5 February, 2011

Modern America: Illegal Aliens Come First, Whites Come Last

Posted by Socrates in A. Wyatt Mann, dispossession & destruction, illegal immigration, immigration, mestizos, Mexcrement, Mexico, Mexinvasion, Socrates, White martyrs at 3:06 pm | Permanent Link


Shitskins have more rights than you do, White man:


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  7. 35 Responses to “Modern America: Illegal Aliens Come First, Whites Come Last”

    1. Bigduke6 Says:

      Pedro can’t speak English. But that’s OK. Because the U.S. will just have to bow to Pedro and every American should learn Spanish as Mr. Obama says. Well fuck Pedro and the donkey his shitskin ass rode in on. This is the United States Of America not the United States Of Mekeeeko. The US was formed by English speaking colonies and the Constitution of our Republic is written in English. There is no time for Pedro to learn English; but Pedro always has time for cerveza and futbol.

    2. Bigduke6 Says:

      We are not The United States Of Mekeeko and we are not the United States Of Kwanza and most certainly not the United States Of Israel. Even though many of these miscreants think so.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Average White people, wherever in the world they live, need to get this fact inside their heads. The jews and their globalists facilitators WANT Pedro, Muhammad, Dong, and Ashok to continue coming into our lands because it is their intention to create a new world population for their glorious new world order. A population of docile coffee-colored serfs and the last thing they want is a large reservoir of White people anywhere.

    4. old dutch Says:

      Oh. Just a tour group of Roman Catholic tourists visiting from Mexico. :)

      Don’t forget 99.5% of Mexicans, and other Latinos are Roman Catholics.

      Meanwhile if you are a White Protestant American expect to be searched if you go to the Super Nigger Bowl tomorrow:


    5. Bigduke6 Says:

      CW -2, you make a great point. Our founding fathers knew too well about the feudal system and jewish usary. But everything comes full circle and if white people don’t wake up it will be too late.

    6. Bigduke6 Says:

      I do my best to avoid shitskin staffed restaurants and businesses. Which is almost impossible in shitcago. I do most of my business out of The Peoples Republic of Chicago and go out of state to do my shopping, wining and dining. There are many white places in Indiana and Wisconson that are white owned and operated. I do my best to not feed the demand for illegals and greedy businessmen who hire them.

    7. Bigduke6 Says:

      Mexicans are living proof the spaniards fucked buffalo.

    8. mrcrouton Says:

      “.S. District Judge John Roll, who was one of six killed in the Jan. 8 mass shooting in Tucson, presided over the February 2009 trial.”

      Karmic justice or what? The whole case is a disgrace, and may judge Roll rot in hell for not throwing it out.

      As for Burnett, he’s out 87K$ but he’s still alive.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      With all the millions and millions of non-White “immigrants” who are swarming in here to rape, kill and steal, this Federal Immigration cunt judge has to persecute a little old White man instead. The bitch is also a lecturer at the University of Toledo School of Law.

      The twat’s email is:[email protected] But remember to keep any messages civil, because Federal Judges are semi-divine super-beings who are entitled to special protection under the law. And they don’t like their holy decisions being criticized by mere mortals, either. Anyone who commits such an act of impiety may be considered a “terrorist”.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Wetbacks are like cue-balls. The more you hit them, the more “english” you get out of them.

    11. Virgil Says:


    12. Thor Says:

      So, should we be afraid of white protestant Spaniards?

    13. Waldo Starr Says:

      The reason Mexicans and other third world trash was brought to the once great America is because where they came from there is no Bill of Rights and they could care less as long as they get free health care and a warm place to sh*t. “We don’t need no stinkin’ first amendment.” I believe that the Jewish bosses of America let these people in because they will serve as a distraction and a focal point of what is wrong in America. When in reality the theft of the American taxpayers money and his future is what the Jewish bosses have been busy doing. Remember the 80’s when we had the bank scandals, Keating 5, and junk bond fiasco with insider trading, Mike Milken and Ivan Boesky come to mind. Then we had the market meltdown of 2000 with the Jewish wizards of Wall Street making fortunes bring companies public that had never made a dime. Now we have the derivatives along with an untenable federal debt that is killing this once great nation. All these events are not accidental and each one tested the waters to see what the reaction might be. Since there was no outcry the wizards went about their tasks of completely gutting this country. Now with the influx of third world trash and the black trash we already have to support there appears to be no hope for this county getting off the matt. As a side note, just to show you how the Jewish sleight of hand works, Google Michael Miliken and learn what a philanthropist he is. It’s always easy with other people’s money. Time will only tell if Bernie Madoff will be made a saint.

