12 September, 2011

Free Trade: Bad For Whites, Good For Non-Whites And Corporate CEOs

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(Above: David Ricardo)

Not only does “free trade” eliminate White jobs in America (via outsourcing), but it aids the non-White world by improving living conditions in countries like Mexico, Pakistan and Vietnam. Free trade is also good for big U.S. corporations. They can make their goods in Mexico for far less money than they can in Ohio. That means more profits for them. By the way, the father of free trade is a Jew named David Ricardo.


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    1. bjt Says:

      Hummmm…you know I have gave this nafta a lot of thought, well some what!
      I don’t care let em send these jobs to where ever.
      I don’t want America to wakey wakey, I want the White people
      to wake up, fuck the rest(sub humans) they don’t count any way.
      You want a job? Then get a job that can’t be sent over seas!
      One job is farming, you will get lower pay but you will have this job.
      My son works right in the middle of all these wetbacks, here in socal.
      White farm owners want White workers, White workers make less mistakes.
      This is just one example.
      Think White Man.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well said, bjt, Whitey needs to learn (all over again) how to do jobs that can’t be exported nor can be taken over by cheap immigrant labor. Such jobs might include plumbing, mechanical and electrical repair, railroad-related jobs, heavy equipment operators, gunsmiths, locksmiths….In other words, REAL jobs that Big Jew, Big Bureaucrat and Big Business can’t take away from you.

      The Chinks are about to experience the pain of losing the manufacturing jobs they took from us, because the globalist slave-drivers are now moving their factories to Cambodia and Vietnam. After all, why pay a chinaman 50 cents an hour when a gook will work for half of that? When a politician says we need to “compete” in a globalized economy, he’s telling you that you will soon enjoy a third world standard of living. He won’t, of course, because he’s a parasite.

      Revolt, Whitey, revolt! You have nothing to lose but your chains.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Why are some of us surprised by this development, as White Nationalists and students of history we shouldn’t be. It is the policy of the elites through many centuries to reduce White men and women to the condition of slaves.
      Also with manufacturing increasingly driven by automation the traitorous CEO class figure they don’t need us any more, we are surplus to their requirements, except of course to fight their wars for global zionist hegemony.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      That portrait of Ricardo looks like it’s from c. 1810-20, so this “free trade” business has been in the works for a long time.

      Ricardo had a more or less typical Jew story: His family were gypsy-like itinerants from some other part of the world, he married a nice Aryan girl, amassed a huge fortune through illicit means, wielded a lot of influence with gentile leaders, played down his Jew origins and had a bunch of mischling kids to help spread Jew power and influence deeper into gentile society.

      Can’t we get rid of these scheming, shape-shifting alien parasites once and for all????

    5. Karen Says:

      Aryans Declare War on Judea

    6. fd Says:

      Free Trade is good for the world conquerors. It’s called Jewish Democratic Capitalism. I’m White and I don’t pay taxes. Federalism is the ruination of statehood.

    7. Walter Says:

      It’s also white peoples fault too. Buy made in the USA. Don’t hire wetbacks, period. If every American demanded made in the USA like our grandparents did. Corporations would bend over backwards to do so. But today Americans sell their soul to save five bucks at Wally world. Tired of us blaming corporate America. Their wouldn’t be any wetbacks here if white people didn’t hire them.

    8. torrence Says:

      Mulatto ‘Uncle Tom’ Obama proves he can screw America with the best of the white traitors. Corporations will warm up to him, the rest of us will get the chills.

    9. Doug Says:

      Look, American jobs wouldn’t be outsourced, IF the $10-30,000 per student it costs taxpayers for schooling weren’t squandered on non-technical skills. We’re paying a premium on an inferior education, one that doesn’t provide any leverage proportional to how much more we pay than Chinese or Mexicans, so inevitably when given the choice, companies weigh the benefits of hiring Americans, with all of the added regulations and costs involved with anti-discrimination lawsuits, sexual harassment, minimum wage laws etc., vs the gratitude of chinks and mexicans for jobs… and they pick the latter. The *ROOT* cause of outsourcing is the 12 years of wasted schooling where kids do not learn any practical real world skills. Only perhaps 10% should go to a UNIVERSity (universal education), the rest should be set up early on into a technical apprenticeship that would cost much less and give them real world interaction with business (societal) needs. Instead, we’re sheltered in a make-believe world where we can read The Scarlett Letter and do African American folk tale readings before entering a job market that values those tasks as ZERO (what they’re worth). The enemy is GOVERNMENT SCHOOLING. That is the root of our ruin.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Doug makes a good point about the Kwan education (read:indoctrination) system being of little value in the real world. Read The Scarlet Letter on your lunch break at work. This delayed adulthood thing is getting to be a major social and economic problem, especially for our young White middle-class males. Get ’em out of the classroom and into a real, steady job by 16 or 17 at the latest, I say. If they’ve got an aptitude for book learnin’ then make sure they’re not screwing around in college, majoring in art history or something pointless like that.

