7 May, 2011

Islamic Extremism May Save Western Civilization

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by Mark Glenn. (Glenn makes a good point, i.e., that the Arab/Muslim culture is the only one fighting against the “Western” New World Order. However, White people who look for any Levantine religion to save them are only dreaming).


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    1. CW-2 Says:

      We need to remind ourselves that Mark Glenn isn’t of Scottish ancestory, he is a middle-easterner of Lebanese background. He also needs to do a remedial course of medieval European history to get his thinking straight.
      Part of getting our own thinking straight is not to forget that from 711, the year the Moors invaded Spain, until the 1820’s when Greece managed to start rebuilding its national life, European civilization was forged on the anvil of bloody conflict with the Islamic world. Not a single day passed when our soldiers weren’t being killed and our women raped along a front line stretching from the Crimea to Southern Spain. During the 17th century the front line even extended to southern England and Ireland and the coast were subject to frequent raiding by Algerian pirates. It has been estimated that during the two centuries, 1570 to 1770, as many as 1.5 million European men and women were captured and enslaved by Moroccan and Algerian pirates.
      A fact that must be burned indelibly into our racial memory.
      The ragheads haven’t changed, they still hate us and envy our lands. They are a pretty stupid bunch too, they still don’t realize that big jew is both busy stirring the jihadist islamic pot and encouraging them to migrate to our lands. All for one purpose, to make an armed conflict inevitable. Big jew and the NWO crowd are going to use us a cannon fodder against the Islamic world.

    2. Z.O.G. Says:

      Mark Glenn is a half-Arab(Lebanese). That’s why he is always propagandizing for Islam. Why is his garbage being posted here?

      Mark Glenn is also very anti-White. I have proof of this from a recent internet podcast that Mark Glenn did with Michael Collins Piper if anyone is interested.

    3. Z.O.G. Says:

      Here is the podcast where Mark Glenn and Michael Collins Piper attack pro-White interests:

      The Piper Report April 11, 2011


      After a round up of the week’s news, MCP is joined by his evil twin Mark Glenn to discuss some of the problems dealing with eccentric characters in the “movement” and what needs to be done in dealing with them.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m glad the people posting here on this thread do not have a romanticized view of Islam. That would be naïve, dangerous and downright foolish, a belief fit only for reactionary right-wingers, not racially-conscious White revolutionaries.

      In earlier centuries, when so-called Christian nations were kicking the Jews out or burning them at the stake, the Mudslums let the Jews rule over them and enjoy power, respectability and wealth. Mudlsum scholars did preserve the writings of Greek and Roman antiquity, but so did the Christian monks. Glenn’s claims about a great Islamic culture during the Middle Ages are wildly exaggerated. If it existed, why then is there no trace of it now?

      Like the Jews, Glenn too is a Semite and probably has a White wife and half-breed kids. The first thing those Arabs look for when they get over here is a White girl.

      True, the Mudslums do not officially condone usury, but they charge various fees for financial transactions which come out to be the same thing. Their prohibitions against pornography and homosexuality are the height of hypocrisy. Their buggering of little boys, other men and of camels is well known.

      Mudslums eat hot dogs, gamble and drink beer, just like everyone else, although some of them might do it in underground restaurants, bars and casinos, where Allah “can’t see them”. And that fasting business of theirs during the “holy” month of Ramada Inn is dangerous for diabetics and others who need to eat and drink on a regular schedule.

      The Mudslums are not our friends. Many of them don’t like the Jews or Zionism, which is to their credit, but they have been giving us almost as much aggravation as the Jews have and for almost as long. The West has been in a more or less constant state of war against one Mudslum nation or another since the 7th century, long before there was any AIPAC, ADL, Joe Lieberman or Project for a Jew American Century.

      My motto is: “If it’s Semitic, it’s outta here”.

