4 July, 2011

The “Founding Fuck-Ups” and the American Revolution

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I admit that, when I first heard the term “Founding Fuck-Ups” used to describe America’s founders, I didn’t agree with it. I had never viewed people like Thomas Jefferson as losers. Now I understand the reasons for the use of that term. The founders made mistakes – serious mistakes. They should have been much more specific about what type of country America was designed to be. They could have written that America “will be a republic governed solely by White men.” But they didn’t. That seems odd, since our founders were students of history. They studied ancient Greece and Rome. They knew that countries change over time. They must have known that specifics would be important regarding the future of America.

Also, it’s important to note that the American Revolution was funded by a Jew named Haym Salomon.


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    1. Vaultner Says:

      Yeah, but in Greece & Rome the jews were always on the outside. Hadrian in particular new how to deal with the jew. Neither society ever had a nigger problem. For about 3 or 4 thousand years the people wouldn’t have it. What’s changed, the jews are on the inside.

      Our Founding Fuck ups didn’t not foresee communism instead of freedom & the jews media.

      However if the people in 1913 would have seen it was unconstitutional for Woodrow Wilson to in act the Federal Reserve act we likely wouldn’t have the problems we do.

    2. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      The AmeriKwan “Revolution” was a Judeo-Masonic scam from the gitgo. George Washington was a 33 degee Mason as were many other of the Founding Fuck-ups. If the Founding Fuck-ups were true to the White Race they never would have let niggers and kikes in. If they had truly been wise students of history they would have known that once you let niggers in, even as slaves, miscegenation is inevitable. More importantly they should have been smart enough to realize that once you let jews into a country, the death of the founding race is certain. Given enough time, kikes will bleed any Nation wherein they dwell to death. I say, FUCK THE FOURTH OF JEW-LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Sgt. Skull Says:

      People had common sense at the time of this nation’s founding, and the founding fathers (or fuck ups, depending on one’s viewpoint) didn’t need to make explicit that which everyone, commoner and elite, took for granted; namely, that the nigger and red indian was in no way the equal of the white man. And if they weren’t killed or enslaved they were to have very few, if any, rights and privileges.

      Citizenship was restricted to “free, white persons”. The irony here is that not all white people were free and non-whites were never to be granted citizenship or be placed on an equal footing with whites. White indentured servants could earn citizenship after a period of servitude or by monetary payment. This was not possible for niggers and other non-whites.

      If the founding fathers were suddenly brought back from the dead and saw whites being replaced with subhuman scum from Africa, Mexico and Central America they would be starting a second American revolution.

    4. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the sheenies, with their control of the print and broadcast media and book publishing companies made sure white school kids never learned the facts of this nations’s founding from my first post. The three basic lessons that are repetitively drummed into the skulls of all white children and adults are:

      1) jews are not only chosen by God to rule over the world, but they are the most poisecuted people in the whole wide world. Hilter killed six million of them just because he envied their intelligence and business acumen.
      2) Hitler wanted a Europe free of jews and niggers which is the most unspeakably evil thing ever done in all of world history. White nations are for everyone, especially jews and niggers.
      3) The kwa is a universal, immigrant nation where every race, religion and creed is welcome. To argue otherwise is racism and nazism.

      Judging by the drooling “race doesn’t matter” airheads I come across every day I’d say the system has succeeded in beyond its wildest dreams.

    5. Karen Says:

      Hey guys, it took me a while to feel the same way about “the flounding fathers as some have called them. They were not gods but just men. I well agree with Eric Thomson’s take on these men. He came to the conclusion that these guys were simply either drunk or simply not that bright after all. Or just too much into the anti reality of jewdeo-freemasonary. He mentions about the nonsense of “All men are created equal,” and the Constitution. The foundation of the US would seem as a hoax. It was never ours to begin with. Regenerated Aryans could do much better than what we thought was meant for us all. You cannot lose what was never yours to begin with. They touted what was a government of laws and not of men. That would make them guilty of hubris.

    6. old dutch Says:


      Non-Whites were not considered to be “men” in the days of the founding fathers.

