25 June, 2011

Saudi Arabia Policy: Jews Not Allowed on Airplanes

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The outcry over this “no Jews” rule is hilarious, because Israel routinely discriminates against Arabs yet nobody complains about it.


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    1. J├╝rgen Says:


      The name we give here to the website with this article is “JewNetDaily”,
      utterly convinced that its “Arab Christian” founder, Joseph Farah, is
      really some sort of Mossad agent, here to mold and twist the goyim
      toward zionism every single day. You would not believe how arrogant
      this man is in any correspondence we have had with him. While he’s
      right on some topics such as Bongo not being a citizen, or issues like
      freedom, the zionism he mixes in makes for one toxic batch of leaven.

    2. -JC Says:

      Farrah hails from a particularly left-liberal part of the U.S., too.

      The fact that Obama is not a natural-born Citizen might queer any legislation he signed in to law, if admitted, and so my guess is that the essentially-Zionist Tea Party, et al., will find abundant other ways to get rid of Obama now that he’s fallen from favor with The Chosen.

    3. Marc Rappaport Says:

      Neither the State of Israel nor its official airline El Al discriminate against Arabs, they it discriminate against terrorists and anti-Semites who deny Israel’s right to exist. And Delta Airlines, as well as the Obama Administration, should be ashamed of themselves for letting the Arabs push them around.

    4. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      When Arabs travel by El Al they are automatically “suspect” and are thoroughly interrogated and their bodies humiliatingly searched.Jews may pass without problems. Talk about racial profiling.But of course Jews ,those great champions of human rights, don’t protest against THAT.If you aver that nations have the right to protect their security even if necessary by racial profiling,then why shouldn’t Arab states not have the right to exclude Jews?They are a realistic danger in terms of spies,terrorists or Mossad agents-on-a-murder-mission.Remember Dubai?Jewish spies in Egypt or Iran?If I were the head of an Arab state I would exclude ANY Jew in whatever capacity (or camouflage) : tourist, businessman,diplomat…Perhaps not only Arab states but THE WHOLE WORLD should do that,with the motto: a safe world,a Jew-free world!

    5. jaredsparks Says:

      ravo to the Saudis who have the balls to protect their land and culture. It’s too bad that most Whites don’t care about their own.

    6. Andrei the Angry Ghost Says:

      Joseph Farah is a Christian-Zionst Arab (Leb)-American, STRANGE..

    7. CelticDruid Says:

      Have you noticed that Jews are hated by every nation that encounters them? Jews are hated by Poles, Ukranians, Patriotic Germans, Russians, Blacks, Arabs, Venezuelans, etc. But it is the Arabs that act on that hate, and keep them out of their countries. Have Jews ever asked themselves why they are hated? Jews need to change their disgusting and deplorable behavior, if they want to make themselves less hated. Wouldn’t it be nice if Saudi Arabian airlines were to rent the VNN slogan of “No Jews, Just Right”? That is the exact policy that they follow, and the whole world should emulate them.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      When it comes to balls the Jews have everyone else beat. Imagine them complaining that we let ourselves get pushed around by the Arabs, when it’s obvious to even the most rudimentary African bushman that it’s the Jews who are calling the shots! But that’s how the Jews are, criticizing others for what they themselves are guilty of. The Jews are sooo predictable.

    9. Bigduke6 Says:

      Yeah right, like sure, the jews are all stampeding like piggies at slopping time to get a ride on Saudi Airlines. And Mark Jerk IL Senator put his two shekels in. The only reason Mark Jerk, a Republican won in the Peoples Republic of Illinois is because he is a puppet of the North Shore Chicago jews. The FAA’s job is to promote aviation not investigate discrimination in flying.

    10. Bigduke6 Says:

      The jews are screaming like Joan Rivers in labor. This is just another passive aggressive, jew cockblocking stunt to mess with the Saudis. What kind of proof or data do they have? And how come the so called discrimination only surfaced when Delta and Saudi announced the code share agreement.

    11. Bigduke6 Says:

      I happen to like the Arabs from my experience in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. They are polite and hospitable and a good bunch of joes.The Palestinians I met were a good bunch too. Seems like almost every jew I meet is an arrogant asshole.

    12. Bigduke6 Says:

      Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries do a helluva lot of busines with the U.S. and is a huge importer of autos, aircraft, construction equpment, machinery and loads of other stuff. I know as I was there. The Saudis do a lot for the US economy and pay their bills. They ain’t sucking us dry like Israel who don’t do shit for anyone but themselves.

    13. Bigduke6 Says:

      Hey Marc Rappaport, ANALYZE THIS!!!

    14. Marc Rappaport Says:

      Analyze what, precious?

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Precious”? Now that’s really gay.

    16. Bigduke6 Says:

      Ha, ha, Marc ya ain’t gonna intimidate me with that gay shit. I’m like Ice Blue Secret, I ‘m strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.