13 November, 2011

For The Jews, There Was Gold(en) In Them Thar Blacks!

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(Above: an early gold miner)

A book about a major civil-rights advocate in the South during the 1950s/1960s. Like most “anti-racism” activists, Golden was a Jew. Blacks like Martin Luther King were merely frontmen.


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    1. torrence Says:

      So, Jews, Jews and again, more Jews. This board is Jewed. ‘No Jews – Just Right’? I don’t get it.

      Talking endlessly about Jews is not only depressing, it does nothing for the cause. It only reminds us of what we already know. VNN is becoming an echo-chamber for those liking to hear themselves vent over Jews.
      Viewers and participants to this board ALREADY KNOW about the Jews. It doesn’t build up our character, build a movement or improve our strategy and tactics, nor appreciably improve our techniques. What we should do is concentrate on HELPING OTHERS know about the Jews.

      Anyway, if you must know more about the Jews, one of the best sources is the book ‘JEWISH SUPREMACISM’ by David Duke. If for whatever reason you are limited in your reading, put this book in the TOP TEN books to read. It is one grand, comprehensive survey of all matters affecting us concerning the Jew. Fantastic reading. If you are having discussions with anyone about them, this is a great one-stop source.
      In keeping with the topic of this thread, I learned from this book (Chapter 4) that the NAACP was indeed a Communist Marxist body established by Jews. From its founding in 1909 up to the 70’s, all its presidents were Jews. The body’s advisers, financiers, lawyers and publicists were mostly Jews also. Amazing factoid. The book names all the names you need to know.

      Another resource on Jews is ‘Jewwatch.com. Never been there before? Go there now, immediately after finishing this post. Incredible information all researched for you and at your fingertips.

      For quotes on Jews (as if we need verification from others), check this source:
      ‘1001 Quotes By and About Jews’ compiled by Willie Martin and indexed by topic; another great resource.

      To keep up-to-date on daily news concerning Jews, Zionists, their machinations in the world today, and on Israel, put your name on the email list of ‘THE UGLY TRUTH’. Wow, your mail box will fill up quickly.

      These sources will hopefully keep the Jew-obsessed busy for a while until they get their fill of them, with the ensuring nausea bringing them to their senses to act more constructively.

    2. torrence Says:

      oh-oh. Another post ‘awaiting moderation’. Am I running foul again?

    3. ty grant Says:

      It is very true that most Amerians support the notion that we are a World of humans… more better than that of individual races and creeds…. It is true too that Jews Take muh concern to the notion of “nationalism”… exept when it has to do with them… I point out to a reent RT “Capitol Aount ” Show, a reently added show to their line up were a woman from the Occidential College” A Very disgustiong Jewish woman says this very item… As for the book and the post This looks lie a remarkable read and can’t wait to jump in… Many thaks WN for all your wor.. Private side for the wathers. outside VNN..Tell Roger I said Hi…

    4. Socrates Says:

      As far as I know, you’re the only poster who is routinely blocked by the spam filter. It’s odd. But leaving out URL links can help that.

    5. torrence Says:

      Thank-you Socrates. I take it that means leaving out the ww. links to internet sites? OK. My memory is failing…I’m having memory problems…but I’ll try to remember for next time.

      Entirely off topic, but……..sheesh!
      The latest ADV broadcast (11.12) is entirely lifted from the writings of Dr. Pierce, from a chapter of the organization’s manual. That’s OK, since still, to this day, his words ring true with relevancy. Yet, the source of the material – the author – is no where credited. This is plagiarism, isn’t it?

      Not cool. Not right. This is ironic, because the broadcast closes with the admonition……”Do right….”.


    6. Robert Cardillo Says:

      I agree too Torrence. I have both of Dr. Duke’s books. They are very well researched and I can’t imagine anyone, except a kike , finding anything wrong with them.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      Robert Cardillo Says:

      13 November, 2011 at 8:39 pm

      I agree too Torrence. I have both of Dr. Duke’s books. They are very well researched and I can’t imagine anyone, except a kike , finding anything wrong with them.


      When the book came out White NPR type liberial would not read the book nor examine their beliefs nor the sources for their beliefs.

      Lazy minded Brain washed useful idiots.

      So yes plenty of White hate the book who never read and that is level of brainwashing we have.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Torrence, I think the problem is the spam filter is a female who wants nothing to do with you. Try getting a make-over on one of those daytime talk-shows, so you’ll be transformed from this:


      to this!


      Now you’ll have no trouble getting past even the bitchiest spam filter. Good luck, and tell us how it works out!

    9. -JC Says:

      Well, I’m always suspicious when Black women come out of the woodwork claiming sexual harassment by Black men. If you’ll recall, the author, Justice Clarence Thomas, had almost as rough of a time as Robert Bork but is now one of The Supremes for life. I’m more concerned with organizationally-powerful Black men harassing White women.

      Naturally he would be a cheerleader for a Jewish lawyer since they represent a dispreportionate percentage of those with whom he interacts professionally.

    10. torrence Says:

      Except for the glasses I wore 30 years ago Tim, its not me in that first picture. By the looks of that first guy, I doubt he’s still around. He looks like a lost soul with Jew-Fever who sits at the computer all day obsessed with Jews, searching out news about Jews, posting about Jews, venting about Jews and then looks in the mirror and wonders why he looks the way he does.

      I think about Jews everyday because they surround me and control my living environment. That irritates the hell out of me. But I try to jump to something that makes me feel better, inspires hope and confidence and builds up the inner man. Frequently, that’s Mein Kampf, Western Literature or constructive sites that return me to an Occidental World filled with past glory and visions of a future regeneration of that world. It makes surviving in this stink-pot world possible.

      As far as that second picture goes, I think that’s Johnny Depp, but I’m not sure. I’m Jew-Tube free and hardly ever pay for Hollywood Jew-fare so recognizing who’s ‘hot’ is not a skill I have nor seek to master. Anyway, he may be a cutesy media darling but he’s also a filthy rich White (excuse me – for him, that’s white with a non-capitalized ‘w’) Man who does nothing for his people and is a pillar supporting our ruinous media.

      Please tell me you don’t look in the mirror each day and see him in you.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Somebody here needs to lighten up before he keels over from a heart attack, or something.

    12. Phantom Says:

      Just another jew and their thing to brainwash people into something that is completely bullshit. I cannot believe that idiot whites feel guilty about blacks. It is all damn kikes fault for instilling guilt into idiot whites and producing moron people that are controlling the politics now.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      The scheming Asiatic Jew knows that White folks are the only people in the world who have the ability to feel guilt and compassion for others, including those who are not of their Race. The Jew does not envy or admire that charitable trait; Rather, he sees it as a weakness to be used as a weapon against his White hosts. And since most White people are content to be led around by the nose like a lost calf, the burden of destroying the Enemy will necessarily have to fall to a select few. Forget about “educating” the masses or trying to “wake them up”; It ain’t gonna happen.