      As far as Salomon goes, his importance is historical fiction made up by Salomon’s fellow Jew author Howard Fast.

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I’ve never visited the District of Corruption, never intend to. I have stepped where the Caesars ruled in Rome, been to the residence of the French monarchs at Versaille, Been to Westminster Abbey, touched the stone on which Scottish kings were crowned, went to the tower where many a Queen and many others lost their heads to the axeman. No such thing has ever occured in the Jewnited States, no leader however crooked at corrupt has ever been hanged like Sadaam Hussein, or bombarde like Colonel Quadaffi and lost family member to aerial attacks.

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
      — Thomas Jefferson

      Seems like its only been the stupid goyim that if been bled

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews have wielded a great deal of influence over this country from the beginning. The Touro Synagogue in Newport, RI was the first synagogue in the country and many Jews involved in the slave trade went there to worship themselves and to make deals. They also let President Washington know about their expectations that the new US government would be tolerant towards their “religion”. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/US-Israel/bigotry.html

      It’s well known that Jefferson was up to his eyeballs in debt to Jewish creditors, so they confiscated Monticello after his death. Like many, many Goy rulers before them the Floundering Fuckups borrowed lots of money from the Jews and in return the Jews were free to run roughshod over society, until the gentile citizens had enough and demanded the Jews leave. But Jew expulsions have yet to happen in the USA, maybe because the American goyim have not had prolonged exposure to the Jews like the Europeans and Arabs have.

    10. Karen Says:

      old dutch, I was not refering to non Whites. The mistake that these men made was to constitute a government of laws. They forgot to constitute a government of men.

    11. The Red Skull Says:

      The term–“we hold these truths to be self-evident-that all men are created equal”—has been twisted by the Jews and Media to mean racial equality,when in my opinion,the Fathers were talking about CLASS,not race.In other words –no man is born a King,no man is born a mere peasant,–we are all EQUAL.Remember they came from a CLASS-bound society,which was all they knew,and they knew it was virtually impossible to change your Class-status.

      The evidence that they were not talking about slaves is answered by:Were the Niggers freed after the war and given “equal” rights with Whites? Answer:NO!!Rastus was kept slavin’ on the farm,and not given any rights ’cause everybody knew they were just “niggers”.

      Oh how it would have changed the entire game if they had only written–“We hold these truths to be self-evident–that ALL WHITE MEN are created equal”………

      However,the danger was that many considered Jews to be “white”,and not the enemy people with an alien agenda that they are.

      The founding Fathers wrote that document for US….Not the Jews,Not the Niggers,Not the Mexicans,and Not the Gooks.WE are the “People of Posterity”,not the mud races,as it was never meant for them to be in our society or have a voice,or participate in our gov’t.

      Lots of work by the International Jews has changed the whole face of our Nation,form a White Prosperous Country,to a de-industrialized,multi-culti,jew-run,POS,where we are quickly becoming a minority in the Nation Our Fathers Founded for US.

      Someday Whites will learn or be wiped out…altruism toward other Races will be the Death of us.

      We need a New Constitution —BY,FOR and ABOUT PRESERVING WHITES.

    12. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      We need more than a New Constitution, Red Skull; we need a new COUNTRY. We must establish a White Blood and Soil Aryan Repubiic somewhere in the world- probably in Eastern Europe. The entire Western Hemisphere has become so jewified and niggerized that it may be a hopeless task to salvage even a small portion of the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. Be that as it may, there will be no egalitarian bullshit about all men being created equal, even White Men. There is no equality in Nature. Only the eternal struggle for the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. 14/88.

    13. Susan Says:

      Well, just because the founding fuckups got it wrong, doesn’t mean we have to live with their mistakes.

      We could start a revolution any day, you know?

      Revolution doesn’t have to mean violence, at least now. A revolution can mean a change of thought and action, nonviolently. At least for now.

      Sally and Joe may be lost causes. But we’ll never know if we don’t try to empower White men first. Once White men are empowered again, anything is possible.

      If not us, who?
      If not now, when?

