14 April, 2011

Germany: Judge Says Demjanjuk Trial Will Continue, Despite FBI Report

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Of course the trial will continue. The Jewish community is very powerful and the judge doesn’t want to find himself working as a clerk somewhere in the Alps. The Demjanjuk trial is, like all things spawned by the Jews, a farce: at first, the Jews said Demjanjuk was a guard at the Treblinka camp. Now, their story has changed and they’re saying that Demjanjuk was a guard at the Sobibor camp. (Jews are so arrogant that they don’t worry about inconsistencies).


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    1. Jim Says:

      It is absolutely amazing that the kikes have totally castrated the once great Aryan Nation of Germany, the only Nation in history that has unlocked the key to their power and came within a hair’s breath of cutting off the head of the jewish serpent. What is the key to the seeming power of the jew? LIES AND DECEPTION.

    2. jayhackworth Says:

      Many sick Jews enjoying this show trial.
      Hey, Israel.
      Everybody knows.
      Your ballroom days are over, baby

    3. Marcus Garvey Says:

      There are different applications of the law for different people


      The red in the background of this site red, is to liquafy and dis-solve pure and fertile thought. Such as the green trees on one end of the earth can be seen as the very opposite of the red lava that disolves everything that it touches.

      That is why trolls are allowed to post on VNNF.

    4. ED! Says:

      Well Jim, they have done this to us through the schools and churches which have become the halls of indoctrination. Then you have the media both electronic and printed page. Little Johnny comes home from school and his mom and dad agree with what he has learned that day, because they are victims of the same system. Our educational system wants programmed minds. People who think for them selves are a serious threat to their agenda, the Jewish agenda that is! It looks as if we have a lot of educating to do, and that is something we should not shy away from. I believe we can win against the evil iron will of organized Jewry.


    5. Emily Says:

      Can’t help but recognize the head-lead guard in photo to be Jew. Mathematically inconsistent odds. Coersion, anyone? They always seems to be at the ‘right’ place, at the ‘right’ time; only, they NEVER make sense.
      You must have freedom to question, and then shine the light upon the item in question.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews are obviously trying to finish off Demanjuk by tormenting him with this cruel legal harassment. It doesn’t even matter to the Jews if Demanjuk is guilty of anything, they just want to make an example of him by subjecting him to a kosher ritual slaughter.

    7. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      The unquenchable thirst for REVENGE is deeply rooted in the dark soul of this truely devilish “people”.Always has been.Read the O.T.,you’ll find it on nearly every page. Take for example psalm 137 where they sing “by the rivers of Babylon” about their exile in that city.In the two last verses it says:”Thou daughter of Babylon,destined for destruction,happy shall he be ,who shall repay thee for what thou hast done to us. Happy shall he be who shall GRAB THY CHILDREN AND CRUSH THEM AGAINST THE ROCKS”.In other places they delight in the destruction of Tyrus and Sydon and nearly every neighbouring people. And they never forget.When Israel attacked Egypt in 1956 Ben Gurion said it was in revenge for what the Egyptians had done to the Jews at the time of the Exodus(!).Jews still hate all Christians for the persecutions during the Middle Ages,the Russians for the pogroms under the Czars,the Spaniards for the expulsion of 1492 and of course the Germans (and by extension ALL Europeans) for the holocaust.Whether the sick 90 year old Demyanyuk is really guilty or not is unimportant.It is all about REVENGE.They want to have SOMEBODY to quench their thirst for revenge on.But that thirst can as little be quenched as it is possible to fill a Black Hole with light.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Excellent commentary, Franklin, most excellent. If you’ll notice, all of the Jews’ holy days are celebrations of how they (or their imaginary tribal god “Yahweh”) killed millions of their gentile enemies, including and especially the children. The Mold Testament provides real insight into how depraved and twisted the Jews are.

      However, I don’t believe for a second that the Jews were slaves in Egypt. No sir, if anything they ran the slave trade in Egypt, along with the brothels and everything else that was illicit. The same goes for their “Babylonian captivity”. They weren’t captives of anyone, dammit. The Egyptians and Babylonians probably threw them out, only to have the bastards come back a few centuries later when the Greeks and Romans conquered those lands.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:


      This case reminded of another NNNF story about the real estate agent to the stars who was beat to death by her well paid assistant.

      Congoids are akin IMO a dangerous animal, you can think they are rational, but you lose big time being brain washed/deluded. R.I.P.


    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      That was posted in error.

    11. b.b.shaw Says:

      I used to think Jews were cute when they tried to act righteous. I no longer think so.

    12. Sgt. Skull Says:

      What else do we expect from the kikes other than to torment an innocent goy until he kicks the bucket? The fact that the Israeli Supreme Court found him innocent of the charge of being “Ivan the Terrible” has done nothing to sate the Jewish lust for gentile blood.

      This is an unconscionable crime against an innocent American citizen, and if the U.S. government was in the hands of nationalists it would arrest and summarily execute the Jews and shabbos goys involved in the persecution of Demjanjuk. Of course, if nationalists were in control things wouldn’t have come to this point.

      People must understand that Jews have been doing these things to non-Jews since time immemorial which has led to pogroms, murder, expulsion and the “poisecution” that they so often wail about. The dumbass conservatards are foolishly and busily trying to placate the yids but they will share the same fate as Demjanjuk when the time comes.