1 January, 2011

Rosie the Riveter, Government Propaganda and Bonds-To-Fund-Jewish-Wars

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You have, no doubt, seen the famous Rosie The Riveter propaganda poster of the WWII era (above). Well, the woman who inspired that poster has just died, aged 86. A relative commented that the Rosie The Riveter poster looked exactly like the War Bond posters, except that the public was not urged to buy anything. Yep. Speaking of bonds, did you know that Henry Morgenthau Jr., the Jewish head of the U.S. Treasury Department, developed both the Savings Bond (first issued in 1935) and the Defense Bond (issued in 1941)? Defense Bonds were later renamed War Bonds after Pearl Harbor was attacked. Morgenthau was apparently inspired by European (read: Jewish) bankers in his bond-creating efforts. Of course! Trivia: Morgenthau’s Treasury Department created a Defense (repeat, Defense) Bond office well before Japan attacked America. It was as if Morgenthau knew that America would soon need them to fund another war. Saaaay, you don’t suppose…

An essay about bonds Here (Chodorov was, like most libertarian leaders, a Jew).

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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      America’s victory in WWII was short-lived. Less than twenty years after great industrial cities like Detroit and Cleveland were churning out the tanks and munitions that won the war, they had become impoverished, nigger and crime-infested ghettoes. The postwar American Golden Age lasted from 1950 to 1970. We have been in decline ever since and will continue to decline until either there is nothing left or the White Man stands up and fights back against his oppressors and tormentors.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      My point is that only the Jews, bankers and arms manufacturers benefit from war. The White Race certainly doesn’t. But all those flag-waving, beer-swilling, right-wing Republican football and FOX News watching retards will never understand that.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Notice how the local TV stations always have a “first baby born in the new year” segment? And the baby shown is always, repeat, ALWAYS a little brown spiclet or black nigglet whose parents are either out on parole or are in this country illegally.

      Happy Jew Year.

    4. Bigduke6 Says:

      and this is why the white birth rate is in decline. WWII got women out of the home and into the workplace. White women do not want to have families anymore.

    5. Arminius Says:

      Not quite true, bigduke6. You have to be more precise.

      White women would dearly love to have family and children and quit working. But Big Jew’s brainwashing, usury, debt policy, exploitation of working man and husband, declining living standards forcing them to work harder or losing the job altogether, taxes which siphon off most of the income and funnel them into pockets of turd worlders, that is
      The Cause of Decline of the White Race.

    6. Mel Brooks Says:

      WWII-era propaganda on the USA side was just incredibly blunt and stupid. But then that is..now as it was then…an apt description of “The Greatest Generation”, and their spawn.

      The gist of this poster and all the “Uncle Sam” variants of same as I see it..? We’re going to fist-fuck Europe. And so they did. And one by one, the cunts that perpetrated the travesty of WWII, the rape of Tsarist Russia, and the Third-World invasion of every Western nation…die peacefully in their beds.

      Happy Fucking New Year

    7. Bigduke6 Says:

      WW II came after The Spanish American War and WWI. There was a shortage of men because of the past two wars and during WW II all the able bodied men were at war. So labor was needed and women were called into the factories in the largest women labor force in American history. That started the shift in women havinng careers outside the home. We live in an age of selfishness were married and single women have no desire to make the sacrifices to ensure our future as a race. There are traditional families who are carrying the torch for the white race. They don’t need a $60,000 landrover or expensive SUV, or designer clothes, or $500 Handbags, or expensive electronics or satellite TV. The reason a lot of women work outside the home is materialism which is pushed by big joo. And wuss dog white husbands who have bought into Joo York, Madison Avenue maMaterialism. It can be done if people have the desire and live within there means.

    8. Bigduke6 Says:

      There was a time before industrialization when most of the men where at home. Mostly on farms or in trades and family busineses. Sons and daughtets could model themselves after Mom and Dad and learn. The great depression did not help that as the banks kicked people off their farms and consigned them to cheap labor also.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      Mel Brooks Says:

      1 January, 2011 at 11:56 pm

      WWII-era propaganda on the USA side was just incredibly blunt and stupid. But then that is..now as it was then…an apt description of “The Greatest Generation”, and their spawn.

      The gist of this poster and all the “Uncle Sam” variants of same as I see it..? We’re going to fist-fuck Europe. And so they did. And one by one, the cunts that perpetrated the travesty of WWII, the rape of Tsarist Russia, and the Third-World invasion of every Western nation…die peacefully in their beds.

      Happy Fucking New Year

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: 7 0

      This greatest Cocksucker bastards remained silent and gave No support to commander Rockwell, and they are the LAST generation to die in their sleep with a retirement.

      Their children are now taken care the last of them in their late 80’s, and will devoure the last their assets like HOMES in CA in great locations surrounded by invaders, but the children or most them live in Utah, Oregon WA. Idaho etc.