    5. Dean Dio Says:

      Ha, Glen is married to an italian woman whom he refers to as “an italian speaking arab.” Glen himself is descended from a semitic father (lebanese I think) and is like most semities who try to get whites away from THEIR roots in order to serve them. Tell any of these philo-islamists that you are proud to be white and want to serve WHITE interests and observe the reception you get. An Italian speaking arab who gave birth to 10 mixed-race children with the Glen surname. Yeah, muslims are the only ones fighting the jews so you’d better start praying to allah, correct? Muslims do more to SERVE jews by flooding europe and australia and when the smoke clears there will ALWAYS be muslims left…Can you say that about white people? Do muslims even care? Fuck Mark Glen and all his white race baiting. He wants whitey to serve what he refers to as “his people.” He hates whites but has no problem using them to empower muslims and make mixed-race offsping who will infiltrate white society. Fuck BOTH semitic groups, they have more in common than people think. Both groups want to eliminate whites and take their women and lands. If jews hated muslims THAT much they wouldn’t be trying to get them to procreate & miscegenate in white countries…

    6. CW-2 Says:

      I almost go ballistic when reading the jew lies about ‘islamic tolerance’ and the wonderful culture and learning during the Caliphate of Cordoba. The historical record is quite different. The islamic mind, or what passes for one, views the world divided in two regions, namely the ‘abode of peace’ where Islamic rule is established, and an ‘abode of war’, which is anywhere non-muslims, particularly Christians, live. According to their own philosophy they are at war with us and any guile or subtrefuge is justified to extend their dominion. That sort of thinking very similar to the way jews operate.
      The muslims have always gained control first by inflitration followed by massacre and scorched-earth tactics. The cruelty of the Turks is well known but muslims in medieval Spain were little better. After a battle in Leon the muslims killed all the White captives and made a temporary minaret from their decapitated heads. The muzzerin then climbed up this grizzly tower and called the faithful to prayer. The Crimean Tartars were as savage as any Aztec or Apache raiding party. They frequently raped White women to death, while those women considered worthy of ransom or trade had their wrists tied to their horse tails.
      Is a repeat of the past going to be necessary to awaken White people?

    7. mrcrouton Says:

      Mark Glenn and others like him try to normalize our acceptance of Islam and make it sound like it’s so intertwined with our history, like it belongs here (which it doesn’t).

      After Jefferson kicked the Islamic pirates asses, did he immediately remark that we need to import them? Of course not.
      Also when was the first mosque built in the US? About 1915.

      Islam is a new thing in the west, imported by the Jews and “business interests” mostly after 1965 when the declared war on western whites was codified with the immigration act of 1965.

      It doesn’t belong here, and I wont accept it.

    8. Luke Says:

      I agree with the criticism of the April 11, 2011 Michael Collins Piper show being a platform which spewed a considerable amount of anti-white sentiment by both Piper and Glenn. And, yes, Glenn does have a white wife – from whom he’s produced about 8 or 9 kids.

      However, after listening to that April 11th show – and after doing a great deal of additional thinking about it’s message, it finally dawned on me that the thing that made it so offensive to the white nationalist community – was the ineffective and poorly delivered & poorly enunciated criticism by Piper of one aspect of the white nationalist movement which does, indeed, merit and deserve criticism – and that is the Jared Taylor, Nick Griffin, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Arthur Kemp, etc., lead effort to encourage White European nationalists to kiss up to Israel, and to jews in general, and to stupidly think that they can enter into alliances with, and garner support and approval from, jews for their pro-white, pro-European Nationalist cause.

      Piper did a lousy job of enunciating this criticism, probably due to the fact that he was speaking off the cuff and not from any carefully thought out and carefully worded set of prepared program notes. As a result, he came across as being blatantly anti-white, instead simply criticizing those whites who stupidly think they can troll for allies in the jewish world, when the reality of the matter is – any jew who they might drag into their movement will have a 100 percent probability of being a jew mole who will work to subvert and undermine the movement from within, and who at the bare minimum, will become a spy who will report back to jew headquarters at every opportunity.

      Remember: Alex Linder has frequently expressed his own well-founded and well-deserved criticism of the Jared Taylor-Nick Griffin-wing of the white nationalist movement, and Alex does a far better job of explaining why these so-called white leaders who seek to lick jew toes are not to be trusted or supported by legitimate white nationalists. These white guys who don’t have the balls to name the #1 enemy and who actually invite the enemy into our camp are either too stupid to be considered true leaders, or they are working for the enemy and are on their payroll. No Jews, Just Right – the famous Linder Principle applies.