    14. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      You are absolutely right, Susan. The coming White Revolution must first begin with a change of consciousness of at least twenty or thirty percent of the White masses. As far as whether the Revolution will be violent or non-violent will be determined by the level of mass awareness when the time comes. Any violent actions against ZOG AT THIS TIME would be highly counter-productive and would only end in the destruction of the Revolutionary Forces. The entire jewish money system will soon collapse from its own internal contradictions.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      BD Johnson is right, White men are NOT created equal. Unfortunately, there are a number of retards, cripples and other defectives in our Race. I doubt anyone but the most marshmallow-headed liberal pansy would consider them to be the “equals” of our White brain surgeons, civil engineers and rocket scientists. The whole idea of equality is unnatural, Jewish and degenerate.

    16. A. Weiner Says:

      Big deal, the Confederates you love were funded by the Rothschilds – fact.

    17. danny Says:

      the so called founding fathers were megalomaniac politicians. they talked a big game about freedom and liberty, but in the end they built a massive central government that destroyed statehood. politicians will be politicians.

      they replaced monarchial tyranny with federal tyranny.

    18. danny Says:

      the eight seligman brothers financed the entire union army with uniforms. the union army had seven jew generals and 21 jew colonels. on the other hand blaming everything on jews is silly. the jews accomplish their work because whites allow them too.

    19. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      Two primary goals of the Aryan Republic will be to increase both the quantity and the quality of the White Race. A massive Eugenics program must be immediately put in place after the Revolution. The government must subsidize the healthiest, strongest, and most intelligent of our Race, while discouraging the breeding of inferior individuals. Fortunately, we will have no jews, niggers, or spics to deal with. A few generations of White men and women forged in the fires of a White Revolutionary struggle will once again conquer the Earth for the White Race.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      Right again, BD. If the White Race is to survive and prosper, we need the ENTIRE planet for ourselves. If we allow even a small number of Chinamen, Mexicans, Semites or Coloreds to live they will quickly outbreed us and then come swarming towards our shores. Then all the mushy-headed White do-gooders will want to be “compassionate” towards them and grant them “asylum”. All the sickly and degenerate elements in our Race must be ruthlessly weeded out, and that includes the Christlings. If we want to be free, then some heads will have to roll.

    21. anonymous Says:

      I’ve long agreed with what Karen says. Even as a child, hearing the stupid cliche about a nation of laws rubbed me wrong.

      At the same time, I believe Nom de Guerre, per Jefferson, may have something. Particularly the word “must”. Every generation that goes without having to defend itself is less capable of it. And that only applies to imminent threat, not foreign conquest in the name of imminent threat.

      The founders may or may not have been fuck-ups but they certainly would’ve been better parents than those who spoil their children with security to the point that those children are unable to provide it for themselves.

      Or maybe they gave us enough to last, say, about 80 years – just long enough for the majority to unlearn it.

    22. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      Tim, I don’t think that White domination of the Earth would necessarily mean the extermination of other races. We must keep the birth rate of the lesser races down, but that can be accomplished by a policy of selective sterilization in the case of Africa, and a policy of benign neglect with regard to the rest of the turd world. We foolishly shared our technology with the turd world, and many of these mud races have learned to copy our inventions, but they never can copy our inventiveness. I envision a world-wide Aryan Imperium, having a total monopoly of nuclear weapons, occupying the richest and most fertile portions of the planet, and ruling the mud races with a rod of iron. We must develop an Aryan religious philosophy of course, and root out the negative influences of jew xianity. All kikes would be relegated to Madagasgar or some other island where they would have no one to prey on but themselves.