      A big reason why American businesses move to slave-labor countries is because of those big labor unions, like the AFL-CIO, which are basically a species of organized crime. However, if management treated their employees better then unions would never have been necessary in the first place. Look at the miserable way that WAL* MART treats its hourly employees. Is it any wonder they want to unionize?

      Kudos to TOYOTA USA. They treat their assembly-line workers with respect and give them decent pay and benefits without the UAW getting involved. That’s how a company is supposed to be run. Besides, a lot of those unions are Jew-controlled, especially the Service Employees International Union, many of whose due-paying members are Blacks and Mestizos.

    11. torrence Says:

      Only the American Nazi Party consistently talks of the social ills that National Socialism offers cures for. ALL the others are diverting into areas secondary to the needs of the people. People want and need to hear of solutions to everyday concerns, not just racial-oriented monotones. In one recent ADV broadcast, it was discussed that in order to keep the message simple, ‘race and Jews’ will be the focus of discussion. (Sort of like VNN, eh?) Why not simplify further and just say nothing at all; it couldn’t be too less effective than things have been to date.

      Census: US Poverty rate swells to 1 in 6.

    12. torrence Says:

      5 posts submitted: none appeared. I guess I don’t quack like the ducks.

    13. john 316 Says:

      free trade/outsourcing/immigrant labor/service economy are all bullsht jew terms.

      everything the jew does is “good for the jew” or “bad for whites.” what have we done to this ugly race to try to exterminate us? our only crime is being the “best of the goyim.” and for that we must be exterminated because we stand in their communist/united nations/world govt.

    14. torrence Says:

      John 316 – Are you new to this board? I take it you are a Christian as your board name references perhaps the most commonly quoted verse in the NT. We’ve had some recent discussions on C. and what role it has in our Folk Community. I have more I’d like to share on this topic and would appreciate your thoughts.

    15. festerbestertester Says:

      You have to have discipline. Always look on the label for the made in USA stamp. Those cheap ball point pens for a $1.00 are a big temptation but the consequences are far reaching. lso never buy anything made in Israel.

    16. torrence Says:

      Only the American Nazi Party consistently talks of the social ills that National Socialism offers cures for. ALL the others are diverting into areas secondary to the needs of the people. People want and need to hear of solutions to everyday concerns, not just racial-oriented monotones. In one recent ADV broadcast, it was discussed that in order to keep the message simple, ‘race and Jews’ will be the focus of discussion. (Sort of like VNN, eh?) Why not simplify further and just say nothing at all; it couldn’t be too less effective than things have been to date.
      I commend the ANP on starting to get things right, except for their name, of course.
      Racial re-alignment is the end-stage in the founding of a new order, not the beginning. In NS Germany, little was done about the Jewish Question for the first few years until the more important things were addressed. First things first.
      ‘Race and Jews’ have become the mantra of the ineffectives. It’s the easy path to follow, since it means only talk and no effort. Why devote energy to actually building something when you can just substitute verbal rantings on ‘race and Jews’ instead?
      Hitler did his share of discoursing on Jews and race, but he knew where the real heavy lifting was needed: In building up OUR FOLK, not tearing down other Folk.

      Census: US poverty rate swells to nearly 1 in 6

    17. torrence Says:

      Billy Roper’s organization of over 10 years, ‘White Revolution’, is dissolving. Roper is now identifying with Christian Identity and has associated himself with a Pastor Robb and his ‘Knight’s Party.
      His first post under the new name ‘Billy’s Balkanization Blog’, associated with the same web address as WR, includes a scriptural quote from the OT book of 2nd Chronicles. It appears Christianity, or a variant of it, has prevailed over one of the major personalities in the White revival movement.
      In light of my past posts on Christianity, it will surprise most to learn that I don’t view this as particularly positive. Any thoughts on this development?