      It should be noted that this April 11th show by Piper resulted in so many hostile comments being posted to his show’s comment section – and an overwhelming majority of the criticisms were perfectly valid and completely justified – that Piper and Glenn wilted under the barrage and pulled a stunt that was very jewy and decided to terminate the posting of comments on the Piper broadcasts. Obviously, somebody hit a nerve.

      Hypocritically, Piper has spent the last 5 or 6 years railing about the ADL and Abe Foxman and the jewish controlled mainstream media trying to censor and silence any and all speech that they don’t like or which is critical of jews or of Israel and here we see an example of Piper’s true commitment to free speech.

      Oh, and regarding the efforts by Piper and Glenn to encourage white nationalists to reach out and try to form alliances with Muslims – since, according to them, we both have the same enemy – any such effort would most certainly play right into the hands of ZOG, because they have already spent the last 20 plus years demonizing Muslims, and ZOG would like nothing better than to be able to link pro-white nationalist groups to the demonized Muslims and then be able to start their round ups. Or, worse yet, start sending their weaponized drones to murder any pro-white guy who happens to be driving down to the store to buy a six pack of beer.

      So, in conclusion – Muslims might well be fighting the same enemy who we are fighting, but forming alliances with Muslims is far too risky under the current totalitarian climate that our mutual enemy is erecting inside the Kwa. We can, however, cheer whenever a Muslim straps on a load and manages to vaporize a few of these evil bastards.

    9. mrcrouton Says:

      How is it that Jared Taylor makes an exception for Jews and declares them one of us when the fact is is that they’re middle eastern semites? Who made him boss?

      Just because they’ve lived in Europe being tossed out from one country to another for 1000 years, doesn’t make them one of us. The fact that they’re always being thrown out should turn on the provernbial alarm bell.

      Turks are more white than Jews, as are the Lebanese, but Taylor seems cool on letting them in the white club, but for Jews he redraws the map on whiteness and gerrymanders Jews into the racial white column.

      Get over in Taylor, Jews are semites and should be sent to the middle east from whence they came.

    10. Luke Says:

      “Jews are semites and should be sent to the middle east from whence they came.”

      I’d like to see VNN run a quick poll on the above question with two choices for an answer:

      a. Vertical
      b. Horizontal

    11. Dean Dio Says:

      Luke, Piper said that Jared Taylor WAS THE LEADER OF THE WHITE NATIONALIST MOVEMENT and so, when he started smearing Jared Taylor as an ass he was saying the same ABOUT ALL WHITE NATIONALISTS! He created a straw man and then proceeded to say all of Taylor’s faults were the faults of White Nationalists because they follow their leader. He wasn’t just pointing out faults of Taylor, he was making the accusation that ALL white nationalists play ball with jews like taylor does. I can see where his point is with the BNP; they have political clout but when I think White Nationalist leader I DO NOT think of Taylor and I don’t think many people do. Piper was/is trying to get whites away from their own interests (including the people who fight for white interests) & start putting their effort into islam & THEIR people. Piper has a weird relationship with Mark Glen and he reminds me of a woman married to a non-white who needs whites to love the race of their partner…

      What really pisses me off about people like Piper and Glen is that a majority of their audience IS WHITE! They are courting a white audience while using a demoralizing sleight of hand which will get those whites into the islamic camp:

      They are using white angst against jews to further just another semitic camp where white men will be disposed off and white women will used to further THEIR gene pool…

    12. Z.O.G. Says:

      mrcrouton Says:
      8 May, 2011 at 10:01 am

      How is it that Jared Taylor makes an exception for Jews and declares them one of us when the fact is is that they’re middle eastern semites? Who made him boss?

      Samuel Schneider(Jared Taylor) makes an exception for Jews because his wife is Jewish.

    13. Z.O.G. Says:

      Michael Collins Piper works for a Jewish CIA assassin named Mark Lane. Mark Lane is the owner of American Free Press, the “patriot” newspaper that employs Michael Collins Piper.