      CA, lost 52,000 manufacturing business’s in the last ten years, but we do have big growth in gov. jobs like the sheboons in TSA etc.

      IMO the 90% of the White males 18 to 35 are like children, do not read even the ONES with a science degree, yes.

      So for the last 15 years the bulk of the WW2 vets have died off and their wives are too.

      Back around 1995 I randomly meet coherent WW 2 wives and one who told her brother was a pilot and her husband was a pilot, that her father included all hated FDR and did not want US in the war.

      She said they support Charles Lindbergh no war, but were only duped to a strong defense.

      For lurkers rememeber FDR constandly said he was against any WAR in Europe to get re-elected in 1940.

      IMO as soon as they knocked off Huey P. Long they started to work on the WAR.

    10. Nom de Guerre Says:

      “‘the LAST generation to die in their sleep with a retirement.”

      The boomers will experience the biggest die off in the kwas history, already the axe is being laid to medicare benefits which keep a large number on life supports and sedated. And they don’t even have families to take them in , even the ones with a big nest egg, who wanted a career instead of children,well they will face the same fate.
      The world is filled up now no place to run.

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The postwar American Golden Age lasted from 1950 to 1970. We have been in decline ever since and will continue to decline.

      It was more like the Golden Daze extravaganza, 2 wars in the far-East, who can imagine the Zog carrying on like it did than? Would it dare to flip off China, and strike at the armpit of the axis of evil??? Zog has finally turned its sights on its populace, with she-boons planted as commisars at every receptionists desk, state offices, board rooms of major corporations, airports. It’s just like Dr. Pierces book the Turner diaries , the coons are being sicced on the dyin out olde Whites in nursing homes to day care centers, the Military is a nigger/spic training ground for the day when that sic um on Whites.

      I believe like CW2 said, we have 2 enemies, the jews and Big business allied with Xian churches, we just have to wait till they start backstabbing each other, and I’ve already seen evidence of that with Fat boy John Hagee , in lamenting the piss poor results of Amerikwan students , Hagee commented ” America is being swallowed by the Third world.” This is not exactly kosher John Hagee.

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The big business tycoons like John Hofmeister, and T. Boone-Pickens want to breathe life back into the Zog by increasing domestic oil production, but who do you think will get all those 3 million jobs from “domestic” oil production, my guess it will be about 2 million spics to work the rigs as Mexicos large Cantarell oil field production dwindles Mexico can export it oilfield workers, the boons will get preferential hiring , nothing that requires much IQ but just intimidating the work force, reporting to the jews and thought police. I’ll even guess that most of the engineering and tech positions will go to wogs and orientals, most with H1B visas. T. Boone-Pickens is a big donor to Oklahoma State University, which has received large number of Chinese engineering students. Even though T. Boone acts like the globalist, the local media never gives him any good coverage, he’s the filthy rich , not the ‘disgraced’ financier Madoff.
      Let the Backstabbing begin, jew mugs against the wall!

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Big Duke, it was not just women who worked in the war factories during WWII. A lot of Negroes migrated up North to work in the war factories during WWII, as well as during WWI. That’s largely why there are still so many Negroes in those once-great cities today. Yet another reason why we should have minded our own business and stayed the hell out of those European conflicts.

      After WWII, Whites moved out of the old cities of the Northeast and upper Midwest in droves, leaving only the very old, the very poor and the very Black behind. OK, I understand, it was simply a post-war migration. But why didn’t those same Whites stand and fight when their suburban neighborhoods were being over-run with Blacks in the 1950s, 60s and 70s? They had no problem fire-bombing the Germans, Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese when their Government told them to. Yet these same war-veterans simply fled like cowards from their own homes and communities when the niggers started showing up.

      Where does this White Flight phenomenon come from? Is it fear of authority? Is it fear of the Blacks? Is it fear of being called a racist? Why does Whitey flee whenever the muds show up? Now Whitey is living in areas that are 100 miles or more from the urban centers, on old farmland in formerly rural areas. Pretty soon he won’t have any place left to run, because the Blacks and the Spics will always follow him. And now even the Mohammedans are coming in and building their satanic mosques in formerly White, blue-collar communities. What will Whitey do when there is no place left to run to???? That day will be here soon enough.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Last year, I was in Mud*Mart (aka, Wal*Mart) when an elderly gentleman stopped me. I was wearing an army jacket with a red and white 4th Army patch on the shoulder. He had been in the 4th Army during WWII and had not seen that patch in decades. A very nice gent he was, but as we talked I kept trying to ask him if he thought that WWII was worth fighting. After all, we were in a Wal*Mart, a store that was the very symbol of America’s decline. But he was hard of hearing and I didn’t want to upset him…he was 82 years old, for Chrissake…..

      But still, I’d like to ask someone from the remnants of America’s Greatest Generation if they still thought WWII was worth it, if maybe the wrong side won. Could any of them still believe all that Jewish war-propaganda, more than 65 years later? Could they still believe that America was better off for having fought that war, what with all the colored welfare trash around these days? And a coon as President, no less! Would they consider any of that worth the loss of almost a half million White American soldiers, sailors and Marines?

