14 February, 2011

Remembering the Firebombing of Dresden, Germany, February 13-14, 1945

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(above: dead German civilians at Dresden)

More Germans died in the Dresden firebombing than Jews died at Auschwitz. Yet you hardly hear about Dresden:


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  7. 42 Responses to “Remembering the Firebombing of Dresden, Germany, February 13-14, 1945”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      The word Holocaust means destruction by fire, which is exactly what happened to hundreds of thousands of German civilians in Dresden, Hanover, Berlin, Hamburg, etc. from 1943-45. Once again, the Jews accuse their victims of what they themselves are guilty of, god damn them.

    2. Nom de Guerre Says:

      We need to redefine crime, much like FBI chief Hoover did, he said ” crime prevention doesn’t begin in the electic chair, it begins in the high chair.” Romans and Greeks before they became softened and perverted by Eastern ways, knew how to get rid of misfits at birth. I go further, we need to weed them out prior to conception. A Churchill, a Harris a Roosevelt would never see the light of day.

    3. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The jews and their hordes of henchmen East and West, took a quantum leap in making warfare an act of brutality and vengeance on a scale that no Genghis Khan or Attilla the Hun could have conceived. As Ragnar Redbeard and Alexander Pope would have concurred “Whatever is, is right”, “might is right” etc. ad nauseum. Nietzche would say of those victims of such atrocities that they went under, to be a bridge for the overman, because they made the Alliance of evil commit such atrocities, they showed their fear of the overman.

    4. Nom de Guerre Says:

      We must take a quantum leap, to wreak vengeance on the unborn of ZOG

    5. Sean Gruber Says:

      Jews planning worldwide revolution after their Egypt success:


    6. Nom de Guerre Says:

      If you can stomach it, Jurgen Thorwalds “Defeat in the East” is the best account I’ve ever read about the closing days of the Reich on the Eastern Front..The long march along the Frische Nehrung in the brutal winter to escape the raping murdererous red hordes, only to find the way closed to the West, and the city of Dresden like some Emerald city of OZ, soon to be turned into a mass graveyard, by Stalins gallant allies the Brits, and Americans, machinegunning fleeing civilians. You want to know who is responsible? Hell look around you, and they’d damn well do again, as you can Read from the article Sean posted about the revolution being exported, you might note that demonstrations were held in Kaliningrad, the former East Prussian city Of Koenigsberg.. Maybe Zog wants to break Russia economically, and put Europe in the deep freeze, nothing like a good old revolution cooked up in Kosher ville Jew daw shitty, problem is Zog might be cuttin its own throat, unless it can ally itself with Chinas commies. Guess who else wants an Armageddon in the middle East?

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The botton line to the Dresden bombing, in fact all the bombing of Germany, was money for the war profiteers, they just wanted to use up all that ordinance, Thats how cold and calculating these sub-humans are. Oh and I suppose killing millions of German would pave the way for all the guest workers from Turkey and North Afreeka. Don’t be an optimist, things haven’t changed in the world, even if the kwa is knocked out of the ring the jews will find some one else to do their fightin and murderin for them, theres just that many cretins around.

      Remember all the crapola of the 60’s how bad a nuclear exchange would be, well look at Dresden and numerous other German cities, and ask yourself What if I could choose ? Then read all the accounts about people drowning in the canals trying to douse out those white phosporous flames, and treading water until they were exhausted or somebody had enough pity to club them to death or put a bullet in their brains. The Jew ass A, and England ain’t no better than Stalins Ivans. and mongols, in fact they’re worse.

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Its apparent that Zog is skeerd of a nuclear exchange anywhere close to the vital oil producing areas, that’s why Iran is next on the hit list for a more Itzshitty friendly puppet.. and it must happen soon.. So soon that zogs is probably shitting its pants thinking of how to provoke some sort of incident.. Obongo might be the pawn that has to fall next

    9. John Says:

      Dresden was a Satanic act of pure Judeo-Anglo evil.

    10. Jan L Says:

      Dresden: Never forget, never forgive.