      The Liberty Lobby’s Mark Lane and the Jonestown Massacre

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Michael Piper seems OK, I’ve spoken to him over the phone on many occasions. But he and his mentor Willis Carto are and always will be part of the right wing. They are Ron Paul supporters who still think voting and the Bill of Rights will somehow save the world. Piper, Carto and that whole Liberty Lobby/Barnes Review crowd flirt with racism and anti-Jewism but will never come right out and admit to any of it. In fact, Carto’s longtime lawyer and friend is the Jew Mark Lane.

      The Carto-Piper Axis is also friends with a group of ultra-orthodox anti-Zionist Jews who call themselves Neturi Karta (nkusa.org), as well as many other non-Whites who call themselves anti-Zionists. If anything, those right-wingers will knock themselves out trying to show everyone how un-racist, un-revolutionary and un-anti Jew they are. One of their favorite lines is “I’m not anti-Semitic, I’m anti-Zionist!” Sorry, but no one cares about your phony distinction.

      So I guess the White Struggle will just have to learn to get along without any help from Carto, Piper, Lane, et al. Phooey on them.

    15. Z.O.G. Says:

      Mark Glenn’s wife is Sicilian, which means that she’s probably part-Arab herself, since the Saracen Arabs invaded and occupied Sicily for several centuries during the Dark Ages.

    16. Z.O.G. Says:

      Also, Mark Lane was a leading “civil rights” lawyer during the 1960’s. So basically Michael Collins Piper works for a leftist Jew.

      The entire “patriot” movement is a Jewish controlled false front.

    17. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I’ve always respected Michael Collins Piper and his excellent work exposing the machinations of the Jewish establishment and their detestable shabbos goys. But his credibility and respectability took a major hit on the 4/11 program when he took aim at white nationalism for allegedly supporting philo-semitic persons while erroneously claiming that Jared Taylor is leading the movement. If I recall correctly, several years ago Jared the jew coddler took exception to being labeled a white nationalist and referred to himself as just a race realist.

      Mike sometimes shoots from the hip on his radio show and this came back to haunt him when several white nationalist listeners took him to task over his comments. Then, on later shows, he lionized anti-white monsters like Louis Farrakhan and Barack Obama. He continues to praise Obama and affirm that he’s selflessly working for the interests of all Americans with not even a scintilla of evidence to back up his specious claims. The backlash obviously got to be too much as the comments section was shut down shortly thereafter.

      Concerning Mark Glenn’s article I just think his interpretation of history is wrong and suspect some pro-Islamic bias. To claim that Western Civilization is an outgrowth of an earlier advanced Islamic civilization and that therefore the white West and Islam have much in common is demonstrably false. No doubt that for a brief time during the Dark Ages, Islamic culture, medicine and science surpassed that of medieval Europe but it didn’t last long and Europe quickly began to overtake the Islamic world in all fields towards the end of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance period.

      True, some Muslims are opposed to the same evil forces seeking to transform our ancestral homelands into multiracial flophouses and I wish them success in their quest. But somehow I don’t think they have our welfare in mind.

    18. Jim Says:

      Islam is a universal, dogmatic, race mxing religion, and just like jew christianity, is an enemy of the White Race. On the other hand, it appears that in today’s sick and judaized world, the Muslims are the only people who are actively resisting the evil forces of the jews. As Sgt. Skull says, they don’t have our welfare in mind, but the real question is, “why don’t WE have the welfare of our own people in mind. We have given America to the jews and niggers and Europe to the mongrelized muslims.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      Even if Glenn did marry some Arab-Sicilian half-caste, you just know he’s got a bleached blonde bimbo or two on the side. All those Arab guys are the same.

      I couldn’t find any pictures of a “Vicki Glenn” from northern Idaho, but I did find this delightful photo of the Jewess Sarah Silverman: http://grrlplanet.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/sarah_silverman.jpg

    20. jayhackworth Says:

      Jews Are behind Non-White Immigration to Europe and US

    21. jayhackworth Says:

      Jews Are behind Non-White Immigration to Europe and US

    22. Z.O.G. Says:

      Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Michael Collins Piper is a homosexual.

