10 March, 2011


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fasces symbol

(above: the fasces symbol on a U.S. dime, circa 1930)

Waxing philosophical here, for the benefit of the usual target audience (newbies): Fascism – in this case, National Socialism – is probably the only thing that will save Western culture [1]. That’s not true, you say? Well, how can a region preserve its racial heritage without the force of government? The “free market” is going to preserve it? Or voting? Or Jesus? Granted, few people want to live under the heavy hand of fascism (I’d rather not), but would you prefer the disease or the cure? (Some of the reader comments under this post will be keepers, I’m certain):


[1] Nazism is, for all practical purposes, fascism, even if Hitler didn’t consider himself a fascist

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    1. Doug Says:

      The free market would allow for individuals to congregate and keep niggers out of their communities. Seriously, that’s all we need is a return to freedom and the problem will be fixed. Whites will instantly be allowed to live as they wish, without subsidizing other races. Free market economics (actual freedom) is what we need, not authoritarianism. That’s why we should embrace local control, and oppose statism. Then pro-white areas could even raise funds to give money to new white “immigrants” from ghetto areas, to free them from that environment when they simply can’t afford to escape into an upper class (synonymous with white) neighborhood. Only in a free market will you be able to live cheaply at a high standard of living, without worrying about nigger crime and jewish-run schools.

    2. Tim Says:

      Well, how can a region preserve its racial heritage without the force of government? The “free market” is going to preserve it? Or voting? Or Jesus?

      A false dilemma, as the American Founders would have recognized. But oh no, it’s brown shirting and goose stepping or bust. I can’t say it much better than Doug above on the issue of the free market (which would include uncompromising free association).

      This not only includes the complete abolition of anti-discrimination laws (which would kill not only affirmative action but mixed housing, hotels, restaurants, and clubs) but mandatory public school attendance laws (killing the mixed public schools where your white daughter mixes with Tyrone and Da Gang) and legal tender laws (which would put an axe to fractional reserve banking, the Big Banks, and the Fed).

      Well, duhhh. Why is it that white nationalists are continually too stupid to figure out that the CENTRALIZATION of power is what has aided the advance of the Jewish takeover of the world the most? Why do they so stubbornly insist on donning the jackbook and swastika and hopelessly alienating 95% of the other whites out there?

    3. Sean Gruber Says:


      Government control is needed to force the races together. For example, “affirmative action.” The natural leaning of people, seen over thousands of years of history, through every kind of government and lack of government, is to congregate together based on racial family (clan, tribe, nation-state, etc.). Only something completely unnatural needs force to compel people to do it.

      But perhaps the solution to our racial destruction isn’t either/or, i.e., either freedom or fascism. My prescription is twofold.

      First, and most importantly, free people up – no more speech codes, no more official reprisals for “racism,” no more quotas, no more set-asides, no more compulsory, forced, coerced, legally mandated race-scrambling of any kind, period. No more Rodney King bawling, “Can’t we all just get along?” This freeing up of people’s natural tendencies with regard to race will produce a very marked separation, in education, in housing, in social and sexual relations. (To the extent that there is currently any racial separation and integrity is owing entirely to the pockets of freedom-by-default that exist in our country. The natural tendency of people, again, is to separate by race. It requires governmental force to counteract this healthy tendency – it requires freedom to restore it.)

      Second, as Linder has suggested, institute “The Guardians,” i.e., a governmental body of men committed to the forcible stamping out of racial mixing. This will mop up the remaining 10% of the problem. But freedom will take care of about 90% of it.

      To summarize: first, free people up; second, put in a racial police force to take care of the remainder of the problem.

      I hope that answer is considered a keeper.

    4. Sean Gruber Says:

      And it should go without saying that no part of my prescription is possible until our main enemy is wiped out and the way is clear for us to take positive action. In other words, step one is: death to the jews.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:


      If the Internet had been around in 1974 They could have gotten one million volunteer’s and a billion gifts !

      Rhodesia, did not allow Western filthy TV/Movies.

      Here is a three year old post from a VNNF poster quoted below.



      I did not write this post below.

      Originally Posted by Bassanio
      It’s too late to fix this.

      50 years ago we still had a chance. But now it’s too late.

      The day women were “sexually liberated” and permitted to walk around town half-naked with no indecency laws to worry about, was the day it ended.

      The day ****s started producing interracial porn without fear of getting lynched or imprisoned, was the day it ended.

      The day a white whore was able to safely walk American and European streets with a nigger by her side, was the day it ended.

      We’ve been giving up ground for the last 150 years and now all we have left is an Internet forum. Soon that will be gone as well.

      The White Man, as a collective, has willingly become the feminist’s, the ****skin’s and the Jew’s eunuch bitch.

      And he’ll continue to pathetically smile as he gets ****e
      d up the ass time and time again.

      It’s too late to fix this.

      Dude, this post is spot on. I was thinking of saying the exact same thing. Not only do we have the Xtians, white women, jews and all of the ****skins against us, we have too many people bitching and not doing anything meaningful to push this thing forward (those who do not fit this profile, you know who you are and what you contribute.

      Bitching and moaning and attempting to ‘wake people up’ is not going to work. the most important thing for us is to build wealth networks and power if we even want to weather this.

      The world is **** when any other group other than white men (And possibly Japanese) run it. As much as I hate to say it because I once believed in women more than men, women cannot be liberated without destroying all of man’s work. That is their desire to destory it for spite, ‘revenge’ and fun. Women don’t like being under men’s thumbs, nor do they like it when they are not (Look how many personal ads
      want a ‘real man’ (meaning a powerful male who take control)), so because for women the two are the same, the former is better for men, and that is how it should be.