    23. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      A small group of European males aged 21 with some demonstrable competence, ability and ambition (50lbs. Sterling or 50 acres) was designed to replace the monarchy. It was called a republic. NEVER was every man supposed to vote. Democracy is doomed by the one man, one vote concept, which will vote itself largesse. The Founders owned slaves, what statement did that make? Africans were slaves and, in the conceptual event that they were freed, were to be returned to Africa. Indians were to be killed and confined to reservations. Mexicans were slaughtered at the Sabine River and sent back to Mexico. There was no federal reserve and the dollar was backed by gold. Government was small and informal and temporary elected officials met for a few days and legislated ONLY when necessary; then they returned to their businesses. The Supreme Court was supposed to uphold the Constitution. Americans, European males, were supposed to be FREE to “pursue happiness.” Free from taxation and free to live their lives and run their businesses. What part of that did you not read in and around the Constitution. ALL OF THAT WAS UNDERSTOOD if not clearly delineated in the actual written word. The Constitution says the president must be a “natural born citizen” which was UNDERSTOOD, at the time, to mean that both parents of the candidate were born in America, per the “Law of Nations.” In any case, the country was long ago taken over by communists and the Constitution was thrown out the window. It was good in the beginning but American leaders, over time, let down their guard. What are you going to do? The world is a crawling cesspool awash in exploding population. When the Constitution was written, the situation was manageable. The German leadership in the 1930’s had it right and were high-tech leaders, industry was moving forward strongly; they had Werner Von Braun making huge progress. What mistakes were made there? What the hell happened? We have always KNOWN what to do but somehow, for some reason, it collapses. Next time we’ll have to reverse engineer with a goal for longevity and sustainability.

    24. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      Since I’m likely that first user of the righteous, accurate phrase “founding fuckups,” which Herr Linder now, 10 yrs later, has come to realize is accurate, I would like to go on and point you all a bit further in the White direction, so to speak: Tommy Jefferson was a nigger-fucking pedarast AND PART JEW! I’ll be back on this 2morrow fellow Aryans! Stay tuned!

    25. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Another day of sell out the White race. Coming from the fat boys that run the farm bureaus and their representative in DC the Ag. Secy. we hear that they signed an agreement with Mejico to allow Mexican trucks north of the border.. Tommy Jefferson would be proud. If that icon of the liberals and kwanservatives meant all the shit he wrote, he would have emancipated his niggers on the spot and grabbed a hoe not a ho.

      I think for the most part the founding felons were cut from the same cloth as their predecessors, the landed aristocracy of Norman-England. you know the assholes that Willy the Conqueror brought to Saxon England in 1066, that turned Europe from a land of free or common holding farm communities, in to agribusiness know as Feudal estates.
      Todays Agribusiness bunch are direct descendents of the same lot, anything for a buck or fuck mentality.

    26. SHOOT DOWN ZOG Says:

      Well the Chinese won’t have to use US ports anymore, they’ll off load the junk in Mexican ports, which will save them alot of money on transportation costs, and the distances from Mexican ports may actually be closer in proximity.. What the fuck does this signing away our territoral “integrity” have to do with Agriculture?
      I can see Tommy and the “Framers” smiling down from heaven with Jeboo and Chorus and all those dearly departed jeboo worshippers, over this development which will allow more witnessing to mexishits.

    27. SHOOT DOWN ZOG Says:

      I can see falling prices at Wally world

    28. Tim McGreen Says:

      The “Founding Felons” sounds good. And it’s appropriate, since they were traitors to the British Crown and should all have been hanged. I hear the only reason that Washington, Jefferson, et al really wanted independence from England was because the King refused to give them any titles of nobility. So, they decided to form their own aristocracy, an aristocracy of wealthy Virginia landowners and lawyers.

      Hmmpf, some revolution that was.

    29. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The ones that did the actual fighting, like Lighthorse and Richard Henry Lee didn’t fare so well, Lighhorse Harry, Robt. E. Lees father lost the family plantation at Stratford Hall, was attacked by a mob in Baltimore trying to protect his friend a newspaper editor who opposed the War of 1812. He spent the remaining years of his life in the West Indies. Tommy Jefferson spent his time in Paris with his mulatta mistress.

    30. Nom de Guerre Says:

      On July 27, 1812, Lee received grave injuries while helping to resist an attack on his friend, Alexander Contee Hanson, editor of the Baltimore newspaper, The Federal Republican. Hanson was attacked by Democratic-Republican mob because his paper opposed the War of 1812. Lee and Hanson and two dozen other Federalists had taken refuge in the offices of the paper. The group surrendered to Baltimore city officials the next day and were jailed. Laborer George Woolslager led a mob that forced its way into the jail and removed and beat the Federalists over the next three hours. One Federalist, James Lingan, died.