    23. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      Z.O.G.,you have to explain why Michael Collins Piper,if he is controled by the Jew Mark lane,is so damning critical of Jewish power in the U.S.If he is “controled opposition” then why does the Jew Mark Lane allow him to harm Jewish power so much with his revealing books,such as: Final Judgement (Mossad behind the murder on Kennedy),The New Jerusalem (Zionist power in America),The Judas Goats (ADL infiltration in WN movements) etc.I know Mark Lane is an unsavioury individual (CIA agent behind the massacre in Jonestown) but M.Piper seems OK to me.On the other hand Chr.Bollyn believes that Piper and the American Free Press are a front for the CIA.But Bollyn too seems OK to me (he is writing a book about the Israeli involvement in the 9/11 false flag operation).All very confusing.

    24. CW-2 Says:

      Are mudslims really opposing jew expansion in the middle east? Not particularly. The conflict there is just a semitic family tiff with both sides disagreeing on how best to destroy the white world. Meanwhile, mudslims are quite happy to let the jews use them as their biological foot soldiers in their assault on White countries.
      Be prepared for the ‘impossible’ such as a alliance between Yidsrael and Iran.

    25. Tim McGreen Says:

      I thought Piper had a slope girlfriend, no? I don’t think Grandpa Carto would tolerate having any fags around him.

    26. Z.O.G. Says:


      Write an e-mail to Michael Collins Piper and ask him who owns American Free Press. HE WILL NOT TELL YOU. The reason he won’t tell you is because Mark Lane owns it.

    27. dn Says:

      these posts seem to be spam.

      Most Americans are fat useless Zeppelins. The Muslims are clearly our only main audience not in fact “Whites” because most Whites are wiggers by identity and raising. Most Europeans anti-immigration parties are infiltrated by Zionism.

      Who says we are accepting Islam? And not all Muslims are the same. There are loads of them who are pro-West also and who want to be niggers here but there are others who are trying to maintain their identity. Jew Sarkozy in France is trying to make them into good tame niggers . We want them to help destroy the ZOG for us then we will fuck them out .Whites have forgotten how to die and are happy to be little running dogs for the Jews. So we need Muslims to die for us. Not many James Von Brunns around.

    28. dn Says:

      “Besides the fact that Western Civilization began in the area of the Fertile Crescent, also known as Mesopotamia (present day Iraq), it is as well an historical fact beyond dispute that it was the learning and sophistication of the Arab culture that led to many of the scientific developments that would later make Europe the cradle of science, learning, and advancement. After the institutionalization of the Islamic religion throughout the Mediterranean region, the extent of Arab learning and culture was such that European Kings, Christian Kings, would send their sons and daughters to be educated in Moslem places such as Cordova and Toledo.”

      Is overboard praise of Arab-niggers who at best were not as insane as Christ-Insane Europeans who destroyed Classical culture for some shit religion of the book. But Arabs are wogs and who are we to criticise their wog religion if they don’t fear death and kill Jews thanks to it? It is what comes natural to them not to us. Islam is more pagan than Christ-insanity in many ways. Allowing multiple wives.

      Islam was a parallel development to the Vikings. Because of the weakness of Christ-insane Europe barbarians on both flanks expanded spreading more healthy cultures until they stagnated and became assimilated by the people they conquered.

      The fact remains that we need the Muzzies to prevent the Jews completing their conquest of the world and building their third temple.

      To win Nationalism is not enough and Whites are not even being Nationalists. We need to offer an alternatives empire to the wogs of the world , a better alternative to them than ZOG offers. Because this is the audience, not Whites who are hopelessly degenerate. White brains on an Arab body could be a winning formula.

    29. Z.O.G. Says:

      Michael Collins Piper is constantly trying to make a connection between White Nationalists and Islamic “extremists.” As most of you know, making this particular connection is the Jewish neo-cons’ wet dream come true. So I would say that this makes Michael Collins Piper even more suspect than he already is.

      Michael Collins Piper is bad news.

    30. Tim McGreen Says:

      Piper has had a serious falling out with Christopher Bollyn and Eric Huffschmid. Does anyone remember what that was all about?