    14. Bigduke6 Says:

      The Kikes want a homeland in Izzyrael, good. Then send all of the joo bastards to Izzyrael, and since they need spicks and niggers so much they can go along to provide cheap labor.

    15. Bigduke6 Says:

      Shitskins in the kitchen. Those dirty little spicks who work in restaurants have no regard for sanitation. They think it is a joke because the gringos will be eating the food. They don ‘ t even eat the food they make. They bring their shitskin food in from home or go to McDonalds. What does that tell you about the food quality.

    16. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      “. . .each one tested the waters. . .”

      Yup. These are called trial balloons. They are to gauge whether or not the people will express outrage, or even fight back.

      >>>Trial balloon is a term that originates with the testing of hot air balloons by Joseph and Etienne Montgolfiere in 1782. Before getting into a hot air balloon and risking life and limb, the Montgolfiere brothers wanted to make sure that the hot air balloon would really work. They released several trial hot air balloons unmanned, and then in 1783 they even tested a trial balloon containing several farm animals, to make sure the air at higher levels was safe to breathe. Since the farm animals arrived back on earth safely, the Montgolfieres assumed it was safe to try a manned expedition in a hot air balloon.

      From the history of the term, the English language has developed many uses for the term. It’s a way of detecting the safety of something (like sending animals on spaceships) and more often, the way of “testing the waters,” to see if an idea, product, a political candidate, or diversity of other things are actually worth developing. In a way it can be a form of market research to determine just how viable something is.

      In politics, for instance, a person interested in running for office might send up a trial balloon by letting out rumors of running for office. They then evaluate, either through surveys, or through public reaction, just how viable their campaign for a particular office might be. Another type of trial balloon in politics is to venture an idea that a politician or group of politicians might by trying out to see if they should push for a law based on the idea. If the public seems to respond with favor to the idea, then the politicians may go forth with trying to create a law or policy change since they believe there is support for it.

      In product manufacture, invention and the like, companies may use a trial balloon to determine if a product is worth inventing or making. They can use a press release stating that they’re “working on” a product, and then gauge consumer and media response to determine if the product would be something customers want. If consumer response is poor, it can save people the cost of actually producing something that won’t sell well.

      Another way of using trial balloons is to set price. This can be used in real estate, particularly, to see just how potential buyers react to certain prices. A person could float a trial balloon number of a set amount for a house to see if the price is too high, too low or just right. Car retailers may do the same thing, as can any other seller. A small quantity of products may be offered at a set price to see if they “move.” If they’re sold quickly, any seller may think about raising prices, but if they don’t sell at all the product might be repackaged and sold at a lower price.


    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thank you for the etymology of that term, Bill Safire.

    18. Virgil Says:

      http://www.heckler-koch.de/HKWeb/show/frameContent/18/4/18 Something has to give!

    19. Waldo Starr Says:

      Here is a YouTube video entitled “Outrageous! Illegal immigrants and how they drive up our health care costs.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjPBtfpn8wI&feature=player_embedded . Now I know this is no surprise to anyone at VNN and this video has been around for some time, but nothing has been done to curb the abuse. Also, there is a correlation between obesity and diabetes and renal failure can follow necessitating dialysis at a cost of approximately $36,000 a year. I read an article where a dialysis clinic in South Carolina went out of business because they had so many illegal border jumpers that they could not turn away, and no one would step forward to pay for their treatment. Their only option was to shut down, which would deprive deserving Americans of this essential life saving treatment.
      Another website, Preventing Chronic Disease, has an article entitled Diabetes and Mexicans: Why the Two are Linked by Reynaldo Martorell, PhD. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1323307/. This article was published 15 Dec. 2004 so the figures given are much worse today.
      The article states; “Mexican Americans are one of the fattest groups in what is one of the fattest nations on earth. Three out of four Mexican American adults (aged>20 years) were either overweight or obese at the end of the 20th century.” Obesity, as we understand it today, is responsible for a myriad of health problems that require expensive tests, drugs and hospital care. America is in no position to doctor the world.
      It is pure insanity to have these parasites living among us because they, like the blacks, are the ultimate consumers, and what little they do produce, doesn’t amount to squat.

