5 February, 2011

Former Nazi to Be Deported from America; What About the Stalinist Thugs?

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How many Jewish communists from Eastern Europe (like this guy) live in America? I don’t know, but I’m guessing quite a few, considering how America seems to focus only on Nazis for deportation. In fact, even in Europe only a handful of Jewish thugs have been tried for murder:

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    1. Jürgen Says:


      Talked to this 16-year old white girl in a burger joint yesterday:

      Hon, have you heard of Josef Stalin?
      – Ummm….like, no.

      He killed 36 million people!
      – Ummm, he DID? That sucks.

      How ’bout Mao Tse Dong? Ever heard of him?
      – Geez, uh……no.

      He killed 60 million fucking Chinese!!!!
      – Damn….

      Ok, how about Adolf Hitler? Heard of him?
      – Oh, YEAH! Umm.. He, like, killed 6 million jews.

      I then proceeded to set her straight on the facts,
      blown away at the utter fantasy of the jewed
      “education” she was receiving.

      This country is lost.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Let me guess, J…..you “educated” her on the tiger-striped waterbed in the back of your customized Chevy Luv-Van.

    3. Virgil Says:

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0NA6lFlYgA The Will will triumph!

    4. Jürgen Says:

      LOL Tim – No, Jürgen shall have no wine before its time.

    5. Jürgen Says:

      LOL Tim – No, I shall have no wine before its time.

    6. Joe Says:

      The Jew-run OSI inside the Justice Department has been instrumental in the extradition of a number of alleged “nazi criminals” despite no evidence of such doings on their part.These people were sent to their deaths to the USSR and elsewhere.A truly shameful episode for the US judiciary was the extradition to Yugoslavia of the former Interior Minister of the Indepenendt State of Croatia Andrija Artukovi?.He was extradited on the testimony of two false witnesses (one was a former criminal and agent of the Yugo secret police who had changed his nationality three times)and on the basis of three ludicrous charges (one stated that he ordered Serbs to be crushed in their homes by Croat tanks !-have a gander at the Italian tankettes the Croat army had in 1941 and 1942).The court knew that the basis for extradition was false but extradited him anyway.Artukovi? was blind at the time and died during his show trial farce in Zagreb in 1986 at the age of 88.