      Women don’t care about the work that goes into creating one kingdom or fortune, they just know they want it, and then want to complain that everything is not done properly to their liking. Oh was a skeleton key ticket their body is.

      The truth is women are never happy, and will never be happy. Complaining is what they do, it brings them joy.

      As for the niggers, do you think we will beat them with whiny words, attempting to shame people who laugh at us or appealing to their better nature? It doesn’t exist. All this **** is just that – ****. The only thing that matters for white nationalists is money, power and control, because once we have that, then our principles mean something, before that; absolutely nothing.

      We need to be more like this man;

      As for these coons, for a long time I have been a proponent of wiping all of those islands clean of niggers and taking over, but we don’t even have the power to make $1 million together, or to gather 10000 men.

      For 12 years I have been a WN and nothing has changed for the better for us. What is it going to take so we can restore sanity?

    6. Howdy Doody Says:


      This was gentleman and one of the finest Nation heads in two hundred years.

      Look at what he got for being a honest and fair gentleman.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:


      When like Central Europe fought for Self Preservation eternal enemy aliean in 1939, and as Rhodesian did IMO

      All other war’s and the sacrafice was for nothing and un-called for as they were not defending hearth, home, and kin.

    8. CW-2 Says:

      “Would you prefer the disease or the cure?” The disease is threatening the very survival of the White race and no temporary palliatives or painkillers are going to solve the problem. Forget about the bottle of asprin, health will only be restored by an injection of penicillin to kill off the jew-globalist-nwo bacillus. If doctor Fascio has that medicine in his bag then perhaps we have little alternative but to use it.
      Fascism is a very flexible political philosophy but for it to work within a society it must be rooted in the national, almost volkish, feeling of the people. German, Italian, and Spanish fascism had similarities but also big differences in form and policy. Likewise in a country as vast as the United States one size won’t fit all regions. Fascism, or whatever we wish to call it, will need to be flexible to accommodate the Nordic spirit of the mid-west with the more conservative and religious feelings of the old south.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:


    10. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Prior to any changes political, there has to be a breakdown of communcations, instead of attacking government or forming anything, the religious institutions that bind the network together have to be obliterated. Here I’m talking about the judaeo-xtian clowns that pepper the airwaves, and the media clowns. All the Fascist leaders of the 19th century of 20 century made some gross errors in thinking they could live that tub of lard ass mummy vampires alone.. Look who eventually stabbed Mussolini and Hitler in the back.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think most Americans are wary of any political, religous or social movement that seeks to control and shape every aspect of the citizen’s life. I guess Fascism, like Communism, Utopianism and all those other “isms”, just seemed too “foreign” or maybe even “cultish” to Americans and their notions about what the role of government should be in society.

      True, Americans do have a mild totalitarian streak….their love of football and flag-waving, their patriotic parades, their submission to the police, their dislike of the idea of armed insurrection and their lip-service towards “our heroes in uniform who are defending freedom”. Some degree of conformity, submission and regimentation is acceptable, as long as there is no kind of ideology behind it that threatens the Jewish and Capitalist definition of the “American Way of Life”.

    12. Bret Ludwig Says:

      One major truth no one wants to face is that the United States is too big to be held together by much when the internal stresses start getting serious-i.e the fridges begin emptying and the N-ball games stop being telecast. The USA is nothing if not quite divisible, in ways it wasn’t even in the era of the War of Northern Aggression.

      In 1860, only two races existed, for all practical purposes, and one was absolutely superior in every way, numerically, in every quality relevant to Western civilization, and in its own self-assurance as to its priivilege and duty to wield that power. Most of the population was up and down the Eastern seaboard, little west of the Mississippi. Most were either English, Scots-Irish or German. Generally, only free white males over 21 with land could vote.

      In 1960 this was still mostly true, although Catholic Irish and Italians were politically significant and females could vote. And yes, we had Jews, then as much as now. Still, the nation was as indivisible as any sizable polity on earth.

      Today that isn’t so. I predict that the continental US of today will in 2060 be composed of not less than four or five sovereign states.

      AT LEAST ONE of those needs to be all-White, volkish, and free of democracy as we know it. I would prefer leaders chosen by chance from a limited pool whose members would be qualified by life achievements, testing, and a commitment to service.

    13. morris wise Says:

      African dictators will one day be cooked in the oil they are protecting. It will happen when the savages are given Democratic rights and freedom.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Those old American coins looked better than the boring coins we have today. The nickel with the buffalo and the Indian on them, the dime with Mercury and the fasces symbol, the Franklin half dollar….And they had real silver in them too. Well we certainly can’t allow that anymore. The Jews just helped themselves to the US Government’s reserves of gold and silver as if they had the god-given right to take it all away from us and do with it as they please.

      “Wherever there is evil and injustice in the world one will find the Jew.” –Miley Cyrus

    15. Sgt. Skull Says:

      As the great Revilo P. Oliver and GLR said, we will indeed more government (not less) in order to prevent the creeping dispossession and genocide of the white race. This presupposes that government is working on behalf of white people and only white people.

      Do your own thing liberalism/Americanism, laissez faire capitalism, lower my taxes conservatism, or end the fed libertarianism all share a materialistic view of human nature and as such, have nothing offer whites except more of the same.

    16. Sean Gruber Says:

      Interesting that “death to the jews” got 3 thumbs down here, on VNN, the site of No jews, Just Right.

      Three kikenvermin (or fellow travelers) on here, evidently.

      No action can be taken with the jew in charge or even around. Another VNN saying: No Way Out Except Through The jew.

    17. Howdy Doody Says:

      jooos read here feveriously