8 February, 2011

‘The Crimes of Karl Marx’

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The Jewish ideology of communism still murders and enslaves people over a century after the gross and smelly Marx hatched this scheme against the world. Years ago, communism was considered to be a Jewish movement, but today, it’s rarely called “Jewish.” Why is that? (a trick question). By the way, it looks like Kaminski may be running out of gas, racially/politically speaking, and who can really blame him? There seems to be little progress on the pro-White front:


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    1. Virgil Says:

      Kaminski is right; marxism is bunk!

    2. Jim Says:

      There is only one thing worse than jewish communism and that is jewish capitalism.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well said, Herr Jim……

      If the Capitalist factory and mine owners had treated their employees with respect and paid them a decent wage, then mob-controlled labor unions and Jew-Marxist agitators would never have existed.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Very true. In 19th century England there were literally millions of White slaves, of course they weren’t called that, they were ‘apprentices’, but their condition was far worse than any negro cutting sugar cane in Jamaica. Children were worked to death in cotton mills and mines while these sanctimonious owners sang jew hymns in church.

    5. mrcrouton Says:

      Wasn’t Marx primarily a writer? Are we forced to follow his drivel? Are we compelled to put him on a pedestal and respect his idiotic theories? Why do we fetishize the craziness of what he wrote. I remember reading the communist manifesto twenty years ago and thought it was crazy radical talk. I still think so today.

      I have read Engels The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844 and recommend it highly.

      Whenever a Jew comes out with new odd terms (at the time)like proletariat, we should know to watch out. Just like Freud, they bamboozle you with some new gimick and then it takes a while to debunk it. Likewise with the current Jew promoted terms like globalism or derivatives.

      It’s way easier just to teach that gentiles should never trust Jews and ignore their cockamamie nonsense. We need to drum it into our heads that they have a disturbed murderous agenda behind their clever words. And that trying to complicate matters is indicative of someone trying to misdirect you. And then rip you off or direct you to a gulag. The Jews are doing it now, setting up an American gulag. It’s called DHS fighting the war on terror.

      All it takes is one false flag and before you know it we’ll be meeting each other in some camp in the midwest.

    6. Fr. John Says:

      Kaminski is running out of gas, because no matter how hard he tries, he cannot link the Jews/Khazars with the religion of Jesus Christ, for Christ was NOT a Jew.


      And it is Kaminski’s own Christophobia, that puts him in the same ballpark as the Jews he seeks to smear with the brush of ‘IF God is for the Jews, I’m against God’ mindset. But since God is NOT for the Jews, but for the “Israel of God” [ Gal. 6:16] which is the race of Christendom, i.e., Europe, Kaminski is merely blowing hot air. God, the Christian Church, and Christ are ‘blood brothers’ to the White residents of Magna Europa.

      It is only the judaizing heresies of Dispensationalism, LIberalism, and Roman Catholi-schism that have blurred these distinctions over the last fifty years, and have allowed/created the ‘myth’ that the [sic] ‘Jews’ are still the Chosen People. when Christ said they were the sons of the Devil, during HIS lifetime, 2000 years ago! [ John 8:44]

      Odd, too, that Kaminski would write this column NOW….. when I wrote very much the same thing, THREE YEARS AGO- and quoted the same poem, to illustrate very DIFFERENT ends.


      (see esp. starting at footnote 6)

      This is all clearly nothing less than hatred AGAINST GOD [Christophobia] on Kaminski’s part, using the Jews as a convenient foil for his hatred. And, in that battle, Marx and Kaminski are on the same side, which means there’s no difference between them, no matter WHAT he says….

    7. Fr. John Says:

      Here’s another (more recent) post to corroborate my thesis.


    8. Luke Says:

      Dittos, MrCrouton. I remember back about 10 or 12 years ago, when the term ‘neo-conservative’ first began to appear and get mentioned quite often in the mainstream media. Being a white nationalist then, as now, whenever I hear or read a new term like this – I am immediately struck with a curiosity about what it means, what it represents, and who’s behind it.

      So, I jumped on the web and started doing research on the term and ideology known as neo-conservatism, with perhaps one of the best discussions of it being made available by a publication by Brent Nelson of the Council of Conservative Citizens organization in one edition of their ‘Occasional Papers’.

