22 April, 2011

If You Can’t Trust an Israeli, Who Can You Trust?

Posted by Socrates in jew mentality, Jewish deceit, Socrates at 12:22 pm | Permanent Link

Alex once said that a Jew is the type of person who would trip you down the stairs and then sell you bandages at the bottom.


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  7. 7 Responses to “If You Can’t Trust an Israeli, Who Can You Trust?”

    1. Coup d'Etat Says:

      One good example is the illegal act of usury the jews have in place with their issuance of their federal monies and the usury or interest rates the banks have in place. The end result? Bankruptcy. The bandage? Bankruptcy attorneys.

      Another example: Create wars and run up the deficit. The end result? The federal reserve jews printing more money and adding the interest, creating a wider class separation (communism from capitalism) pushing the middle class into the poor class. The bandage? Cut backs placed on the middle class and the poor, lower wages, adding cheap labor from Mexico, while no cut backs in taxes for the middle class or the people on the borderline between poor but who don’t qualify for welfare.

      More examples from anyone else? Please post at will.

    2. Bigduke6 Says:

      Izzyrael has broken every treaty and agreement they have ever made. You will be glad to know the Ford Foundation will not be renewing millions of dollars of grants to the Izzraelites because of Israel’s apartheid. Wow someone is smelling the coffee.

    3. Arminius Says:

      “You will be glad to know the Ford Foundation will not be renewing millions of dollars of grants to the Izzraelites because of Israel’s apartheid”
      The Ford Foundation fathers will have to re-consider their decision soon, or they will lose their job or their pet encounters mysteriously financial problems.
      Don’t forget Jews have too many good connections and will not concede to dry up the smallest fountain of money tacitly.

    4. Bigduke6 Says:

      Israel is one of the most closed and secretive countries in the world. The western world is being sucked dry by foreign aid and grants. Israel does not want peace and purposely causes violence to ask for more money. Israel practices apartheid, white slavery and genocide. Israel is a money laundering ce atomic weapins, apartheid, slavery, unfair labor lawsanter and major base of operations for the Jewish mob. The Mossad are terrorists going all over the world assasinating anyone paronoid israel feels is a threat. It’s quite possible JFK was murdered by Izzy because he questioned Israel’s making atomic weapons. Now the jews of the world are against nukes, military build ups, apartheid, unfair labor practices and slavery, anti immigration, but Israel is guilty of all these things.

    5. Bigduke6 Says:

      If anyone gets the world into a nuclear war it will be Israel. The Jews invented the damn nuclear weapons in the first place. Israel ‘s leadership is a bunch of paranoid, psycho and sociopatic misenthropes who feel they have a right to destroy the entire world to protect Israel. I’d lay money on the possibility Israel will launch the nukes in the future.

    6. jayhackworth Says:

      Someone else said this –
      “Nothing is more of a threat to the world than a group of pathological, over-emotional and paranoid Jews sitting on a huge cache of nukes they won’t even admit to having,”

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Like Der Führer said in Mein Kampf the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine would not be meant as a homeland for Jewish refugees but rather as the capital or headquarters for a future Jewish world empire. Even the Jew Testament in the Bible describes the nightmarish fantasy of Jewish world domination, with the Jew god sitting on his throne in a New Jerusalem, forcing all the gentile nations of the world to bow down before him.

      Of course there is no Jew god, he is just a projection of the Jews’ cruel and insane megalomania. And there will never be any New Jerusalem or Third Jewish Temple, because the Jews’ ultimate goal is the total destruction of the world. Again, to paraphrase Mein Kampf, if the Jews should win, the Earth will become a lifeless rock drifting silently through the eternal void…