    18. torrence Says:

      I should have added to the above post that I commend Roper for having informed the Folk Community of the plight of National Alliance activist Michael Weaver. Roper saw an opportunity to help, and in keeping with the character of the man, took the initiative. That was 10 DAYS AGO. To date, the NA – Weaver’s very own organization, hasn’t even seen the need to make at least a public anouncement concerning this. Without dismissing the very real possibility that legal counsel wished no public association between the NA and Weaver, this otherwise smacks of indifference and low-level betrayal on the part of the NA. Again, I say this without being privy to all the facts, but it has left me cold.

      “William Pierce died and the National Alliance is a shadow of its former self.”
      –Greg Johnson in his article ‘9/11 Ten Years Later’. (Counter Currents Publishing)

    19. CW-2 Says:

      Let’s focus on the topic of this thread, which is…big jew sponsored free trade.

    20. torrence Says:

      Yes CW-2, my posts here have strayed a bit from the direct topic herein under discussion, but they did belong somewhere. We don’t have the ability to bring to the fore a topic of personal interest – we are at the mercy to chew on what bone and gristle is tossed our way. Older threads may have accommodated my thoughts more comfortably, but I felt the Roper news deserved some prominence and so found a tight fit for it here. AND…..its always therapy to relieve the mind of Jews and Jewey things, or I would think. Dwelling on Jews day after day obtunds the mind and leaves us less energetic to tend to matters more directly of the Folk Community. Isn’t that where it’s really at, or ought to be at?
      At the end of the day, Jewing myself on Jews all day leaves me tired, irritated and feeling unworthy for not having done something constructive for the Folk Community.

    21. torrence Says:

      torrence Says:
      September 14th, 2011 at 1:45 am

      Here is the result of an economic order not based on National Socialist principles:
      ‘US poverty numbers hit record high’ (Al Jazeera)
      ‘Nearly 1 in 6 Americans in poverty’ (Yahoo)

    22. Karen Says:

      If you dwell with christianity you are dwelling with the jew indentity. Judaism for the Goy. THE SECRET OF THE POLITICAL IS RACE!

    23. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Not one corner of theJew Ass Oh Vey is judenrein. The jews permeate everything especially in the economic sphere, oh yeah its was Xians that gave jews special priviliges to collect interest and operate banks, such disgusting wordly things were considered criminal for goyim.So who is the jackass that has been the mount for kikes riding throughout the world to the hosannas of the masses of asses.
      The Greeks, the Romans , the Sumerians and on down the line to the present day goynations have always in the end been taken in by the attraction of the shitlets of the middle east . If only the Vikings could have had the strength and numbers to colonize North America, then their would have been no Crusades, no jew exploitation of the White race.

    24. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The decline of the Vikings began with conversion to Xianity.

    25. Tim McGreen Says:

      There’s no way around it, Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism, albeit an heretical one. The Christians believe that one day the God of Israel will rule all the nations of the earth from a New Jerusalem and that salvation comes from the Jews. Sorry, but that’s just more Jew megalomania.

    26. Doug Says:

      I am adamantly supportive of free trade, which is synonymous with individual freedom. It means nobody can interfere with a voluntary, consensual exchange… and who should ever have the right to interfere? If you oppose the concept of free trade, you are saying there are some people who have the right to stand in judgment of voluntary, consensual trades of goods and services… which is tyrannical in effect. However, when we trade with other whites, either of us retain the consumer surplus/profit, which sustains us. Also, what you put money towards typically incentivizes the production of more of it. When money is traded to jews, they use it to often decrease the future production of what we are buying. They use the beauty of a white woman to finance a future where they are non-existent. They harness everything we love, and make movies that show ideal worlds… then use the proceeds to create it for themselves, and the opposite for whites.

    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      Not free trade, Doug, FAIR trade. There’s nothing “free” about free trade. It costs jobs, creates sweatshop conditions and corporate monopolies and it ruins the environment as well. It also creates trade deficits which harm our economy and dumps cheap, shitty foreign products on the market that put domestic manufacturers out of business. Free trade is a race to the bottom.

      Please, no more of that short-sighted Libertarian/Teagbagger horse-shit. Think racially, sir, THINK RACIALLY.

