6 June, 2011

Jews: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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On one hand, the Jews must destroy the Western world, since Whites are their most dangerous enemies. Whites are the only people capable of wiping out the Jews totally and completely, if they decided to. But on the other hand, the Jews need Whites like ticks need a dog. So the Jews must kill their host. What an odd situation. Jews really are “the destroyers” (quoting Jewish author Maurice Samuel).


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    1. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      America has been destoyed by illegal and undesireable immigration. Sinister forces have promoted illegal and undesirable immigration to increase the votes by the foreign parasites for liberal democrats who provide free money and benefits the immigrant leeches would never receive in their countries of origin. It’s OK for illegal aliens to bring their families but it’s NOT OK for Americans to bring their families from Europe. How does that work? Americans are “racists” for wanting to continue to constitute immigration from their families in Middle Europe, as immigration has been defined since the country was founded. But unrelated parasites from South America, Asia, The Middle East etc., start crying about bringing in their families the minute they get here. American “families” are from Middle Europe. Parasites’ and wannabes’ families are from everywhere else. Where is it written that asian, mesican, arabian, hindi and african families are more important and deserving than American families which come from Middle Europe? American families should be the source of immigration. And severe voting restrictions should be implemented as they were at America’s founding.

    2. jayhackworth Says:

      Corporate amerikwa wanted cheep shitskin laborers too while pointin fingers at the libs.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      A very interesting article. So the whining jew is cranking out the old guilt argument again. Well, it may have worked for them in the past but it is wearing pretty thin now. They are the guiltiest people on the planet and are in no position to lecture any race, least of all the Aryan and our long history of noble deeds. Anyway, in the battle of life Nature doesn’t recognise ‘guilt’.
      The only guilt we need to worry about is the inability to look into our grandchildren’s eyes when they ask us why we didn’t defend what Nature’s bounty had bestowed on us.

    4. Miller Says:

      Jews are self destructing. So are niggers. We are at a point when obsolete DNA begins to attack its very host.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      We are troubled by the growth of racist and xenophobic movements. We believe that individuals and organizations espousing such malign and hateful ideologies represent a grave threat to the fundamental European values of pluralism, democracy, mutual respect and cooperation.

      Yes, the Europeans should be more like the Jews in Israel, who are always welcoming non-Jewish immigrants into their country. The Jews certainly have no malign and hateful ideologies.

      The old Jew double-standard….Verily I say unto thee, Jews are the most predictable and most unchanging critters ever excreted by Nature.

      Let me see if I can fix that arrogant Jew statement so that it is more accurate:

      We Jews are troubled by the growth of gentile resistance movements. We believe that gentile individuals and organizations espousing such understandable and laudable ideologies represent a grave threat to the fundamental Jewish control of gentile civilization. We Jews do not believe in such nonsense as pluralism, democracy, mutual respect and cooperation, but we expect the goyim to believe all of it.

    6. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      And the Emperor Has No Clothes. The emperor THEY put in place. The birth certificate is a fake. CERTIFIGATE must break soon, as it did on Rabbi Weiner today.

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Right TJ, the mud monkey must go, we should have know he was an old world monkey and not a new world order monkey, since he had no tail.
      As Tim said the jews are the same yesterday, today, tomorrow, kosher shits never stop stinking. Time to break out the Zyklon B, and give them a taste of what their dishing out to Pals in the Golen heights… It never bothers a kike to be hypocritical, like the bag of peas kosher certified, with a packet of ham flavoring enclosed., and now we got a whole lot more of pseudo-kikes know as Xians

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Christianity: The export version of Judaism.

    9. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve Board, Geithner @ Treasury, Volcker as Consultant, Jamie Dimon CEO JP Morgan, et. al. direct America into the abyss as China, Saudi Arabia, India, Brazil, Russia, etc. are served the wealth of America on a silver platter. America owned the world after WWII and won only the state of Israel as its prize. The problem was that the prize was a malignant carcinogen and America is now in hospice.

    10. M. Kraus Says:

      We are troubled by the growth of racist and xenophobic movements.

      They should be. But as Socrates pointed out, they are in a very odd situation indeed. Regardless of how their scenario plays out, they have sealed their fate by overreaching. Either they will be destroyed by the non-White trash who they have carefully cultivated to replace us, or they will be destroyed by a sudden burst of Aryan hyperviolence which culminates in a REAL “final solution”.

      Yet they persist in this psychopathic idea of themselves as masters of the universe. What a bizarre species. Nature will not abide them for much longer. That’s what they don’t realize, because they do not have a White mindset.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Kraus, the Jews have two kinds of nightmares in store for us. They will either conquer the hated goyim through the dispersal of their DNA into all the various races, thus conquering the world through gene-hijacking, or they will keep their Jew identity intact and directly rule over their goy slaves from their rebuilt Jew Temple in Jerusalem. Either plan will guarantee the destruction of all life on Earth, which of course is the Jews’ ultimate goal, whether they consciously realize it or not.

    12. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Jews are so full of fear and loathing towards white, Western civilization that they will never turn from their course of utter destruction of it and the race that created it. They’re supposedly so smart but have seemingly never considered the negative implications for them once the white man, the best host race they’ve every had, passes from this earth due largely to their machinations.

    13. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      We are here, in this pickle, due to the Host agreeing with the Parasite.