      What I discovered told me immediately that it was raw evil on steroids, and could be traced right back to Leon Trotsky’s dream of a global-wide communist revolution and war mongering without end – accompanied, naturally, by the criminal looting and plundering of the wealth of any nation who had a dime in their pocket or anything else of value to steal. This ideology is intimately linked to nearly all of the poisonous, anti-white, anti-Western ideas that were incubated and hatched out of the demonic brains of the evil Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxist jews, as well.

      And, as I was making the effort to learn all these horrible truths, what were most of my white male and white female friends doing? Watching sports on TV, worshiping African criminals chasing various shapes of balls around on a field or court or tuning into Oprah or Judge Judystein and ignoring the Trotskyite coup de tat of the nation that their 100 percent White Founding Daddies created and passed down to them.

      When I’d mention the word ‘Neo-Con’ in their presence, they would respond by asking: “What is a neo-con?”

      And these numbskulls continued to vote for their ‘Rs’, blissfully ignorant of the vast and fatal differences between a traditional, racially healthy, America first conservative and a neo-con communist.

    9. Tina Carter Says:

      Neither democracy nor communism is going to help us (White Nationalist). To make matter worst our system is heavily influenced by (Christianity). As you know it is an egalitarian — turn the other cheek? While our religious brethren believe “An eye for an eye”

      It may take us thousand year or so to develop a system to survive as a race — be that as minority, or as the only dominant within our border. Just look at the Jews — they built a system five thousand years ago, and they still using the same idea “how to survive as a minority, and take over host nation/race.

      To achieve that we need to get rid of Jew ideas starting from media and entertainment industry.

      This ain’t gonna be easy, nor pretty. Jews have already destroyed western civilization, and I personally fear that it maybe too late to avert a total collapse of race.

    10. The Red Skull Says:

      The Jews are very clever at disguising their true intentions from the Goyim.They are masters of the lie,and most AmeriKwans are too stupid/gullible/brainwashed to see the difference.To create a system which says its for the benefit of the “people” or “proletariat”and offers all kinds of promises and hope to the masses,but in reality is just a system to keep a Jew oligarchy in control while they Rob Blind,murder,ruthlessly subjugate all other opposition and send “dissenters” to a gulag.

      Communism is the system the Jews Prefer most,because they no longer have to pretend the Goyim rule their own destiny–as in Western “capitalism”.Either way—–Jew Communism–or Jew Capitalism—the “host” population ends up destitute,bereft of their money and former position of power over themselves and their destiny.

      Unrestricted Wall Street Jewish Capitalism takes a little while longer to grind people down–especially a formerly rich and powerful nation like the US,but with the “help” of the Central Jew FED Reserve Bank,their getting there now.

    11. Bob Says:

      Religion must be ignored, but not its necessity:


      warrior.hun — I am FOURTH Position. As far as religion goes in
      this regard, it means that WE must take action, that WE must do the
      heavy lifting, and not count on any other entity — whatever it is.

      In religion, First position is monotheism, Second position is
      polytheism (the Trinity there someplace), Third position is
      atheism/agnosticism, and FOURTH position = “It don’t matter!!” (see

      But the implication is great! One thing that is needed is something
      a person will die for without hesitation.
      This is the basis for
      ‘bravery’. Note suicide attackers, etc. whose raison d’etre is
      usually religion.


      P.S. The First and Second positions can be transposed, depending upon time frame or circumstance. Also, this is one characteristic among many.

    12. Fr. John Says:

      Oh this is RICH.

      Instead of having to DEAL with the TRUTH of Christianity, you allow illiterate and ill-bred readers (who are the equivalent of the Taliban in intelligence) to ‘spam’ a post, thereby relegating it ‘beyond the pale’ on your forum, so that you don’t even HAVE legitimate dialogue on this forum.

      If you’re antichrist, why don’t you POST IT, and explicitly say so?

      Then the college educated minds can steer clear of this site…. oh wait, they already do!

      You confuse the Jewish hatred for REAL christianity, with your own hatred for same….. which makes you ideologically Jewish, in effect. Is this what you want?

      Then you use the PERVERTED forms of Jewish-dominated Christianity (Roman Catholi-schism and Evangelical Dispensational Protestantism) and say that it is the WHOLE, (which is what the Jews WANT you to do) and thereby dismiss the ONLY competing WORLDVIEW that can WIN against Judaism’s false religion- REAL Christianity: pre-Liberal Prot, pre- Roman..