    11. The Red Skull Says:

      The Destruction of Dresden in WWII by the “Allies” is one of the WORST–and purposely over-looked WAR CRIMES of the entire World War Jew.To firebomb and entire city crammed with fleeing refugee civilians and no real air defenses,is a horrific crime only the Jews or their puppets are capable of doing.It was also one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with all the Baroque Architecture dating to the 16 and 1700’s,and considered an “architectual jewel” among the Germans themselves.

      The jews got a 3-fer-1 in that massacre–hundreds of thousands of worthwhile Aryans died,(continually downplayed to 10’s of thousands),a jewel of Aryan Creation was Destroyed–(What the jews are best at);and the third “beney” was the Jews get to cover up/deny/downplay and otherwise demean the Tragedy,in their controlled press and demonize anyone who wants to point out the hole(s) in their story or view ala David Irving–The Fuhrer bless His heart.

      At least the Germans are remembering the slaughter,and act of GENOCIDE by the Jew-led Allies–over 10,000 far right folks marched in Dresden last year—

      14 WORDS

    12. Virgil Says:


    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      There were also a lot of Allied POWs in Dresden when the Jews ordered its bombing in 1945. Among them was the great writer Kurt Vonnegut, whose wartime experience became the basis for Slaughterhouse Five. I understand that Stalin wanted Dresden destroyed to make it easier for the Red Army to conquer eastern Germany and that the Roosenfeld cabal thought it would hasten the end of the War in Europe.

      I wonder if the RAF war criminal Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris was a Jew? Harris is usually considered a Jewish name and his criminal actions against the Reich sure look Jewish, but I am still not sure.


    14. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Stalin wanted Dresden destroyed to make it easier for the Red Army to conquer eastern Germany and that the Roosenfeld cabal thought it would hasten the end of the War in Europe.

      They had no humanitarian thoughts like ending the war sooner, and when did Stalin ever make it easier for his mongol troops? Thanks Uncle Joe heres your half of Germany, a bombed out crater

    15. Antagonistes Says:

      I remember when the movie, Slaughterhouse Five, came out.

      When I went to see it, I felt as if I were committing some furtive act of disloyalty. I had a vague feeling that Vonnegut must be a Jew or some sort of left-wing radical.

      I still did not want to believe it, after I saw it.

      The “conservatives” made excuses for the bombing of Dresden, just as they made excuses for the innocent students being shot at Kent State.

      So like being groomed, set up and, when the moment is right, raped by a trusted acquaintance–is that not the way of many conservatives with their reliance on legalism, and how they betray those who trust in them, whether those people be whole cities like Dresden, or modern-day individuals?

      I am sure all those involved made some sort of churchly confession and have been declared heaven-bound! If, after receiving their medals, they even had some sort of prickling of conscience, that is . . .

      Onward, Christian soldiers!

    16. CW-2 Says:

      There is no evidence linking Bomber Harris to ‘the tribe’, and until recently the surname Harris, at least within Britain, was considered to be Welsh.
      The real architect of terror bombing and one of Churchill’s closest advisors was Viscount Cherwell, (interesting how these jews get hold of fancy names), also known as Frederick Lindemann.
      The wikipedia entry for him conveniently omits any mention of jew ancestory, however in ‘Which Way Western Man’ W G Simpson makes the following statement; “….has left me feeling pretty certain that Lindemann was not only a Jew, but an exceptionally vengeful and ferocious one.”

    17. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Good post Antagonistes, I find that “wanted to end the war sooner” excuse as limp as a nanogenarians cock.. These good ole boys have no altruistic feelings, just a little red faced when they get caught with their pants down, or a pee stain , or britches unzipped. The sonofabitches would sell their grandmother for a nickle .

      I watched Obongos state of the jewnion, and while they panned the audience after bongo said his script about gays in the military, I caught a glimpse of the Brass, the sobs would do anything for their master the zog.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      I apologize if this post is a repeat of something I already posted, but that earlier post apparently got swallowed up and I don’t know if it will ever see the light of day.