    28. Nom de Guerre Says:

      “free trade?” I don’t get it? You reside in country A, utiltizing its infrastructure to get your ass to the office, work the lights, flush the toilet, send your correspondance, but then you open a factory in Cuntry B where the lights only come on for 2 to 3 hrs a day, the streets are mud at the best time of the year and raging torrents during the monsoons, if you take a dump its in the bushes behind the bamboo factory you opened up. So you open up a sweat shop making junk, paying a wage that keeps rice in bowels, and mamacitas belly impregnated with blooming mudlets. The junk comes back to Cuntry A created more pollution in the ocean, and ends up after a shelf life of a few months in a land fill causing environmental problems. Heh you’re not a tea bagger you’re a bag of shit!

    29. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Amerikwa is one fat ass obese mud whrlld, being force fed free trade junk an trinkets, just like the geese in France, can I get a honk here?
      Millions I mean millions of muds are on the way, and being reproduce in mamacita bellies…. I go by daily homes that once house White families, not exactly palaces but once stable communities, no filled with muds within and their pickups grazing on the lawns. this is free trade?

    30. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Free traders = Traitors with a liscence and Zog sanctioned.

    31. Nom de Guerre Says:

      jews never carried on a trade in legitimate goods or services.never.

      They brought on plagues and niggers, and junk that nobody needed or wanted… By the way who needs diamonds for anything but machine tools, they can be artificially produced, you don’t nigger mined diamonds out of Afreeka. So far as I’m concerned a banana or the bark of cinnamon is amuch more precious commodity, as for all the techno-junk I find books contain more information than all that junk software, and probably alot less disinformation. Muddah fuggah + muddah fuggah infinitum = muddah fuggah nigger

    32. CW-2 Says:

      Yep, free trade is another jew scheme to breed up more muds. We are encouraged to consume more worthless junk so the Republic of Mud can pay for more soya bean and rice and convert same into more mudlets.

    33. teddy Says:

      jews don’t care if free trade exist or not — they will continue to line their pockets either way — jews don’t care if the government is communist, dictatorship or democracy — they operate the same — by 1860, the northeast and midwest was saturated with jews — cincinnati established it 5th synagogue in 1855 — by 1860, cincinnati had a population of 10,000 jews — european jews followed the germans to america in the 19th century — it is scary — but there is a promiscuous perverted sickness that exist among the jews and germans — none the less, the jews had a firm grip on the northern economy by 1870 — by 1924, the jewish population in america stood at 4.2 million — 1977, the jewish population was estimated to be 5.8 million — the majority of jews in the north and california, LA and San francisco — al statistics were lifted from the harvard encyclopedia of american ethnicity — it’s a big true tha i don’t like the jew

    34. Dave Says:

      Most small goods from the U.S.A are worse than chinese made products. I look for made in Germany,England,Japan etc. All of my pens come from korea or Japan. Mexicans make good shoes,so do Americans buying either emplys mexicans. Buying mexican keeps them in there own country…

    35. fd Says:

      Dave is correct. Europeaans traditionally make better products than Americans. In 19th century America, European products were better and cheaper than New England products. This is a major reason why New England oligarchs insisted on protectionists tariffs. Why should I pay three prices for an inferior product made in New England, when I can purchace a quality product at a cheaper price coming out of Europe. I cannot have allegiance to people that don’t have allegiance to me.

    36. Tim McGreen Says:

      Interesting point about the low or inferior quality of New England made shit in the 19th century. But that might have been due to the use of sweatshop and child labor by those ruthless capitalist factory owners in places like Lowell and Lawrence. Yet we are lead to believe that Massachusetts was an enlightened “liberal” state dedicated to abolishing slavery and promoting individual liberty. Just another example of northern Yankee arrogance.

    37. Tim McGreen Says:

      Still, I would rather drive a Cadillac manufactured in Michigan or a Pontiac made in Ontario than a foreign-built Suburu or Mercedes. Whether it’s deserved or not, there is still a desirability for American made products, both among Americans and in the rest of the world.

    38. fd Says:

      Copperheads in the North (democrat peace party) said that Yankees were slaves without masters. So Tim, your point is on the mark about the possiblity of inferior products in New England being due to child and probably adult slave labor too. Sadly, child slave labor in the North died of old age rather than stopping the cruelty at once.