22 January, 2011

The New Humanism at UNESCO

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by Bradley R. Smith.


“I presume that you are aware of the fact that if I go to Germany or Israel to argue for a free exchange of ideas on the question of the WWII German WMD (homicidal gas-chambers) I will be arrested, prosecuted, and in all likelihood imprisoned because I will have questioned publicly what the German and Israeli States demand that I not question.”


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  7. 7 Responses to “The New Humanism at UNESCO”

    1. old dutch Says:

      Bradley Smith should link to the specific information on the alleged wmd gas chambers that he thinks should be questioned.

      There is so much stuff on Smith’s website(s) that it’s hard to find specific information.

      I realize that any critical questions about the Holocasut are illegal in Germany, and in the Jew homeland Israel. But, for those of us who are not constrained by law, easier navigation of his facts would be a help.

    2. Waldo Starr Says:

      I know I am preaching to the choir, but why would any truth need laws protecting it, unless it is not a truth. Most educated people will accept a truth if there is believable supporting data. The Second World War did not happen in a time where records were not kept and the Germans were fastidious about keeping records. There are so many questions that should be answered but under the current control of the US by Jews this will not happen. Until that time comes, we will see laws protecting what appears to be a very lucrative event in history for the Jews.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      OD and Waldo both make very good points, but when dealing with crazy Semitic religions like the Holohoax and with the neurotic Jews, logic does not apply.

    4. Virgil Says:

      UNESCO will be annihilated!

    5. whtdev Says:

      There are many aspects of the second world war that are still debated today and will be 100 years from now.

      Was the United States justified in dropping the atomic bomb on Japan?

      What was the total death toll, 50 million, 75 million?

      Of all these things still being debated by historians, only one issue can get a historian thrown in jail.

      The larger issue is the way the Jews use the media and their control of governments to keep their frauds from being exposed.

    6. Henry Says:

      I think the clincher argument is… Why, if something is a provable, historical fact, should it need a law to make it unquestionable, even beyond discussion?

      Indeed, if there is a need for such a law to protect it, then that alone casts doubt on its inherent truth. Is that not embarrassingly obvious?

      There is a strangely religious quality to this. In past centuries, only religious dogmas that were unprovable (and to sane people, highly illogical) were made mandatory beliefs (Divine Mysteries) that HAD to be believed and could not be questioned, under penalties of heresy.

      Logical beliefs did not have to be fortified by any such threats. Only illogical ones.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’ve noticed how the postwar Soviet claims that Jews were turned into bars of soap and lampshades has been very, VERY quietly withdrawn from the Holohoax gospel. But weren’t such morbid props put on display at the Nuremburg Show Trials as a justification for sending honorable NS German officials to the gallows or to long, undeserved prison sentences? Weren’t such props the only “evidence” the Allies had of “Nazi war crimes”? In fact, weren’t the “war crimes” trials themselves a crime against traditional Western ideas of Justice? Don’t extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence?

      Five years ago, I received a letter from the great Manfred Roeder, a former Hitler Youth soldier who defended the Fatherland from Allied aggression in the last days of the Reich. He wrote to me about how he was sentenced to EIGHT MONTHS IN PRISON for having written a PRIVATE LETTER where he expressed his “disgust” at seeing Churchill’s picture hanging up inside the city hall of Aachen. “Why has nobody hit down this picture of one of the greatest war criminals of all time? If nobody does it I will do it one day.” He then wrote how “everywhere in Germany memorials of war heroes or graves of soldiers are desecrated or destroyed. Never ever has one been sentenced for doing it.”

      Will Germany and the Weisse Rasse ever be free again????