4 June, 2011

Another (Attempted) Jewish Gun-Control Law

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Pro-gun groups never mention the fact that Jews have led the anti-gun movement. Maybe it’s just an oversight, hmmm?


A brief mention of Assemblyman Feuer [Here].

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    1. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Oh sure, the NRA and GOA are totally unaware that the sheenies are the impetus behind virtually all gun control schemes. They’re merely “liberals”. Just like the leadership of the NRA and GOA are totally unaware of the preponderance of blacks and browns in the violent crime statistics but no doubt live in lily white, gated and walled neighborhoods far away from Tyrone, Cleotis and Jose.

      Don’t ever expect those groups to admit what everyone knows but cannot say in public. After all, white racism and aunti-semitism are worse than pedophilia in the kwa.

    2. mrcrouton Says:

      How are the Jewish lead brown hordes going to disarm white America if they don’t know who owns guns? It’s alot easier if you know where to go.
      Bolshevik Jews in (America this time), are working on their American gulag, and they can’t have armed gentiles in their way.
      Hopefully whites will fight when the day comes so we don’t regret it like Solzhenitsyn’s camp mates who were burning in the gulag since they didn’t fight when they had the chance.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Behold Mike Furer, the very definition of an alien Jew parasite.

      The Persians put up with Jews in their midst for over 2000 years. They allowed the Jews to become the richest and most influential group in the kingdom. And how do the Jews repay the Persians/Iranians for over 20 centuries of kindness and tolerance? By trying to impose murderous blockades, crippling economic sanctions and launch nuclear air-strikes against them, that’s how.

      The Jew does not wish to enslave the world. Rather, he intends to destroy it.

      -Lindsay Lohan

    4. Jürgen Says:


      Big jew is like a proud, puffed-up lion tamer
      cracking his whip.

      At any moment the 20 lions in the cage can
      simply tear him to pieces. Why don’t they?
      Fear of being the first lion to go.

      And so the jew constantly tries to “de-claw”
      and muzzle the armed White man, deathly
      afraid that one day, ONE of those lions
      decides that he’s had enough.

    5. Luke Says:

      No sooner than the highly effective and combative Charlton Heston retired as the top spokesman for the NRA, I witnessed a literal swarm of jews flooding into the top leadership positions inside the NRA.

      If I recall, a female jewess replaced Heston in his old job. I promptly quit the NRA and I flat refuse to rejoin. As I predicted, the NRA immediately started cutting deals with Chuck Schumer and his other jew gun control craving pals.

      That’s how jews always operate and their signature template is easy to detect once you’re wise to it. Anytime they see any organized opposition to their agenda – they will send their moles into that organization, and start to push the white leadership aside and eventually take over the organization. Then, they’ll proceed to redirect the focus of that organization in directions, sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle, that will surreptitiously advance their anti-white agenda. In this case, to cut gun control deals and betray the 3 or 4 million NRA members who are largely jew-stupid and lack the intelligence and IQ necessary to see what’s being done to them.

      As for the GOA, I’ve heard Larry Pratt on a few well-known, pro-white web radio shows and the question of minority violent crime being the major problem has been discussed. Pratt knows the score on this issue and has commented on it on-air. Whether Pratt is wise to the prominent role jews are playing in the gun control and anti-Second Amendment movement or not, I can’t say for sure. But, he is almost certainly aware that the second he mentions this role, he’ll be immediately labeled by Abe Foxman and the ADL as a white supremacist, racist, and an anti-Semite – the standard smear tactics that these Satanic bastards use whenever anyone speaks truthfully about their criminal and subversive agenda. The lack of balls in the white male community is epidemic, friends.

      My advice to white nationalists is to quit the NRA if you’re a member, and join the GOA. The GOA is far more hard-core and no-compromise than is the current jewed NRA. Donate to the GOA if you can afford it; donations to the Gun Owners Foundation are tax deductible, but not to the GOA itself. Also, join the mailing list for the GOA using a web based email account and they’ll keep you up to date on gun related issues and legislation.

      Oh, and keep a very close eye on the GOA snail mail that arrives occasionally in your mail box. Pay close attention to the names of the board members and for the organizations committees, etc. In other words, be vigilante for a enemy takeover of the GOA.

      And, remember the Linder Principle: No jews, Just Right.

    6. William Says:

      The Russian and Eastern European criminal Khazar Jews in Israel, and their Jews here in America, KNOW that they can not complete their total subjugation and destruction of America as long as the American citizens are armed. This is why Jews lead the efforts to disarm America. If you know what these evil and satanic Jews did to Russian Orthodox Christians in 1917 (butchering some alive), then you know that having a weapon is the ONLY thing that will save you when these Talmudic satan worshippers come for you.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      Its hate to describe what jooos actually did in Russia, per our official regime. Yeap.

      Read “Stalin’s Willing Excutioner’s.”

      Written by a U.C. Berkley jooo.

      There you go.

    8. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      Honestly, the JPFO has always alluded me as to its actual motives. Simultaneously promulgating holohoaxianity through the 2nd amendment crowd and campaigning for looser gun-laws on par with GOA, supporting ron paul, and regularly slinging shit at the NRA and ADL. Madness.

      The seeming contradiction may be cleared up with a little more thought, but I never considered them significant enough to bother, and I’d rather just assume the worst anyway.



    9. CW-2 Says:

      Every racially aware White man and woman should consider it their duty to be armed and be competent in using them as WEAPONS, not toys to shove in the glove compartment or hang over the fireplace.
      In the jewK we have been disarmed and are completely without self protection, a truly frightening situation, but a British guy has published a book, banned here, about making an automatic weapon from readily available steel piping. Most experts agree that the gun is only good for firing about 100 rounds, but that would be sufficient to ‘calm down’ a bunch of muds.