    15. Bob Says:

      Turn up the volume and learn about the M.I.C. through this Lockheed Martin historiography:


      Note the parallel to KikeJew/Jewthinker bankers!


    16. CW-2 Says:

      If we could travel back in time and show to those brave men storming the beaches of Normandy in June 1944 a DVD of what has become of America and Europe, I’m sure most of them would throw down their weapons in disgust.

    17. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I’m sure most of them would throw down their weapons in disgust.

      Interesting documentary on PBS about “Cold” , which had to do with the refrigeration industry, and development of air conditioning, and how this affected urban growth. One of the lil jewess commentators talked about how, air conditioned movie theatres drew in the crowds, Oh vey the better to propagnadize the masses of asses at an influential age. When jews do itz good-good.
      On the other hand a commentator talked about how with air conditioning and the boob tube, alot of people who usually set on their front porches during the summer time , and bonded with their neigbors started to be reclusive and bamboozled by the hyponotism of tv.
      CW2 you mentioned throwing down weapons, well the Americans that fought during the 1860 war of Norther conquest, actually did throw down their weapons on the battlefield rather than kill fellow Whites, you see they hadn’t received all that propaganda, but if they were in a scrap with nigger union troops, they fought savagely.

    18. Nom de Guerre Says:

      There has been a disconnect in the White mans mind, since the advent of Xianity, especially of the reformation, call the popes what you like they did represent a central authority… okay,. so God has a temporal head despite all jeboo said. The Jews have simply lobotomized the masses, and replaced the head with a TV set.

    19. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The jew tube is round the clock advertizement now, bras, diets, cook show, religious quacks like Impee and Rexalla, and lots more jews bewailing their lil shit nation.. Rosie the riveter, doesn’t pull any emotional strings in the minds of the tv dazed kwans, exept for those octogenarian, nano genaria dubbya 2 vets, fact is I’d rather see lil Debbie or the sunbeam girl unless they’ve been enriched with more melanin and bongo lips and frizzy afro’s

    20. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I always look around the screen to see if there is any areas left blank, it just like some mexishits graffitied rail car or building. the Zog looks like shit on tv or off

    21. Bigduke6 Says:

      I was in the Corps and then construction, this poster represents the white male getting it up his ass. Women and neegroids in the workplace. Forgetaboutit. They could not handle the load, talk too much, and PMS. As a matter of fact niggers talk too much and do very little but complain. And it is the joo lawyers and joo bitches pushing civil rights and feminisn. I think of all the money in lost labor. And the govt, the niggers have truly overcome. The govt is hiring mostly sheboons who do nothing but flap there gorilla lips all day and do nothing. Women and blacks get special treatment all the time. No wonder this country is going broke

    22. Bigduke6 Says:

      Tim McGreen And CW-2 in Zoocago there were wbites trying to fight for their neighborhoods but the joo media and the J. Edgar cross dressers did everything to punish whites.

    23. Nom de Guerre Says:

      As a matter of fact niggers talk too much and do very little but complain

      The niggers daze will be numbered when Whitey dies off, the Chinks won’t have any use for the real bucks or their nappy headed lemon bitches and offspring

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      When President Dwight David Kikenhauer sent Federal troops to Little Rock in 1957 the White citizens of that city should have made an armed human barrier to prevent those troops from entering. There is a good possibility that Kikenhauer might have blinked and withdrawn those troops if the Whites had refused to move or let themselves be intimidated. That would have put a stop to any more ZOG de-segregation efforts for a long time. But apparently even back then, at a time before TelAviv Vision was a major influence on society, many Whites had already been cowed into submission.

      We should have had a revolution in this country on several occasions, in 1863, 1933 and 1970. We should be in a state of revolt at this very moment, what with a Marxist Negro president, Wall Street crooks making obscene fortunes, 20% unemployment, millions losing their houses, millions of muds swarming in here unstopped, business executives sending American jobs overseas and White US troops being bogged down in no-win wars in the near east.

      If all that isn’t justification enough for an uprising, then what is????

    25. Tim McGreen Says:

      WE CAN DO IT! (commit racial and national suicide, that is.)

    26. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Rosie the riveter poster looks just like some of the Bolshevik posters
      Am I Surprised? I’d be glad to let rosie and all those dubya dubya two heroes go the way of the dinosaurs, but the jews still need them to claim more holyhoax repemurations, and instigate new jew wars..They’re all creepin into the fog now, approaching the river Styx , a

    27. Adolf Hitler Says:

      Jew can do it!

    28. Howdy Doody Says:


      More Army Guard, Reserve soldiers committing suicide

      Soldiers, both active duty and on inactive status, died by suicide at the rate of 25 per month in 2010, Army figures show.