20 August, 2011

Jews: Always Working Both Sides Of The Street…

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sigmund fraud

(Above: Sigmund Fraud)

…and one famous example is communism and capitalism, both of which they pioneered. But a less well-known example involves Freudianism (from the Jew, Sigmund Freud) and communism. On page 4 of John Murray Cuddihy’s vital book “The Ordeal of Civility: Freud, Marx, Lévi-Strauss and the Jewish Struggle with Modernity,” he talks about the two ideologies of Marxism and Freudianism as instruments of change. Look at the goals of the two: Marxism urges “wholesale revolutionary change” while Freudianism urges “retail individual change.” That’s two sides of a street, too, in a sense. Cuddihy also writes that Marxism and Freudianism are meant for a double audience: gentiles and Jews. (However, I want to point out that Marxism was intended only for White countries. I assume, therefore, that, by “double audience,” Cuddihy means that Jews were intended to be the bringers of communism, while Whites would be the receivers of it).

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  7. 23 Responses to “Jews: Always Working Both Sides Of The Street…”

    1. morris wise Says:

      Living on both sides of the street was survival for the Ashkenazim, they never put all their people in one location. But are now breaking their golden rule by packing 2/3 of their population into tiny Israel. Ashkenazim visionaries will soon hop on El Al jetliners and fly to China. There are millions of empty condo`s perfect for Jews that wants the best. Israeli`s who choose to remain can hope to win the love of the Arabs.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      The Mao/Chicom take over of China and withdrawal of support for Chinese Nationals causing their retreat to Taiwan.

      Stalin gave every bit of Aid to the Chicom’s, and the attack on US in the blood bath hot war of 1950-52, and closed the door to Douglas MacArthur cleaning out the 20 years of enemy alien infestation of central government.

      Since 1948, they were always good lover’s for any one who paid attention.


      See, Edwin M. Wrights last statement on on the 1948 tragedy for the West.


    3. Howdy Doody Says:



      The Chinese Invasion by Dr. William Pierce

    4. CW-2 Says:

      It must be hell for jews living in Yidsrael to find an outlet for their ‘entrepreneurial spirit’, the poor dears must be in constant turmoil frantically looking for somebody to swindle. They will have to be content with selling watered-down icecreams to gullible tourists.

    5. Luke Says:

      CW-2 said: “…the poor dears must be in constant turmoil frantically looking for somebody to swindle.”

      Well, Ben Franklin did say that vampires cannot live among only other vampires.

      This is why the jews will scream so loudly whenever any gentile mentions the fact that they’ve been thrown out of every European nation they’ve ever resided in. Since jews are the worlds most voracious parasite, kicking them out of White nations is depriving them of their favorite form of nourishment, which to their way of thinking – really is an attempt to kill them by starving them of the white victims they need to swindle and feast upon.

      A reality that makes me sometimes scratch my head and wonder why the jews are working so hard to genocide and destroy the White race? We are their favorite food, because we are highly productive and most of us are the most easily conned, most embarrassingly gullible and easily bullshitted race of people in world history.

      If they succeed in killing us off, who’ll be a juicier meal than we were?

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Psychiatry exists so that perverted Jew doctors can mentally as well as sexually assault their shiksa patients. It also gives neurotic Jews like Woody Allen and Richard Lewis someone to describe all their bizarre Jew fetishes and fantasies to. I think Allen has been in therapy since 1961.

    7. torrence Says:

      I invited Morris and Rappaport (one and the same?) to stick around the site as I thought they added balance and challenge, but they are spinning the same Jewish yarn. By and large, a wholly unpleasant people.
      Don’t let them set the agenda of discussion. We keep the J-Men at the top of our minds too much by our own doings. We don’t need their assistance.

    8. Marc Rappaport Says:

      Freud, Einstein, Drs. Leo Szilard and Linus Pauling were some of the greatest minds of the 20th century. The world as we know it could not have existed without the invaluable contributions of those great men persons. Julius and Ehtel Rosenberg were even willing to go to the electric chair for their beliefs. Would you?

      African Americans, Hispanic Americans , ASian Americans, Native Americans an yes, whites too have all contributed to our beautiful mosaic. So instead of running down other people why not thank them for their contributions?We are all in this together!

    9. Karen Says:

      According to some jews instigating problems into European Nation States to get kicked out was their very power to reach the balance of power they claim they have now. I would not be so sure now if they are thinking of invading China and think they can stay there in peace. The Chinese as a whole do not have a love for these parasites called jews. They may use them but do not venerate god’s pets. THIS TIME THE WORLD!

      Rappaport, The Aryans will revive and will not put up with you parasites. We are not in this together. Excuse my truck driver talk, fuck off!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      Julius and Ehtel Rosenberg were even willing to go to the electric chair for their beliefs.


      Until Russia open the KGB/NKVD files on spies and actual agents, that put an end to the b.s. joo’s were tryingn to foist on US in the 80’s that they were INNOCENT ! PerSOOOscuted victim’s they were not.

      Her brother sang like a happy Canary, believe.

      Enemy Aliens one and all.

      Liars galore.

