22 March, 2011

UK: Diversity Kills White People

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Dr. Poonjabwabbywop: “Take #%*&%*! of these every %$!*&%.”

White patient: “You want me to take 23 of these pills every hour? Okay.”


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    1. CW-2 Says:

      Notice how the article tries to remove suspicions away from graduates of the Nairobi medical school and onto non-native English speaking European doctors. Well, in 2009 a ‘German’ doctor working in Britain killed a patient by accidentally administering a massive overdose of morphine. The jewpapers were full of articles trying to fan anti-German feeling, until a picture of this German doctor appeared on the jewtube. This guy did not share any ancestory with Albert Schweitzer, but was in fact a recent African immigrant to Germany. After that revelation the story was dropped.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Aren’t there any young White people who want to be doctors anymore? I guess the problem is the prohibitive cost of medical school, along with trying to repay $100k or more in student loans, plus the grueling internships and the cost of malpractice insurance, etc.

      Funny how the Wogs and Chinx apparently don’t have to worry about things like that when they send their kids to medical school. They stick together and help out their own kind, like the Jews do. Naturally, Whites today are such “individuals” that they would never dream of thinking of themselves as being part of a greater White community. They would never dream of getting together with their White friends, relatives and neighbors and pooling their resources so that they could send ALL their kids to top-flight medical schools the way the Asiatics do.

      It’s sickening to see all those Wog, Chink, Jew and Paki med students hogging the best medical schools in White countries for themselves. Whites invented modern medicine with no help whatsoever from Shlomo, Hymie, Charlie Chan, Ho Lee Fuk, Krishna or Shiva. What balls those bastards have. And for the most part they become only semi-competent doctors with shitty 3rd world attitudes towards their patients. I know whereof I speak, believe you me.

    3. Joe Neunzig Says:

      The greatest mistake White people ever made: giving their medicine and technology to the mud peoples.

    4. Arminius Says:

      They claim there is such a terrible shortage of medical practitioners (called “doctors”), that they have to import them like junk from china.
      But why a shortage? Is the shortage faked, because the public purse in health matters is open ended, anybody with a smattering of medical knowledge is attracted by easy money and feeds from it like maggots in a carcass?
      Or does the blame lie with the patients, who exploit the public health system for their own ends- and forget, they finally have to pay the price?
      Remember, the Chief Baboon was whipped into the highest office with the promise of free public health care!
      On the other side, there are far too many running for the “doctor” when their noses are dripping, and “doctors” (no other profession produces so many of them, noughts, frauds or otherwise), are only too happy to oblige with some prescriptions (which is exactly what the word means), which in turn benefit the pharmaceutical industry, which again benefit the banks, the shareholders… it’s a profitable merry-go-round.
      The whole “health” system is rotten from end to end, but apparently not yet diseased enough to be noticed.
      And do not forget, most diseases are invented, self inflicted or heal themselves, because each normal body has an inbuilt system of self repair. The rest is prevented by proper and hygienic lifestyle. It is the interference of the modern medicynics, which makes physical self restauration difficult or impossible.
      No medicynic practitioner, hospital, chemist can earn a cent from a healthy person or who defies them (except in an accident). That’s harmful for the disease industry!

      Hence we recognize in the whole health issue another Jewish policy to instill fear into the Goyim by vigorously promoting in all media: health scares, flu scares, mass injections, “research breakthroughs” (speciality: cancer), hospital “bed shortages”, “preventive” medicine, doctor visits, random checks, you name it.
      It pays to run such a system, there is plenty of money in it, and that explains all.

    5. Virgil Says:

      It is time to kill diversity!

    6. Klassikality Says:

      Arminius makes same great points about how our healthcare system is, well, sick. Modern medicine like almost everything else, has been thouroughly judaized and perverted.

      Whenever a new medical clinic/ doctors office has an ad in the paper in my area, there are always at least a few Asian names. The East Indian doctor has become a cliche, even in the media, mainly in tv shows I have seen “Dr. Dothead” showing up when a character goes to the hospital.
      Oh, and also CNN resident medical guru/swami Sanjay Gupta.

      It really infuriates me to think off all the young Whites who have the ability and work ethic to be doctors, but will never get the chance. What a waste of young minds!

    7. a2 colored eyes Says:

      Tim McGreen is not a White Nationalist, he is a jew cunt.

    8. Bigduke6 Says:

      The jooish controlled medical, pharma – industrial complex likes the imports from paki, and china because they can pay them less. Also the greedy bastards have no morals and will overprescribe meds to get all the perks from the pharmaceutical companies. My former dr. had the pharm reps camped out in the office. The pharm companies lay a ton of perqs on docs to prescribe the latest money making drugs

    9. Howdy Doody Says:


    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m exceedingly glad I upset you so much, A2 colored eyes. Did you AIDS infected Negro queers really think you could intimidate ALL White people into silence?