      But that would mean you’d have to give up the Jewish lie of ‘Ulimate Godhood’- thinking yourself better than everyone else, and a ‘god unto yourself,’ which enables the co-dependant slaves of the Judaized state even more, in not submitting to another (like God- or your local Priest)- which (again) is a VERY Jewish trait….

      You folks can’t fight something with nothing; and neo-pseudo paganism, Wodinism, or even (Barf!) Wiccanism ain’t gonna cut it against Illuminati/Talmudic satanism.

      All you end up doing by ignoring Conciliar Christianity, is serve the Jews’ best interests. In essence, you’re all nothing but Shabbas goys.

      FIE on you.

    13. CW-2 Says:

      Interesting posts by Fr John, are you by any chance a Greek or Russian Orthodox minister? Your intentions may be good but mainstream Christianity is completely subverted by big jew, also I can see no benefit to us in getting people to believe in stuff contained in the Old Testament, which is 100% jewish supremacism.
      Early Christianity had a choice in AD 140 about whether to include the OT in its cannon of accepted scripture. Big mistake in giving it the seal of approval.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Friar John (or is it Father John?), last time I heard you were building coffins at a monastery in Macedonia. At any rate, I am pleased to see you have taken some time off to come back here and defend the Faith.

      But my primary question is this….Was Jesus of Nazareth (aka, Jesus H. Christ, Yeshua Bar Yosef, The Lamb, The Redeemer, The Light and The Way, Son of Man, Son of God, Satan’s kid brother, Emmanuel, “Sandy”, Jesu, Josh, The Lion of Judah, The Lamb of Judah, Charles Manson, etc.) a real person, or a character in a story? Did he really exist? And if so, was he God Incarnate, as his followers claim? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and so I await your extraordinary proof with bated breath.

    15. Virgil Says:

      Archaic shamanism is the only genuine “religion”; everything else is a mindfuck!

    16. mrcrouton Says:

      FR John.

      Jews think Jesus wasn’t god. Do you know why? Because they know a Jew when they see one and they know that Jews are scam artists. So the fact that Jews of the day wouldn’t except a Jew to be god makes sense to me.

      But you Christians believe a Jew is god! Is that a failed premise or what? As though a turd is a sunset. They are mutually exclusive on face value.

      Pontius Pilate knew better and set the record straight with smart ass smarmy Jews that can’t answer a straight forward question with a straight forward answer. Now that’s a man!

      Stop being a dupe and put away your silly Jew worshipping, middle eastern, semite adoring religion! Stop attempting to revive it and making it work by reinterpreting it to suit your purposes. It’s a middle eastern con job, not meant for Europeans. Give it up already.

      Darwin (a European I might add), found the truth. Friedrich Nietzsche (another European) synthsized the implications of Darwin and put it to work. Put them on a pedestal instead. Your own people who brought the real truth of how life works.

      If you need an ideology that works, I suggest white nationalism and Nazism. A belief system that does it all for white men.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      Herr Crouton is right, no matter how the Christians might try to deny it, the “god” they worship is a Jew who was descended from the Jews, was raised as a Jew and only associated with other Jews. But then again the whole Jeebus story is a myth which was based on earlier myths.

    18. CW-2 Says:

      I think Fr John is trying to say that White people have lost hope in anything outside of their narrow personal world and that a re-activated Christianity can fill that void.
      The trouble is, in some ways we are too intellectual for our own good. Certainly since the renaissance White men like Nietzsche have looked at reality and not averted their gaze when unpleasant facts come into view. Not many people can stand the unvarnished truth, to avoid despair they seek comfort in the malls and niggerball, distractions which big jew is eager to supply. Meanwhile the jewtube and the churches tell them their purpose in life is to work hard and pay taxes to breed up more muds.
      For the moment WN is a bit too cool, too detached, to touch the White masses, we need something with more emotional energy.

    19. Virgil Says:

      Mescalin is a great energizer!

    20. Virgil Says:

      Mescaline is a great energizer!

    21. Virgil Says:

      Entheogens would help to deprogram our people from a lifetime of brainwashing and it would assist them in tapping into ancient european shamanic wisdom. Such wisdom would include a healthy dose of tribal-ethnic-racial pride.
      It would also enhance creativity in fine arts and crafts. To litterally “channel” the gods and heroes of our ancestors would infuse much needed enthusiasm in the life-and-death struggle for the survival of our race.