3 July, 2011

Roger Scruton’s “The Rebirth of Nations”

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald.


“The best hope for America is the success of the nationalist movements in Europe. Indeed, if one nationalist movement is successful in rejecting the EU and beginning the process of repatriating immigrants and tearing down multiculturalism, I think it would spread like wildfire to other nations traditionally dominated by Whites, including America. Reading Scruton, I am more hopeful than ever that that time is near.”


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  7. 12 Responses to “Roger Scruton’s “The Rebirth of Nations””

    1. Bigduke6 Says:

      The pendulum swings both ways. And when it swings back, it will swing back hard, baby. And you take that to the bank. The common man is tired of elites playing God and reengineering society and sexuality. We have a special place for race mixers, gender benders and sodomites.

    2. Shane Says:

      Where is this special place? Madagascar? The graveyard?

    3. Shane Says:

      In America we need to nullify federal laws and make sure states are in control. The next step is to have real leaders in the state legislature doing the right things. We don’t have strong national identities like in Europe, but we can try to utilize the constitution and actually fight for the REPUBLIC.

    4. Joe Neunzig Says:

      It’s hard to know how to take someone like Scruton. On the one had he reveres Wesern Civilization, which for an academic is rare; on the other hand he doesn’t name the joo and sees the major distinction between those who accept a secular state and those who don’t, i.e. the ‘Muzzies’. This implies that he thinks nigs are ok while the ‘Muzzies’ are not. Scruton, for example, accepts the official version of the 9/11 terror attack, as being perpetrated by ‘Muzzies’, despite the fact that there are good reasons to reject it.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Shane, that special place for race-mixers, gender-benders and sodomites is called San Fransisco.

      One thing ZOG has been good at is neutralizing all organized opposition to itself. As a result, there is currently no kind of revolutionary party or movement in existence that can rise up and take control. So when the Empire finally collapses there will be a vacuum that will have to filled by something. That’s when the shit is really going to start flying.

    6. anonymous Says:

      The author is correct in that the best hope is Europe, but incorrect that there is hope for America. I think that Europe will eventually rise up against the rotting corpse of Pax Americana and overcome it – with force. America will be re-occupied, re-colonized and re-civilized, the brown races returned to their original status, instinct-bereft whites pared from the organism of white polity in the process. Will we live to see it? Would Americans even recognize it as it occurs? Probably not.

    7. CW-2 Says:

      Scruton is probably being too optimistic. After a brief fact-finding tour of northern Italy I can say that our situation is becoming truly dire. Even places like the historic city of Ravenna, Theodoric’s city, is flooded with nigs and muds. None of them appear to be working, though their main occupation is sniffing around for White women, and for that I expect they receive state assistance.
      The only good news is that the proportion of the White population who are receptive to the White Nationalist message has already reached about 10%. These people aren’t hard core, yet, but they are willing to listen to reason. They blame the industrialist, but haven’t joined all the dots to see big jew as the real driving force behind our racial dispossession and destruction of our homelands.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      They blame the industrialist, but haven’t joined all the dots to see big jew as the real driving force behind our racial dispossession and destruction of our homelands.

      But CW-2, they SHOULD blame the industrialist! It’s not just Big Jew who’s dragging the west into the sewer, there are also a lot of wealthy White bankers, politicians and industrialists doing it. Look at those pricks Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They sent most of their tech support jobs to India and their manufacturing operations to Red China. They aren’t Jews but they are screwing over White American workers just the same. And then Gates retires and gives away half his fortune to globalist foundations and third-world charities.

      And then there’s the US Chamber of Commerce, an ultra right-wing organization made up of American businessmen and industrialists, almost all of whom are White, but who advocate shipping US jobs overseas to slave labor countries and importing mud labor to drive down the cost of domestic labor. And that’s just one of many “pro business” organizations that are killing us.

      So to hell with the rich, to hell with Big Business and to hell with Capitalism. They are all inflicting as much harm as their ally Big Jew.

    9. Shane Says:

      I read Camp of the Saints last summer while I was in Germany and Austria. Anyone else ever read the book or know how it ends? It relates to our resistance to immigration and the leftist government.

    10. CW-2 Says:

      Point taken, Tim. Although much of what you say is pertinent to the American situation and the European industrialist are just as keen on docile coffee-colored immigrants, they don’t want black Africans in their workforce. They know the negro is unemployable in a technological work place and is a heavy burden on society and constitutes a heavy tax on their commercial operations. The only function of the negro is as a biological wrecking agent. That is why I single out big jew as being responsible for setting the political agenda that permits turd world immigration. We must always keep in mind the jew’s primary objective, namely the destruction of the White race.
      While we are apportioning blame let’s not let the Christian churches off the hook. This wholesale dispossession in the White homelands could not have even started if preachers and bishops had voiced their legitimate concerns. Christianity is supposed to be about defending the vulnerable members of society, the young and old, well why weren’t they speaking out when our lands were being taken from us, our children raped, and our old people beaten? Their silence has been deafening. It appears that the Churches while seeing the dangers to themselves in the globalist program have chosen to keep quiet, either out of fear or because they secretly agree with the plan. If, as I suspect the Churches are eager allies of big jew then they really have made a catastrophic alliance with evil. It must be a secret they are desparate to keep quiet, if their true intensions leak out that will be the end of the Churches.

    11. dn Says:

      what nationalist movements? all the European parties are kosher to their eyeballs. Better to stir the immigrants to cause trouble and make the liberals suffer and the states to collapse. Use the wogs as an asset and not repair a white nigger system for the Jews.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      That’s a very good piece of advice, db. Instead of complaining about all the subhuman trash that’s washing up on our shores, we should be stirring them up like a nest of killer bees. We should egg them on so that they will not only riot in their own ghetto neighborhoods but then move their riots into Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, etc…all the places where the rich Jews and liberals reside. Then those muds would be good for something!