25 June, 2011

When the Experts Are Jews…

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…you mustn’t take them seriously.


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    1. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      Who implemented the mass non-European “immigration” of the past half century to dilute America out of existence creating a divided nation vulnerable to manipulation and control? If illegal immigration is OK now, illegal deportation will be OK in the future. Freed slaves that were imported as legal “property” who did not immigrate legally must be deported. All Mexicans that originally immigrated illegally, amnesty aside, must be deported. All Asians that were given asylum must be deported if it is safe for them to return home now. Reparations for all expenses, including entitlements, mortgage assistance, food stamps, etc., must be paid in cash or services to the U.S. government prior to repatriation.

      P.S. Reparations sought by freed slaves should be paid to them by the African Chiefs who originally sold them to slave traders. There would have been no slaves in America if the African Chiefs had not sold tribe members.

    2. mrcrouton Says:

      Jews shift their opinion as it suits them at the time. When they want to destroy anthropology and the meaning of race they get Boaz, Montague, Lewontin, Gould end others and turn it upside down so everyone is equal, meanwhile they privately think themselves superior ( and if gentiles let them takeover and do nothing, they are!).

      Then during the Vietnam War the Abby Hoffmans, Jerry Rubins, and the Weathermen commit terrorist acts and promote the antiwar movement when America was fighting communism. Now that war is cool since it serves Jewish goals, the silence of the antiwar crowd is deafening. There is no antiwar movement.

      Now when it comes to analyzing how the World Trade Center collapsed. Jews promote a new physics (which isn’t physics at all) when it comes to buildings collapsing, because any objective scientist can see that buildings will not collapse like that under any circumstance other than explosives or cutting charges distributed in the buildings. But Jewsin popular mechanics and in the media want you to abandon all logic and reason and if you don’t you’re a dirty “conspiracy theorist”.

      So Jews will tell you anything to suit their prupose. Since they are prone to lie, the smartest thing to do is always ignore them. And definitely don’t fund their media.

    3. hungrybrain Says:

      Slightly off topic, but I found this article about Serbian ‘Jewish’ writer David Albahari who now lives in Calgary. His new novel LEECHES is ‘actually a parody of those conspiracy theory books”most notably anti-Semitism’ and Albahari made this ineteresting comment—

      “In the Communist period in the former Yugoslavia, there was no sign of anti-Semitism,” he says. “The government controlled the media and publishing industry so they would never allow a book like Mein Kampf by Hitler or any of those other anti-Semitic books to be published. When the communists disappeared, one of the first things people started doing was publishing anti-Semitic books. Many people thought that freedom from government means we can do whatever we want. Which, of course, is not true. In a good democratic society, there are also rules that one must accept and respect in order to live in a good way with his or her neighbours. I know a friend of mine, a Jewish writer from Belgrade, told me that he counted almost 100 books with anti-Semitic subjects in a bookstore in Belgrade. One hundred books is a lot of books saying that Jews are not good and they are the leeches who want to suck your blood.”

      Read more: http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/Calgary+literary+mystery/4933376/story.html#ixzz1QL7Pw4R3

    4. Syd Spada Says:

      Speaking of jewed culture…
      My apologies to those of you from the old guard, but you really need to see

    5. Marc Rappaport Says:

      The fact is that your “Aryan” ancestors came from Mother Africa a mere 60,000 years ago while following herds of antelope. It’s the black people of Africa who are the mothers and fathers of the human race. Any anthropologist will tell you that.

    6. jaredsparks Says:

      mccrouton – indeed – the Jew “New left” antiwar activists are conspicuous in their absence.

    7. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      It is not important for your evolutionary status what your remote ancestors were,it is important what you are NOW.You don’t say a person with an academical degree is “equal” in educational status to somebody with only primary education because that academic himself once attended a primary school; he has evolved far beyond that level and now has a superior status. All life on earth descends from one-cell organisms but in the course of millions of years evolved into complicated higher forms.That does not mean that those life forms are therefore “equal” to the one-cell organisms that still exist.They are what they are NOW i.e. higher forms. Similar with human races. Caucasians are not negroes,though they undoubtly evolved from lower races albeit not directly from negroes.The proper sequence of the evolution of human races with estimated dates of origin before present is:Neanderthals (200,000),Negroids (140,000) , Australoids (100.000) ,Mongoloids (70,000),Caucasoids (40,000).The Caucasoids evolved from a group of Mongoloids in Central Asia very similar to American Indians with hawk noses and non-prominent epicantic fold in the eyes.They are thus far removed from Negroids.

      It has become an obsession for Jews to preach that “all races are equal” or even that races don’t exist.They do that out of a pathological fear of racial anti-semitism and out of a Jewish supremacist ambition to weaken,subjugate and ultimately destroy the white race,which they see as their main obstacle to world domination.

      Stephen Jay Gould’s “shtick” was to preach the “races do not exist” idea.His argument was that there was simply too little time for races to develop.This of course contradicts his own idea of “punctuated equilibrium” which says that evolution did not proceed slowly but happened quickly in a few places (thus accounting for the fact that still no fossils of intermediate forms have been found).His main motivation was probably the U.S. immigration act of 1924 which restricted for racial reasons immigration from South and Eastern Europe and thus also of Jews.Had those Jews been allowed to immigrate into America their descendents would not have become victims of the holocaust,so he reasoned.The cause of their death therefore was “racism” and THAT motivated him to promote the “races do not exist” idea.He devoted his whole career to that task.As now appears he wasn’t even averse from cheating to promote that which he thought would be “good for the Jews”.

      Jews like to brag about their high achievements in science,the arts, politics,the economy etc. as if they were meant as altruistic contributions to humanity.In reality Jews act only for selfish reasons,always keeping in mind whether something (no matter how far fetched) is “good for the Jews”.They do that even in science.Gould is a clear example of that phenomenon. Western civilization, that has as its main characteristic the pursuit of OJECTIVE TRUTH ,would profit if it would exclude from that pursuit those individuals who’s ulterior motive is the pursuit of a SUBJECTIVE TRIBAL AGENDA . No Jews in science,no fraud in science!

    8. CW-2 Says:

      Most anthropologist, particularly physical anthropologists as opposed to the ‘cultural’ variety, know the truth about racial origins but are too afraid to speak openly. The last great anthropologist and true scientist to do so was Carlton Coon in his 1963 book ‘The Origin of Races’. He was a gentleman of course and hid some of his conclusions in technical language.
      More recent research provides strong indications that Australian Aborigines and Negroid peoples are the result of crossings between Homo Sapiens and the isolated remnants of Homo Erectus.
      In some ways this conclusion is hardly rocket science as a close examination and comparison of the cranial features of modern Negroes with those of H. Erectus fossils clearly reveals striking similarities.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews are god damn liars when they say our ancestors walked out of Africa 60 or 70 thousand years ago. Hominids were living in western Asia and around the Mediterranean as far back as 2 million years ago. Maybe, repeat, maybe, our pre-human hominid ancestors came out of Africa a million or so years ago but they evolved into humans hundreds of thousands of years later in what is today Turkey, Armenia and Georgia.

      Neanderthals were the last descendents of an earlier hominid migration out of Africa. They probably mated at some point with the most undesirable cast-offs from early human populations, thus producing an unsavory hybrid race known today as the Jews.

    10. b.b.shaw Says:

      It doesn’t matter that Boas, Lewontin, and Gould are scientific frauds. They are what is taught as gospel in all universities today. To get a job in education, personnel, and many other careers, one must completely ingest and regurgitate these lies. University departments of Education, Sociology, and Anthropology are oft little more than indoctrination centers.