14 July, 2011

Belarus: The Next Country Listed In America’s Tikkun Olam Program

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magen david

“During the past decade, a time period when the United States has believed in its manifest destiny to change the world over to make it a better place…” (See? America has adopted Judaism).


  • 4 Responses to “Belarus: The Next Country Listed In America’s Tikkun Olam Program”

    1. Miller Says:

      More like Tikkun Golem.

    2. jayhackworth Says:

      “The Jew assesses (American) issues always from the Jewish perspective. Usually therefore the opposite of whatever he says is correct.”

      Der Angriff, 21 January 1929

    3. John Says:

      The jews can’t wait to get into Belarus and begin looting and destroying it. Of course it will be under the banner of ‘human rights’, ‘freedom and democracy’.
      I hope that Lukashenko resists the US/EU pressure.

      PS A good thing about Belarus is that during WW2 the Germans eliminated most of the jew population of that country.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Here’s the basic Jew/ZOG formula for destroying any country that is hostile to US/Zionist imperialism:

      First, the Jews invent a lot of imaginary atrocity tales in their controlled press about the country they wish to target. Real outlandish and ridiculous lies about “mobile weapons labs”, “mass executions” and “nerve gas bombs”. Then the Jews make their goy stooges in the White House and Kahngress say how “troubled” they are that the targeted country is not complying with some UN mandate or with the wishes of the “international community”.

      Next come the sanctions and blockades, with the stamp of approval from the Jew-controlled Congress and UN, followed by “coalition” airstrikes (90% of which are carried out by the US, not any so-called “coalition partner”), with the Jew-controlled press constantly cheering on the attacks. The CIA then starts fomenting civil unrest inside the victim country. Then members of the ruler’s family are murdered so that no one in his clan can replace him as ruler. The ruler is then violently deposed and executed by several of his generals who are on the CIA payroll.

      Finally, the new Washington-backed corrupt and bloodthirsty régime comes to power and begins torturing and murdering supporters of the old régime, with lots of assistance from Washington and the MOSSAD. The new régime will be permitted to be as ruthless and corrupt as they want to be, as long as they always follow orders from Washington and let the Jews come in and take control of their media and banks.