      Back Stabbers.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Rappaport actually received 2 thumbs up for his last post. I suspect his presence is attracting other Jews and liberals to this site, like ants to a picnic.

    12. torrence Says:

      Tim – I was just thinking that very same thought 1 MINUTE before I read yours.
      I think I need to post my thoughts on those two later. It is of some value that they are here.
      In popular news sites and message boards such as Yahoo, Jews operate a coordinated strategy of over-participation in such venues to influence the direction of discourse, to educate and inform along their lines of matter, to misrepresent public sentiment and to sway public sentiment as well. Check Yahoo articles when the subject has to do with Israel, and you will see a massive number of postings supporting Israel, ridiculing non-supporters. It is a deluge that the reader confronts. Some of these Zionists post so frequently that it is clear a click and paste approach of prepared comments and talking points is used.
      One counter commentator on Yahoo suggested we research the following to learn more about this behind-the-curtain activity: ‘Jewish Task Force’ ‘JIDF’ ‘Giyus’ Megaphone Desktop Tool’.
      We can learn a few things form those two – but not the things they wish we learn.

    13. torrence Says:

      Marc R says: “So instead of running down other people…”

      Well, there is something at times we can glean from Marc and Morris that is worthwhile. I have posted similarly on this point.
      Is it possible that we waste too much time fault-finding others, scrutinizing short-comings and hyper-critiquing those outside our community? Doesn’t self-analysis generally reap a better return? I think so.

      One point I’m particularly aggravated by is the reporting of black crime. OK, I give up. Many blacks are criminals. I know that and I always knew that. Now where do we go from here?

      I say let’s report the particularly repugnant White crime that our people are capable of. We’re more responsible over that than what a ghetto black does. We need to take responsibility for our own; put our house in order before we call out for others to do so. What about that Fritzl case – the Austrian who kept his daughter imprisoned in a downstairs dungeon for 24 years and fathered 7 children through her? Haven’t heard of that? Why not?
      Our approach can be negativist, or positivist. We can build, or we can tear down. We can waste time foolishly, or use time wisely.

      Which Way Western Man?

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      I know half joos, that all joooo that hate their White halves. Believe it, and the enemy aliens read here too.

      1965, really did not kick in till ten years as started dismantling US.

    15. Nick Collings Says:

      Marc R., by including Pauling’s name alongside three jews, are you insinuating something about the good Doctor’s ethnicity or reputation?

    16. Marc Rappaport Says:

      Nick, you are sooooo right! I meant to write Dr. Jonas Salk, the Jewish creator of the Salk Vaccine, something which saved countless millions from getting polio. FOr some reason, I confused the two. I guess us Jews aren’t always perfect!

    17. Karen Says:

      The Salk vaccine caused polio and countless other disorders. This is a fact of history. Vaccines kill, they are a practice of crimes against humanity.

    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      I meant to write Dr. Jonas Salk, the Jewish creator of the Salk Vaccine, something which saved countless millions from getting polio.


      Karen Says:

      22 August, 2011 at 6:37 pm

      The Salk vaccine caused polio and countless other disorders. This is a fact of history. Vaccines kill, they are a practice of crimes against humanity.

      0 0

    19. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      @ Torrence

      According to the website judicial-inc.biz Josef Fritzl is Jewish.That website has been taken down because it revealed too much about Jewish crimes.As for our resident Jews, Wise and Rappaport,they are so typically Jewish in their arrogance and mendacity that they almost can serve as instruction material for those who want to teach about the Jewish question.The more you learn about these creatures the more you see the stereotypes. There is little variation in their character. Its all arrogance and deception.I have confronted individuals of this species on other sites,its always the same.

    20. jayhackworth Says:

      The vaccine had actually been developed by a group of White biochemists at the University of Pittsburgh. It had been sent to Chicago for further study were it had given Salk charge of that study. From there the Jew Salk and other jews stole the vaccine and named it their own; thus Salk is credited with the vaccine.
      I tend to believe this story as it is common knowledge that jews will steal anything that’s not nailed down

    21. Marc Rappaport Says:

      If you ask me, Dr. Salk’s contributions to medicine and science were far more significant than anything that Dr. Pauling contributed. How many children do you see suffering from polio anymore?

      Come now, you Neo-Nazis shouldn’t be so envious of Jewish success. We are setting the examples that you should want to follow, not condemn!

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      I am highly suspicious of vaccines, mainly because the Jews are the ones who are always pushing for them. Who knows what kinds of dangerous side-effects those vaccines have on a person’s body, especially a child’s? The Jewish-controlled medical establishment knows all about those side effects and wants them to be as lethal as possible.

    23. Karen Says:

      Well, now you see children and adults suffer from a whole lot of disorders. You see so-called Autism, schizophrenia, MS, Lyme, Guiome Bar, you can go on and on. Green Monkey kidney cells, and unknown antigens and pathogens. Rappaport, how long do you think that this can go on? It is well known that the mighty Romans and Greeks did not suffer from small pox until so-called Asians introduced this voodoo to the Aryans. Asiatic swine called jews. Your time is limited, THIS TIME THE WORLD