16 August, 2011

Updating Ford’s Quote

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“The customer can have any color he likes, as long as it’s black.” — Henry Ford, talking about his Model T car.

“The citizen can have any news he likes, as long as it’s Jewed.” — VNN.

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  7. 9 Responses to “Updating Ford’s Quote”

    1. ty grant Says:

      Henry Ford is one aspect of life in this country that needs more discussion… the jews of the world, that is to say the organized crimminal network that makes up the perpetrators of our race, have long ago declared war on Henry Fords’ Independent Dearborn Newspaper… World Jewry and the biological differences between races, especially whites and jews, is another aspect that must be brought out into the light… Stay White…


    2. ty grant Says:


    3. ty grant Says:

      On the outbreak of the First World War in Europe, Ford soon made it clear he opposed the war and supported the decision of the Woman’s Peace Party to organize a peace conference in Holland. After the conference Ford was contacted by America’s three leading anti-war campaigners, Jane Addams, Oswald Garrison Villard, and Paul Kellogg. They suggested that Ford should sponsor an international conference in Stockholm to discuss ways that the conflict could be brought to an end.

      Ford came up with the idea of sending a boat of pacifists to Europe to see if they could negotiate an agreement that would end the war. He chartered the ship Oskar II, and it sailed from Hoboken, New Jersey on 4th December, 1915. The Ford Peace Ship reached Stockholm in January, 1916, and a conference was organized with representatives from Denmark, Holland, Norway, Sweden and the United States. However, unable to persuade representatives from the warring nations to take part, the conference was unable to negotiate an Armistice.

      After the war Ford became increasingly interested in politics. He joined the Democratic Party and in 1918 was narrowly defeated when he failed to win a seat in the U.S. Senate.

      In the 1920s the Ford Motor Company continued to grow rapidly. In 1925 Ford was producing 10,000 cars every 24 hours. This was 60 per cent of America’s total output of cars. However, his decision not to bring out new models allowed other companies to challenge his dominance. By 1927 Ford had sold over 15,000,000 Model T cars. However, sales were on the decline and the General Motors’s Chevrolet was the current best-selling car.

      In the 1930s Ford opposed Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal. He refused to recognize the United Automobile Workers Union and used armed police to deal with industrial unrest.

      Ford had a stroke in 1938 but returned to run the company after his son, Edsel Ford, died in 1943. Although initially an opponent of the USA becoming involved in the Second World War, after Pearl Harbour, Ford turned over his vast production resources to his country. For example, the Ford plant at Willow Run produced over 8,000 Liberator bombers during the war. Henry Ford died on 7th April, 1947.

    4. torrence Says:

      We know all this. News is filtered through a Jewish sieve before it’s served before the public. OK. Accepted and Understood. So what and now what?

      Here’s a suggestion for positive action we can take based on this well-worn fact: DROP THE JEW-TUBE. I’ve been TV free for over 15 years now.

      If you recognize the bias in media and who is largely responsible, why are you still consuming it?

    5. morris wise Says:

      The Jew-Tube is run by the greatest salesmen on Earth. They bait the mice with spicy stories, the mice in return buy the advertised products. Why blame Jews for being talented and creative?

    6. Z.O.G. Says:

      Who Controls the News? (Part 1)


    7. Z.O.G. Says:

      Who Controls the News (Part 2)


    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Torrence, you can still watch a little TV once in a while without getting “infected”. There’s a reality series on TruTV called “Hardcore Pawn” which I find entertaining. It’s about this tough old Jewish guy who runs a huge pawn shop in downtown Detroit and how he and his Jewish family deal with all the crazy Blacks (and occasional white trash) who come into the place looking for trouble.

      That show makes me realize just how good the Jews are at dealing with Blacks. The Jews know how to manipulate and exploit Blacks because they have been doing it since ancient times. It may be unintentional, but Blacks on that show are portrayed as dangerous savages and clowns, with the Gold Family representing the last holdout of human civilization in an urban jungle.

    9. jayhackworth Says:

      Ford developed much of his awareness of the Jew from his experiences with Jew communist “organizer” troublemakers trying to destroy the morale of his employees n the 1930s.