    20. Howdy Doody Says:

      Mr. joo, AKA Snake Eye’s, know this, and they call US hater’s.

      If any luker’s who White fight this, I say this to you if your over 30, and still asleep there is little hope for TV idiots, but if your under 30 seek out some facts.

      About five years ago, I met a woman who I helped with her over loaded cart at a grocery store.

      We talked for a little, she stated she had four daughters who were all R.N.’s ! and to get to the point of my story she told that since they became R.N.’s NOT a one is p.c. any more.

      Insult’s and hatred they have experienced made two take lower paying jobs with physicans instead, even though they had four year degree’s and other certified creditinals. etc.

    21. Mel Brooks Says:

      OK Olde Dutch…Uncle, uncle!

      I concede defeat. No more Midnight Mass at Christmas..no more red wine with dinner. Gone are rosary beads, creamed tuna-on-toast dinners on Friday, confessionals, missals and myrhh. No more riding with the graven image of Mary on the dashboard


      Now…PLEASE if you will..tell me what Prot’ church it is that YOU belong to that isn’t keeping up with the Catholics in the areas of minority empowerment and bringing Turd Whirled pipples to The EweSA. Because I haven’t come across it yet. There’s the Baptists, the Fundies, Mermens, snake handlers and speakers in tongues..there’s the Pacifist sects, etc., etc. All of them attempting to outdo each other in the Rainbowification of America Sweepstakes.

      Please OD, as I clutch my rosary beads to my guilt-plagued breast….tell me of your Eurocentric, whites-only House of Worship. And do hurry, I can hear the footsteps of the bishop as he approaches my hiding place. I will not survive another exocism.

      Gaw-ud Helllpppp Meeee…. Aaaaaaaaaagghhhh!

    22. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The Craptist churches here are going out of business, or moving out farther into the rural areas. But they were all party to the welcome the mexishits, going so far as to over them karate lessons… Don’t forget Ronnie Rayguns amnesty, the most cowardly act of any actor I know of, to get the stoopid octogenarian White to vouch for a Mexishit invader. That democracy for ya, you get to sign your own death certificate! ” Now I lie me down to sleep, hope Haysus will keep down the rap music”

    23. Mel Brooks Says:

      Thanks, Nom.. Let us all skewer the bastard Reagan..the AM-radio, Neo-kahn yakkety-yak talk show hosts are re-singing his praises of late. As a native Californian, I recall all too well what that sonofabitch did to MY state before the morons saw fit to let him have his way with the rest of the country. A first-class union breaker, and he earned his place in Hell for his treatment of the truly needy, i.e., broke, busted and abused white folks. He shut down all the mental hospitals in California, as a consequence the cities filled up with street people, as the prisons in the state filled up with the “perpetrators” of victimless crimes.

      What an irretrievable, revolting piece of fuck he was.

    24. Howdy Doody Says:

      Nom de Guerre Says:

      7 February, 2011 at 7:14 pm

      The Craptist churches here are going out of business, or moving out farther into the rural areas. But they were all party to the welcome the mexishits, going so far as to over them karate lessons… Don’t forget Ronnie Rayguns amnesty, the most cowardly act of any actor I know of, to get the stoopid octogenarian White to vouch for a Mexishit invader. That democracy for ya, you get to sign your own death certificate! ” Now I lie me down to sleep, hope Haysus will keep down the rap music”

      0 0


      Nom, and Mel your got it !

      Old Douche is a pos phony or nutz case IMO as who else would care if a White man to post that shit here.

