if he wished to avoid exposure”


      The quote, “I’m not a Negro tonight”, is in reference to him fornicating with white prostitutes.

      He is truly a “magical negro” to have a national holiday dedicated to such a pathetic creature. However, I’ll spend the day celebrating my hero, Robert E. Lee, a truly great human being, who incidentally fought a war against Northern aggression. This war still rages today.

    25. confederate Says:

      Remember James Earl Ray Appreciation Day is Monday. Who is this nigger everyone is talking about?

    26. Tim McGreen Says:

      The niggers have had several opportunities over the past 200 years to fight for their freedom….The Nat Turner and John Brown-led revolts, the establishment of Haiti as the world’s first Black republic, the chance to settle in Liberia after the Civil War, the formation of the Black Panthers and the Black Muslims…….and they balled up every one of those opportunities, because that’s how niggers are.

    27. Mel Brooks Says:

      The FBI file on Marchin’ LK is scheduled for it’s unsealing in 2027, providing of course that some semblance of the current regime is still in place. The Germans and the Red Cross both kept meticulous records during War on White II, to the undying consternation of the Chersen Pipple. And we understand that even though the Big Fed lies to us, it doesn’t lie to itself, still, I suspect that the MLK files will shock no one living on that date, the degeneracy of public figures having long since become something that one would expect from them. Or if the present trend towards the replacement of the founding race continues…even applauds.

      PS. To the Red Mark Brigade…thank you for making me the “dislike” champ of this thread. Your disdain is my wine.

    28. Howdy Doody Says:


      47 years ago, this is for all our NKVD trolls NGO and Regime night stalkers.

      My quess is the trolls will actually love this film.

    29. Howdy Doody Says:

      As is known, when every swindler who running for office must be approved by the regime and get his P.C. book stamped, and police chiefs visit another country before becoming a big city police chief or shortly after getting the job, do you really need a Crystal Ball to see the truth ?

    30. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Battle of Algiers is an excellent film which shows the ultimate futility of the European colonization of Africa. How long did the colonial rulers think the wogs and niggers would put up with pulling their White masters around in a rickshaw all day?

      Either you kill off ALL the savages in the foreign colony and replace them with White settlers or just leave them the fuck alone. There are no other ways of dealing with the inferior breeds of sub-humanity.

    31. M. Kraus Says:

      The attitude of today’s conservatives toward MLK is interesting. I can remember how the conservatives of the 1970s regarded him, and it was not charitable, let alone worshipful. In those days, King was correctly identified by the Right as a communist and a whoremonger. Now, he’s a revered icon. That can be attributed to jewish control of the so-called opposition, but jews were controlling it 40 years ago, too. Where did this about-face come from?

      Negrophilia is a bizarre mental disorder which only affects White people.

    32. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Negrophilia is a bizarre mental disorder which only affects White people.

      “You want me to tell you, what going on out there ? It’s the complete destruction of a society soooo sick, it will worship its own destroyers.”…” Geo. Lincoln Rockwell , over 40 years ago, but I think the negrophilia is waning, as the economy hits the skids.

    33. Sean Gruber Says:

      M. Kraus asks:

      >The attitude of today’s conservatives toward MLK is interesting. I can remember how the conservatives of the 1970s regarded him, and it was not charitable, let alone worshipful. In those days, King was correctly identified by the Right as a communist and a whoremonger. Now, he’s a revered icon. That can be attributed to jewish control of the so-called opposition, but jews were controlling it 40 years ago, too. Where did this about-face come from? <

      Prof. Gruber replies:

      Because the conservative movement (people like Revilo Oliver and the early Russell Kirk) died out and was replaced by the neoconservative movement – which consists of jews (people like David Horowitz, Charles Krauthammer, Jonah Goldberg) and cheerleaders for jews (people like Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly). Some White Nationalists call the neoconservative movement, which is today’s “conservative” movement, the neoKAHNservative movement.

      In other words, Mr. Kraus, there are no conservatives. There are only jews and their whores, as far as the eye can see.

    34. Tim McGreen Says:

      Conservatives have never been worth a damn anyway. We need revolutionary fighters in the streets throwing Molotov cocktails at armored police vehicles, not pompous old reactionaries writing 800 page books that no one ever reads about how nice it would be to restore the Constitution and prayer in school. Fuck them.

    35. Howdy Doody Says:

      Another day of Fraud has passed by US today.

      Today I worked with four other men aged 31 to 60 and no spoke the rapist joo puppet that used to beat Whites up with. Not a Word was mentioned, and two of the men are degreed from a stinkjoouniversity too.

      When the money stops running, whos going to be running then ?

      Only a brutal police state will be able to keep order IMO if the Ballon goes up, and only if the entire population bends over and gives them over and up.

      Say good night.

    36. Howdy Doody Says:

      Another day of Fraud has passed by US today.

      Today I worked with four other men aged 31 to 60 and not a one of US spoke of the rapist drunkard joo puppet that was used to beat US with.

      NO not one word all day, and two of the men are degreed from a Stinkjoouniversity too.

      When the money stops running who’s going to be running them ?

      Only a brutal police state May be able to keep order IMO if the ballon goes up, and only if the entire population bends over hands every thing got over the regime legion’s.

      Say good night.

    37. Henry Says:

      “pompous old reactionaries writing … about how nice it would be to restore the Constitution and prayer in school.”

      Yeah. A lot of them also assume that “Christian conservatism” is automatically a part of it. (Like bread and butter, “Christian” and “conservative” go together.) Call it old fogey conservatism. It’s not just simply prayer in schools, but add to that “family values”, “right to life”, an obsession with anything about marriage, and unconditional “support for Israel” and you’ve got the whole package. Well, that’s not my cup of tea.

      These good, god-fearing people also wouldn’t mind nuking tham thar godless Ayraabs all the way to Allah.

      And aside from Jesus, many of them by now believe that Martin Luther King was the greatest man who ever walked the earth. (After all, Faux News practically told them so.)

    38. Tim McGreen Says:

      Yet ANOTHER 3 day holiday weekend, with pay, for our hardworking, indispensable government employees. For everyone else it was just another Monday.

    39. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Yet ANOTHER 3 day holiday weekend, with pay, for our hardworking, indispensable government employees. For everyone else it was just another Monday.

      Go in to any state run so called Employment office, and all you’ll see is brillo heads, oh they did get a white female hired in after the koon holiday, noticed when its chilly outside the Whites are all sent to the front door as receptionists.

    40. Al Gator Says:

      To Tim McGreen and Confederate Says:

      I always celebrate James Earl Ray day. So does my Ole Lady. We were drinking to it in a wigger bar, I did a “cheers” to the holiday.

      You can’t believe how many Stupid White People had NO IDEA what we were talking about.

    41. Howdy Doody Says:

      Al, the level of stupid today can not be under estimated.

      Brutal savages may be 90% beasts, but IMO at least half of the remaining Whites are wigger NPR POS’s or Flox News/Savage fool lovers. Left Right, Christard, non believers, Buddist White ass holes with their free Tibet bumper stickers. Really jooo media has beat the shit out of Whites for at least 81 years now.

      The F-ing media kept our people docile in 1929, 33, but the Marxist were allowed to weave their poisons in to our viens, and screw our women in Hollywood and leave like beef on the floor.

      There must only be around 5 % of the population who has ever done any serious reading or pondering what it all means.

      I.E. they have no phucking idea what is going on except for What NPR or Flox New and Savage tell them, oy vey !