      NdG, I never suggested that Roosenfeld and Stalin wanted the War in Europe to end because they were great humanitarians. It had to end soon out of necessity, because the Allied forces were getting worn down by fierce German resistance. Besides, the US and Russia were eager to re-focus their attention on dealing with Japan. The chief reason for the criminal firebombing of Dresden was probably to break German moral once and for all by destroying their most cultivated city.

      And please do not characterize Russian troops as “mongols”. Their Red Army commissars were Mongolian Jew savages, but the average Russian soldier was as White as the average American, German or British soldier.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      German “morale”, not “moral”.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      True, Vonnegut was a liberal, but not your average whiny, obnoxious and immature liberal. What is it about Slaughterhouse Five that you didn’t like, Ant.? My Colorado Nazi friends and I thought it was pretty kewl.

    21. Deuteronomy LaBootius Jefferson Says:

      Imagine the fury if pesti-izos were conscripted twice, in two different world wars, to kill their racial kinsmen in Mexico. Now imagine the fury if the U.S. immolated one of their most ancient and notable cities.

      Now imagine the servility, treason, and shame of knowing it was ones kin raining fiery hell on you from the sky. Would their not be revolution? I have no doubt that among the pugnacious indio’s, there would.

      How about you, sons of odin?

    22. Karen Says:

      With all this info I am certain that this Aryan Race of ours will survive. Heil Hitler!!!!!!!

    23. Trezelle Quintaloqacious McMuhdick-Jackson Says:

      At least those crisped unfortunates did not have to die by depleted-uranium ammo, tank shells, even landmines, which poison the land for generations. The Iraqi victims of yehuderei must now not only rebuild a ruined and blasted homeland, but endure generations of mutation, sickness, and lingering abominations that even a sound and stringent eugenics cannot prevent.

      I do not blame “perfidious Albion”, but the source of that perfidy.

    24. Nom de Guerre Says:

      j’accuse, oh vey look at that pile of corpses. yes, yes I recognize my auntie mitzi from Warsaw, why theres my Uncle Shlomo from Budapest, I thought he was still alive in Manhattan, but they must have been some Nazi imposter who stole his gold teeth and identity, OH VEY I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, ITS MY TWIN SISTER! Anne Frank! I could tell by the ball point pen in her right hand, and the cell phone that I gave her on her 10th birthday.

    25. Antagonistes Says:

      Tim, I guess what I did not like about it is that it was not romantic.

      I was, at that time, greatly influenced by the Romantic Poets, and certain religious yearnings, and I wanted life to be like that. I wanted to think that some people, somewhere, were moved by ideals and not power, money, and sex.

      Vonnegut threw cold water on all that. I did not want the world to be as he portrayed it. I could sense an atheism in his writings which I did not like. But how could anyone believe in God after being in Dresden when that holocaust occured? Such cold death, mechanically performed by the warriors of Christian nations! I can’t even call them warriors—warriors at least have a contact and a respect for their opponents. These people were clerks, flunkies.

      I don’t think Vonnegut wanted the world to be like that, either.

      But reality is reality.

      Obviously, Vonnegut was broken. I wanted to be able to say to him, Hey, man, look into this Jesus thing (this was the late 70’s, with the Jesus Freaks and all that). But, deep down, I knew that was absurd and Vonnegut, in his book, was calling me on it.

    26. John Says:

      @ Tim McGreen

      We have to remember that Stalin sent hordes of the non white Asians and Muslims from the Soviet Union to the front in order to strike fear into German civilians. Most of the worst atrocities were not committed by ethnic Russian Soviet troops but by these muds, whose descendants today rape and murder Russians in their own cities.

    27. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Yo tax dollahs at work for Shitreal.

    28. Howdy Doody Says:


      Dresden and Iwo Jima, were to insure OUR defeat, but really the entire depression/oppression against U.S. of the 1930’s along with the Murder of Huey P. Long in 1935 has lead US directly to this pile of shit regime we are now cowering to on bent knee.

      We do have a pile of shit talkers/treasonous paid whores on our enemy alien owned AM radio station telling US how free we are.

      Open borders and a militrized police, that is a Nation ?

      Are you enjoying the 1945 victory now.

      Why is it that 99% of vet’s that I see wearing baseball caps are OBESE slobs or riding in Scooters because of the OBESITY ?