      Lee suffered extensive internal injuries as well as head and face wounds, and even his speech was affected. Lee later sailed to the West Indies in an effort to recuperate from his injuries. He died on 25 March 1818, at Dungeness, on Cumberland Island, Georgia.

    31. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      Now for the First Jew in the Blight House, Tommy Jefferson:


      Jefferson as a crypto-kike fits MacDonald’s theoretical observations nicely too. Good theory, solid science, I say Jefferson was a sephardic kike, like Alexander Hamilton. (Note how both of these scum were enemies of Aaron Burr too. Not that Burr was any kind of Aryan Hero, but he WAs a batter man than his persecutors.) This certainly explains “Brown Shoogah Tommy’s” RABID PSYCHOTIC JUDEOPHILIA too. For example, he suggested that the seal image should be something from the Biblical Hebrews being rescued by God via the Red Sea. (http://www.independencedayfun.com/269/facts-about-the-declaration-of-independence/)

      He wanted hebe scrwling on the currency, which, given how much kikery actually funded his and his nigger-kid-fucker pals little pig party which the entire Aryan Race is still cleaning up after, is no surprise.

      The Founding Fuckups, Founding Pedarasts, Founding Miscegenators, ALL are better, STRONGER and MORE ACCURATE PHRASES which any genuine Aryan Revolutionist will make part of his revolutionist repetoire, meant to cleanse all the kahnstipated kahnservative filth out of folks heads. Pointy-Pyramid-heads (nudge nudge-saaaaay-NO MORE!) excused, as THEY’ have reservations first for a little “hemp party,” then front-row seating in Hell!

    32. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jerry Morris? Sounds Jewish to me. You’re as obnoxious as a Kike, too.

    33. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Bulls eye Tim! You unveiled with your uncanny super powers, what I had often suspected about this Geraldo Rivera Morris Dees.

      We won’t even ask him to provide a bat mitzvah certificate, or post a pecker photo ,besides most Gentile males in the Kwa have been forcibly mutilated, so we couldn’t apply the Anthony Wiener test Why would you use a pseudonym that bears even a hint of kikeness? But Jew do just that?

    34. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Thomas Jefferson was no jew. My evidence is that he didn’t act like a jew, or had any of the charactaristics of a jew. First and Foremost a jew is a race of the mind, a mentally twisted mind absorbed with unnatural affections.

    35. Karen Says:

      Jews do this all the time. Whenever there has been someone of historical importance such as Jefferson, Hitler they lie and say that these people were one of their own. Give me a break. I am so sick of jews. END JEW THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    36. Nom de Guerre Says:

      When you hear anybody raving and ranting about Constipation and bowel movements, its a dead ringer for a kike on the scene

    37. Syd Spada Says:

      Why not utilize the intellect that Evolution has bestowed upon us?
      We should use terms such as “inception” in place of backwards, unflattering ones, like “gitgo”. Is “gitgo” even a word? I’ve never seen it any any dictionary.
      How about proper grammar and punctuation instead of this garble of run-on sentences? Some of you are making a mockery of this fine language.

    38. Tim McGreen Says:

      English can be a pain in the ass, though. I mean, why is it spelled “receive” and not “recieve”? And who decided that the alphabet should be in the order it’s in? Why can’t N come before M?

    39. Tim McGreen Says:

      And why isn’t “move” pronounced the same way as “glove” or “love”? Why “piece” and not “peice”, if it’s “receive” and not “recieve”? Why is it I before E in some cases but not in others? Who can I complain to about this? Or is it whom do I complain to?

    40. CW-2 Says:

      The phrase “pursuit of happiness” in the Constitution is a typical Masonic concept. Clearly the ‘Founding Fathers’ had no idea of a White society being based on Aryan honor, discipline, and dignity.