      He use to post at O.D. unless it was some who used the same avatar, but that O.D. poster wrote the same way.

      O.D which is long gone whether its on line or not any more itz gone.

      My guess is he’s NKVD.

    25. Howdy Doody Says:

      As for the Craptist’s out West they are singing p.c. tune’s all the TIME! They love enemy alien’s 100% and they do not give a flying shit for the Bills Of Right’s or ANY White rightz.

      They have made abundly clear they would like to harm White Nationalist, gee really the Chicom’s ought to just send US a note to surrender and save every one the trouble of whipping US IMO

    26. Tim McGreen Says:

      Reagan (and his colorless flunky George Bush Sr.) caused a great deal of damage to this country. The size and power of the Federal Government increased dramatically during his administration, as did Federal budget deficits and the national debt. He gave amnesty to millions of non-White illegals, started the whole “free trade” nightmare that has exported millions of US jobs and basically turned the government over to his rich corporate pals on Wall Street and to the powerful special interest lobbies (e.g., the Israel lobby, the energy lobby, the insurance lobby, the banking lobby, etc.).

      The average American’s standard of living has declined sharply as a result of the Reagan-Bush years. We are now deeper in debt, have more bankruptcies, more foreclosures, more unemployment, more underemployment, more uninsured Americans, more Federal tyranny, a higher cost of living, a dollar that’s worth almost nothing and millions and millions of more brown people leeching off of us as a result of his “conservative” Republican policies.

      True, Reagan was a dim bulb. But his legions of White Christan Conservative Republican fans are even dumber than he was.

    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      Reagan also put an end to the FCC’s “Fairness Doctrine”. As a result, talk radio is now dominated by a handful of right-wing retards who are nothing but mouthpieces for Big Jew and Big Business.

    28. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Let us all skewer the bastard Reagan..the AM-radio, Neo-kahn yakkety-yak talk show hosts are re-singing his praises of late.

      Yeah, I get tired of all these post-mortem birthday wishes for Ronnie.
      Hope he’s bein’ skewered by Ole Miss inseminator Nash. There shall be wailing and nashing of teeth

    29. Nom de Guerre Says:

      This is why we needed more Mexicans, thanks for your hind ass sight ronnie

    30. Nom de Guerre Says:

      True, Reagan was a dim bulb. But his legions of White Christan Conservative Republican fans are even dumber than he was.

      nothing can be dimmer and dumber. Oh they hate Obongo, but obongo isn’t a born again christ tard.

    31. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The first thing on the agenda, if we ever get a White Nation, is to pass laws barring anybody with an IQ lower than 110 from voting, or breeding,.

    32. Nom de Guerre Says:

      gee really the Chicom’s ought to just send US a note to surrender and save every one the trouble of whipping US IMO- Howdy Doody says.

      The Chinese are raising interest rates now to curb inflation in China, the boomerang is going to slam into the Banksters of wally streets profit margins, get ready for some hyper-inflation when Ben Shalom puts the skids on mt.kwas pile of worthless money . Sheeeeeet!

    33. George Wallace Says:

      We are not whites, WE ARE AMERICANS. There is no such thing as a green American or a purple American. If you look at a painting of the Continental Congress and of the Americans who signed the Declaration of Independence, you’ll see AMERICANS. If you don’t see Americans similar to yourself in those paintings, you’re NOT an American. If you don’t resemble the first man on the moon or the pilot of the Enola Gay, you’re NOT an American. I hope that clarifies the “color” issue for everyone. There is no such thing as “multi-culturalism” and there is only one type of American…a real, actual American. There is no such thing as affirmative action, there are only real, actual Americans. Either you’re an American or you’re an alien in America. At some point, the parasitic aliens in America will desire repatriation and they will pay back the welfare, in all forms, that they confiscated from Americans and clean up their messes before they repatriate.

    34. Tim McGreen Says:

      And keep your 12 year old Gringo daughters away from Pedro, because he and his Mestizo buddies are only attracted to prepubescent girls…..especially if they are Blanco.

    35. Howdy Doody Says: