24 July, 2011

The Political Ideas of Anders Behring Breivik

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald.


“In the excerpts below, note his hostility toward the Frankfurt School which he identifies with cultural Marxism, but never mentions that the Frankfurt School is a Jewish intellectual movement or the anti-European, anti-Christian attitudes that pervade Jewish elites in the West…”


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    1. CW-2 Says:

      A very interesting article. As usual Dr MacDonald can be relied on to give a cool and logical analysis.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      “The video images strongly suggest that he (Breivik) identifies with historical figures like Charles Martel who fought to prevent the Muslim conquest of Europe in previous centuries. Note the many photos of Christian knights battling Islam (suggesting he sees Christianity [correctly] as a historically powerful force for the preservation of Europe rather than mainly about religious faith)………”

      Whoa, there……..this asshole Breivik, who has apparently murdered dozens of beautiful White Aryan children, regards himself as a Carolingian monarch? And what’s all that jive about Christianity being an “historically powerful force for the preservation of Europe”? The pagan Greeks and Romans fought off the non-White hoards from Europe without Christianity, so I’d say that Zeus and Apollo were at least as effective at saving the West as Jay-zus and his Bible friends supposedly were.

      I know, I know, we can’t expect to agree with everyone on everything. But that myth about Christianity being a powerful unifying force for White civilization really pisses me off. Who came up with that nonsense, anyway?

    3. Luke Says:

      “Tim McGreen Says:

      But that myth about Christianity being a powerful unifying force for White civilization really pisses me off. Who came up with that nonsense, anyway?”

      Someone once said that the jews have a saying and it goes something like this: “Those who the jews wish to exploit, plunder, and destroy, they first make into Christians”.

      Think about it. Brainwashing these nauseating white Christians into adopting these spineless, disgusting, cowardly and limp-wrist-ed notions such as ‘turn the other cheek’ and ‘love your enemies’ and ‘bend over and spread your ass cheeks wide’ – is that not the perfect curse to inflict upon a race you crave to genocide and destroy?

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      All that turn the other cheek and love thy neighbor stuff in Christianity certainly didn’t come out of Judaism. It sounds more like something found in Buddhism or maybe Zoroastrianism. At any rate nothing out of the Orient, not Judaism, Zoroastrianism or Buddhism, is compatible with Aryan ways of thinking.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      And by “Aryan” I don’t mean Persia, where Zoroastrianism had a strong following for many centuries before Islam came along and destroyed it.

    6. morris wise Says:

      There was nothing the Oslo shooter hated more than the thought of having to share his living space with a person of color. His worse thoughts are going to become a reality as prison authorities force him to share a mattress with a dark-skinned sexual outlaw. Both will be released after 21 years including the mattress.

    7. CW-2 Says:

      We need to distinguish between modern Christianity, particularly in its American incarnation, which has turned its back on the White race, and the older form of Christianity to which Dr MacDonald refers. In Europe of the Middle Ages Christianity was thoroughly Aryanized with a strong folkish pre-nationalist strain to it. Frankish knights when confronting the ragheads at Poitiers didn’t bother going into deep theological discussions as to why they were fighting the mudslims, they knew instinctively that the mudslims meant to kill them, rape their women and take their lands. It wasn’t rocket science then and it isn’t now. Either our progeny, our children survive and prosper or theirs do by taking our fertile and temperate lands. It is as simple as that.
      Just because we have Blackberry in our pocket doesn’t mean we have escaped biological realities and the conflicts that arise therefrom.
      While discussing the defects and merits of Christianity, let’s for a change give credit where it is due. The deeply religious and Christian Byzantine Empire on three separate occasions turned back the mud hordes. If it wasn’t for those brave Christian men and women we wouldn’t be here today. The fledgling nations of western Europe were able to reach maturity thanks to the sword and shield provided by the Byzantines.

    8. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      If the Byzantine Empire turned back the mud hordes, they did it because they were ARYANS. If they had have been Aryan Pagans instead of Aryan Christians, they would have turned back the mud bastards twice as far and twice as fast. Our Aryan ancestors triumphed in spite of Christianity NOT because of it. We must regain a religion rooted in our own blood and soil, not a transplanted semitic fairy tale.

    9. Emily Says:

      Apparently, the youth camp attendees were strategizing how to boycott Israel due to its treatment of Palestinians. Geert Wilders is a kibbutz- trained mannequin forged to link-up Islamicists w/anti-European sentiments. The enemy is constantly on lookout for weak, depraved natives to mold them into mindless spewing robots so if they get caugt the G. W.’s have no idea nor explanation of what went wrong or of what they’re doing, in order to do their bidding for them. Talking loose screws, here. Look out for descriptive adjectives, like, Labor political party…confuse, confuse, snap! Schools of/for thought for the feeble-weak minded. How did one guy-kid kill 93 persons w/a gun? Does 93 include the dead from the bombing?And he seems to feel ‘nothing’ after? Reckless. Come-on people. Point them out & surround them.

    10. Miller Says:

      This whole thing is a cheap Mossad hoax.

      If this were real the Crusader’s targets would have been kike kids at a Jew camp.

      True Crusaders want to liberate the holy land for the Christians and are glad to walk over mounds of Jew and Muslim corpses to do so.

    11. Miller Says:

      By the way, Fuck Israel and Fuck the Jews.

      Thank God Adolph Hitler set in motion the final solution…We now approach it at a quickening pace. Hang On White Man!

      Lampshades, soap, etc will once again be big business.

    12. jayhackworth Says:

      Now the Bureau of Truth is announcing the dude plagiarized from the famed ‘unibomber’s ‘manifesto’. Anybody want to invest n a bridge?

    13. walter Says:

      Modern Christianity is a sympton of our very comfortable lifestyle. When the multi cultural crap gets to painful Modern christianity will start to fade away. Humans always justify their pain expressing it in their religon. So goodbye to the faggy wussie love everybody bullshit Jesus!

    14. walter Says:

      Know one has lost money underestimating the stupidity of the average American.
      I think I need a vomit bag on this one.
      Youtube search: “Dumb Christian Goyim are Israels Lap Dogs.”

    15. Z.O.G. Says:

      Kevin MacDonald still has his head up his ass about the subject of Christinsanity. He thinks it’s some kind of “cultural defense” of whites and Western Civilization. I suspect this has something to do with his Irish Catholic upbringing.

      I’m getting kind of sick of his pro-Christian crap.

    16. Z.O.G. Says:

      Christianity, a Suicidal Religion

      But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.
      – Rabbi Jesus, Matthew 5:39

      And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well.
      – Rabbi Jesus, Matthew 5:40

      If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.
      – Rabbi Jesus, Matthew 5:41

      But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you
      – Rabbi Jesus, Matthew 5:44

      But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you
      – Rabbi Jesus, Luke 6:27

      Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.
      – Rabbi Saul, Romans 12:14

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      Christianity is bad news, all right. If the Christians had it their way there would be no check on population growth at all. Every single drooling retard, sickly cripple, starving mud, murderous half-breed and hideous genetic freak would be allowed to live, reproduce and consume valuable resources, giving absolutely nothing in return. It would be a world of 14 billion subhumans swarming through every jungle, forest and plain, devouring everything in sight like a pestilence before finally devouring each other. Christianity means racial and ultimately global suicide.

    18. Z.O.G. Says:

      I’ve been reading a lot about the origins of Christianity and the Jesus myth theory lately.

      It turns out that there isn’t on shred of evidence that Jesus was a real historical figure. Jesus is a 100% Jewish mythological character.

    19. dn Says:

      Anders was the type of guy who stabbed Hitler in the back in ww2 . Almost one of us but not quiet and small ideological differences tend to snowball and our worst rivals are those competing for the same space. Hitler versus Strasser comes to mind. People like Anders are our Strassers. Anders wanted to ditch Nazism and embrace Jewish sanctioned Islamophobia. I think Serge Thion has the right idea what to do with Muslim immigrants. Try to lead them in protest against the Masonic Zionist state and keep them separate so we can later excrete them .

      It is a fack that the xenophobic freedom loving part of the White race will have to exterminate or enslave the xenophilic side. He did us a favour culling these Reds. These people would all have grown up as Antifa. Dead Reds how bad.

      However we see the trend. Jews created most of this liberal internationalism and now they seek to decommission it. Why? Because to complete their world conquest they must build the third temple and that means defeating Islam.

      We need help from the Muslim world as we need states behind us for our ideology to ever get out of the joke stage and get serious.
      I mean Wn over in Iran on the ground helping the regime with intelligence work and man hours etc. Doing research and fighting and building countries. Belarus is the nearest thing to a White country. We cannot free the West from inside the West , even on the internet we are slowly being crushed.

    20. Miller Says:

      Today the death toll has gone from 97 to 68.

      Police won’t explain how they miscounted dead bodies on the island.

      Daily the death toll will go down, down ,down.

      Until there are zero deaths.

      We are living in Orwell’s 1984.

    21. Shane Says:

      “Tim McGreen Says:

      But that myth about Christianity being a powerful unifying force for White civilization really pisses me off. Who came up with that nonsense, anyway?”

      Answer: Catholics (some ethnic italian and german) in Salzburg have created some pretty sweet architecture and culture and unified a city. Alex is right that biology is more important than religion, but christianity isn’t bad for building community. The leaders of whites shouldn’t be hostile towards it, just critical and aware of the mystical bishop/black robe types. No converting heathens!

      dn says:I think Serge Thion has the right idea what to do with Muslim immigrants. Try to lead them in protest against the Masonic Zionist state and keep them separate so we can later excrete them .

      Answer: Muslim immigrants should be kept out and deported if there are any problems. You think you can control these people in large numbers? White separatism and localism are the solutions.

    22. mrcrouton Says:

      I agree with Breivik, throw the Moslems out of Europe, that is after you throw out the Jews first.

      Negroes and Chinese and everyone else last.

      But they must go and that is our position,

    23. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Any virility that Christianity may have possessed was lost a very long time ago. To be a contemporary white Christian, one must put the welfare of every non-white race first and foremost. Even though race is supposedly meaningless in the Christian worldview, the subhuman black African occupies a special place in the Christian’s heart. Christians will go to extreme lengths to ensure that abortion becomes illegal so female wetbacks and she-boons can birth as many babies as their bodies can handle.

      As I’ve said a million times, Christianity isn’t a bulwark against anything that threatens the existence of our race. As such, any right thinking person will reject that decrepit old time religion and its attendant baggage.

      Anders Breivik needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.

    24. Z.O.G. Says:

      Jesus Myth – The Case Against Historical Christ

    25. Z.O.G. Says:

      Jesus Myth Part II – Follow-up, Commentary, and Expansion

    26. Z.O.G. Says:

      The Gospel of Mark as Reaction and Allegory

    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s true that the Gospel of Mark is the only “real” gospel and that the other three gospels are just reworked or altered versions of it. It’s also true that those Gospels were written decades after Jay-zus and his pals supposedly lived, by people who could not have been around to hear what Jesus supposedly said. And it’s also true that Rabbi Saul of Tarsus never heard of the Gospels or quoted from them, because they were written after his death.

      And yes, it’s safe to say that the Crucifixion is just a myth that represents the Vernal Equinox, and that Christ’s birth on December 25 is symbolic of the Winter Solstice. What’s more, there were a number of earlier “savior gods” who also changed water into wine, healed the sick, spoke in parables and raised the dead. The Jesus cult is based on the Jewish savior god cult of Yashua, which in turn was based on the savior god cults of Horus, Mithras and Khrishna.

      So come on, already.

    28. Bob Says:

      Christianity can be made to work:

      “But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, [blow his fucking head off and then] turn to him the other also.”


    29. Howdy Doody Says:


    30. jayhackworth Says:

      “Action Jackson” stepped carefully around the turds left on Norway’s rug by Joo-know-who when ‘writing’ his ‘manifesto’. lol

    31. ED! Says:

      Yes Christianity is a Jewish mind control contrivance that is embraced by the weak minded fools who are unable to deal with their turn at old age and death. The Jews use it to turn nations into dysfunctional shit-holes. Ever watch a spider inject his pray to break-down the insides so it can be sucked-out? Same thing! I do not agree with the actions of the shooter; now if he had wasted a bunch of Communist Jews…


    32. The Red Skull Says:

      If this guys ‘beliefs’ included a ‘love of Israel’ –then he definately had some joo-goo in his brain,and i am still inclined to believe a false flag of some type has been pulled.These weren’t evident about 911 at first although their were some strange things when you went back and looked.Now its rather obvious to those who can still think critically,and have the courage to get past the ‘my gov’t would NEVER DO THAT lemming type-thinking.

      If he was ‘just a psycho acting on his own’-then in my opinion–he did the White Right no favors and it casts everyone whos against the ‘Islamification” of their native ‘White Homlands’ as possible extremists and of course ‘terrorists’.Which makes the ZOGs over there (especially in Super-Pussy Land-formerly known as Great Britain)cream themselves with joy at how they will be able to criminalze and futher oppress the justifiable White Right all over Europe.

      If this was ‘planned’ then it was a master stroke by ZOG to Demonize any Whites who NATURALLY just want to keep our IDENTITY,our CULTURES and our RACE clean and free from being Contaminated by lesser races and cultures.

      Someone once said ” When you mix Shit and Ice Cream-you don’t improve the Shit and all you do is ruin the Ice Cream.”–thats whats happening to ALL White Countries thanks to the Jews.

      Another thing that doesn’t make sense is why didn’t he attack Muslims –if he hated them so bad??—-

      Its quite possible this was entirely a MOSSAD operation as it seems to serve Big Jews Agenda.

    33. The Red Skull Says:

      Thats ‘White Homelands’ people—

      Darn my proofreading!

    34. Andrei the Angry Ghost Says:

      Andrei’s Sci-fi Movie Review:

      Night of the Living-Dead Pork-Dodgers (2012)

      Hell on planet Earth starts immediately after the rebuilding of the tenple in Palestine & the cumming of Jesus (Hay-sus Jeminez) as played by 80 year old-plus actor Bill Dana. The “dead” pork-dodgers, all of them who have been dead since World War 2 become “living” again & begin attacking, murdering, sodomizing & stealing from the world Gentile population. The pork-dodgers rise from the graves, break out of mausoleums, walk out of morgues & walk out of funeral homes (some with no pants on) & cause havoc among the “White-skinned & devils”.

      How can these pork-dodgers be stopped? Two ways: 1. Iron pyrite (fools gold) plated bullets shot from any low powered gun to their heads which will cause immediate “death”. 2. Blunt force to their heads & then while they are in shock, they are administered an enema (2.5 quarts) consisting of 66% chitin-fat, 44% borscht & topped off with a universal butt-plug to make sure the lethal pork-beet cocktail stays in their gut to insure “eternal sleep”.

      Violence? A “born again Christian” funeral home director who should been preparing a certain pork dodger for public display, decided to get a little frisky with the “cute” 13 year old “departed one” & has his penis bit-off by the female-porker during a litte necro-fun-fun.

      Happy ending? The rebuilt temple in Palestine is burnt to a crisp by what looks a case like spontaneous combustion & the pork-dodgers, ALL go up in bright red flames-spontaneous combustion & all evil stops until

      Night of the Living-Dead Pork-Dodgers-Part Two (2014)

      Guest appearances: Marjo Gortner as Rev. Joel Olsteen & Sarah Silverman as Sarah Palin.

      Directed by John Dough.

      Release date: Febuary 14, 2012

      Rating: LDM (Living-Dead Motherfuckers)

    35. Tim McGreen Says:

      Andrei, aren’t there going to be any “glory hole” sequences in your epic film? I know you’re something of an “aficionado”, shall we say?

    36. Andrei the Angry Ghost Says:

      Tim: I forget about them ol glory holes! I through em in later for good measure…..