    29. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      You may want to go to the BBC website

      And listen to the OUTRAGEOUS JEW REVISIONISM vomited forth by the BBC, claiming that merely 25,000 people were murdered by the RAF, instead of the more realistic 150,000 which David Irving estimates in The Destruction of Dresden. They go on to equivocate the bombing of Coventry in clear, smug justification for their crimes. Use this example when/if you encounter the rare genuine Aryan Mind, not already quite aware of the degree of jew-masonic LIES which are poisoning us to death.


    30. Tim McGreen Says:

      Death to Jewry and death to the BBC (Bolshevik Bullshit Corporation) as well.

    31. Howdy Doody Says:


    32. Antagonistes Says:

      My last post should have said “the late 60’s”, not “the late 70’s”.

      That is when the Jesus Freaks (burned out hippies) were in full bloom.

      I think that, essentiallly, they were of the left. Jesus Freakdom just gave them another way to feel superior, to be right and everybody else wrong, to get rid of their guilt, and to feel worthy without doing any real work. It was a head trip.

      Where are they now?

    33. Howdy Doody Says:

      Hey ! You forgot the Krishna’s and then in the 80’s the BhagWhan Sharashnee and Sheila !! LOL ! I meet them all !

      They all had some decent people who were simply lost in the kwa, and were easy pickings for the ever lasting con artists.

    34. Antagonistes Says:

      Don’t forget about old Sai Baba!

      He had college educated young people, from all countries, going to India convinced that he was God himself!

      All this done by means of a magnetic personality and some sleight- of- hand tricks!

      The people who are now ashamed of being ga-ga over him now say that, instead of them, themselves, being gullible . . . they are saying that Baba does indeed have supernatural power because he is demon-possessed!

      Ha, ha, ha!

    35. Antagonistes Says:

      But the Jesus Freaks would also tell stories! My favorite:

      “A baby was born at hospital X. The baby sat up and said, ‘Jesus is coming soon. Get ready.’ Then he died. This story is true, because so-and-so’s brother is Doctor X and he was there!”

      Another one: “So-and-so had demons cast out of him. I was there! I saw dense black smoke come out of his mouth, while he writhed in agony, and talked in a deep, satanic voice that could not possibly be his!”

      This is African-like gullibility.

    36. Tim McGreen Says:

      Don’t forget the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, either. He fooled the The Beatles until it was discovered that he was chasing some White girl around the ashram. The song “Sexy Sadie” on the White Album is really about what a fake the Maharishi was, although Manson Girl Susan “Sadie” Atkins thought it was about her.

    37. Joe Says:

      Mainstream historians are indolent,cowardly scum.The foremost authority on German WW II documentatio in the English speaking world David Irving,has for years been privy to documentation (such as police reports) that well over 100 thousand people were murderd in this terror raid which had no military justification.Every attempt by know-nothings in academic circles has within the past few years ben made to minimize the death toll,unfortunately with a great deal of aid from the zionist colony Germany.

    38. Howdy Doody Says:

      Enemy aliens on talk radio like Savage the mean winnie has screamed that got what was coming it was warz etc.

      Over the last ten years I have heard media Whore’s babble that we had to do it etc..

      Every pilot was from a different time, and had a good education but they did it.

      Since FDR the pervert criminal came to power ANY White who steps forward to lead is murdered, or jailed, or run off.

      Huey P. Long, by T Harry Williams 1971, the book was ten years in production.

      This is only one long, listen to this.


      It is a Fact we have no leaders, only controllers and bullshiters.

    39. James Says:

      Pretty soon they will be killing and burning all white children to protect us so that the muds can mulitply the higher up only feel safe with a bunch of muds and are afraid of smart white people.

    40. Howdy Doody Says:

      Joe Says:

      19 February, 2011 at 9:49 am

      Mainstream historians are indolent,cowardly scum


      Joe, you are far too kind when when describing the POS bastards that teach at the college level.

    41. Howdy Doody Says:



    42. Shon Mclennan Says:

      Hi there can I use some of the content from this site if I provide a link back to your site? [YES].