    10. L. Oshering Says:

      RF Bateson, go ahead and assume the worst. JPFO is one of the most lame zhid false fronts out there, yet some people still believe it’s legit and that the sheenies actually want EVERYONE to have access to firearms. They want joos to have guns and only joos. So they can hopefully live their dream of shooting down the unarmed white goyim in the street when “the day” finally arrives.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      CW-2, I was meaning to ask you about your country’s National Health. How’s it working out? It probably worked great when England was all-White, but I suspect that it’s getting overwhelmed now, what with all the 3rd world scum swarming in. I wonder if a “Medicare for All” system could work here in the ‘Kwa? What we have now is fucking awful. It can’t even be rightly called a “system”, just a sloppy patchwork of expensive and inefficient public and private plans that overlap and duplicate each other, plans that leave tens of millions of Americans under-insured or completely uninsured.

      How much longer Lord, How much longer?

    12. CW-2 Says:

      Tim, that is an interesting question. I suspect that the National Health Service is the major factor in maintaining a sort of social cohesion in Britain. As bad as things are most Brits take comfort in the thought that if necessary they can see a GP within a day, have tests done within a week, and for serious conditions be in hospital fairly quickly, although long waiting list apply to certain surgical procedures.
      All this depends on being registered with a health practice within your residential area and the willingness or otherwise of the doctor to refer you to a good hospital. Individual hospitals vary widely, some are world class in personnel and procedures, others are best avoided unless you have grown tired of breathing.
      The system is funded by direct taxation, 20 to 40% income tax and 20% sales tax on almost everything. The only thing the patient has to worry about, apart from the likelyhood of being operated on by Dr N’bongo graduate of the Nairobi med school, is paying for the medicines. Each prescription costs about $12, that can easily reach $100 a year for treating a long term condition.
      Hospitals in London are some of the worse in the country, not surprising as that once great city is now 40% non-white.

    13. Bigduke6 Says:

      News from jewcago. Rahm Emanuel worked hard to defeat a recent concealed carry law for the State of Illinois. But Rahm worked even harder to make sure the civil union law in Illinois passed. Gov. Quinn and Rahm Emanuel were on hand in Jewlenium park to witness the slimey sodomites get married. Rahm officiared the civil union of one of his staff butt hole surfing members and his partner . Citizens can not exercise their right to bear arms. But true to form this jew fuck will make sure to bring sexual perversion to destroy culture.

    14. Bigduke6 Says:

      Swarms of niggers are on the prowl in Cooncago. Using texting and social networkin sites the will pull 15 or 20 niggers together to attack a single victim. And the lathargic and apathetic Chicago Police are not prepared to respond to these nigger, guerilla attacks. And it was Rahm Emanuel and the parasite Chicago State reps who will not allow a citizen to protect themselves when the police can’t.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      Wow, Shitcago should be avoided at all costs by civilized Whites. I can just imagine what a Talmudic reign of terror Mayor Emmanuel must be running there…..I’ll bet he has a ruthless Mulatto deputy mayor and a transexual mistress, along with a personal body-guard made up of trigger-happy Israeli mercenaries.

      Here are some of Mayor Emmanuel’s new policies:

      *All White residents must turn in their weapons (including steak knives with blades longer than 3″, staple guns and empty shampoo bottles) by noon Friday or the Mayor’s Office of Public Safety will start kicking in doors and dragging people out of their beds in the middle of the night.

      *Next week the Mayor will begin a public awareness campaign that will encourage miscegenation and homosexual masturbation in public schools. All citizens will be required to attend the mandatory televised mass-rallies in support of this campaign.

      *All citizens will be required to attend a weekly Holocaust™ Memorial service. They will then have to attend a three hour lecture by professional Holocaust Survivor™ Elie Weisel and Southern Millionaire’s Law Center cult-leader Morris Dees on the dangers of racism, hate and intolerance. Admission to the lecture will be $50.00, no personal checks or credit cards, please.

      *All non-Jewish, i.e., non-human, citizens will be required to wear a clearly visible yellow cross on their lapels. Failure to comply will result in beatings carried out by the Mayor’s new Dignity Enforcement Squads.

    16. Jürgen Says:

      Tim McGreen, you so ROCK, bud, lol.
      That piece about Mayor Emmanuel’s reign of error is too funny.

    17. Bigduke6 Says:

      Good stuff Tim Mc Green!

    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      Tim, I wish you had written Satire instead, as that’s just too real, ha.

      Enemy aliens starting moving big time to very small towns in the late 1980’s and very Subversives as most Whites have not idea who they are.

      Library lectures by Congoids invited from far away to bash White’s etc. with a straight phucking face.

      There is a magazine that is for Rural living Whites who living in the back country Nation Wide etc. I won’t state the magazine name, but it is is owned by big nasty pro open borders enemy aliens who HATE YT.

      Its a sure bet IMO that all the subscriber’s have giving their locations up along with census takers in the last who used GPS and every snitch possible to locate EVERY rural property in the US.

      Is it possible Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s words will come to haunt Humans again ?

    19. Howdy Doody Says:


      Are you laughing ?

      What, about 75% of regimes okay to be a fag, gang banger anti White forces are outsid of the CUSA.

      Can’t use nukes on your own area.

      Of course this is tin foil stuff.


    20. Howdy Doody Says:


      Don’t have Baja and B.C. right now, haaa, haa.